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Globe iPhone 4 Public Launch

Globe Telecom started handing out the new iPhone 4 to the public at 9am today with hundreds (and going to the thousands) lining/waiting to pick-up their handsets.

They also had a corporate launch last Friday but this one’s for the general public.

Globe arranged for 2 venues as pick-up points for the iPhone 4 release — there’s one in Shangri-la Makati and another one in New World Hotel (beside GreenBelt 3). A total of 450 Globe personnel were deployed to man 150 stations/booths for claiming and activating the handsets.

Globe reps claim this is their biggest product launch ever (bigger than the 1000+ iPhone 3G launch they had 2 years ago). But unlike the iPhone 3G launch, this one is much more organized and more prepared. People were comfortably seated and relaxed; and since it was inside the hotel, the atmosphere is less stressful despite the growing crowd.

The entire process of claiming the iPhone 4 was smooth and quick. There were so many Globe personnel to usher people around and they had catering from the hotel so there were lots of good food and bottomless brewed coffee.

I also claimed my unit from a retention plan and the whole process was done in 30 minutes. I asked the staff and they said it could go up to 90 minutes depending on the type of customer (new, switchers, retention, upgrades, etc) which will include the option of transferring/syncing contacts to the new micro-SIM.

From our estimates (based on the initial rate of activations), there could be somewhere around 1500 – 2000 people claiming their iPhone 4s today (9am to 9pm).

Unfortunately, the Globe rep I asked tells me Apple isn’t automatically extending the free bumper case to the Philippines (you need to claim it from the US as it’s only applicable there).

I also managed to switch my plan to My Fully Loaded 1799 from the old iPhone Plan 1599 to get the 16GB iPhone 4 at reduced rate. The 16GB iPhone 4 costs Php37,499 (free on Plan 3799 @ 24 months) while the 32GB is Php43,699 (free on Plan 5000 @ 24 months) on prepaid plan.

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Update: It’s been 11 days since I got the new Globe postpaid micro-SIM and it’s still not activated yet. I have contacted @talk2globe at least 3 times but have not gotten anything done. They might have forgotten about my account already.

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151 Responses

  1. Avatar for Alyssa Balderaz Alyssa Balderaz says:

    hi new iphone

  2. Avatar for jcomaling jcomaling says:


    Hi jessica, on my observation, this KB/Time based charging for data plan is to protect you and globe from to MUCH unnecessary charges specially Iphone 4 users because Iphone 4
    use the internet like its just a cellular network..

    Hope this helps, sadly this is based on my experience. =(

    KB is normally charged @ .30cents per KB so if your downloading files ex.: 1MB(1000KB) in peso this is = 1000KB * 0.30 = 300 PESOS for 1MB of file!!!

    But if your on KB based plan for your freebies say for me I have 250 MB(=250000KB OR 75000.00 PESOS) included in my Plan 2199 iphone 3g this will not be a problem unless you
    went over the limit.

    That’s why if what the CSR is saying is correct. when your limit is reached you will revert to time based charging. because in globe 15mins = 5 pesos(Consumable meaning even if you used your net or iphone use the net for only 5 mins you’ll still pay 5 pesos).

    Iphone is an internet device which means it keeps on accessing the internet for email,messenger notifications, Facebook alerts and other apps requiring the internet for updates depending on your push notifications – see push notification intervals help.

    If your not careful Like I was in my first month of owning my iphone 3g 1 year ago, you’ll rack up charges like a drunk millionaire in a 7 star hotel.

    for example:
    your plan limit is spent 2199 so you are reverted to time based browsing 5 pesos per 15 mins of internet usage.

    1 HR = 20 pesos
    24 HR = 480 pesos
    assuming you spent your limit 10 days before the next billing period that a whooping 4800 Pesos on top of your 2199 peso bill bringing you to a total of 6999 pesos in your billing!

    This is a good thing because if you where not reverted to Time based and where
    kept to KB based charging

    assuming that you are a very heavy internet user and downloader that you can consume
    100 MB a day for 10 days thats 1GB which is equal to…..wait for it……

    300,000.00 PESOS on top of your 2199 pesos plan!!!! AMP thats just for data plan!!!

    so this goes without saying,be very careful and alert on how you use your new Iphone 4 or
    any celphone with data usage.


    Casual YM, Email, Facebook with NO downloads 24 HR online
    Recomended – KB Based

    Heavy user Downloads/video streaming/audio streaming 1 -2 hrs online
    Recommended – Time Based Browsing


  3. Avatar for jejecall jejecall says:

    ito ba ang way ng globe ang pahintayin ng matagal ang mga clients nila heheheheheheeh

  4. Avatar for Jessica Jessica says:

    Hey everyone i upgraded my plan from a GFlex to Fully Loaded 1799, last month when I got my iP4. The freebies were activated just yesterday. I chose two D’s out of the five freebies; I received an SMS saying I was switched to KB browsing. Tried switching back to time browsing but it won’t let me.

    Talk2Globe CSR says I’ll be charged KB-based after my freebies are up. (And the sms from 1111 says I can’t go time-based because I’m on iPhone) Is this true?

    I read one earlier post saying we can switch back to time-based AFTER the free hours are consumed. If this is true, then why are we being switched to KB (knowing the freebies are based on time din naman).

    I’m lost. This might be the worst data plan. Help? I don’t understand.

  5. Avatar for harvey harvey says:

    i am very satisfied w/ my 1-month old iPhone 4.
    – from Singapore w/ love.

  6. Avatar for markanCSI markanCSI says:

    @ carlo the store name is POWER MAC CENTER located at 4th Floor Cyberzone SM North EDSA. my unit is locked with globe telecom…

  7. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    @markanCSI: though i have my iphone4 now… I’m still kinda curious bout that particular store… Where is that store located and what’s the name
    Of the store bro?^^

  8. Avatar for MarkanCSI MarkanCSI says:

    Nainip nko kakahintay sa globe. kumuha na ko sa isang store (they claim that they are apple/globe philippines reseller. i got it at P37,499 (same price at globe) and a (Free) globe tattoo micro sim.
    and now i’m playing with it…

  9. Avatar for MarkanCSI MarkanCSI says:

    Ano Petsa kya tatawag skin ang globe?…

  10. Avatar for dondon dondon says:


  11. Avatar for dondon dondon says:


  12. Avatar for dondon dondon says:

    kakaisip ko sa globe na panaginipan ko 2loy na katapusan na ng globe parang 2012 then minalas pa ako dahil iphone sabi ng taga globe sir! wala pang unit na available nge!! eh katapusan na ng globe>>>>>>>>>>

  13. Avatar for dondon dondon says:

    ang buhay nga naman parang GLOBE ang tagal!!!!!

  14. Avatar for dondon dondon says:

    sa ngayon hintay mode pa rin ako hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. Avatar for dondon dondon says:

    ako rin mag 2weeks na ako hintay d2 sa amin sa globe santiago isabela branch region 2 wala parin sa “hirap muna kayo bago sarap! sarap mean paghawak mo na iphone 4 mo peace

  16. Avatar for pat pat says:


    finally u got it,congrats:)


    go to settings then network, u can enable the 3g there, the apn is internet.globe.com.ph

  17. Avatar for Jhay Jhay says:

    pano b maset ung 3g settings para mgamit without wifi. Could not activate data network daw. Ung apn settings is http.globe.com.ph, is this right? Sorry new user lang. =)

  18. Avatar for denzy denzy says:


    got it! ngtext sakin kung kakilala ko s fedex na nandun na yung unit ko.. tapos na pagdurusa ko s paghihintay, hehe… facetime na tau pat.. hehe

  19. Avatar for pat pat says:


    what?too bad..i think its because they’re running out of stock.goodluck!

  20. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    wala parin! huhuhuhuhu :( wahhhhhhhh

  21. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    @franc wala ngabtumawag eh, tumawag lng ako, noted lng s account ko na oct. 27 ang delivery date, hayyys wish ko lng…
    @pat sana dumating siya bukas, update ko kayo if dumating siya..

  22. Avatar for pat pat says:

    @ denzy

    finally dmating na din syo, hehe, congrats.

  23. Avatar for franc franc says:

    @denzy, tinawagan ka ba ng loyalty team and sabi ddeliver sayo or pinapili ka kung delivery or pickup?

  24. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    finally! oct.27 delivery date ko! wish ko lng dumating siya! :) actually medyo nabawasan na excite ko s tagal…

  25. Avatar for trendy trendy says:

    hay naku ang tagal tagal ng call. galit na saken ang kapatid kong nagbigay ng pambili hayyys.
    keln kya ako mkkreciv ng call from globe

    come on globe

  26. Avatar for denzy denzy says:


    ginawa ko na yun, nakailang reserve narin ako, almost everyday ako tumatawag…
    ayun ganun, wait wait lng daw… gudluk n lng sakin! hehe

  27. Avatar for pat pat says:


    why dont you make another reservation, bka natabunan na kse yung syo, before launching pa ata yung reservation mo and yet wla pa din until now.that’s weird.

  28. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    @pat and carlo

    sayang kasi, kailangan ko tlg maghintay, under kasi sakin ng corporate plan, magcash out lng ako ng 7k, kaya wala naman ako plano kumuha ng prepaid.. kaya yun lg option ko… :(

    sabi nila iba daw ang naghahandle nun, iba rin ang stocks na nirerelease nila.. ewan ko ba.. ang dami nilang chika!

  29. Avatar for dongv dongv says:

    ryan, sana 30k. contact mo ako 9154152902

  30. Avatar for ryan ryan says:

    Hi, Guys. Im selling an iphone4 from Singapore for 33K. anyone interested?

  31. Avatar for pat pat says:


    same here, i have to charge almost every day..


    dude tagal na nung syon ha, yung friend ko ngwalk-in na lan cia was able to get iphone4 on prepaid without any prob, try doing it, dont wait for the call, it might take you forever.

  32. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    @jhay: it’s like everytime i open it or check it… 1% is consume…what more if i use it… kinda like that…

  33. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    @carlo just how many hrs did it consume before became empty?

  34. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    yes it does… it actually the same as my old earphones… no prob with it… my only complain with the iPHone4 is the battery life… can anyone help me increase the battery life… coz i think i did all the possible thing just to save energy but it’s still the same…^^

  35. Avatar for iphone4:) iphone4:) says:

    @ carlo i can’t insert my earphones on my iphone4…does i fit easily with yours?

  36. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    ooopppsss… I forgot… it does have a poor battery life.. :P

  37. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    @iphone4: yes it does…^^
    @denzy: you just have to keep on calling them… irritate them…and they’ll give you that iPhone…coz that’s what I did… I think… they were really annoyed…that’s why they gave me what i want…^^


    at first my friend are very excited that I already have the iPhone 4 and most of them congratulated me coz they know that I had a hard time getting it from Globe… but awhile ago when we were in the seminar and got bored… my coworker told me “only the looks change… it still felt like your old iPhone…” ^^

    well thinking of it… it does… besides the looks… there’s no other visible features… hehehe

    just sharing… but still I love my iPhone 4 and I must! it’s not that cheap… ^^

  38. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    anu ba yan, wala na naman daw stocks! sabi sakin wait daw ako 2 weeks.. hayyyys

  39. Avatar for iphone4:) iphone4:) says:

    does your free earphones fit on ur iphone4?

  40. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    @Carlo, thanks bro.. i’ve seen a lot of ads telling that’s factory unlocked.. might go with that one..

  41. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    @jay: I actually tried to buy an iPhone4 from the grey market (when i got tired of waiting for Globe) expecting it to be openlined but to my dismay… it’s actually not because they said i can’t update it using itunes…and i’m happy that i waited… coz i got mine after more than 2 weeks. If you really want to buy in grey market check if it’s really openline… or you might end up buying a jailbroken iPhone…in which future updates are not guaranteed.

  42. Avatar for Lawrence Lawrence says:

    @Pat, yup for iPhone 4. I think they have a 1 year warranty when you got a unit. What I’m asking is an extended warranty such as this one:


    Does Globe or power mac offer this kind of warranty extension?


    • Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

      @Lawrence – I think you can buy an extended Apple Care Warranty directly on the Apple website.

  43. Avatar for pat pat says:

    it depends, with globe you have to wait before you get your unit, stocks are limited, while in the grey market, u can get it right away.

    what is the warranty for iphone4?i forgot to ask about it. is it 1 year?are they supposed to give you a warranty stub or something?thanks

  44. Avatar for Lawrence Lawrence says:

    Are there any ways to extend the warranty of the iphone 4? Does globe or power mac offer this?

  45. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    hey guys, please help me to decide where i could buy the iphone. should i direct to globe or from gray market? which im not sure if the sources are reliable.. i found the cost 10% cheaper than globe. help me guys to decide coz im not sure to grey market stuff… :c

  46. Avatar for pat pat says:

    got mine today, reserved it last oct 9, took only 1 week.wheww!

  47. Avatar for pat pat says:

    finally got mine, i reserved last oct 9, reservation confirmed on the 14th, and got it on the 16th, pretty fast..

  48. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    i reserved mine last sept.18 and got a confirmation about my reservation on sept.26 but i wasnt able to get my iphone yet coz of insuffient stock… They said after two weeks…after two weeks, i never stop calling the csr to follow up my reservation, luckily, on october13, i got an sms asking me to confirm my reservation, at 8pm that they i received the sms stub… I just showed the sms stub to a globe center ( i visited 3) in ali mall and got the last iphone in that center on oct.14

  49. Avatar for charles charles says:

    guys for those of you who have pre-ordered the iphone 4 and got it , how long did the confirmation message take to receive

  50. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    After work, around 4:30, I went straight to the nearest Globe center (coz I received the sms stub yesterday), SM Marikina. Unfortunately, they said that the iPhones were sold out at around 10am. I was devastated but still I went to the next nearest globe center, Gateway but same answer. I was losing hope and I actually didn’t have energy to go to Ali Mall and was not hoping to get one but I just take chances… and I think it was just my lucky day! I had the last iPhone! though I was planning to buy a 16gig… the only available iphone 4 was 32gig… I did accept it and i’m so happy that it’s on prepaid…^^ after months of waiting… finally got what i want… now i’m syncing my applications…^^

  51. Avatar for chris chris says:

    got a sms stub last night, saying i can pick up the unit at selected Globe store, guest what I traveled 2 hrs to go to SM Baguio, upon arriving. At the store they gave me a number and waited 2 hrs until my number was called..Globe agent:”sir anu iphone po ku2nin nyo?” I:” Un 32 gb na prepaid” Globe agent: “sir un id nyo po at un sms stub” .. after 3 mins she told me that “Wala pa po un stock for prepaid kit ng iphone 4 at dko alam kun kailn darating”. they let me wait for 2 hrs and they will say the unit is not available? come on Globe..

  52. Avatar for milnor_a milnor_a says:

    poor battery life! :( i hope you don’t experience the same guys! 90% after 30 mins of texting from a fully charged cycle (drained the batt-turned off phone-charged for 3 hrs).

  53. Avatar for milnor_a milnor_a says:

    then let me know guys the problems that you might yet found. Mine is the poor battery life! I easily drop at 90% after 30 mins from a full charge (drained the phone-turned it off-charge the phone for 3hrs).

  54. Avatar for pat pat says:

    @denzy, cire, iphone4

    thanks guys, gudnews for me, i’ll be getting mine tom, i reserved only last thurs, im surprised its very fast..

  55. Avatar for iphone4:) iphone4:) says:

    if have other question just email “iph****@****.***”

  56. Avatar for iphone4:) iphone4:) says:

    @ pat it is not the SMS confirmation that is referred in the site….
    after you confirm your reservation a globe representative will call you…then you will choose where you will claim your IPHONE4. They will also provide u a reference number..then wait for the call/text of the globe business center if the unit is already available….

  57. Avatar for cire cire says:

    @pat, wait for a text/call confirmation from globe or call 211 for update so they can check your records.

  58. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    naku eto nga, wala pang ngtetext sakin.. desperada n nga ako.. super tawag ako s cs.. mukang matatagalan pako :(

  59. Avatar for pat pat says:


    i received a text from globe asking me to confirm my reservation, is that the SMS confirmation referred to in the globe site, or should i wait for an SMS from Globe stating that my rservation is confirmed? thanks.

  60. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    @ iphone4 i called sm marilao re s release nila tomorow, may dumating na unit s kanila, pre-named na yung mga unit s mga taong ngpareserve.

  61. Avatar for pat pat says:

    i received a text from globe asking me to confirm my reservation, is that the SMS confirmation referred to in the globe site, or should i wait for an SMS from Globe stating that my rservation is confirmed? thanks.

  62. Avatar for iphone4:) iphone4:) says:


  63. Avatar for cire cire says:

    @denzy, NO. hindi pa daw na-deliver unit sa globe branch kung saan ko kukunin.

  64. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    @cire, nakuha mo na iphone4 mo?

  65. Avatar for denzy denzy says:


    loyalty po yung sakin, nagpareserve ako, a week before nung launching, di me tinawagan or tinext.. kayamot! hehe

  66. Avatar for Lawrence Lawrence says:

    I just saw iPhone 4 in glorietta activury center. It cost 41K for 16GB and if you try to buy it with a credit card it would cost 46K. Mas mura pa rin sa globe.

  67. Avatar for cire cire says:

    @denzy, no one’s sure who’s telling the truth from globe.

  68. Avatar for pat pat says:

    @denzy, when did you reserve yours? have you submitted all the docs/requirements already?

  69. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    @cire, bakit ganun, tumawag ako s globe cs, sabi nila wala pa naman daw dumadating na iphone4 para next batch, or baka naman natira pa yan nung unang stock nila.. hayy kelan kaya may tatawag sakin.. eow

  70. Avatar for ryan13 ryan13 says:

    Hi peeps! Im selling Iphone4 for 38K. Sealed and brand new. Please comment if you’re interested.

  71. Avatar for pat pat says:

    good for you! post a comment if you are able to get yours on the 12th.. i just reserved mine, guess i have to wait for two more weeks..

  72. Avatar for cire cire says:

    Share ko lang. i reserved a unit last Sept 10 and sabi sakin ng agent sa 211 kakastart lang daw ng reservations. then 1 week after tumawag sila para confirm request ko.

    Sept 26 nag text globe sakin hindi daw nila ako ma-contact from sept 23-25 (pero wala nmn taawag/email) kaya daw hindi ako kasama sa launch date and need ko ulit wait for next 2 weeks.

    After a series of follow ups, tumawag ulit sila last Oct 6 telling me na dumating na stocks nila at makukuha ko na unit after 4 working days or sa Oct 12. SANA

  73. Avatar for Anton De Luna Anton De Luna says:

    Oh c’mon people. Reserving just this month, especially on the 24th and getting disappointed already for no confirmation yet?

    They started accepting reservation as early as Aug. From the info I got inside, Globe ordered 5K units and Apple delivered just 3K. With 2K units pending (and counting), all I can do is wait.

  74. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    I actually saw an iPhone 4 in SM Manila… its price is actually just 41K for 16g… and if you’re gonna use your CC… it will cost you 46K… it is actually 700 or 800 pesos price difference if you compare it to an iPhone bought in Globe using your CC… payment for 12months…^^

  75. Avatar for paolo paolo says:

    Not really.. I tried that yesterday,, you need to sign up still..

  76. Avatar for Edilyn Edilyn says:

    My boss wants to but a 32GB iPHONE4 in cash. Can we get the unit immediately? Thanks

  77. Avatar for paolo paolo says:

    i strongly agree.. hope somebody from them can read this to stop this hype..well, its working, im even that desperate to get it may it be prepaid or line

  78. Avatar for mike mike says:

    Same here, reserved on the 24th of sept. still no word, went to their globe centers in Shang and megamall too to confirm, last week but still no go. If they’re doing a “hype” campaign of some sorts or just have poor customer service I guess it can work against them.

    The gray market prices are slowly becoming competitive as well, so for those of you who are eager you may want to check it out.

    I mean if getting into a plan with globe is hard enough now think of the horrors once you are already under their subscription and need of support.

  79. Avatar for paolo paolo says:

    thanks jonathan :) yup aware of those stuff, am even a member of some net based gadget sites, but i prefer globe :) and besides i only have partial of the cash for cash out and ill use CC for prepaid :)

  80. Avatar for Jonathan Jonathan says:

    @paolo & everyone who got cash hope this helps. I have not tried it yet though so i cant be sure if its lrgit or not. But they are philippine based so they could do meet ups/pick up at their office(maybe). ebuystore.com.ph – apple section.

  81. Avatar for paolo paolo says:

    I’m currently at GFLEX 800 locked in period til december ’11. I made the reservation Sept 21 (too late for the launching), I only received email notification, automatic reply “you are close in owning… etc.. everyday, I made sure to do reservations, may it be prepaid or plan 999 cashout 23k. I visited 3 globe centers last week to make sure I applied personally as well. No stocks yet. Yesterday went to globecenter sm centerpoint and glorietta.. Just tried to persuade personnels :) The one in stamesa asked me since Im so eager if I’ll avail it rightaway if its prepaid I said yes, Im ready to swipe it out, he said he’ll check cause the stocks are for those who reserved firts then got back no stocks daw ironic?? menaing they might just be hiding the stocks right :) I hope its worth my wait, caus eIve been using Iphone since the 2G era pa at 2007. Hope there’s a stat that will show them that theres a drop of interest so they will start releasing it the sooner.. Just want to ask how sure I will got approved since im willing to shed out 23k @ plan 999.. sana sure ball na ako since my 1st account naman na ako.. kung di pa rin willing naman ako to buy it prepaid :) Any thoughts..

  82. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    good to hear that iphone 4 was here na..but i still hesitate because of less new featues were added.. just share this link to all guys.. =(


  83. Avatar for Jonathan Jonathan says:

    I think they’re doing the supply & demand thing with advertising in mind. The more you wait the more you want it, thus you will accept anything just to get your hands on the product. Or its just plain advertising making the iphone 4 so hot that they have no stocks already. – just a thought

  84. Avatar for ham ham says:

    how long will it take for iphone4 to hit globe outlets nationwide? i reserved a unit at a nearby mall around sept.23. does it take months for the phone to hit globe stores?

  85. Avatar for manny manny says:

    @milnor_a, the batt life shouldnt be down that fast. but i do remember when i had mine when it was new, that because i tinkered with it a lot (new toy after all), the batt drains pretty fast. now, i get about 36hrs per charge.

    try getting this app “iOS 4 Secret” for some tips on saving batt life.

  86. Avatar for milnor_a milnor_a says:

    My only complain is the battery life. Only used the phone for texting so far but I lose 1% of the status bar every 10mins. From 100%, I drop fast at 90% after 30 mins. You may find this exaggerating but it’s true (for me atleast). Does anyone here experienced the same problem? I tried using a lot of options that can improve the battery life of my phone but there’s no success at all. Now that my phone is one week old, I wonder if the phone can be replaced due to its bad battery. Hmm.. Other than this, the phone’s just simply kick-ass!

  87. Avatar for chris chris says:

    how was the iphone 4?what can you say about it?

  88. Avatar for jbm jbm says:

    My Globe postpaid plan before was GText 500. When I claimed my Iphone 4, I changed it to My Fully Loaded Plan 499 with Freebie D.

    I tried registering for the TIME-based internet browsing but got the message that time browsing is not applicable for select data plans (eg. Tattoo, Iphone, etc). I called Globe Customer Service to inquire about this and they said that since I have Freebie D, I still have free 3 hours. If the 3 hours are consumed, I can already register for the time-browsing so that I will be charged P5/15mins.

    Parang ang hassle kse di ko nga ma-monitor kung na-consume ko na ba un 3 hrs. Ganon ba talaga?

  89. Avatar for RJ RJ says:

    iPhone 4 is like 22K Baht here in Bangkok, roughly 30K pesos. still a lot cheaper than it is in Manila.

  90. Avatar for Marco Marco says:

    iphone4 here in SAUDI 2700SR times 12 php = 32400php unlocked with free 250MB 6months you can buy here in mobily telecoms its like globe.. SAUDI NO TAX. hehehe

  91. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:


    This is what happened… In the morning, I received a text message saying that my application was approved but there are no available stocks and I have to wait for at least 2 weeks… and I was ok with that… “Oh well… maybe iPhone 4 is not for me”

    and then at around 6pm… i received another text message that I have a chance to have an iPhone…I just needed to be in Shang from 7-10pm… So I rushed going to Shang Makati (Remember I’m from Antipolo)… I was able to be there around 9pm… and that made me really dissapointed…coz I couldn’t have the unit that time…hhhaaaaiiii….

  92. Avatar for Kenetsu Kenetsu says:

    @ Mark, I paid it in cold cash. Cause they say I am financially incapable to have a contract knowing that I am willing to pay in advance the 2-year contract of the “300 php” plan. :)

    Anyways I am glad that I get in prepaid cause for some reason my friends who were globe subscribers and owner of iphones are annoyed of their exaggerated monthly bills.

    But the agent told me that I can use credit card for purchasing it with 12 mos 0% scheme. I don’t have any hence paid it in cash.

    @Carlo, really sorry to hear that. But have you received an email confirming your reservation for an iphone (for postpaid)? If yes, then it is your right to claim that phone unless you were late on your time slot. If not, I guess you really need to wait for 2-4 weeks, according to them.

    Agents are getting the numbers of those interested on buying it in prepaid. They promise that they’ll text or call them (around 8 pm) if prepaid iphone is available.

    Apparently, I have seen some of them in the line with me. That was 8:45 at that time. But the 150 is only a guess because some of them might have existing contracts or have applied for a new one.

  93. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:


    Really??!! I went there at exactly 9pm coz they just texted me at 6pm. I went from antipolo to makati just to have the iPhone but they said the prepaid kit was not yet available… and only postpaid applications are accommodated… now, I’m really disappointed knowing that it might take long before the next shipment.. :(

  94. Avatar for Mark Mark says:


    Were you able to swipe yours with the 12 mos 0% scheme?

  95. Avatar for Kenetsu Kenetsu says:

    @ Carlo, yeah I received the same text message from Globe though they confirmed my reservation and time slot. Well knowing that, I didn’t hesitated to go at Makati Shang since I have cleared all my schedules, I am very much prepared for the event and an iphone4 is reserved under my name so how could I not get one. I didn’t told them about the text message and still got my iphone4 on prepaid.
    Good thing that I insisted and it was really rude for Globe to only text me that there will be no available handsets though they sell prepaid iphones 8 pm onwards for I guess 150 people.

  96. Avatar for Ree Ree says:

    Have you guys forgotten this:


  97. Avatar for Led Led says:

    ^ Wala pala talaga. Wala kasi akong US account. Naman.

  98. Avatar for Led Led says:

    Hindi ko rin mahanap yung free case app sa appstore. :-(
    C, restart mo phone mo, gagana na yan..

  99. Avatar for yo_chinbo yo_chinbo says:

    for those who have their iphone 4 already,after reservation how many days, weeks or months did you get an email or text message from globe?

  100. Avatar for denzy denzy says:

    pde ba na magcut ako ng sim ng globe then yun n lng ang gamitin ko? yung line ko kasi diko plan gamitin s iphone 4… may option ba na ganun s loyalty/retention plan na di m na papaconvert to microsim yung old simcard mo, tnks.

  101. Avatar for Carlo Carlo says:

    Sir when I went to Shang Makati expecting to have an iPhone, after the CSR texted me, they said that the prepaid kit is not yet available… They actually didnt inform me through text that only postpaid application will be accommodated. When do you think it will be available for the prepaid users? :( I really want the prepaid kit to avoid any problems with the postpaid… :(

  102. Avatar for Lawrence Lawrence says:

    I got my iPhone 4 Thursday, September 24. I reserved it I think a week before.

  103. Avatar for Blogger from Mindanao Blogger from Mindanao says:

    Pretty good deal for prepaid users but the problem is the availability.

  104. Avatar for shaun shaun says:

    still out of stock when i went to megamall, i’m dying to have one right now and globe haven’t replied yet to my reservation,kalungkot

    does anyone here used their credit card to avail 12 months 0% interest on iphone 4 prepaid kit..
    more power to your iphone 4 sir abe =)

  105. Avatar for c c says:

    got my iphone4 at Shang. switched from BB globe prepaid kit to iphone4 postpaid. globe promised that my new number will be activated after 24hrs but until today my iphone4 is still not a phone. now I have my ipod touch and iphone to play games. i thought i bought a phone? or did I?

  106. Avatar for RJCA RJCA says:

    I’ve been trying to confirm my reservation for an iPhone under loyalty since Thursday and I still haven’t been called. I’ve been assessed already so I don’t know what the hold up is. I’ve been following up the case, I’ve called maybe 6 or 7 times, Globe HR is really taking a hit in my book, they promise to call back but nothing happens.

  107. Avatar for leninmac leninmac says:

    I would just like to ask if there’s really a free bumper program here in the Philippines. I can’t find it in the app store. Thanks.

  108. Avatar for edward edward says:

    @MyMaria: according to CS from globe center, depende daw if naka time-based or KB-based yung plan, default kasi is Kb-based charges, unless you have activated the time-based internet. in my case i believe its time-based kasi even before naman 5/15 mins ang charging nila.

    @jim: im not sure about the APN, but i was told you can just turn off the Cellular Data Network under the settings menu. and it works. when you try to connect, it wont work unless its turned-on.

    my concern now is WiFi, seems my unit doesnt connect easily kahit sa SM free wifi.. hmmm

  109. Avatar for Kitty Kitty says:

    Yugger!!! Mishu! =)

  110. Avatar for jim jim says:

    there is no such thing as loyalty award as far as globe telecom is concerned. they are just giving you new plans for a new phone.

    just a reminder to those who just got a new iPhone 4: change your APN settings like add/delete character/s to avoid being charged continuously with data charges unless you are enrolled to an unlimited surfing plan
    e.g. APN: internet.globe.com.ph — change the whole thing or add characters e.g. internet.globe.com.phqwerty. remember to do this again if you happen to reset the network settings or when you update your iPhone

  111. Avatar for garyboi garyboi says:

    Hey! I don’t know why you guys were able to have your existing plans upgraded and get an iPhone 4. I went to Globe Megamall re: upgrading my existing plan at least to Plan 1799 but they said that when I upgrade it, I won’t get the iPhone 4. I’m at the same time almost done with my 24-month contract by May 2011 and they mentioned that they’re not sure if they can give me an iPhone 4 as loyalty or something. Very inconsistent and different from what you guys experienced last Sunday. I don’t know why? :( GLobe people at Megamall are like that; I’ll try to visit other Globe stores.

    • Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

      @garyboi – you need to finish your existing contract first. My contract expired last August so technically I am on a new contract already.

  112. Avatar for Dien Dien says:

    tungkol sa internet ..sa mga SM makapag connect ng automatic..kung gusto u naman sa bahay ..bili ka ng wifi router connect u ang Globe/smart bandlux or broadband duon then macheck u sa iyong Iphone 4 – marecognised ng unit na connected sya

  113. Avatar for Dien Dien says:

    Check out whre the product manufacture? warranty…price affordable

  114. Avatar for MyMaria MyMaria says:

    @edward √ check! I was getting worried about this… how do you monitor ba naman the minutes/hours you have used?

  115. Avatar for edward edward says:

    @MyMaria: i dont think that is possible. for one, freebies are charged per hour- e di ba parang lano naman ata nun ng change to per Kb na.. anu to hidden rules nanaman ng globe– ill see when my bill arrives to confrim though, ill ask na CSR from globe business center mismo. malabo kausap mga call center agents nila, hindi ata alam sanasabi minsan

  116. Avatar for MyMaria MyMaria says:

    Hey you guys… I also got the plan 1799.. but how true is it that when you use all of the 15 hours of internet (coz I availed of 5 D’s)… we are charged na daw per KB as for internet? not time-based?!? Whoa! Can anyone confirm this?

  117. Avatar for arnold arnold says:

    I chose D freebie. That’s free 15 hours data, plus 1799 is consumable daw sabi ng CSR.

  118. Avatar for edward edward says:

    @dongv: yes, while i was waiting dun sa counter to process my retention plan, the CS girl mentioned that a lot of subscribers have upgraded their plans to lessen the cashout value.
    i chose 4D’s and 1 B… sayang nga hindi ko pwede pa cancel yung existing subscription ko for SuperOne, in exchange for the freebies. hehe sayang.. aynyways the freebies are changeable, meaning every 30 days you may opt to have another set of freebies.

    to you guys out there: iphone4 is an excellent phone. it may have some downsides, pero it is still worth it.. =)

  119. Avatar for Rico Rico says:


    Weak cellular spots. There’s our clincher. Our office in Sta Rosa Laguna has a weak Globe signal and everyone seems to suffer a dropped call or two when inside yet we use a diverse set of phones. Even my trusty old Nokia 1100i loses quite a bit of bars there rendering the call unintelligible.

    I picked 5 Ds which is equivalent to 15 hours of browsing. I used to have 40 hours of free borwsing in my old plan 1599 plus 40 hours of Wiz Wifi, now they’re gone!

  120. Avatar for raymond raymond says:


    Complaints of signal loss from customers has led Apple to implement band-aid solutions.

    First is by distributing free bumper cases, which unfortunately wasn’t part of Globe’s deal.

    Second is by releasing a software update iOS4.0.2 which was supposed to mitigate the problem. But what it actually does is hide the true loss of signal strength by “fixing” the signal strength display on your screen.

    On areas with strong network coverage, you won’t experience dropped calls. However, the real test begins when you go to weak cellular spots.

    The design of the iPhone 4 is the problem. Antennas aren’t supposed to be placed in areas that can be touched. Obviously, the solution cannot be software in nature.

    But don’t take my word for it. It’s on iPhone 4’s website mismo.


  121. Avatar for dongv dongv says:

    just curious lang, since so many pick the Plan 1799. what are the A-E freebie you pick?

  122. Avatar for arnold arnold says:

    Also got the iPhone 4 under plan 1799 pero my line was upgraded from the previous 1599 so I needed to cash out around 9K…Good deal na rin, Globe din naman ang gagamitin kong SIM dun so might as well get tied up with Globe for another 24 months…:-)

  123. Avatar for edward edward says:

    haha, you got a good deal there sir yuga. i got mine with a cashout under plan 1799, so pwede pala yung ganun additional lock-in period.
    also dami ng plan upgrade just so the cashout will be lesser.
    anyways, sobra haba ng waiting time nga e. a lot are complaining especially na merun sobra tagal na daw nghihintay dun. pero ako hindi masyado mga 1hr 30 min lng naman. hahah LOL
    great phone!!! i still have to do more test kung ok nga talga tong bagong iphone4.

  124. Avatar for churchill churchill says:

    Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng phone (iPhone 4) na kinailangan ng bumper para matakpan yung scar (antenna issue) sa package. Parang band-aid sa isang sugat.

    Pero sana hindi ito yung case ng mga devices na nirelease dito sa pinas.

  125. Avatar for jaimsitecom jaimsitecom says:

    sa mga nakakuha: naka os 4.1 na ba sya? if yes, then hindi pa sya jailbreakable…

  126. Avatar for Rico Rico says:

    @raymond actually I was very disappointed when I was able to make a call and fail to drop it using the “death grip”.

  127. Avatar for raymond raymond says:

    Don’t say you were not warned about the most expensive phone that cannot make calls.

  128. Avatar for poche poche says:

    sa dec pa ata un white iphones in time for xmas lol

  129. Avatar for Rommel Suganob Rommel Suganob says:

    I signed the reservation form from here and was able to get mine today as well. thanks to yugatech :)

  130. Avatar for Jaycee lee Jaycee lee says:

    Is the white iphone 16gb available? I want to upgrade my 3gs to 4g. I hope i can get one before my birthday this nov ;)
    Im currently on gflex plan 800 and my 24months locked up plan is not yet finished . Is it possible to upgrade to a much higher plan without any cash out? Thanks!

  131. Avatar for Cookie Lugue Cookie Lugue says:

    so the bumper program can still be availed pala….great! thanks for the info.

    and it was great to meet you at the launch :)

  132. Avatar for Tiger Tiger says:

    I went to Makati Shangrila as the text Globe sent told me to do so at 8pm Sunday. But only the 16GB Iphone was available! They should have texted that only the 16GB was available that time.

  133. Avatar for denkoi denkoi says:

    i just wish that when it’s our time to get the iphone4, meron din “good food and bottomless brewed coffee” =)

    para patas ang laban hehe

  134. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    my tine slot was 1 to 2 PM. I was in Tagaytay at that time but left an authorization letter for Lauren to claim it. I arrived in Manila at 2:30 and immediately let my daughter go at 3PM. Another hour and by 4 PM I was already done. Their network system was down hence the delay. But yes,less stressful.

  135. Avatar for RJCA RJCA says:

    @denkoi – I’m in the same boat, still waiting. :|

    @manny- I agree, you can sell your Iphone two years from now and make back the 10k. Then you can get the Iphone 6. :>

  136. Avatar for manny manny says:

    the price isnt actually bad, even for a 24-month contract.

  137. Avatar for Fernand Fernand says:

    @abe: i didn’t know that adding another 12months from a 24months lock period is equal to a free iPhone 4, i also upgraded my plan to 1799 but i paid 9899pesos for the cash out, sayang :) in shangrila kanina its a different story, my timelot was 1pm to 2pm nakalabas ako 4pm na..3hours dun grabe, lots of people are already complaining.

  138. Avatar for Rico Zuniga Rico Zuniga says:

    Nice haggle Abe! I still shelled out 9899 for the 1799 plan hehe

  139. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    Only iPhone get that kind of treatment.

  140. Avatar for Justine Justine says:

    Can I have that BIG iPhone 4 replica?! HAHA. :D

  141. Avatar for Rejohn Semillano Rejohn Semillano says:

    Iphone 4 free bumper is not restricted to US customers only. Download the Free Bumper Program from the App store to claim your free case

  142. Avatar for denkoi denkoi says:

    still havent received any email nor stub. talk about customer satisfaction

  143. Avatar for Mr. Android Mr. Android says:

    Android FTW!

  144. Avatar for Elbert Elbert says:

    The information from the rep is not accurate. I got mine from Singapore and got the free case via the program.

  145. Avatar for Bayan Bayan says:

    2 hours, 50 minutes wait so far, over here at New World.

  146. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    If I’m gonna buy this one, I’m not gonna get the Nokia N8 next month, or the upcoming Nokia E7.. Wheww…. Too expensive whew and iTunes dependent.. :|

  147. Avatar for RJCA RJCA says:

    I wish that I was able to reserve in time, I talked to a Globe rep and he said they had 3000 units. :(

    Gotta wait for the next shipment. :(

    @Yuga – If you extend the lock in period to 36 months it’s free? I was looking at plan 1799 for 24 months there’s around 10k to pay.

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