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Globe to launch iPhone 4 on September 26

So this is it — the long wait is finally over! Sources tell me that the iPhone 4 from Globe Telecom will be arriving on September 26, 2010.

Globe Telecom account reps have been making calls to those who signed-up on that registration form and saying the iPhone 4 will be available by Sunday the 26th so if you’re one of them, expect a call too.

There’s no mention of pricing for the iPhone 4 but based on experience, Apple usually gives the go signal to the telco when the prices should be published and from the last time I remember it’s a few days before release date.

Those wondering how much it would go for — the 32GB iPhone 3GS prepaid kit on Globe is currently at Php39,995. The price of the iPhone 4 will play around that figure.

Will update once we get any tip on the price schedule of the iPhone 4 from Globe. See our full review of the iPhone 4 here.

Update: Price of the iPhone 4 Prepaid Kit is as follows:

iPhone 4 16GB – Php 37,499 (free on Plan 3799)

iPhone 4 32GB – Php 43,699 (free on Plan 5000)

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66 Responses

  1. Avatar for Hong Lanno Hong Lanno says:

    Giving you the best News became valuable to most of people.

  2. Avatar for francisco M tapia francisco M tapia says:

    i like that iphone 4

  3. Avatar for marvin marvin says:

    i’ll buy 4 pieces now…

  4. Avatar for allan allan says:

    i think the price can still be negotiated.

  5. Avatar for allan allan says:

    Fyi.My friend will be coming over next month from U.S. and brought along 10pcs of iphone 4 16GB. Anyone interested at 35k. text me 091511*****.ty,

  6. Avatar for allan allan says:

    Fyi.My friend will be coming over next month from us and brought along 10pcs of iphone 4 16GB. Anyone interested at 35k. text me 091511*****.ty,

  7. Avatar for Joseph Tecson Joseph Tecson says:

    question..can it read sim cards in the philippines?..like inserting a globe sim card or will it be using another means of communicating?

  8. Avatar for harvey harvey says:

    tiyakin nyong malakas ang signal ng GLOBE sa lugar nyo. Kung hindi mararanasan nyo ang what they called “DEATH GRIP”.

  9. Avatar for kelvin kelvin says:

    Hi guys.. how much ang price iphone 4 if cash?

  10. Avatar for bim bim says:

    so anyone has an idea when can I buy an iphone 4? I mean can I buy tomorrow Sept. 27? or do they really need to wait for their email?

  11. Avatar for elleh_car elleh_car says:

    i can’t sleep waiting for my e-claim stub. Please this is my birthday gift for myself. All docs are done just the stub, location and time.

  12. Avatar for karen Cabrera karen Cabrera says:

    sooo uhm. can i buy in istores tomorrow????????sept 26

  13. Avatar for -first time iphone4 user- -first time iphone4 user- says:

    @anna: you got one already even before sept 26 official launch? san mo naman nkuha yan hehe

  14. Avatar for anna anna says:

    i already got 1 during their lauch but guess what after it was activated i have no service… wtf

  15. Avatar for -first time iphone4 user- -first time iphone4 user- says:

    i got my email confirmation yesterday, sept 23, plus got a call this afternoon from globe rep and the text message confirming my reservation.. i cant wait! so excited to get on of these!!!

  16. Avatar for denkoi denkoi says:


    ako din naghihintay pa ng stub ko. 3 days daw makakareceive ng sms or email. guess what, lol.

    meron ata mga makakatangap ng iphone4 ngaung sept24. mga business-ek ek.. nakalagay un sa link na pinadala ng globe nung sa reservation.

  17. Avatar for wolfeyez wolfeyez says:

    @staley – where did you get that info?
    i’ve read from one forum na sa makati shang daw ilalaunch yung iphone4 and may e-stub na isesend
    sayo if approved ka and makukuha mo na yung phone mo
    din dun, date is sept 26.
    – still waiting mine, tagal talaga ng globe

  18. Avatar for hobbes hobbes says:

    i bought mine in SG for SGD888. at Php33/SGD, it wouldn’t be over 30K

  19. Avatar for Mr. Staley Mr. Staley says:

    today is the big day for the selected peeps who will get their Official iPhone 4 today!!!

  20. Avatar for sweettrashpicker sweettrashpicker says:

    ^theres no such thing as hidden charges
    it is the users who take control of the usage and forgot to read the fine print

  21. Avatar for Demetrio Cochon Demetrio Cochon says:

    tingin nyo ba mas sulit kumuha ng iphone4 sa globe kesa sa gray market? bibili kasi ako eh.. kaso i was worried about globes hidden charges kaya mas napapboran tuloy ako sa gray market units.

  22. Avatar for dcoi013 dcoi013 says:

    anyone got an exact date when you will receive your iphone via sms from globe? already got my confirmation for my reservation from globe, pero ang tagal ng sms regarding kung kelan mo makukuha yung iphone. they said 3 days daw pero its already day 4 and no sms from them.

  23. Avatar for jacob911 jacob911 says:

    yes we signed up sa registration form for iphone4 that we’ll be avail this sunday sept26. we already send the complete requirements needed too and they said we’re qualified and we’ll just have to wait for their next call or msg regarding the location of the launching. Guarantee ba un? wala pa kme nrereceived from them and we heard limited lng ung units na ipamimigay. pls respond

  24. Avatar for denkoi denkoi says:

    @Sunofa – ty d2 sa comment na to at nag compute ako hehe… mas mura nga ang postpaid plan dahil magiging 34500 na lng ang price nya.. tapos meron nman mbaba na plan ang postpaid… meron 299 at 499.. ako,kukunin ko ung 599 dahil unli call and text na for 1 month..

  25. Avatar for michael666 michael666 says:

    ok na ba ang signal issue nito? was it really a software problem? hmmm… wait nalang ako sa next iphone… iphone 4G S (S stands for Signal)

  26. Avatar for bathsheba711 bathsheba711 says:

    i just got a call from a globe rep since i registered online. my 1,800 gflex(iphone 3g plan) which is ending on november is eligible for an iphone 4. same plan and cash out is only P9899 for the 16GB. 32GB is around 16k. of course i’m getting one! such a steal! :D

  27. Avatar for leo leo says:

    Guys ung prepaid iphone4 ba ng globe is factory unlock? Thanks!

  28. Avatar for Paolo Paolo says:

    Globe’s iPad app just popped up in the iTunes App store (under Utilities)

  29. Avatar for xhaisy xhaisy says:

    too bad apple hasnt released white iphones yet.. =(

  30. Avatar for jenny QA jenny QA says:

    iPhone 4’s technology is not worth it for the price. It’s not that impressive but Apple is a trend setter no question about it.

  31. Avatar for jay jay says:

    ANy solution on how to transfer the aPPs ?

    the price of tech, Lets make Jobs & Co. RiCHiER

  32. Avatar for Sunofa Sunofa says:

    I think hindi sulit bilin ang iPhone sa globe pag prepaid… sobrang layo ng price. it would be much better to get this at plan 299 kasi around 6.6k lang add mo sa 35k+ and consumable pa siya. tipid ka for 2 years.

  33. Avatar for PogingGuest PogingGuest says:

    I was wondering about the warranty. Tatanggap kaya yung Globe ng replacements kapag “big deal” din yung issues ng iPhone 4 dito sa Pinas?

    What do you guys think?

  34. Avatar for techterrorist techterrorist says:


    Prices of iphone4 at the mall and greenhills are extortionnally high. with the release of globe for sure prices now will be lower.

    Cannot wait to buy one for a reasonable price

  35. Avatar for denkoi denkoi says:

    oops typo, august 27, 2008 hehe..

    hmm ive been reading a lot of reviews and forums about how easily the glass casing of the iphone4 breaks.
    “Despite the fact that I personally feel that both the Iphones software and hardware combined offers a fantastic phone, all this bullshit regarding the glass and reception hampering turns me off. Paying up to 699 unsubsidized for such a high end phone and we receive this bullshit in return, which are rather significant problems?

    I may not drop my phone regularly, but it may happen.

    I am a righty, but I may still get shifty reception regardless.

    I thought apple was all over the ‘consumer satisfaction’ mantra, but this product is pushing me to an android. And I purposely waited for this phone to actually avoid that prospect!

  36. Avatar for RickLabrador RickLabrador says:

    eewww.. not wasting my money on this. I’m even selling my ipad.. big mistake buying it.. I’ll wait for the WinFo7 before replacing my 3GS and planning to buy the Galaxy tab when its out and the moment I sell my iPad.

  37. Avatar for limuelG limuelG says:

    di namn sya ganong kamahal,, as i expected..

  38. Avatar for denkoi denkoi says:

    sana nga meron free bumpers, at san kaya ma-claim yun..?
    nag reserve nako ng black 32gb,Php43699 free 1 month super surf!…
    comparing sa price nun una ako bumili ng iphone 3g, aug27, 2007 (LOL) 44k ang price nya non.. kaya para saken okay na .. kung mag uupgrade nman kc ang iphone, mdalas software, at pwede mag upgrade ung previous generations. kung hindi nga lang malaki difference ng features ng 3g at iphone4, hindi paren ako mag uupgrade e… sulit na sulit ang iphone4.. satisfactionwise LOL

  39. Avatar for chris chris says:


  40. Avatar for jlapitan jlapitan says:

    haha.. ang layo nung guess price ko dun sa pacontest mo.. kelan announcement ng winners?

  41. Avatar for ReyMatt ReyMatt says:

    So that means prices will go down in the gray market? Local price is almost P9K more than Apple Singapore’s

  42. Avatar for Kim Roa Endaya Kim Roa Endaya says:

    Here ‘s a twitpic link to confirm the iPhone 4 prices from Globe: http://twitpic.com/2pj66k

  43. Avatar for neis neis says:

    reserved mine :D

    here’s the official pricing for prepaid:

    Php 37,499

    Php 43,699

    i’m on postpaid so will use the loyalty ^^; for discounted prices

  44. Avatar for fedxing fedxing says:

    If you get an iPhone 4 on or before the 30th, you will get a free bumper

  45. Avatar for Wakocoke Wakocoke says:

    may free bumper kaya ang globe? :))

  46. Avatar for tantra2gadget tantra2gadget says:

    prices bec0mes m0re expensive after that globe release date of new iph0ne 4

  47. Avatar for Elbert Lo Elbert Lo says:


    Don’t worry about future updates. Buy what you need now and just trade in later. If you wait, you’ll end up not buying because there will always be better products coming.

  48. Avatar for mike mike says:


    actually its, now we will know who are the suckers for marketing and dumb enough not to know that they are getting ripped-off.

    This company spends billions of dollars in marketing only to pass it on to consumers.

    There are more low key products in the market that are better value for money because

    1) They don’t spend billions of dollars in advertising and marketing
    2) They don’t have grossly paid CEO’s and executives
    3) They don’t have demanding stock holders that expect good profits

  49. Avatar for emman emman says:

    sayang… Like ko to pro the way Apple refresh their product, mamaya may bago n… E kasi dapat simultaneous ang release… tulad ng iPad, next meron ng 2nd gen pro until now ala ppa officially sa pinas…

  50. Avatar for Elbert Lo Elbert Lo says:

    You should buy an iPhone 4 now. Prices will be rising soon, and Globe’s launch won’t help lower prices.

  51. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    what about the iPad?

  52. Avatar for Beadfreak Beadfreak says:

    I’ve heard:
    (1) Enterprise clients will get the first dibs on the 24th :D
    (2) it will be activated on the spot to prevent jailbreak and have the unit registered immediately at Apple HQ
    Since Apple provide certain units per country and they checking the inventory per activation before a provider order another batch. Sinister Apple ..grrr!

  53. Avatar for MyMaria MyMaria says:


  54. Avatar for Beadfreak Beadfreak says:

    Enterprise clients will get the first dibs on the 24th :D

  55. Avatar for nexusboy nexusboy says:

    i still have my 3GS. Apple is launching iPhone 4G on June 2011 so i’d probably wait ’til the next iPhone :)

  56. Avatar for Ronskie Ronskie says:

    hmmmm in Plan ba yan agad or as is na you have to pay full price of the phone to own it…? =.=

  57. Avatar for Manny Manny says:

    Right you are! And the bloodshed continues…

  58. Avatar for allan allan says:

    now we will know who can afford & the one’s who can’t. i hope i’ll be those who can.

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