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iPhone 3G Price and August 22 Globe release


This just out. Globe is officially releasing the iPhone 3G this August 22, 2008. Interested buyers may contact Globe to get early reservations on a unit.

You can call (632) 730.1000, 211 via toll-free mobile or if you’re on a Platinum account, 188.

Globe will be offering special post paid plans that will allow consumers to experience the exciting features of iPhone 3G. These special plans will come with free local mobile internet hours and free Wi-Fi browsing hours (in areas covered by Globe Wireless Internet Zones). iPhone 3G will also be available on existing Globe tariff plans. (source: Globe PR)

The pricing is as follows for the 2-year locked prepaid kits:

Php41,889 for 8GB iPhone 3G
Php48,889 for 16GB iPhone 3G


* Comes with 50 hours of free mobile internet. Includes Php200 free load per month for 5 months. The Php5 per 15 minutes 3G charging also applies.

For Globe Postpaid Plans:

Plan 1599: Php1,599/month (Php16,800 for 8GB and Php22,300 for 16GB)
Plan 2199: Php2,199/month (Php14,600 for 8GB and Php20,000 for 16GB)
Plan 3299: Php3,299/month (Php12,300 for 8GB and Php17,800 for 16GB)
Plan 3999: Php3,999/month (Php5,600 for 8GB and Php11,000 for 16GB)
Plan 4999: Php4,999/month (FREE for 8GB and Php5,000 for 16GB)

* Plan 3299 to 4999 will get unlimited WiFi from Globe WiZ, nationwide as well as 100 hours of free monthly 3G usage. Plan 1599 and 2199 will have 40 and 60 hours per month respectively. Excess hours is billed at Php0.50/minute.

GFlex and GPlan offerings:

  • GText: Php500 MSF + Php29,000/Php34,000 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GMix: Php800 MSF + Php25,700/Php31,100 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GTalk: Php1,200 MSF + Php23,800/Php29,300 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GTalk Plus: Php1,800 MSF + Php22,000/Php27,500 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GMatch: Php2,500 MSF + Php20,000/Php25,500 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GMax: Php3,500 MSF + Php18,000/Php23,400 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GPlan 5000: Php5,000 MSF + FREE/Php6,500 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GPlan 7000: Php7,000 MSF + FREE/Php5,000 one-time (8GB/16GB)
  • GPlan 10000: Php10,000 MSF + FREE/Php3,300 one-time (8GB/16GB)

All rates above are inclusive of CERA (foreign exchange rates) and the 12% VAT.

Anybody still wants an iPhone 3G?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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96 Responses

  1. vance says:

    WOW! what a price!

  2. Sherwin says:

    A BIG No-No!!!

  3. Madzie says:

    Wow! Prepaid price is way above yuga’s estimates. Reminds me when Nokia 9500 first came out.

  4. hi to everyone remind me everyday what is the update of this YUGATECH

  5. jo says:

    so expensive

  6. glitch says:

    yes, i would definitely want one.

  7. Price way far from my expectation

  8. GensanBoy says:

    Ive had the Iphone 1st gen. I sold it last June to a cousin. Yes it a nice device, but it not that nice anymore once you used it for sometime. Yes its a novelty coz not everyone has it. But so are new phones. Now with the pricing of the 3g Iphone, I am definitely not going to buy it. Id rather buy a nice UMPC or Ultra Portable (however you may call it) with that price. As for a handphone, Im waiting for the SE X1 or the HTC Touch Pro. I believe its coming out sometime this year. To those who will get the Iphone 3g, Cheers!!

  9. romero says:

    too much! too expensive!!! i will wait for a crack version lol. but for the price, i would also rather get a UMPC.

  10. Brownspank says:

    Talk about overrated. Why, the prepaid prices will buy you a decent VW Bug! Sure, you’ll look (marginally) cooler with this in your hand, but only for a few months, until a new fad comes out.

  11. Anton says:

    If you havent availed of your rewards or loyalty program you can ask globe to credit your existing rewards and pay for the difference from the price of the 8gb or 16gb iphone :)

  12. pinkposhandplush says:

    i could always wait for 3 more months ;-)

  13. BrianB says:

    Plan 1599 is fairly reasonable, and data plan includes 60 hours of 3G? Not oo bad, really.

  14. bryanboy says:

    ridiculous. i’d rather buy something off ebay.

  15. randell says:

    Yeah, ridiculous. I’d rather buy a UMPC + Wii + !

  16. nooknook says:

    that’s too much. “taga” yan.

  17. BrianB says:

    You’re forgetting that the N95 8GB comes free for about the same and the e90 is pricier. This is a two-year lock-in, right?

  18. Dust says:

    I wonder – what will smart do to compete with the upcoming 3G of Globe? It’s going to be one tough cookie to crack. Hahaha. Is smart going to release Xperia or something in the same competing linessuch as IPhone 3G’s?

  19. Carlo Ople says:

    This is just insane man. The price tag is ridiculous!

  20. Gwapito.com says:

    I’d rather buy four PSPs!!!

  21. ron says:

    if i were Smart, what would I do?


    hehe. i’d leave Globe in this madness.

    50k for a phone? h#ll NO!

  22. BrianB says:

    I don’t get what people are complaining about. They’d buy an N95 2 years ago for 43k and a Dopod for almost the same price but not the iPhone. Are you all trying to bring the price down? Because I doubt Apple or Globe would do that. I will wait for the Nano version myself but if you have the dough 3 years ago for a pocket PC then obviously you’ll have the money for this. They are not selling this to the masses and I don;t recommend regular employees to save up for one, especially since the secondhand market wouldn’t be so good when there are 10 million of these circulating around the world and most likely a better version next year.

  23. Juneau21 says:

    Lol i could buy 2 40GB PS3 in that price.

  24. jhay says:

    I’d get the SE Xperia instead. I wonder how Globe will fare with these offerings. This would only boost the local black market for unlocking iPhones sent over by friends and family from overseas.

  25. joaquinbordado says:

    di practical sa 16gb na almost 50k….
    bibili n lang ako ng bagong laptop…or ps3!

  26. Juneau21 says:

    and oh, What happened to the 199$ by Apple? Globe should have subsidized plan.

  27. Gem says:

    That would just be the beginning prices and the rich will get to use these phones first. If Globe decides to reach to more customers and offer newer iPhone versions, they could just offer this phone at lower prices.

  28. MiGs says:

    The pricing is really absurd.

    @BrianB, people are complaining about the price because its supposed to be a CHEAP phone as Steve Jobs wanted. That’s why he offered the iPhone 3G for only $199.

    As i pointed out in my post here: http://www.migsmobile.net/2008/08/07/globe-offers-iphone-3g/

    excess siya ng about $700 from the amount that mr. jobs announced.

    There’s a case in Canada na nag overprice yung telco sa iPhone 3G and is now a big issue there. its also in my post.

  29. joaquinbordado says:

    kausap ko ung friend ko sa accenture sa tate max na benta ng iphone 3G is 450usd…sa kanya n lang ako papabili..prob lang is pano sya unlocked?

  30. estatiktik says:

    i want to be cool…hehe

    are the g-flex plans not affordable?…i think the 800 one is good enough…any comments on the plans?…thanks

    unlock iphones would just be too much of a hassle hiding from police and stuff…:P

  31. estatiktik says:

    i want to be cool…hehe

    are the g-flex plans not any good?…i like the 800 one…any comment on that?…

    and unlock iphone 3gs would be too much of a hassle hiding from the police and stuff…:P

  32. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    You can import an Iphone 3G unit for cheaper and unlock it for free

  33. vance says:

    200 USD in us plus 99?? att plan.. thats a good price pero 40K for prepaid! its better to buy a underground iPhone for 10 to 15k.. you can buy 2-3 iPhones for 40K

  34. BrianB says:

    “@BrianB, people are complaining about the price because its supposed to be a CHEAP phone as Steve Jobs wanted. That’s why he offered the iPhone 3G for only $199.”

    The real iphone price (without contract) is a lot more than this and closer to the Globe prepaid price. The iPhone price is SUBSIDIZED for 199 US. SUBSIDIZED by the carrier. Globe’s plans is actually unique because it offers the iPhone for free with the 4999 plan.

  35. BrianB says:

    Vance pano naging good price yun eh 99 USD is about 4400 pesos a month. So, ang sa globe for 4999 pesos free ang iPhone. Mas maganda ang Globe.

    Pero mas sulit siguro bumili ka nalang nang iPod Touch, sinc magkakaroon na tayo nang iTunes at iPhone 2.0 software para sa iPod Touch.

  36. Marissa says:

    The pricing is too much. I agree that only the *very* rich with money to burn and flaunt will get this phone. From the other reviews I’ve seen on the web the battery lasts 8 hours and the phone itself is made of plastic and not of the same build quality as the 1st gen iPhone.

  37. unknown soldier says:

    grabe! madami na akong mapapakain na mahihirap nyan sa halaga ng isang cellphone! hello!

  38. estatiktik says:

    guys any thougths on the g-flex plans?…with the 2 year lock out…

  39. BigBird says:

    Its an Ipod Touch with phone features. Buy na ng a touch around 8K astig na din! Kung alam nyo lang kung gaano kahirap mag TXT sa IPhone?! I got mine from Greenhills. Parang di sya bagay sa user habits ng mga Pinoy na lumaki sa TXT. The phone is great for a while pro nakakasawa din eh. No support here in the Philippines to Hype its features. Overrated with noypis innocente Minds,Opps!

  40. karla says:

    so expensive. geez

  41. Jonathan says:

    If the price is too steep for you, don’t waste your time whining about it. It’s time to move out from the apple side. In my opinion, the iPhone 3G is a bit outdated nowadays huh? Remember when Nokia released the N7600 way back in late 2003?

    Now it’s time for the others to come in – Nokia tube, XPERIA…and others..=)

    or if you want to ride on the iPhone mania..just rather buy an iTouch – at least it does look and we could make it similar to the iPhone and as BrianB said..

    Peace =)

  42. deuts says:

    It’s really good to feel if you have your hands to an unlimited resources.

  43. ernesto says:

    hahaha magtitiis na lang ako sa SE Cybhershot C902 5 mp cam yahey! 20php lang

  44. Chocho says:

    Are you kidding me! Hahaha! You can buy a car already with that amount of money!

  45. Paul T. says:

    OMG!!! I was expecting that the price of the prepaid service is about 15-18k but above 40k!!!
    I think globe sucks… I think less people will buy that phone especially with oil price is increasing right now. I hope smart will also acquire the iphone by the end of the year and they’ll make the price less cheaper than globe’s…

  46. doctorfunk7 says:

    yep it’s way too high…and to top it off…if you wanna get one but your line is still under lock up..say for 1 year more..u have only 2 options..get the prepaid at 40++k or get a new line..

    they should have offered something like a plan/contract extension for existing locked-up subscribers..that would bump up the subscription numbers and the years of lock up…that’s one simple marketing strategy which they forgot to think of..or just plainly never considered…

    ok na sana yung gflex plans like the 800 if they thought of the extension thing ..but to get a new line on top of your existing just to get a better price for the iphone 3g is too much on the pocket

  47. sweetmisery says:

    NOT WORTH IT! Seriously, unless youre that rich and really want social status, its really not worth it. lol. Wow… just wow.

  48. Markxc9 says:

    Id rather use my current phone then buy nlng ako ng iPod Touch.. Pareho lng features naman nun eh.. iPod Touch 8G is just 12K Php average. Sobrang mahal ung sa Globe.

  49. sliced says:

    The prepaid 16GB iPhone 3G from Globe is the same price as the entry-level MacBook in the US before taxes. To think we are a much poorer country compared to the US as of the moment… hmm…

  50. elmotel says:

    what people don’t realize is the minimum at&t plan you can get with the iphone3g in the US will cost around $75 (call+text) which comes out equivalent to Globe’s 3299 plan where you can get the 8GB unit for P12300 ($280). so if you think about it, subtract phil gov’t tax, presumably smaller volume commitment compared to at&t – hence lower subsidized cost, and other distribution/importation costs and the price actually makes sense

  51. cuapao says:

    too bad globe doesnt have iPhone offers for the existing postpaid subscribers. i was looking forward on that. tsktsk. i’ve made a reservation via globe’s website. i’m still wating for globe to call me as to what the status of my reservation whether its confirmed or not. :D

  52. I made a reservation on globe’s website but am not so sure if I’ll push through with it. It definitely is expensive … my other alternative is Sony Ericsson’s Xperia. *sigh*

  53. GensanBoy says:

    Guys, the Xperia is coming out next month daw. I just hope the price will not be that high also. Believe me, the only thing I missed about my Iphone is the Safari and the feeling that you have a unique phone. After I sold my Iphone i’m currently using a Dopod 838 pro, The slide out qwerty is very usefull. Windows Mobile Rocks!


  54. denver says:

    ….i thought with the price in the US, it would mean virtually everybody in this country would have one. ngyon bka mamatay nga ako sa maling akala.
    ….hopefully yung lalabas na samsung f480 or samsung omnia would be much affordable. yun na lng bibilin ko kesa dito ang mhal na, qwerty pa. sa samsung may choice na qwerty or regular celphone keypad.

  55. ailoflondon says:

    The kit price above for the 3G is really high but the monthly tarriff or plan that Globe offered is very reasonable but make sure that Globe will give u unlimited wifi or Internet browsing coz that is the heart of iPhone otherwise it’s useless!!! so better get the plan and start to explore the magic of iPhone! I am using now my iPhone posting this comment and believe me you cannot have any kind of mobile better than iPhone these days! yes Im sure of that! About HTC Diamond that would be coming out soon is yet to discover but still I would stick on my iPhone!
    I am in London now and to tell you that last 11th July, you would be surprise to know that British and others queu up under the baking sun just to get one!luckily I am one of those who are fortunate to get it delivered first thing in the morning of 11th july on my door and that is because of a day I spent online to reserve the 3G and it’s worth it!!!
    there are more to explore on Iphone.i had the 2G since 2007 Dec but till now I am still fascinated about it’s function and now using the 3G is faster and hi tech coz of the version 2.2 which made it faster and got the Apps! this Apps is really a milestone on Apple’s technology!!!!
    anyway, too many to say how I will stronly recommend the iphone so cheers mates and see u later!

  56. Juneau21 says:

    Guys, I just called Globe’s Customer Service Hotline (211), I asked some details on their iPhone 3G. Then she suddenly, told me that I have a loyalty reward and i could have a rebate on the iphone, since i was been a globe plan user ever since, the operator say i could get the iphone 8gb for only 10,600.00 Pesos, but will retain the Gflex 1200 Plan for another two years. so i ended up reserving an iphone. You guys should try it, well if you guys have the globe plans already.

  57. keSSen says:

    I’d rather buy a laptop! lol

  58. AutoTraderz says:

    I’ve been waiting for the iPhone for a long time. It’s now here but price is a little bit high.

  59. edi filth says:

    globe is being quite an opportunist in regards to their pricing of the iphone 3g, coz in the states they just sell the 8gb model for $199 = 9k here and yet they will sell it for 37k!!! damn!!! screw the free load and just stick to the original price that steve made… i think globe is being so freakin’ unreasonable!!!! why would they do that?!!! i think globe just burn their asses in hell for their greed. but the sad part is, i think i would still gragb myself 1, i just dunno if i’ll ask my friends to buy me 1 in the u.s. which is way more cheaper rather than gettin’ my ass broke!!!

  60. athame says:

    if you’re going to think of it… It is affordable… There is a 12 months 0 percent interest offer you know…

    And in regards to the one who posted that Globe did not allow him to avail of the Iphone because he still has pending 2-year lock, it’s actually true for new subscribers… But if you have been subscribed for a couple of years already, they will allow you to cancel whatever promos you applied that caused the 2-year lock, to give way to IPhone promo.

  61. Melai says:

    Ha ! What kind of pricing is that ? :T
    US sells it for only $199 [8GB] and $299 [16GB]
    which costs like 14K-15K+ when we convert in
    in pesos. Sheesh! I’d rather buy it here in
    England for just £159 [14K+ pesos] Hmmp!

  62. john says:

    When I saw it just now, I was like “WTH? I thought it’s just 199 USD?”. I guess I’ll just stick with my good old 838pro

  63. v says:

    Iyong sa istets, hindi din totoo iyong 199 thing. Me lock-up din sila duon sa AT&T at monthly fee; same thing na meron ang globe. Kung bibilhin mo ng unit lang iyong iphone, more or less, ka-presyo din natin dito.

    Kaya iyong inaasahan kong 2 unit SANA! na maipabibili, turns out kulang pang pambili ng isa. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    Nauna lang siguro akong ma-bad trip ke pareng Istib Jobs

  64. crissy says:

    wag na magcompare ng US price kasi wala naman tau sa US! LOL.

    got my first G iPhone from US, nakalusot lang kasi naka Cingular (now AT&T) din ako tas pumapayag pa sila noon na lumabas ng apple store na hindi nagactivate. ngaun inde ka na makakalabas ng store without activating the phone so ung $199 mo madadagdagan pa ng para sa iphone plan.

    kung hindi ka matyaga mag mod ng gadgets sinasabi ko nang inde ka mageenjoy sa iphone – walang pang forward ng sms, mms, etc (inde ko lang alam kung kaya na ng firmware 2.0).

    bilin nyo nalang ung akin, fully customized at unlocked 8GB first G iphone. LOL!

  65. zwiggy says:

    ei everyone…i know someone selling iphone 3G but 8GB lang for 12,800. already unlocked and brand new. dont ask me nalang kung saan nya kinukuha, but it’s brand new….sino ang interested?

  66. ronald says:

    how much nio bbn ta iphone nio im interested hehe

    i’m not asking kung saan kinukuha tinatanong ko lng kung saan ng galing ha… ^_^ send me the actual pics of that in my gmail [email protected] or add me in friendster [email protected]… ^_^

  68. boyot says:

    Zwiggy – with that price i’m seriously interested,

    email me at [email protected]

  69. juwan tamad says:

    binebenta ko yung iphone 3G ko na 8gig open-line, 30 thou,, reply na lang.

  70. henry says:

    mga sir, pag ung iphone ba na us version pwede ba gamitin dito?

  71. Gino says:

    Ang iPhone ba gumagana na parang cellphone, yunf ikaw na mismo ang magloload o talagang kelangan ng plan WHATSOEVER?! and kapag bumili ka ba ng iPhone sa ibang bansa, magagamit mo rin ba yan dito sa pilipinas?

  72. Gino says:

    Ang iPhone ba gumagana na parang cellphone, yung ikaw na mismo ang magloload o talagang kelangan ng plan WHATSOEVER?! and kapag bumili ka ba ng iPhone sa ibang bansa, magagamit mo rin ba yan dito sa pilipinas?

  73. che says:

    ei ako din po zwiggy interested…

  74. paul D says:

    there’s a plan need to iphone to have a load? or just go to store buy a load>?????here in philippines???????plsss replay>>>>>

    email me @ [email protected] for your replay….thxn a lot…

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