iPhone 6S reports suggest double the RAM and better CPU

iPhone 6S reports suggest double the RAM and better CPU

A new batch of alleged improvements are reported to come to the next flagship for Apple. It was mentioned that the iPhone 6S/7 could have double the RAM and better processing power than the current iPhone 6.


Taiwanese site TechNews states that the Cupertino company will finally bring 2GB of RAM to the next iPhone rather than the 1GB RAM seen on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Not only that, they will also reportedly use LPDDR4 RAM modules and do away with the current LPDDR3. These modules were said to be supplied by Hynix, Samsung, and Micron-Elpida.



Moreover, new iPhones are also rumored to have better processing power than what the 6 and 6 Plus have right now. If these allegations push through, we could be seeing a new A9 CPU replacing the A8 processors seen in current models. These reports go on top of the previous ones about the iPhone 6S having dual-camera lens and a “Force Touch” technology which can tell if you’re just tapping or pressing hard on the screen.

So far that’s all the info we have for now regarding the next iPhone. Be sure to keep it locked here to keep tabs on the possible updates on Apple’s next flagship.

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6 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    Why double the RAM? Why change something that already works and add something unnecessary?

    • Butt Sniffer says:

      So they can add the letter “S” to its name and attract more sheeps

    • Cock Socket says:

      instead of adding this unnecessary stuff, the one that they should improve is the build of their phones

    • archie says:

      Siguro bitchy iphot 6 buyer ka no? Di mo inaasahan na yung bagong bili mong 40k phone e magkakaroon ng small upgrade within 6 months kaya mapupwersa ka na namang bumili ng iphot 6s. Marketing strat ng apple: hangga’ t bulag ang fans natin, infinite money para sa atin.

  2. archie says:

    Siyempre paunti unti lang upgrades na gagawin ng apple para every model e mabibili. Isusunod naman eh konting improvement sa battery. So kung iphone sheep ka, nakabili ka ng iphone 6, upcoming iphone 6s at upcoming iphone 7 na paunti unti lang ang improvement for same expensive price. Later maglalabas ng iOS9 na mabagal sa iPhone 6 at 7 kaya gugustuhin mong bumili ng iphot 8. Pera pera lang, ang tanga talagang magpapakatanga.

  3. unggoy says:

    Sino naman may sabi na magupgrade dapat kada labas ng bagong model? Bakit “mapupwersa”? Haters gonna hate. iOS and Android user here. May pros and cons ang dalawa at di dahil wala ka pambili ng iPhone ay dapat mainggit ka sa mga naka-iPhone.

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