Amazon to hire over 500 remote workers based in Davao City

Amazon Operation Services is set to hire more than 500 remote workers in the Philippines.

Amazon is on the lookout for full-time customer service professionals who can run night shifts. This is under alignment with their global customer service support operations in the United States.

Employees are expected to cater to customer inquiries and work towards providing a high level of service under Amazon standards.

Applicants may apply for the roles of remote customer service associate 412 or remote team manager 421 at Amazon.jobs. Those selected today were invited to the company’s job fair in Davao City to learn about next steps for hiring. But worry not, we’ll update you with further developments for employment opportunities.

Eligibility consists of being based in Davao City, holding a high school diploma, ability to work in the Philippines, a minimum of one year under customer service (preferably in a call center or similar), and a suitable work-from-home space inclusive of a reliable internet connection with a minimum speed of 50Mbps.

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