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Top 5 Exhibits of PIMS 2016

We’re nearing the tail end of the year and one of the most anticipated local motor shows have closed their curtains. I’m sure you were able to take a photo of your favorite car and model (wink), bought that show-only-available souvenir, and bask in all the test drives that you can. It was definitely a great time. But did you notice the actual stage/s that the manufacturers toiled over to get you going in their exhibition area?

Here’s our take on the Top 5 exhibits in the recent PIMS:

1. Mazda

Parading their heavy hitters all donning in Mazda’s signature Soul Red, their booth was sophisticated and uncluttered. From the way their leveling was done to the hue of the black used to paint the stage, Mazda was definitely on point in this year’s PIMS.

2. Jeep

How do you properly feature the very capable Rubicon? In it’s element of course – rocks and dirt. Yes, for those who took the time to come close to Jeep’s exhibit you would’ve noticed that they managed to bring the outdoors in the PIMS stage.

3. Mercedes / Volkswagen

Tied at number 3 will be the two German marques. True to their deutsche roots, their booths were simple but classy. Subtle colors and lighting made sure that your attention went straight to the cars they were featuring.

4. Baic

Now before you react, try to remember the feat that they achieved – erecting a 45 degree slope that can accommodate the awesome looking X424. That is one tough engineering act given that the entire structure appears to have been made out of wood!

5. Mitsubishi

This Japanese car maker is the only marque that not only featured their latest EV-Hybrid vehicles but also a full detailed skeleton demo of how it works!

I’m sure each of you had a particular favorite from the show. We’re eager to hear what it is so please leave your remarks in the comments section below!

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