2008 New Year Giveaway Winners

2008 New Year Giveaway Winners

Ok, we’ve got all the winners drawn up this midnight. We’ve got such a huge turn-out in such a short time. Took me quite a while to rummage thru all the entries but we got them down to the last prize.

I wish I could have given out more prizes but that’s all I have for now. Maybe next month? Ok, moving on. Congratulations to all our winners below:

Auction.PH T-Shirts
1.) boddah
2.) jervis
3.) kirby
4.) scion
5.) jan Alvin
6) danix
7.) McBilly
8.) ralph
9.) brVince
10.) ederic

11.) ada
12.) sheena
13.) anna
14.) Sanaira H. Jamel
15.) connie
16.) LJ Lee
17.) windy
18.) sherry
19.) Jennifer Adams Juan
20.) Lace

That’s 10 for males and 10 more for females. We already have your sizes listed down.

And the major prizes:

Shell Ferrari Car 1: Gian Paolo Samson

Shell Ferrari Car 2: TurfSite Manila

Shell Ferrari Car 3: VMYAP.b2b.ph

Apacer USB Drive: Aiza d Great


Php2k Nokia GC: SilkenHut

Creative Subwoofer: Tonyo Cruz

Free Domain + Hosting 1: Seed Interactive

Free Domain + Hosting 2: JM Tuazon

See instructions on claiming your prizes:

For the T-Shirts, please email [email protected] with your complete name and full address. He will be in charge of sending the T-Shirts to your place via courier. You have until Friday 5:00PM to email him or we will draw alternate winners.

For the Shell Ferrari Cars, USB Drive, Nokia GC, please email me your complete name and full address. We will ship the items to you by the week-end. Likewise, you have until Friday 5:00PM to contact me or we will give away the prizes to another batch.

For the Creative Subwoofer, please email me your complete name and address. We will try to have it delivered to your place (when convenient). However, as originally agreed, please pick up the prizes at our office here in Makati.

To the winners of the free hosting and domain, email me your complete name, contact information and your desired domain name.

All prizes are up until Friday 5:00PM. If no email (you can leave a comment here too) is received by then, it will be forfeited to another set of winners. Congrats and happy new year to all!

To those who joined but did not make it, there’s still a chance with the Friday deadline. If not, we’ll cook up another set of contest this February.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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60 Responses

  1. Ordnacin says:

    Grats to the winners, guess my turn will come when Yuga gives away a house and lot…

  2. marhgil says:

    kahit kelan, di pa ako nanalo sa paraffle ni yuga. hehehe. malas :( congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Congrats to all the winners!

  4. Aiza says:

    Oh wow! I won!! I won!! Thank you po.

  5. RNHalawi says:

    congrats! congrats!!!

  6. JM says:

    OH WOW I WON HOSTING! Hahaha how ironic. Thanks Yuga! =)

  7. anna says:

    i won! hahaha thanks yugatech!

  8. boddah says:

    I won a shirt.. w00t! tnx.. now what’s for the Chinese New Year giveaway? :)

  9. ahay.. :( sir yuga. hhehe. d ako nasali ? :P

  10. jervi reyes says:

    congrats to all the winners!

  11. congratz to all winners.

  12. manu says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  13. Bob Reyes says:

    Thanks, Yuga! Email sent!

  14. Allen says:

    Wow! I won! Blogging about blog contests sure does pay off in the end.

    My only investment was time and one blog post. :D

  15. Lyle, RN says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. I hope to be on the list next time.

    Congratulations to you too, Abe. Anything you touch turns out successful.

  16. weee! thanks yuga! il send the email now. :)

  17. vance says:

    wow I won! thanks yuga!

  18. jennifer apolinar says:

    congratz to all the winners! sayang naman, d ako nanalo, hehehe, btw, sasali nalang ako next time!

  19. windy says:

    Wow, astig! Nagbakasakali lang ako, and then surprise, surprise, I won a shirt. :D

    Thanks po! ^_^

  20. calvin says:

    congrats sa mga nanalo!

  21. Jaypee says:

    Wala talaga akong swerte sa mga contests. Hehe anyways, congratulations to all the winners! :)

  22. McBilly says:

    Wow. Cool. I won a shirt. Haha. Nice! Congratulations to the other winners. :D

  23. congrats sa mga winners!

  24. Connie says:

    Yehey!!! I won again… Thanks yuga!!! email sent !more contest to come!

  25. Tonyo says:

    Salamat Yuga!

    Kukunin ko yang Creative Subwoofer siyempre!

  26. vhonne says:

    swerte nmn ng mga ito… congrats! sa mga winners…

    ung e-Money ko sa auction ndi n dumating… nanalo ako nung huling contest ah…

  27. jay says:

    nyak, wala pa rin ako. haha. malas lang cguro. :P

  28. danix says:

    lol.. i won :) tnx sir abe!

  29. hahahaha.. di ko makita pangalan ko.. amf..

    *binasa ulit..*

    wala talaga :( heheheh..

    astig nanalo pala si silkenhut! yay! ^_^

  30. dexter says:

    wwwaaaahh.. nawawala pangalan ko…

  31. Jan Alvin says:

    Kuya Abe, how can I claim the prize??
    It’s my 1st time to win a raffle.

  32. ranao says:

    congratz po sa mga winners..

  33. Gian Paolo says:

    Wow. This is the first time I ever won anything in a raffle, online or offline. Yehey. Thanks Kuya Abe!

  34. henryc says:

    sayang di rin ako nanalo anyway thanks

  35. henryc says:

    anyway …may isa ring forum na may mga prizes sayang di ano nanalo ng laptop last december 2007 …ngayon honda wave ang pinamimigay nila , meron ding 500.00 load weekly at 1 GB mp3 player monthly visit nyo na lang blog ko http://pinggu.wordpress.com/ for more info

  36. Sheena says:

    whow! me and my sister are winners!!!

  37. Congrats sa nanalo nung hosting.. grabe sulit na sulit un!

  38. JM Tuazon says:

    Hi Yuga! I emailed you already but didn’t receive any reply from you yet. About the domain, if the .com isn’t available, I’m okay with the .net. Thanks! =D

  39. manu says:

    And for the winners of the T-shirt…please give Auction.ph till next week….thanx!

  40. Ada says:

    Thanks Mr. Manu

  41. Allen says:

    Hi Yuga,

    I’ve sent you an email last January 8, did you receive it? I did not get a reply from you. -_-


  42. ryann says:

    sir yuga,i already sent the email. When can I get my prize? hehehe

  43. Gian Paolo says:

    I’ve also sent an email. Did you receive it?

  44. ryann says:

    on vacation pa pala si sir yuga. hehehe… hope u enjoy ur trip. :)

  45. ralph says:

    i got the shirt this afternoon

  46. Jan Alvin says:

    Kuya Abe, thx for the T-shirt and also thx to Mr. Ofiaza. More power to Yugatech and auction.ph

  47. peejay says:

    there’s always next time…

    but glad you and the other bloggers enjoyed your stay at our microtel boracay.

  48. JM says:

    Still no word from Yuga… still busy? :/

  49. spiderye says:

    me too. but ill wait. :)

  50. yuga says:

    Hello Guys,

    I got all your emails. Will reply back once the stuff are sent out via courier.

    Sorry for the extended delay. I’m always out of office on meetings.

  51. manu says:

    Hi Guys! For those who won the Auction T-shirt, Please email me at [email protected]. Thank You!

  52. Gian Paolo says:

    I’ve already received the model car. Thanks!

  53. julia says:

    congrats kay jan alvin!

  54. manu says:

    Attention Auction T-shirt Winners! for the following winners, im giving you til January 31 to email me to redeem your prizes. If not, we will raffle the shirts again…Thank you!

    LJ Lee
    Jennifer Adams Juan

  55. hello there.. i just receive my prize today due to long distance place im in hehe.. lol

    thank you yuga.. i really like it

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