Contest: LG G5 Giveaway

Contest: LG G5 Giveaway

As the world’s first modular smartphone, there are a lot of things to love about this smartphone. We wanted to share the awesomeness of the LG G5 with our loyal readers so we partnered with LG Philippines to give away one LG G5 to you.

Here’s how you can get the chance to win and bring home the new LG G5.

1.) Watch our full video of the LG G5 below.

2.) Pick one of the best features that you like about the LG G5 you saw in the video.


3.) Share/post the video in your social media account (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) stating which feature you liked the best about the LG G5. Include a link back to this post and use the hashtag #YugaTechLGG5. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel here or click the subscribe button below.

4.) In the comment section below, leave a link to your entries. You can have one entry per social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blog, Tumblr). YugaTech and LG PH will pick one of the best answers and award the new LG G5.

Contest starts today until the 1st week of August.

Here are four of the best features of the LG G5:

  • Impressive Display — The LG G5 comes with a quad HD IPS LCD display that’s one of the best in the market.
  • Powerful Hardware — Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and paired with 4GB of RAM, the LG G5 is a beast in terms of performance.
  • Modular Design — A first in the smartphone world, the LG G5 has a modular design that allows you to swap 3rd party modules to extend the functionality of your phone.
  • Great Camera Performance — Using two rear cameras, the LG G5 offers a wide variety of optical effects — from depth of field to very wide field of view that’s not found in any smartphone camera. The manual controls also provide flexibility to take long exposure photos for a more dramatic effect.

Update: We’ll announce the winner this week. We’re just ironing out the detail how to claim.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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840 Responses

  1. Fidela Villones says:

    The modular design is the best. Because in you can some features like changing battery and camera. That makes your phone more accessible in many ways. The changing of battery is what i love the most. Because the smartphone im using cant change battery.

  2. Jayson de jose says:

    Entry submitted. #YugaTechLGG5

  3. may nanalo na ba dun sa mga previous giveaway/contests? pano malalaman pag nanalo ka?

  4. Nuelan Ian Atienza says:

    the modular camera is the best feature in the LG G5

  5. Jeus Dela Cruz says:

    I’ll try with 1 entry cause this the pnly social media account that I do have.

    Nice Review #YugaTechLGG5

  6. Carlo Enrique Edrada says:


    Modular Design is the best! Possibilities are endless. Gaming, Health and welfare, Shopping, Sports and security.

  7. lingling says:

    hope i could win this one, cant buy new phone because Im saving up for school tuition fee of my 2 kids.
    Im so stuck with windows phone for the passed 2 years, hehehe

  8. #YugaTechLGG5

  9. Joshua bilon says:

    Great Camera Performance — Using two rear cameras, the LG G5 offers a wide variety of optical effects — from depth of field to very wide field of view that’s not found in any smartphone camera. The manual controls also provide flexibility to take long exposure photos for a more dramatic effect.

  10. John Ismael Haro says: Great Camera Performance because i love the wide angle camera it suits my lifestyle that i love taking pictures everytime i travel!. #YugaTechLGG5

  11. Jay Navea says:

    Whoaa! another 1st from LG. Obviously that jaw-dropping “Modular” aspect of the LG G5 is the best innovative feature and will definitely expand the capabilities of a regular smartphone. Those dual rear cameras plus the camera module with manual controls and dedicated buttons pushed the boundaries of mobile photography.

  12. I do believe that this particular gadget stands out because all of its features are undeniably incredible. As a millenial, i take a lot of photos. Not just for my instagram feed and bragging rights, but also to capture memories which are worth remembering. I want those photos to be crisp, gorgeous, detailed and enticing. That is why i think LG G5’s Great Camera Performance comes in handy especially for someone like me because it has everything that i could ever dream of in a smartphone.

    Link to my posts:



    Youtube: (jovi paloma)

    I hope i’ll be the lucky chosen one!! ????????

  13. Oh yeah great, phone i really like its powerful Hardware, good for heavy gamings and multi-tasking apps. ????????????????????

  14. I believe I can win this, it will be a great present for my birthday

  15. kenneth noel says:


  16. my link didn’t work so here is the working link. Had to post it again don’t want to lose my chance for winning a great phone just because of a broken entry link. Godbless LG and Yugatech

  17. My DREAM Phone<3 <3<3
    Here's the Link of my Twitter Post:

  18. Matthew Angelo Tabalba IV says:

    Thanks yugatech for updating me on the latest in tech world my links below:

  19. I love it’s dual rear cameras with wide angle lens, just a perfect phone for photography and shooting videos. #YugaTechLGG5
    It’s my freakin’ dream phone!!!!

    Facebook entry:

    Twitter entry:


    Google + :

  20. love it’s dual rear cameras with wide angle lens, just a perfect phone for photography and shooting videos. #YugaTechLGG5
    It’s my freakin’ dream phone!!!!

    Facebook entry:

    Twitter entry:


    Google + :

  21. Cristina Tolentino says:

    WoW!!! This is awesome ???? I would really love to have this phone for my birthday. Thank you Yuga Tech for always giving us powerful reviews ang LG for givin us a chance to win this fabulous phone. ???????????? More power guys ????????????
    Here are my entries:
    Google +

  22. It’s time for change,time for Innovation :) Let’s all say Hi! with LG G5 :)

  23. Jason says:

    LG is LG!!
    modular design is awesome!
    Check out @misterjas0n’s Tweet:

  24. Here is my entry from my Tumblr account. junieborce1993

  25. Ed Ward says:

    ????????????????’???? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????. ????????????????’???? ???????? ???????????????????? ????????:


    FB ENTRY :

    I already subscribed to your YT Channel <3 Love your review btw! Hope to win!

  27. Camille Eulogio says:

    The LG G5 has dual rear camera but unlike most smartphones, they actually operate independently of each other, which make it truly impressive!


    *I also commented in your Youtube video review! (username: camzcamzzcamzz)

  28. jun cleofas says:

    Modular Features is what fascinates me in this phone, think of the possibilities of that! That’s a first on the world too!

    Here is my FB link :

  29. EJ says:

    Hoping to win this beast smartphone. I really love the specs!


  30. Modular Features is what captivates me on this phone, Think of the unlimited possibilities! And it’s the world’s first!

    FB –

  31. jimbo222 says:

    here is mmy entry. please find my tweet #YugaTechLGG5

  32. Michael Angelo Ocampo says:

    My entries:






    Great phone and great review. Hope to win this phone ? #YugaTechLGG5

  33. Gian Franco Pangan says:

    The best feature is the modular design, not onl that it shows how much kore a smartphone can do, it clearly shows how LG thinks out of the box and clearly comes out as the winner.. its a future proof design that will surely be the next big thing in smartphones :) #YugaTechLGG5

  34. KenthKo says:

    One of the best features about the LG G5 that I liked is it’s Modular Design – LG does it again with the G5, coming up first with an innovative design concept that works giving something unique & powerful to its customers allowing them the freedom to personalize their G5. #YugaTechLGG5

  35. Neil Nocom says:

    The camera on this smartphone will blow your minds out!

    I can’t believe how well they implemented the dual camera system on this phone.

  36. Jerry Lewis Miralles says:

    135 degrees angle camera is something worth noticing!

  37. John Carlo Reyes says:

    The Best Feature that i like in LG G5 is the Modular Design Do you know anything about Google Projet ARA? It’s about producing modular phones, so you can change the hardware specs yourself. LG G5 is kind of first modular smartphone which lets you add some modular components. So far available modules for LG G5 are: LG Cam Plus, and LG Hi-Fi Plus. LG calls these accessories LG G5’s Friends and some of his other friends are: LG 360 VR, LG 360 CAM and LG Rolling Bot.



  38. Fitz Gerald A. Dulatre says:

    These are my entries Yugatech


    Great phone with great features and specs.
    Hoping to be the lucky one.

  39. The dual rear camera! With it’s dramatic 135 degrees wide-angle camera, the field of view is able to capture everything you see and more! It’ll be able to capture everything you wanted in the shot. All the tall iconic buildigs or the view of the horizon from end to end! WOW! Life’s really good when you play more! #YugaTechLGG5

    Facebook entry :)

  40. As an architecture photographer, this phone having wide angle type of lens definitely hit the spot for my needs as daily driver in terms of travel and landscape photography. Good job, LG! Definly a great phone!

    “Great Camera Performance — Using two rear cameras, the LG G5 offers a wide variety of optical effects — from depth of field to very wide field of view that’s not found in any smartphone camera. The manual controls also provide flexibility to take long exposure photos for a more dramatic effect.”


    Facebook :
    Twitter :
    Tumblr :

  41. Dawn Tamano says:

    Twitter entry!!! #YugaTechLGG5 is ????????????????????????????

  42. Paolo says:

    Here is my Entry:
    Short due to the 160 char quota but I definitely think you got it. :D

    Hope the odds are in my Favor!

  43. June Michael Razon says:

    Here’s my facebook entry.
    Im keeping my fingers crossed


  44. June Michael Razon says:

    My twitter entry

  45. Jose Balinas says:

    All features are astonishing, but what makes this phone really “standout” from others is it’s Modular Design. This feature enables the phone to maximize the phone’s functionality. Also, it is endorsed by Mr Jason Statham and it has friends. LG G5 friends that is. I mean, How awesome is that right?

  46. Ian Tag-at says:

    I’d say the best feature of the LG G5 for me is its great hardware.
    having that Snapdragon 4GB ram and powered with snapdragon 820 would definitely give you the best performance you need in multitasking ang in gaming.

    join the contest here:


  47. May the odds be ever in my favour. ????
    Google Plus:

    Twitter: master cake? @a_cakesos
    The modular design feature is what I liked the best about the LG G5. #YugaTechLGG5 (link: via @YouTube


    More power YugaTech

  48. For me the best features of LG G5 is the LG CAM Plus! i believed when taking high qualities photos you need extra juice, and the LG CAM Plus adds a 1200mah that will last all day and with that no more worries to recharge over and over again.


    Google +

  49. Rosalino Abendanio says:

    The best wide angle camera on a fone…


    LG G5 best feature for me is the seamless implementation of the
    16MP camera and the 8MP wide angle camera.
    You can shot thru the normal 16MP or zoom out and automatically switch to Wide Angle.
    It enables wide angle shots that was only possible before using
    my DSLR Ultra Wide Lenses. Wide Angle Shots made easy by the LG G5.

  51. Justine says:

    Hi #Yugatech Thank you for giving me a chance to participate in this kind of event. Hoping na sana ako ang makapag-uwi ng bagong LG G5 :)


  52. Charwen Mayor says:

    My entry po :) Kudos to LG for defining G5 the word P E R F E C T! And to YugaTech for very impressive review! God bless!

  53. bossmarx says:

    Hi Awesome Yugatech guys!

    I have actually been stealing glances at the G5 whenever I pass by it at the mall. It’s a beauty and I think the potential of LG’s move to go modular will greatly impact the industry. Hopefully, the idea will evolve into something more powerful than the G5 and grow into a technological ecosystem of modules hahaha.

    BTW, here’s an ODe to LG and the LG G5 on my tumblr blog:

    which is also posted on my Twitter Account:

    and also on Facebook!

    It’s a long shot but who knows, the gods of fortune might smile on me this time ;)

  54. Great Camera For the win. Traveller. Selfie. Capture the moments.

  55. Lawdemhar Cabatos says:

    Hello, YugaTech! I hope I become the lucky guy who gets to own this awesome new smartphone! :)



  56. #YugaTechLGG5
    Sana ako manalo ..hehe sarap cguro magka phone ng ganyan,ung hangang pangarap nlng :)

  57. Jerry Sales says:

    Thank you YugaTech and LG for this opportunity! :)


  58. Jayson Lagman says:


    Hope to win this beast!

  59. Salvador Peralta Jr says:

    All fingers crossed for my LG G5! ????

  60. I like the Great Camera Performance features of the LG G5 ?#?YugaTechLGG5?
    Here;s my entry post:

  61. Awesome phone
    Modular design and great camera

  62. Said it both in my twitter and my google plus and I`ll never get tired of it, THE CAMERA IS THE BEST


  63. codewalk3r says:

    Love the unique camera. Can use it to take pictures of my LG G2. lol ?#?YugaTechLGG5?

  64. Great Camera Performance is never a Question for LG G5! It is One of the Top! #YugatechLGG5 #LifeIsSoGoodWithLG #LoveLoveLove

  65. Hero Augustian Boque says:

    I love the great camera performance being a street mobile photographer myself

  66. For me, the best feature of the LG G5 is its Great Camera Performance. This feature is really great for aspiring mobile photographers like me in taking beautiful shots and producing excellent images.




    Thank you YugaTech! ????

  67. Verlin Casunuran says:

    I really like the modular design. It sure is a unique feature and provides possibilities of adding/enhancing the features of the existing handset. #YugaTechLGG5



  68. LG G5 continues to level up the camera by making it dual. The best feature it has! #YugatechLGG5

    Check out @ramEscapade’s Tweet:

  69. I like all the feature about this phone but there’s a feature that grabs me attention and it’s the new Modular Design. It’s a great feature because i can just transform my phone into a DSLR like camera, and transform it in to a Hi-Res Audio like phone. This feature is a beast! #YugaTechLGG5 Facebook:!/story.php?story_fbid=939059499553156&id=100003473449482&ref=bookmarks



  70. The LG G5’s Great Camera Performance (particularly two rear cameras) is my favorite feature. The very first thing that I always check and test everytime a new handset is being handed to me is the camera. I want to see how clear and detailed the photos are and what exciting built-in features it has for the camera app. No wonder my friends call me “Selfie King”. Besides, I love traveling. I love adventures. I need a 2in1 gadget, a phone for communication (social media and the like) and a camera to document the trip. #YugaTechLGG5


  71. April says:

    Why hasn’t anyone thought of these awesome features before? Thank you LG!

  72. Fidel Mujer says:

    A lot of people seem non-plussed bt the G5; some even claim it looks boring and lacks charm of last year’s model. I 100% disagree with this sentiment- the G5 is a vastly superior device to what came before. It has enough new features, attributes and quirks to really stand out of the crowd in 2016 and for me is one of the most interesting releases in recent times?


  73. The modular design is just awesome! It’s the first in the smartphone world, and I find it very interesting. Nice one, LG! I’m looking forward to this phone. The other features are also great, but I think the uniqueness of the modular design is what made me interested with this smartphone! More power, LG.

  74. LG g5 has the best Modular Design — A first in the smartphone world, the LG G5 has a modular design that allows you to swap 3rd party modules to extend the functionality of your phone.
    This is not a common phone you’ll ever had. If i can only afford this kind of phone i would definitely buy this LG g5 phone.
    LG always makes your life good.


  75. Best Feature of LG G5 is the Modular Design,having extra modules that will help to enhance and boost the performance of the phone.

  76. Jonas Manalo Taran says:

    “When all think alike, then no one is thinking.”

    LG G5 modularity spells innovation, TRUE innovation. It is the CHANGE we are looking for. It is the FUTURE, the future of infinite possibilities.

    LG G5 is the TRUE CHANGE for the FUTURE.


  77. Louie Reyes says:

    My favorite feature of the G5 is the Modularity, allows for multiple devices depending on the current needs.- LG G5 Review

  78. LG G5’s Modular Design is really interesting because it can potentially offer endless functionalities to the device. Both the Cam Plus and Hi-Fi Plus modules are already nice additions to begin with, what more with the other modules and the ones still being developed. The possibilities are both intriguing and amazing at the same time! LG G5’s Modular Design can allow it to transform into an all-in-one super smartphone!




  79. The feature I liked the most from the new LG G5 is its impressive display. a 5.3in Quad HD IPS display equating to 554 Pixels Per Inch is pure eye candy to my eyes like most LG TVs I see displayed in malls. I hope I win so I can UP my anime watching sessions while commuting! More power to ?Yugatech and LG!



  80. Jefrey L. Apuli says:

    I’ve been an LG fan since then. I see the brand as the most innovative phone maker in the world. From introducing dual-lens cameras to pioneering curved displays to smartphones, LG always elevates smartphone technology to higher level. Lg is not running out of ideas to make our smartphone experience a lot more superior. Their 2016 flagship, the G5 has set a new benchmark by introducing the world’s first modular smartphone technology. What can I say? I just can’t wait to own one.



  81. What I like about the LG G5 is its modular design. LG made it possible to customize our phones with advanced accessories. #ChangeIsComing #YugaTechLGG5



  82. Eziekil Besarino says:

    Eziekil Besarino. Youtube channel, subscribed. #YugaTechLGG5

  83. Rye says:

    Wide angle lens simply rocks! First in mobile history! Truly and innovation! Everything = LG!


  84. Marcos2777 says:

    google + :
    facebook : (dont know how to share the link but its in my time line)

  85. Mark Nambatac says:

    Simple Answer: It’s Modularity


  86. Actually most of LG G5 features are the best but there’s one feature that I can’t find to others. That is the Modular design, I think the modular design is the first in the world for smartphone, LG G5 you are the true smart ?#?YugaTechLGG5?

  87. Powerful Hardware. Di pa ko nakaka experience ng phone na naka Qualcomm eh. Puro Mediatek. :)

    • I like the modular the modular design of this phone.. I wan to experience it because it is the first smartphone which extend the functionality of the phone and I want to experience it by myself..cant wait to explore it….and please make it as ur bday presents to me dis coming my bday..thank you and more power..

  88. RJ Magno says:

    LG G5’s Wide Angle Camera! :)
    Here’s my comment:

  89. Orestes Carsiosa Na-orbe says:

    The Best Feature that i like in LG G5 is the Modular Design. ?#?YugaTechLGG5?


    The best feature that I liked in LG G5 is the Wide Camera Angle cause I love photography and it extends the visual frame for the photo meaning no more compressed position just to fit in the photo.