Photo Contest: Can you live without the Sun?

Photo Contest: Can you live without the Sun?

Our give-away sponsor for this week is Sun Cellular and they would like to promote their Sun BlackBerry Plan 999 which comes with a free BlackBerry handset, unlimited BlackBerry Service, unlimited internet and unlimited calls and texts within the Sun network for only Php999/month.

We’ll be giving away a BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 with Sun Prepaid SIM and free 7 days worth of BlackBerry Pay Per Use credit for the grand prize winner and 5 consolation prizes of five (5) Sun Cellular Prepaid Cards worth Php500 each.

Here’s how to join:

1) In a photo, show us why the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999 is for you?

Send us a crazy photo, a comic strip, a funny moment, a desperate act, a daring stunt, or anything that will make us laugh, smile, admire or be shock at your picture. Surprise us. Just make sure you get the message across.

Upload your entries to Flickr, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, your blog or anywhere as long as we can see it.

To be sure it’s an original entry, add the line — Can you live without the Sun? Try the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999 — either in the comment or the picture itself.


Don’t forget — leave a comment here with a live link to your entry so we can see it immediately.


Winner gets BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 (with Sun Prepaid SIM and free 7 days worth of BlackBerry Pay Per Use credit)

Two (2) runners-up win a Php500 Prepaid Load Card from Sun.

Three (3) winners for people sharing this contest to their friends on Twitter, Plurk, FB, Tumblr or Google+. Each will get another Php500 Prepaid Load Card from Sun. Just copy and paste this line below.

Can you live w/out the Sun? How about a Sun BB Plan 999? See if you can & win a BlackBerry Pearl from Sun:

Contest starts today, August 29 and end on September 11, 2011. We will announce the winners as early as September 12 (depends on how many hundreds of entries we get).

Don’t forget to add us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for more tech updates and contests. This is actually the 4th one we’re running; go see the other 3 here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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205 Responses

  1. acegirl says:

    another great contest Abe!! thanks Yuga-Sun!

    my entry:!/acegirl23/status/107961940705419265

    goodluck everyone!

  2. good luck sa mga sasali.

  3. denisexy says:

    My entry:

    Without Sun, you’ll feel like you’re dead…

  4. Miguel B. Mendenilla says:

    I don’t have Sun yet, but how I wish could have one this time! I cannot live without Sun really !

  5. chris says:

    my picture entry. :)
    Can you live without the Sun? Try the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999!

  6. garz says:

    Holy smoke!! Anong plan yang unlimited internet, calls and text na yan? Pwede rin ba yan sa mga non-BB’s??

  7. Sha says:

    here’s the link to my (rather embarrassing) entry:


  8. bench says:

    Don,t believe for what they have offer unlimited browsing or surfing. I have been charge browsing for the whole month amounting 2,300.00. and follow amounting 2,000.00. They explain that unlimited is using BIS service but not include browsing.

  9. Jerry says:

    here are my links to the shares :)!/jerry_culala/status/108151234095095808

    will still have to conceptualize my entry on can you live without the sun…:)

  10. nueljose says:

    my entry for the ‘shares’:



    Will upload a photo for the Pearl soon :)

  11. Miguel Mendenilla says:

    I travel a lot almost all over the Philippine archipelago, I’m great user of globe and smart, but my clients recently used sun to contact me. I can’t contact them in return so I lost them in the air and at the same time lost profit! I got crazy heven’t contact them anymore! I really can’t have them if I dont have sun with me. I really cant live now without SUN !!!!

  12. my 3rd and 4th entries:
    please take time to view my entries. i really want to win, like everybody does! :D

  13. Pao says:

    Can you live w/out the Sun? How about a Sun BB Plan 999?

  14. Hi! Here’s my entry! Hoping this wins! Dying to have a BlackBerry.
    LINK to my ENTRY is:

  15. Orlando Ruiz says:

    Can you live without my son? :)

  16. Pao says:

    Can you live without the Sun? Try the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999


  17. I can’t live without the SUN!
    Here’s my entry. Please check it out:

    and the first one:

  18. AkoSiMB says:

    My photo entry :)

    Can you live without the Sun? Try the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999

  19. sun is the only way me and mommy can contact each other. we only see each other on sunday

  20. Sha says:

    Hi Sir Abe, 2 of my entries was caught by the site’s anti-spam guard. Pls rescue them :(

  21. kade black says:

    hey!!! this is interesting x)

  22. John Edgar Tiu says:

    Hi! I have a new entry. Take a look! :)

    I have never won in contests like this! Hoping this will be my first! I hope I win a BlackBerry powered by Sun Cellular! :D

  23. Jerry says:

    resubmitting my entry sir, hope you wont mind…having problems viewing my recent entry…tnx…here it is…

  24. John Edgar Tiu says:

    Here’s my ENTRY:

    I wanna win the BlackBerry Pearl because I love to get the latest updates on twitter! I can’t live without SUN CELLULAR! I love SUN!

  25. Ivy Padilla says:

    I am redoing my entry since you have to be signed in to fb. i used photobucket instead.

  26. John Edgar Tiu says:

    Hi sir, Abe! I have another entry! :)

    Thank you very much! :)

  27. John Edgar Tiu says:

    Hi, sir Abe! I have a new entry! :)



  28. Bon Karis Etabag says:

    Hi! ^_^ here’s my entry.. :D


    Name: Bon Karis Etabag

  29. Arra Morta says:

    Hi,im joining!
    Here’s my winning entry…(Lol)!


    Thank YOu!!!!

  30. John Edgar Tiu says:

    I have a new entry. :)

    I just wanna win a blackberry! it’s my dream to win!:D

  31. John Edgar Tiu says:

    Hi, Sir Abe! This is my craziest entry! :)

    [email protected]

  32. einnor says:

    sa wakas natapos ko din ang my one and only entry ko.haha

    TRUE STORY TO!! :)


  33. Ellis Panes says:

    Can you live without the sun? Certainly not! I would look like this! >o<

    Hope I win! *cross fingers*

  34. nueljose says:

    Entry Number 1:
    Click Here

    Entry Number 2:
    Click Here

    Thanks sir Abe! :)

  35. John Edgar Tiu says:

    Locked up entry. :)

    I just can’t wait. I can’t live without Sun!

  36. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Here’s my entry’s link:

    Can you live without the Sun? Try the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999

  37. Hi!

    Here is the link to my photo entry!

    alternate link (just in case you cant access my blog):

    Thanks! :)
    Alexis Mendoza

  38. Je Prado says:

    Here’s my 1st entry ever. Dreaming of having a BB!

  39. Hi Abe,

    I’m so sick and tired of these TELCO Zombies so I could use some Help! I need the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999! Could you help me out please?

    Link to my entry:

  40. Baka mag loko ang FB at di maview, so here’s the upload sa Flickr :)

  41. John Edgar Tiu says:

    Dahil UNLIMITED ang SERVICES ng SUN BlackBerry Plan 999, nagiging unlimited din katawan ko! Nag-mumultiply ako! Heeeyah!:)

  42. John Edgar Tiu says:

    determined to get the BB Pearl.
    The Power of the Sun + BlackBerry Handset = the Unbeatable SUN-powered Mobile Phone! :) I can’t live without the SUN!

    – John Edgar S. Tiu
    [email protected]

  43. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    My second and last entry.

    Can you live without the Sun? Try the Sun BlackBerry Plan 999


    “Dont tell my Mom I did all this crazy things in Sagada, all I said is just I will do sightseeing and eating. Shacks! Ok maybe she will not scold me when I gave her the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 with Sun Prepaid SIM and free 7 days worth of BlackBerry Pay Per Use credit”

  45. Romar says:

    been waiting for the whole day. hehe.

  46. yuga says:

    Thanks everyone who joined! Sent all your entries to Sun Cellular and they will pick the winning entry. Announcement to be made before end of the week. Thanks!

    • dana and jana says:

      i’m just wondering, were you able to view all entries? it seems facebook is not working properly, when i try to view photos when not logged in i don’t see the photos. or maybe it’s just me.

    • Gilbert says:

      they’re the one who would choose pala. hehe.
      it is due to facebook’s new privacy settings. Users under 18 won’t be able to share contents on public, hence have the limit to share posts with “friends of friends.”

    • Sha says:

      fck, SUN pala ang pipili! :))

      @gilbert: i don’t think that was the reason kung bakit di ma-view yung ibang entries. nakita ko yung mga iba messed up talaga yung links, Facebook is programmed that way i guess.

      @dana: you should’ve uploaded the photo to another site, like tumblr, g+, etc etc

    • Gilbert says:

      @sha that’s an effect also of the upgrade.they might have changed the way how links are shared. Nagkataon na nagupgrade sila in the middle of the contest. kaya links are messed up. users didn’t notice it that they forgot to publicize their photo, or might not used the public link provided by facebook.

  47. JE Prado says:

    Hay, Sun Cellular pala pipili. Good luck sa ating lahat.

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