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Seoul City in 3D

We visited the Seoul Museum of History and one of the exhibits there was this miniaturization of the entire city of Seoul, down to the tiniest buildings and apartments.

The city is huge, like 10 million people and the local government is very aggressive in doing hi-tech projects like this one. The took satellite photos of Seoul to make this as accurate as possible.


Here’s a short video I uploaded on YouTube:

They spent about $1.2 Million to construct this 3D exhibit, hiring about 200 people over 2 years to re-create the city in scale. They used LED lights inside the small structures and placed a huge laser beacon on the ceiling to high-light certain sections of the cityscape.

More photos in the gallery here.

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14 Responses

  1. Francis says:

    Awesome! Seoul is a must see place indeed. Korean products are like that of the japanese standards or better?

  2. MIKE says:

    Come on guys we are left behind. Let’s do something now. It’s like 2015 in South Korea. LOL

  3. Edgar says:

    Behind, you say. Agree. We have become a nation of consumers, lapping most everything these “industrialized” countries churn out. We can’t even manufacture a decent television set. If ever, people won’t buy it just because its “local”.

  4. to think that we were more progressive than south korea back in the 1950s :D Oh well. sana marealize at umaksyon ang Phil. govt to improve in all aspects.
    Pero ang cool ng scale model sir yuga ha :D and for $1.2 million for a 3D scale?? whoa :D

  5. nanayMo says:

    @carloblogg: We are still hoping. But does anybody from our current crop of presidentiables hinted for industrialization? I think I missed it. All I’ve heard so far is that they are poor and out to fight graft, tooth and nail if need be. What remarkable people!

    Sarcasm, intended.

  6. me 3d kba dyan nang hot korean chix? haha lolz

  7. Anonymous says:


    HD TV broadcasting in Korea started dated back 2003 or much earlier. They really advance on technology.

  8. Anonymous says:


    HD TV broadcasting had started in S. Korea dated back 2003 or earlier. They are really advance on technology.

  9. You Won says:


    HD TV broadcasting had started in S. Korea dated back 2003 or earlier. They are really advance on technology.

  10. val says:

    Kailan kaya tayo makakahabol sa South Korea? IMHO they are the most progressive country in Asia, just behind powerhouse China.

  11. naruto04 says:

    well kaya naman natin, kulang lang siguro tayo sa pag titiyaga..well korea naman nun hindi ganun ka unlad. bakit tayo laki ng potential natin nasasayang lang :(

  12. mark says:

    seeing this kind progress of other nations makes me sad for some reason :( kelan kya natin maeexperince ang ganitong advancement

  13. What a waste of good money, i’m glad we don’t do such silly things in the PI.

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