LG issues Official Statement & Special Offer

LG issues Official Statement & Special Offer

We sent word to both LG Electronics and Nokia Philippines earlier today if they want to issue an official statement regarding the incident last Saturday during the sale. LG was very quick to reply and sent us this statement.

In quotes below is the exact release they gave me.

LG Electronics Philippines wishes to thank the overwhelming number of customers who responded to our special ONE HOUR SALE for the LG OPTIMUS One Android 2.2 smart phone at LG Concept Stores at SM North EDSA Annex, SM MegaMall, SM Cebu City, and Gaisano Davao last Saturday.

Given that the announced sale was limited only to one hour (by DTI permit # 5911 series of 2010) and that only a limited number of customers were served, we regret the inconvenience this may have caused those who traveled long distances and lined up for hours (despite clarificatory announcements made by LG personnel) for the opportunity to purchase an Android 2.2-powered LG OPTIMUS One at half rate.


We will be contacting all customers who came to the LG OPTIMUS One Sale and left their contact details with the LG Team last Saturday with a special offer starting today, November 15, 2010.

Thank you for your continued support.

LG’s Optimus One sale last Saturday was mobbed by thousands in malls. The 1-hour sale resulted into a lot of disappointed customers wanting to get their own Android handsets at half the price.

P.S. I’m still waiting for Nokia Philippines if they will also issue their own official statement. Will post them if and when they do.

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254 Responses

  1. ZzZzZ says:

    How about the customers who didn’t left their contact details?

  2. Renz says:

    Two words only describe those promos.
    “Marketing Strategies”

    but, I believe they still haven’t reach their target sale of 12 million :)

    You may check it on youtube regarding their launch for LG Optimus P500

  3. Ian Villar says:

    how about those who were lined up too far away and were not able to leave a name and contact numnber?

  4. mrkwuzhir says:

    naku nmn, kwawa nmn mga pumunta… dapat fair lang yung i-ooffer na yan.

  5. Renz says:

    haha! Two words can describe this.

    “Marketing Strategies”

    But, I believe they haven’t reach yet their target sales of 12 million :)

  6. Jamoy says:

    didn’t get a chance to give my details to the customer reps either. I was at least 5 steps away from the LG store entrance. frustrations. sigh.

    i hope next time, they’d actually enforce stricter lines. like at megamall. #northedsafail

  7. phiLLip says:

    awww.. I left immediately after I saw the huge crowd, didn’t bother to sign up because I thought it was pointless..

  8. Renz says:

    hahaha! This is “Marketing Strategies”

  9. question says:

    filipinos should learn to use their money wisely.

    just buy a cellphone worth 1-2k then buy a digicam.

  10. Manny says:

    Just boycott this

  11. lg says:

    the people who were able to put their names on the list are merely 10% or less of the total nos of people in line. how about the other 90% ???

    they even stopped letting people sign on that list because there are those who are not in line and are putting their names on it

  12. lg says:

    Jiro Yan, stop promoting your blog by riding with the issue. mas pulubi ka, kahit traffic nililimos mo sa blog na to

  13. Mon Makuto says:


    at least he’s got the guts to shed his identity. you, on the other hand, are an idiot to behold.

  14. Jeff Jularbal says:

    @Jiro Yan

    Pasensya ka na samin kasi di kami pinanganak na mayaman katulad mo.

    Kasi yung Pambili namin Pinaghirapan naming Ipunin/Pagtrabahuhan kaya bawat Piso samin ay mahalaga di tulad mong pinang ii Starbucks mo lang ang pera mo na pangkain na ng isang buond pamilya sa isang araw……

    @Sir Yuga/Abe
    Tama po si sir Ian Villar.
    Pano po yung mga nagpunta na hindi nakapag bigay ng Contact Details sa LG?

    Haaayzz.Gusto ko talaga ng bagong phone….

  15. Ram says:

    this is fishy… LG never admitted that most of the rage was because of their fault. :(

  16. Mon Makuto says:

    @Jeff Jularbal

    Pretenses, pretenses. when will you FLIP ever learn?

  17. jun says:

    boycott boycott.. eh hayaan mo na sila.. pag merong sales lang naman me bibili sa kanila eh.. tapos.. low resale value ang cellphone nila.. pweeee..

    wala man lang sorry.. naku.. putang ina nila

  18. Mamamayang Pilipino says:

    @Jiro Yan and Mon Makoto

    Suntukan nalang tayo para mag ka alaman na!!!! Para sino kayong mayaman….kahit gano pa kayo ka yaman hindi mo yan madadala sa langit pre…mga bakla!!!

  19. LG-LowGrade! says:

    WOW, They never apologize to us… This is ridiculous…


  20. npkunfair talaga! . . just imagine papano nlng ung mga nndun sa unahan na nde pa rin nkkuha nung unit and at the same eh nde pa cla nksulat dun sa list compare dun sa mga tao na pdaan2 lng n nkasulat so ibg sbhin msmkkuha pa ng special offer ung mga nde pumila kesa dun sa mga pumila na nde nksulat! . . (i hope n-gets nio ung cnabi ko) . . . well all I can say sa LG right now . . . They’re up to no good! . . DAMN!

  21. npkunfair talaga! . . just imagine papano nlng ung mga nndun sa unahan na nde pa rin nkkuha nung unit and at the same time eh nde pa cla nksulat dun sa list compare dun sa mga tao na pdaan2 lng n nkasulat so ibg sbhin msmkkuha pa ng special offer ung mga nde pumila kesa dun sa mga pumila na nde nksulat! . . (i hope n-gets nio ung cnabi ko) . . . well all I can say sa LG right now . . . They’re up to no good! . . DAM

  22. Mamamayang Pilipino2 says:

    @Mamamayang Pilipino

    that attitude wont bring you to heaven too

  23. islacom philippines says:

    Nokia has given their official sales. 80 plus units were sold within two hours
    5 lines with 5 cashier faster transaction.
    The clear winner

  24. Here’s my theory. LG originally wanted to sell a ton of units but didn’t want to cut their prices. So they put up a sale for 50% off and make people “want” their phone. Then purposely make the sale fail, and then contact the rest of the people in line with the offer they originally planned for. Which is, say, 30% off. This way, all of the potential buyers of the 50% off tag would tentatively settle for 30% off and think they actually got a bargain by lining up and writing their names.

    Am I getting warm?

    That said, nobody in their right mind would put their name in some stupid paper. Hello? People pass that paper around. All your private information in that little paper. Second, its obviously just so LG can spam you more “promos”.

    Third, only a minute fraction filled up that paper because nobody gave a damn. I didn’t, and also, they never made us write on the paper because we were part of the line that they deemed to still “have a chance at getting the phone”.

    To do this promo right, you need to offer this new promo to everybody. But, if in fact, they actually indeed plan on selling it on the promo price, then they’ll obviously open it to everybody instead of just the people in the list.

    So there you go, if LG goes out and puts this phone on sale again for the rest of us, it merely means its what they planned to do all along: putting it up on a price, then inviting everybody to a 50% off sale, failing, then offering everybody a consolation sale.

    By failing at the original sale and offering a consolation sale, you convince the customer that you’re actually trying to win them back. But in fact, that’s what you planned all along.

  25. alam nman nilang ddagsain ng tao yang big promo nila . . tapos ang ibbgay nilang time limit ehh 1hour lng! . . . ttsssss . . . it doesn’t make sense at all! . . lalo lng tloy nagalit sknla ang madlang pipol! . .

  26. roma says:

    Sa Davao di sila kumuha ng mga contact details ng mga pumila last saturday… :(

  27. lgisgoingdown says:

    Given that the announced sale was limited only to one hour (by DTI permit # 5911 series of 2010) and that only a limited number of customers were served, we regret the inconvenience this may have caused those who traveled long distances and lined up for hours (despite clarificatory announcements made by LG personnel) for the opportunity to purchase an Android 2.2-powered LG OPTIMUS One at half rate.

    what the fuck that this mean? as early as 10:30 people were asking how they would handle the promo so that if there’s no chance they could get one, they’ll leave na lang. you have the details kasi you have to submit it when you applied for the permit. i was there. i know what they did. clarificatory my ass! damn you lg! damn you for knowing what truly happened and still having the guts to twist it your way. damn you for not owning up to what you did! and damn your personnel who did that to those people and didn’t have the guts to own up to it when crunch time came. ask fatima what she said to the people why they kept waiting in line. tell us that she did that on her own.

  28. lgisgoingdown says:

    you know why they are so fast in issuing a statement? because they were preparingbit since saturday. nokia didn’t bungle things up as much as they did. they have more to answer for.

  29. jj says:

    The LG team never dispersed the crowd. They kept our hopes up by saying DTI might extend the promo! There was never a clarifactory announcement ever!

  30. dongv says:

    ano naman this time?
    another line up?
    parang awa mo na LG, give all who sign up & all who are there the 50% discount they deserve.

    include a sorry note when they purchase their units at half price, may be we can forgive you, just may be lang,

    what now is the follow up gimmick LG trying to trick us this time.

  31. E says:

    yes marketing strategy and also hugas kamay plus palubag loob sa mga pumila ng mahaba to reduce your anger guys…

  32. lgisgoingdown says:

    congratulations lg! you just bungled things up more. why don’t you let the bigwigs from your global offices handle this instead. clearly none of you are able to handle anything properly.

  33. phiLLip says:

    hala, ano ba nangyari? wala bang nakabili ng discounted phone?

  34. lgisgoingdown says:

    unsolicited advise lang sa mga taga lg. before you do any promo please do your research first. andun lang sa website ng dti lahat ng kailangan nyo. matuto kayo magbasa at umintindi. hindi yung puro panggogoyo lang asa utak nyo.

  35. melynn says:

    In order to make this promo successful,
    LG and Nokia should have just given promo stubs on that day for everyone who wants to get the unit at half the price and then have them claim it some other day (limited time frame) at any LG or Nokia store.
    Simple. It would have saved us all time and energy.

  36. daseqw2e says:

    sana hindi yung mga taong kinausap lang ng LG team sa office ng SM

  37. Chino says:

    now this is something you don’t see everyday…. reklamo na nung hindi nakakuha ng fone… ngayon naman naglabas na ng statement and mag-ooffer ng ibang promo ang LG, reklamo parin…

    no offense guys, i was also there and i think we should all act as mature people on this situation. We can’t have the best of both worlds.

    If you want to boycott lg by not buying their products, ok lang…

    ako basta i won’t buy any new product from them… second hand nalang na mura pwede pa. hehehe at least hindi sila ang nakinabang ng pera ko

    kung ok naman yung gagawin nilang offer eh you have the option of availing it or not. if yu like it, take it. If not, then pass the offer and another phone

  38. such egotist says:

    never heard of that “clarificatory announcement” from anyone in their staff. as in never in my 5hrs of lining up. this statement instead of appeasing the people who went there will just arouse more their anger towards this company. this is not the kind of statement people expect from them. if they could have been humble enough to say “SORRY” to us. so disappointing…

  39. dongv says:

    try to blame DTI won’t allow to extend the promo, try to make it look like DTI is the one who plan the promo?
    HEY, you LG are the one who draft the plan that you just want it only an hour so you wont need to sell much phones at half price, see how you want to demo it just to delay the time people can avail it,
    stop fooling around, what is now this time? 1% 2% 3%? just give the 50% discount to all on the list to show you are really sorry.

  40. nger nger says:

    (despite clarificatory announcements made by LG personnel)

    what? na maraming makabibili ng phone kaya wag kayong umalis sa “pila” ninyo?

    most of the people know that it would be a one-hour sale. kaya nga mala amazing race na to dash to the store eh. what we don’t know is that babagalan nila ang pag-sell ng phone at di nila aayusin ang pila.

    crazy deal + kawalan ng disiplina ng pilipino sa pila (in general) = disaster. pero sana man lang ginawa ng LG ang lahat ng makakaya nila. pag nag sale naman ang SM dept store sinisugurado naman nila na di tayo malulungkot diba? sana parang ganun ginawa ninyo. (like magdagdag ng cashier, for instance) otherwise, parang ang pangit ng goal ng publicity, to make the phone be “wanted”. may pa “expirience froyo” pa kayong nalalaman.

    ang ideya ko nga parang mala black friday eh. tipong kaliwaan. pwede naman silang bumalik kung may sira eh, 7 days replacement, meron pang waranty. so dapat naging unboxing + payment, no demo na

    pinakalat na papel? ni hindi umabot sa dulo yan.

    hindi kayo malulugi masyado sa 50% sale. eh yung gastos ninyo sa ads (full page ad, radio plugs), diba mas malaki ng dihamak yun sa 50% loss ninyo on the units?

    market research. filipinos love sales, some dont behave their best in queues.

  41. ihateLG says:

    despite clarificatory announcements made by LG personnel?

    obviously the person who wrote this wasn’t there and didn’t hear their own people asking thousands of people in queue to stay and wait for the 2pm sale.

    come to think of it. they didn’t ask the people to leave because they thought that people might still be interested in their 50% promo of non-optimus LG phones.

    mention LG and i’m going to puke right away.
    disgusting company.

  42. lg says:

    @mon, tapang ah!

  43. YuYu says:

    @Jiro Yan:
    lakas ng loob mong manglait ng mga wala mashadong pera. eh ang site mo naman bentahan ng mga pirated na software. kapal ng mukha mo!

    OnT: i was never an LG fan, but a froyo at that price point is very catchy.

  44. mokong says:

    weh? nakasulat ako dun sa papel nilang pinafill-up… d pa nmn kumuntak un LG…BOOOOO…..

  45. Paolo says:

    In the first place why would you line up for a sale thats gonna last for 1 hour. I dont see the point. Reading about the sale the first thing that came to my mind is “useless”. This is just a marketing gimmick and people are gullible enough to wait in line for a 1 hour sale. Keyword 1 hour.

  46. awikaw says:

    SCAM ung sa LG…
    wala silang planong magsell ng 50% off…
    SCAM lang un para marami ang pupunta at masell nila ng mas mahal at hindi 50% off…

  47. Jun de Sagun says:

    Hoy LG lokohin mo ang lelong mo… Pati pinoy na mammimili niloloko nyo, ka-sabwat nyo pa ang DTI na natutulog sa pansitan. Malamang malaki ang lagay ni LG sa DTI kaya pinayagan ang panloloko sa mga customers na pinoy. Hay ang mga banyagang hinayupak na taga LG manloloko na naman tatawagan daw kuno ang mga nag-iwan ng nubers nila. Hahahaha bakit ngayon lang? Hoy! dapat during the promo nag announce na kayo ng ganyan! daming pumila na niloko nyo lang mga hinayupak kayo…. buti na lang nagkasundo kami ng mga ka-brod ko na i-boykot ang LG celfons…. hahaha tingnan natin

  48. YuYu says:

    what if this is LG’s plan all along, that they are actually retailing these phones at 7.5/8k?
    then they create this gimmick and sell a few @ 6.5k?

    this would create the needed hype/advertisment and when they finally pseudo-give in to the masses, they will sell these babies @ the actual price of 7.5k.

    LG wins, Consumers thought they won too.


  49. lolipown says:

    Paolo nailed the circumstances of the event.

    If you don’t like LG’s practices vote with your wallet and STFU.

  50. phiLLip says:

    @awikaw & Jun de Sagun: ano ba nangyari? wala bang nakabili ng 50% off na phone kahit yung nasa unahan?


  51. lolipown says:

    Merong nakabili (around a hundred units in the metro?), marami lang butthurt.

  52. Bonifacio D. Aquino says:

    @phiLLip ….. ang mga nakabili kasabwat ng hinayupak na LG na yan …. meron pa mga empleyado sa loob ng malls …. kaya nakapila at may ticket agad ….manloloko ang LG na yan …Tayo na mga kabayan pabagsakin si LG ….nagpo-pollute pala ang kompanyang yan sa rapu-rapu island …. sinisira ng natural na yaman at kalikasan ng Pilipinas….hindi na kami sampu ng mga kamag-anak at kaibigan ko…. pati mga tauhan ko sa companya….di na kami palolo ko sa LG ….. Hoy LG lumayas kana sa Pinas…. Manloloko …..http://saverapurapu.blogspot.com/2010/01/boycott-lg-products.html

  53. mr.bogus says:

    hahahaha may isang apple fanboi nanaman sa bandang itaas then isang website owner.. nag blog kayo for marketing strategy of your own websites huh….??? di eepek yan!!!…

    yung mga gugong pinansin naman hahahaha….

    the damage has been done LG…!!!! instead na mag apologize talagang tigas ng mukha na lang sa non-sense statement nila…

    well take the consequences of what your done…!!!
    have a sad xmas LG!

  54. BOYCOTT LG!!!

  55. Bonifacio D. Aquino says:



  56. nitecrawler says:

    Do you really want to know who to blame on this LG promo fiasco? Lets Create a Scenario then.

    1. LG wants to promote a phone.
    2. LG ask their AD agency to submit a proposal.
    3. AD Agency presented a proposal with a price.
    4. LG approve the proposal with their inputs.
    5. AD Agency implemented their proposal to the fullest knowing fully well the limitation of the Promotion. Why? because that is what they are paid for.
    6. LG assumes that their inputs was considered in implementing the promotion.
    7. AD Agency promoted the Scheme from B – C sector of the market knowing fully well that the promo has limitation and was not included in the study of the program. Still they continue to promote the program from B to C because that is what they promise in their proposal. Ad agency underestimated the buying power of their target market.
    8. LG was dumbfounded to see throngs of eager buyers knowing that they only intended to sell limited number of units.
    9. AD Agency was happy to see that their promotion really works and lately realized that the number of eager buyers is far more than what the LG intended to sell.
    10. LG and Ad agency tried to cover up their shortcomings.

    In conclusion, the AD Agency was fired and the LG Head was recalled back to Korea to sweep floors. The New LG Country Manager arrive and issued an apology but is unwilling to rectify the wrong done by his/her predecessor. LG continue to receive bad press and never recovered its market.

    That my dear readers is only a scenario concocted due to drinking too much coffee.

    Disclaimer: LG was mentioned openly because this is LG Promo Fiasco. the Ad Agency will remain nameless because i dont know them. LOL

  57. Bonifacio D. Aquino says:

    hahaha LG— Life is not Good ….Save rapu-rapu island …. LG- manloloko …. LG- laking Gago, LG-Lintik ang Gulang

  58. Jericho Lhuillier says:

    To the following commenter above:
    lg, Jeff, Jularbal, Mamamayang Pilipino, YuYu and to the rest of the commenter.
    I would like to clarify na hindi po ako ang nag comment ng mga yan. Someone just using my nickname and it happen he/she manage to get and use my gravatar email address. I already sent an email to Abraham Olandres to address this issue. The real me is Jericho Lhuillier a.k.a Jiro Yan. I NO longer using my nickname to post a comment here since that person using my nickname and posted rude comments in this blog. You can find me on Facebook if you want to know the real me. Or you can send me an email at [email protected]


  59. Bonifacio D. Aquino says:

    @nitecrawler ….. wag ka nang mag alibi…. ang totoo manloloko, mang-gugulang, sinungaling ang lintik at hinayupak na LG na yan….. Save the Philippines, save Rapu-rapu …..stop buying LG product….http://saverapurapu.blogspot.com/2010/01/boycott-lg-products.html….

  60. emilio b. pastrano says:

    I am better off with my trusty Ninoy & Cory phone. With LG — Life is not So Good …. join me and the rest of our county men. Let us stop buying LG products. Do not patronize false and mis-leading LG marketing strategies. Lg is fooling our fellow country men while polluting Rapu-rapu …. remember with LG – Life is not Good !

  61. phiLLip says:

    ahh ok. kasi kung maka-comment yung iba parang they’re saying that the promotion was a scam, na wala namang binentang discounted phone..

  62. Anne says:

    I was at the ground floor. In line. Together with a lot of people. We were never informed na-cut na ung line. Instead the organizer himself, the one wearing white inside the LG booth, who seems managing things, even went down and took pictures of how many people fell in line. It’s silly how they say they informed na nacut na ung line, if we were informed, people won’t wait for 5 hours.

  63. weh dinga? says:

    ulul ka Jiro Yan! pagkatapos mo sabihan mga taong pumunta sa LG na mga cheap at sabik, sa P4,000 pala na discount sa Bravia, NAPAPATALON KA NA SA TUWA.

    Akala mo kung sinong nagpapaka high-class. boo you!

  64. Anne says:

    …and funny thing that paper…I visited my friend who was maybe about the 60th person in line from the LG both. The LG personnel was letting people sign who were not even in the line. These people were wives and friends of LG staff and SM Management. LG really sucks!

  65. Jeff Jularbal says:

    @Mon “Bobito” Makuto

    Hoy Bugok di ako katulad mo.
    Pretenses pretenses ka pa jan baka ikaw ang plastik.

    Buti na lang nagpakalbo ka para Mawala yung mga “KUTO” sa ulo mo na sumisipsip ng dugo mo para medyo tumalino ka naman ng konti =)).

  66. Jeff Jularbal says:


    Sorry if di nga ikaw yun…



  67. Arvee says:

    @Mon Makuto isn’t the real Mon, at least that’s what I think.

    He’s using the gravatar of Sir Mon Macutay, a LevelUp Games GM. I had the chance to see him in a Ragnarok event. I think he’s nice, not like the troll using his gravatar right now.

  68. mcast says:

    so much talk and fight over a silly phone. look at yourselves guys! get it over with! life is unfair, suck it up!

    no i’m not flaming. just hoping that you guys finally wake up from this. time to move on, live life.

  69. LG failed again with this new press release on two counts:

    1) The LG personnel never clarified anything. Indeed, they even issued conflicting statements such as there were enough units vs limited sale, sale extension vs no extension, etc.
    2) The Twitter and Facebook pages were equally sidestepping any direct answers to queries thrown their way.

    The new gimmick will again sow false hope and disappoint a lot of people. I want to try Android but it’s highly unlikely I will buy or recommend LG any more, especially their mobile phones.

    PS e-phone, the cellphone shop, and it’s parent are the official distributors for LG phones and should own up to this mess as well.

  70. awikaw says:

    mga less than 20 lang nkabili sa cebu…
    fake un advertisement nila… ang bagal pa ng service kaya in 1 hour less than 20 lang nkabili..
    loko nila
    BOYCOTT NA LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. nitecrawler says:

    @Bonifacio D. Aquino

    Ka Boni

    Tantanan mo na kami ng mga spamming mo. ang pananaw mo at pananaw ng mga tao dito ay magkaiba. Datapwat 3 taon na kayong nakikibaka laban sa pagmimina sa Rapu-rapu, sa halip na dumami ang inyong mga kasapi..kayo ay paunti ng paunti. Sa loob ng ilang taon pakikibaka laban sa pagtatayo ng minahan sa rapu-rapu. nangignilan ilan lang ang inyong grupo. Bakit? Yan ang Tanong..

    Ang iyong hinaing ay hindi nababagay sa pinag uusapan dito. yun lang.

    Ipagpatuloy mo ang iyong pakikibaka kasama at aming pakiusap, ito’y gawin mo sa ibang lugar na lamang.

    mabuhay ka..

    Ka Ramay

  72. SuperPinoy says:

    We, Filipinos, are fighters, hopefuls and risk takers. That is why we fell in line to such event.

    What we, who fell in line, were or are pointing @ is the way you/LG managed your consumers/customers in such event.

    You/LG should be on top of this. The consumers/customers sensed the Ad before the consumers/customers fell in line. Your name as LG was on the Ad. Even if it is the lack of just somebody or part of the crew of such event, still you/LG(the Big Name on the Ad) should be blamed or questioned. That is the reality/true rule of the world you are moving in.

    It is just like a family or organization. If a member made mistake/s or sin/s, then the PARENT or the PRESIDENT must be questioned by the affected factors(or persons — well in our case, CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS).

    In brief rationale, we are looking at you/LG, and you are looking at your staffs or members who worked under or for you.


    The event happened was an obvious way of telling that you/LG are more persuader than them(or the other side). Please, LG, do not make us ignorant or stupid. We, who fell in line, are not that naive. We, who fell in line, were really affected. Without customers/consumers, you can not make sales. Even if you say that we should not be there if we know that it will gonna happen(no chance), still we would come for/because again we are fighters(like Manny Pacquiao—who just recently won the Manny Pacquiao & Margarito boxing fight), risk takers(like Charice Pempengco) and hopefuls.

    Fighter, risk taker and/or hopeful type of people are the people who live and who knows FREEDOM.

    We, who fell in line, were sure buyers. The way you advertise was very obviously deceiving.

    In short, your CUSTOMER’S CONVENIENCY skill was very disappointing and unethical in the world of SALES.

    I personally fell in line. I was just 2 customers away from the cut off(last buyer of such promo–1 hour only). I even prevented my urine to come out just to get the chance. I started to fall in line at 8am until 3pm(when the 1 hour sale event ended), Philippines time. The host was still announcing that there are more items however he never said the possibilities of the pace of the transaction. The host did not even to manage to announce the difficulty of getting the chance so that we will not be wasting our time waiting. There were thousands of people waiting to get their chance out of 20 items only sold however still the host did not even announce to these thousands of people waiting about the possibilities of not getting the chance. LG, we have believed in you but because of what happened, thousands of people’s LIFE is no GOOD in that time due to broken hopes you were rendering. The host was only announcing that they are the only one who has that kind of event(1 hour sale 50 % off for unlimited–no exact number of such item/s). That is deceiving.

    If you want more people but less items, why not do it in Entertainment instead?

    Now LG, please confirm/answer this(simple yes or no question):

    Were you up to the customer or to the sale?

    If customer, then something good(or I shouldn’t be doing this) must have happened.

    Else, if sale, then you are not a good example.

    In other words, the question is, Sale before Customer or Customer before Sale?

    Please answer all the question LG. I personally beg you. We, who fell in line, were really badly affected.

  73. Num Lock says:

    Bumile na lang kayo ng samsung at htc. Tapos.

  74. lawreas says:

    commonsense din sa mga tao.. do the math kasi! nung nakita na sobrang haba ng pila, na imposibleng aabot sa 1 hour sale window, sana umalis na!

    kahit sabihin nating may stock sila na marami, imposible namang 10 units per minute ang mabenta.. sa liit ba naman ng store at konti ng personnels. hindi namn kasi pdeng isang abot ng bayad, ng unit, alis agad. hahays..

    sana nagobserve kasi! tsk tsk.. LG failed bigtime on this..don’t blame the event solely sa LG..

    I can’t believe some comments are even discussing compensations for time na sana sa family na lang nilaan..

    choice niyo po un nu.. haha

  75. Jonai says:

    Shame on LG….. Ano kami bata? Bibigyan ng candy pagkatapos umiyak? ….. Boycot LG cell phones….

  76. bing says:

    another bull crapping.

  77. Jun says:

    eto nakuha ko sa tipidcp.. siguro ito dahilan.. desperado na mga lekat
    LG CEO Nam Yong is stepping down October 1 due to slumping mobile phone sales.

    South Korea’s LG Electronics is replacing its CEO: according to reports, Nam Yong will be stepping down as LG’s CEO over declining mobile phone sales and difficulties transitioning the company to compete in the global smartphone market. He will be replaced by Koo Bon-joon, a member of LG’s founding family and the younger brother of LG Group board chairman Koo Bon-moo.

    LG said Nam offered the board his resignation as a way of taking responsibility for poor financial performance and management. Nam was appointed LG’s CEO in 2007.

    The move comes during the same week that the world’s largest mobile handset maker, Nokia, opted to replace its CEO with an executive from Microsoft, largely over the company’s failure to compete in the smartphone market.

    LG just announced a high-end Optimus One smartphone based on Google’s Android platform. LG hopes to sell as many as 10 million of Optimus One units globally; however, so far the company has not announced any plans to bring them to North America. To date, LG hasn’t managed to make a smartphone that’s sold more than 1 million units.

    LG is the world’s third-largest maker of mobile handsets, but – like Nokia – has largely failed to capitalize on the consumer popularity of high-margin smartphone devices, where companies like RIM and Apple have moved into market-dominating positions. According to Reuters, LG’s mobile unit used to account for about a third of the LG Group’s sales, but in the second quarter of 2010 that figure had slipped to about one quarter. During that same quarter, the mobile unit racked up a loss of over $100 million.

  78. Karl Mac says:

    Naaah, you are all wrong, do not boycott LG. Clearly, it’s the marketting department that bungled the promo. C’mon LG, we want to see some heads roll. Fire your marketting head!!!

  79. alan_tan says:

    They – LG and Nokia – should have just drawn lots. That way, although not all would be happy at least some of the frustrations would have been offset.

  80. lolipown says:

    a lot of people are new here hence they have no idea that the Makuto persona is a troll impersonating GM Tristan.

    People don’t even bother to check the gravatar hash :/

  81. Happy LG Buyer says:

    Let’s take all these sour grapes and make some sour wine.

    Grow up people. You want your cake and eat it too. A first grader can understand that the sale period is 2pm till 3pm. If you’re in line and you can figure out that even if they sell 1 phone per minute, they can only sell 60 phones. If you are number 100 in line, you’re stupid to stay in line for hours knowing you won’t be served. The further down the line you are the less chance you have or even zero percent chance (go home!)

    Get over it that you were too slow to get in line sooner and that you won’t be able to avail of the promo.

    I carefully planned my strategy to get in line as early as possible and I was rewarded with a phone at half price… you weren’t so move on.
    Stop crying like all the other cry babies who even though they should have realized they wont be able to get one but still insists that it’s not their fault because no one explained to them.

    It doesn’t get any cleared than “1 hour sale”
    Boycott all you want that’s your right, but blaming LG for you feeling you are entitled to a phone just because you got in line is pathetic on your part.
    Nobody held a gun to your head to stay in line for that long. You could have easily left 5 minutes after arriving seeing the huge line if you could comprehend a 1 hour sale period but you didn’t. So be mad at yourself… you gambled and you got burned but only by your own choice.

    p.s. I love my new LG-P500 esp. cause I got it at half price.

  82. BoNDeDeSTiNy says:

    what’s that special offer? zzzz

  83. Whatif says:

    Dami pa rin bitter! Ako nag papasalamat ako kasi may sale! Sana dami pang event na ganito.. Sammy and moto naman..

  84. rain says:

    @Happy LG Buyer

    did you arrive at the mall at 5am (was first), and lined up along with the other organized people?

    because i did. and i have no phone. and i dont believe anyone in my line got one.

    careful my ass.

  85. lgisgoingdown says:

    someone bungled things up big time. someone needs to take responsibility. can we start a signature campaign or something?

  86. Shut up Happy LG Buyer your such a effing hypo first grader knows no shit effing idiot! First grader only knows how to queue for candies and will queue for hours unaware of time!

    Carefuly-plan-your-strategy my ass! You just happen to be the first few people in the line. There’s no planning in a rush attack because that’s basically it! I bet you’re the person to suicide if you happened to be 30th person and didn’t get a phone.

    LG failed in a lot of angles including not disclosing information. If you don’t have info, you’re not willing to give up the line! You’re even more pathetic, Happy LG Buyer, wagging your tail above a den of hungry lions.

  87. mice says:

    @ happy buyer
    youre saying those kc u got one…but for us specially were on the line less than 50 didnt get one. the last minute got worst and the people keep pushing and pushing the people are unstoppable na…hay…

  88. john de asis says:

    Save Rapu-rapu from disaster brought by LG … pulosyon …. pagkamatay ng likas na yaman ng bApinas ang dulot ng pagtangkilik sa lintik na Lg na yan. Manloloko pa sa bogus at di tunay na marketing promo nila. Pati mga mamimili na kababayan natin pinaaasa at pinag hihintay sa wala. Kasabwat pa naman ang DTI. Kasi ganid ang mga taga LG ….. Life is not Good Laking Ganid …. do not patronize LG products eve again ….

  89. john de asis says:

    @nitecrawler ….. try mo pumunta sa rapu-rapu at dalhin mo ang any LG gadget mo. Pag nakita mo ang pagkasira ng kalikasa sa rapu-rapu matitiyak ko ikaw ang ibabaon ng buhay ng kalikasan….LG – Lintik lang ang walang GANTI ….. Kung tumatangkilik ka ng LG sinisira mo na din ang kalikasan sa bansang Pilipinas….kasabwat ka sa mga panloloko ng hinayupak na LG na yan….

  90. Eason says:

    I’m not happy to what happened, LG made the people hope by saying “we have unlimited stocks” adding up “We will accommodate as many as we can in the 1 hour period”

    In this words, people were hopeful even they are in the 100th line. Plus adding up to Sir Yuga’s word before “DO NOT DEMO” thus maybe people behind will still have a chance.

    Special offer to those who gave contacts? What about the people who were all the way in the basement line?

    At least nokia admitted that they have limited stocks not like LG.

    The official statement is just a thank you letter and a very minor apology compared to what really happened. Plus they didn’t say any official statement if there is really a casualty in the fiasco, also to the hundreds that got bruises and even cuts from the wild crowd.

  91. Happy LG Buyer says:

    I arrived 10 min before the mall opened and chose to line up in the entrance (stairs) closest to LG store. I was able to be in the Top 15 in line because of that decision.

    If you are gonna commit suicide because you didn’t buy a cell phone then go ahead you deserve to die.

    Simple clear cut information is “1 hour sale” Unlimited stocks during that 1 hour.
    Cry some more for choosing your own fate that day. I feel sorry for those who didn’t get one but didn’t complain after.

    For those haters out there, you don’t deserve the good fortune of getting this deal.

    The sooner you guys realize life is not fair and that you aren’t entitled to anything in this world… the better off you might be.

    This phone rocks! Stop complaining and buy it at full price or miss out on the android fun.

  92. Sam says:

    i was one who waited for 5 long hours at SM Cebu but i was not lucky. number 35 in the line but only 30 units served. 2 sales girls only super slow. pag bayad pa ng credit card somebody will go to other store around 50 meters away to swipe the [email protected]$#%!&*^!$*. dapat ang DTI won’t allow this kind of promo in the future not only for LG and Nokia but to all.DTI must be also blamed what happened last saturday. SUCKS PROMO!

  93. Concerned says:

    isa lang po masasabi ko sa mga kakagat pa sa mga upcoming promos nila. Bobo …… Sorry but it had to be said

  94. YuYu says:

    @Jericho, ok.

    OnT: I think this was a WIN situation for LG. This blog post already generated 90+ comments overnight. bad publicity is still publicity.

  95. lgisgoingdown says:

    i just saw a print ad from nokia’s sale. here’s a good one for you people who lined up. if you have a picture of the post that says no more stocks for nokia c6 (i think i have one taken at 145pm) then you have yourselves a case. according to the dti website:

    In a price reduction promotions with a period, is the use of the phrase “while supply lasts” allowed?
    No. The sponsor shall be liable throughout the promotion to ensure the supply is sufficient until the end of the promotion period.

    so go ahead and someone file a complaint. who knows where that might lead.

  96. Fernand says:

    @happy LG buyer: easy for you to say those things kasi hindi ka sa dulo ng pila. LG didn’t even bother to inform yung nasa dulo na 30 freakin LG unit lang bebenta. I was in mega that day but didn’t bother to join the long line pero i feel for those who have waited. Boycott LG guys.

  97. mike says:

    they are using the ‘wowowee’ marketing strategy.

    LG already knows beforehand what will be the implications of this. It is like offering a small bone to a thousand hungry dogs.

    Kinawawa lang ang mga pilipino. Sana kung 50 lang pala e di pina raffle na lang di ba?

  98. Marilyn says:

    “ONE DAY. ONE HOUR. 0 CHANCE” Get it? ZERO CHANCE!!! LG OPTIMUS One Special Introductory Sale…Yan dapat nilagay sa harap ng LG concept stores, because that’s what actually happened! eh di wala sanang pila…kung meron man yun lang 10-15 persons na kachukaran nyo, SM employees na sitting pretty don sa tapat ng store na hinde man lang pinagpawisan at naglakad lang papunta don! Walang kwenta! (Take note, pang Top 20-25 kame sa pila infront of that LG store sa SM North few mins after 10AM. Pero madami ang singit sa harap namin, grupo pa sila! http://optimusonesale.blogspot.com/

  99. Marilyn says:

    ONE DAY. ONE HOUR. 0 CHANCE… Get it? ZERO CHANCE!!! LG OPTIMUS One Special Introductory Sale…Yan dapat nilagay sa harap ng LG concept stores, because that’s what actually happened! eh di wala sanang pila. Kung meron man yun lang 10-15 persons na kachukaran nyo, SM employees na sitting pretty don sa tapat ng store na hinde man lang pinagpawisan at naglakad lang papunta don! Walang kwenta! (Take note, pang Top 20-25 kame sa pila infront of that LG store sa SM North few mins after 10AM. Pero madami ang singit sa harap namin, grupo pa sila! Never again!!! http://optimusonesale.blogspot.com/

  100. “I arrived 10 min before the mall open”

    10 mins my ass. Hundreds of people were there hours before the mall open and you’re telling me you beat them to the store? FU! Either you’re one of those effing fags who cuts line OR you’re among the store personnels inside SM. And you call that strategy? Effing loser.

    “If you are gonna commit suicide because…” are you a retard? No one here’s gonna commit suicide! But you will if ever you didn’t get a phone after all so called your “strategy” fail.

    STF up with that “one hour”. One hour, one day, one big failure for LG you effing idiot.

    Don’t worry, we’re not looking for shit from LG again. If you think of it as good fortune, then so be it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    Most of us realize that nothing in this world is fair. I think you’re the one who doesn’t. I’m not part of the people who queue up in LG (cause I have a C6). I’m sympathizing with the people queued up in LG but not getting one. Now tell me if I’m being unfair to you by bashing you and you alone. Idiot.

    Aren’t you the cute little moron? Could you stop being an idiot? If it wasn’t because it’s being powered by Android 2.2 and at 50% off, that thing would just be a meaningless and expensive crap like most of it’s ancestral phone. Aren’t you even aware why LG has such a promo? Because their sales in phone SUCKS and they resorted to such promo to ATTRACT CUSTOMER! What good is the promo if it gets few measly but overly satisfied customer like you but ending up angering the thousands?

  101. FCK LG says:

    @Happy LG Buyer – [email protected]#$k You! FAGGOT! ANG BOBO MO!


    @Happy LG Buyer – GO TO HELL!!!!

    *LG Optimus P500 enduser promotion is a FAILURE!!!

    *”commit suicide”
    – CRAZY!!! that is your idea…why don’t you do it!! IDIOT!!!

    *”p.s. I love my new LG-P500 esp. cause I got it at half price”
    – ENJOY IT!! kahit SRP nyan kaya naman bumili.

    *”If you’re in line and you can figure out that even if they sell 1 phone per minute, they can only sell 60 phones. If you are number 100 in line, you’re stupid to stay in line for hours knowing you won’t be served”
    – ALAM NAMIN LAHAT YAN! point is nanloko ang LG Phils…saka eh di sana sinabihan mo mga ka-opisina mo (kunyari ka pa!! putang ina ka! taga LG KA!!)..everyone on the 100 spot WAS ASKING LG staff to CUT THE LINE prior the 2pm (see yung mga nakapila pa nag sasuggest to CUT THE LINE!!) pero ano sabi nyo!? “marami po makakakuha!!”

    *”A first grader can understand that the sale period is 2pm till 3pm.”
    -yan logic mo pang kindergarten STUPID!! next time use a brilliant one…poor you!

  103. daniel says:

    panu ung tulad ko na hindi inabutan ng FILL-UP na yan? andun pa ako sa dulo ng SM NORTH EDSA ANNEX mga 400m layo ko sa LG panu un? wla naman pinapirma pero pumila ako ng 5 hours? GAGO tlaga.

  104. daniel says:

    I SWEAR HINDI AKO BIBILI ANY LG PRODUCTS… and good thing even 1 item i didnt spend something for LG products and will continue to hate and boycott them for the rest of my lifespan.


  105. Happy LG Buyer says:

    I got my phone so how does that make me an idiot? I guess you should be an idiot like me and you’d have your phone right now. Hehehe

    I can tell you I would have gone home seeing the line was more than 60 at least. Within 60 I’d take my chances… too bad it didn’t even work out for number 31. That goes with the gamble.

    If you can afford SRP, then why the hell are you complaining here?

    I was smart enough to pass the correct entrance unlike you who surely took the long route.DUH! I bullshit you not ten minutes before the mall opened at 10am I was waiting at a stairwell nearest the store and I was still towards the front of that line. Next time use some brain cells and you might get lucky.

    The problem with those who are complaining and offended by my comments here is that in their lives, it’s everyone else’s fault but their own.

    Grow up kids and welcome to the real world. Go buy a lotto ticket and complain when you loose to PCSO.

    Boycott all you want, cry, blog, complain till your fingers bleed. In the end, you’ll lick the LG manager’s dog’s asshole if it meant you can buy this phone at the price I paid. So I hope they give you a call from the list you wrote your name on so you too can enjoy the Optimus LG-P500 like I am right now.

    p.s. Angry Birds is a really fun game! Download it free in the Android Market

  106. SuperPinoy says:

    @Happy LG Buyer or whoever/whatever you are

    Do you believe in God?

    If you don’t, I pity on you. Please refer to the link below for more information.


    If you do, please be sympathetic or empathic enough to understand the situation.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. mercy your soul.


    @HAPPY LG BUYER – if you are intelligent enough, i guess you’ve probably think first what you are gonna say. it is so unfortunate to read your blogs and showing how poor you are not to understand what we are writing.

    what can we say? BOBO ka nga talaga!! tsk! tsk!

  108. fuck LG says:

    Fuck LG, let’s just move on, but remember what LG has done to us and boycott their products, simple as that.


    @HAPPY LG BUYER – just enjoy your unit. WE ARE ALL FINE.

  110. SuperPinoy says:

    @Happy LG Buyer or whoever/whatever you are

    Not everyone thinks same as you.

    There are old people and kids who fell in line. They should Didn’t you know that? Please do not be selfish. What we are only pointing @ is the way they deceive the poor minds of people. Yeah, you might be an educated one but think of this: that will not get you there in heaven. Please be sympathetic or empathic about the situation. There is even a report about a girl died because of the event. Try this link:


    The one who reported has a alias of “qwertylover56”. qwertylover56 even said she was able to buy the LG for a half price but she hated the way LG did the event. “Deceiving!!!”, she said.

    And I even saw a person in a wheelchair.


    So, please be merciful. Mercy your soul.


    Let us not FORGET what LG Phils (mobile/handset division) have done to us. Their enduser promo seems so very attractive then but patronizing it made us all experience HELL.

    We became in some way their victims just to create a HYPE on their Optimun P500.

    To LG Phils. (mobile/handset division), you did not plan well your event. ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES. IT IS A FAILURE.


    Let us not FORGET what LG Phils (mobile/handset division) have done to us. Their enduser promo seems so very attractive then but patronizing it made us all experience HELL.

    We became in some way their victims just to create a HYPE on their Optimus P500.

    To LG Phils. (mobile/handset division), you did not plan well your event. ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES. IT IS A FAILURE


    Let us not FORGET what LG Phils (mobile/handset division) have done to us. Their enduser promo seems so very attractive then but patronizing it made us all experience HELL.

    We became in some way their victims just to create a HYPE on their Optimun P500.

    To LG Phils. (mobile/handset division), you did not plan well your event. ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES. IT IS A FAILURE

  114. daseqw2e says:

    anyone here got a call from them?

  115. lgisgoingdown says:

    i did twice. kinukuha lang un email address. i also got an email.

  116. “I got my phone so how does that make me an idiot?…” if this is your idea of a logical argument then you surely are an idiot.

    “I can tell you I would have gone home…” cut the bullcrap, anyone knows how to say that same phrase AFTER the event.

    “I was smart enough to pass the correct entrance unlike you who surely took the long route…” yeah yeah yeah there’s not a single soul standing in front of the mall entrance at the 4th floor annex parking lot.

    “The problem with those who are complaining…” welcome to reality idiot.

    “Grow up kids and welcome…” I just said, welcome to reality. On the contrary, it’s you who needs growing up.

    “Boycott all you want, cry, blog, complain” you don’t have to tell us that you idiot unless this is the first time you heard of Freedom of Speech

    “p.s. Angry Birds is a really fun…” OMG, sounds like you have reach ecstasy playing that game. That game is so old news. You’re such a lame low life hypocrite if you think you could tease people here.

  117. Franz says:

    Damage done.

    @question – Portability and Multitasking. A CP costing 5K can have a MP3 player, FM/AM player, Calendar to save your appointments, Camera, internet connection all those useful apps.

    While a low end CP which cost 2k and a decent digital camera is worth 4k. That would be 6k.

    So what do you think is better diba? It’s obvious.

  118. che says:

    SAN galing yon una sa pila eh pag bukas ng mall may naka pila na….!

  119. dan says:

    Your not an idiot but a douchebag!

  120. daseqw2e says:

    @lgisgoingdown: anong meron sa email nila?

  121. Arvee says:

    @lolipawn Yep, you’re right. Well, that troll doesn’t deserve a feeding so let’s just let him troll. Trolls will be trolls, anyway.

    –complain when you LOOSE to PCSO? What? Pag maluwag na magreklamo sa PCSO? good job there, kid :)

  122. lgisgoingdown says:

    We have created a team to call all the people in our database we got last Saturday. To have centralized info sources, they will be the one to contact you as regards the offer. They are now calling all the people in the list.

  123. lgisgoingdown says:

    yan po un nklagay sa email. ndi p yan un official. galing lng yan dun sa isang staff nila.

  124. winwin says:

    with regard to the statement above of LG. They called me through my CP number. A very nice representative from LG. she said that the LG vice-pres. will be sending email to my personal email (but for sure it’s a templated message that will be send out to complainants). she verified all my personal contact details and was told that if i have questions about the email, she gave me a number to call and an email address also.

    PS: im one of the people who filed formal complaint to SM admin it was around 7PM when LG reps came in the office and apologized and they promised us that LG will be contacting us so we wrote our emails and contact numbers on a piece of paper.

  125. Herce says:

    Hope they learned a lesson. Promo marketing based on a scam will backfire. I hope LG gets the boycott they deserve!

  126. graduazione says:

    Ano kaya yung special offer ng LG na yan?

  127. boy topax says:

    simula kahapon bkit hanggang ngayon wala pa rin.pangalawa lan ako sa listahan.ilang listahan ba yun?

  128. lgisgoingdown says:

    marami silang tatawagan. 2000 daw un nsa list. within the day daw nila ieemail yung galing sa vp.

  129. BoNDeDeSTiNy says:

    binigay ko num ko sa knila nung saturday bat d parin ako nakakareceive ng call nila?

  130. BoNDeDeSTiNy says:

    anyone got a call from LG here in cebu?

  131. lgisgoingdown says:

    ndi ko maalis sa icp ko ung picture ng 2 matanda na naghihintay sa celfone. nakakaawa. kung anuman yun isesend nila itutuloy ko p rin un formal complaint ko sa dti para kanila saka sa mga tao na kinawawa nila. boycott lg p rin!

  132. daseqw2e says:

    @ winwin: i managed to talk to them too on SM Megamall’s customer relations office and asked us to list our names and contact info but it was around before 6pm

  133. lgisgoingdown says:

    ^^cla winwin po ata yun pinuntahan after sa tin. before 6 un sa tin sila un after.

  134. serenity says:

    tinawagan ako kanina ng taga-LG and may ise-send daw silang email from their VP ..di ko alam kung anong kalokohan meron dun

  135. lgisgoingdown says:

    just received my 3rd call. hay…

  136. daseqw2e says:

    @lgisgoingdown: can i know any of your contact info? usap tayo

  137. Manix says:

    so folks, the question is…

    if LG finalize to counter offer you with a new discount, you will forget about all the rants/complaints and proceed to get a new LG phone?

  138. dongv says:

    ano yan? LIMOS?
    if they are sincere, make it as advertised, all who are in line at 2-3pm will get 50% off.
    don’t accept for anything less than what you deserved to get

  139. lgisgoingdown says:

    @daseq: i have a copy of the list fwded to me nun isa nating kasama. ano po ba un lst name mo then msg kita.

    @manix: no. i wouldn’t get one. i’ll proceed with my complaint and continue the fight. ndi naman po kc ung celfone ung pinaglalaban ko kungdi yung pang aabuso na ginawa nila sa mga tao. hindi porke me maganda silang offer me karapatan na silang mangganun ng kapwa. alam nila kung ano ginawa nilang mali at until i exhaust all options itutuloy ko p rin to.

  140. SuperPinoy says:


    If God can forgive, how much more us. We are only human beings. We, who fell in line, are not closing our doors. Even a single apology from them is enough. They/LG just need to admit their mistakes.

    If they will offer another discount or repeat such event in a not deceiving and good way this time then it means that they are really affirming and apologizing about their mistakes.

    That would be a good news if that will happen.

    They/LG just need to clean the mess they have done.

    They also need to promise that such happening will never happen again.

    Also, they must do something about this:

  141. lgisgoingdown says:

    isa pa naninindigan ako na lahat ng nakapila dun ng 2-3 dapat nakabili ng celfone at promo price. malinaw sa mechanics ng promo nila na to avail you must go to the store between 2-3pm. walang nakalagay dun na dapat nabili n ung done by 3pm. it is implied but not explicitly stated. at ayon sa ating batas kung ano ung nakalagay sa mechanics yun dapat ung sinunod nila. kahit pa sabihin na nagkamali lang sila sa pagprint nun. they owe us a fone and an apology. not the other way around. SILA ANG NAGKAMALI. wala silang karapatan na magmayabang at magbigay ng limos.

  142. mark says:

    Bakit yung mga nakabili walang reklamo? Ganun ba talaga ka worth it yung phone?

  143. SuperPinoy says:

    Once is enough for a wise man.

    If such epic fail due to deceiving advertisement/event from LG will happen again, I will absolutely closing my doors.

  144. dong says:


    Sir, what is the details of their special promo? I’m still not being contacted by any of their staff. I was one of those who signed up in their paper at SM North. TIA

  145. lgisgoingdown says:

    @mark: there are some who weren’t satisfied din with the way the things were handled. i applaud those kasi hindi lang sarili nila ung iniicp nila. nakakainisnung mga taong nakakuha na nakuha pang mgyabang. walang pinagkaiba sa mga corrupt sa gobyerno na nandaya na ipinagyabang pa ung kalokohan nila. ako nasa unahan ng pila but hindi pa rin nakakuha. ok lang hindi naman ako nahirapan. pero naawa lang ako sa mga tao n umaga pa lang nakikiusap na sa mga organizers na idisband ung pila. at nagagalit ako sa magaling na manager ng mrgatrade na si ELIZABETH GARBO na ndi lang pinapila ung kawawa nyang tauhan bukod sa asawa nya, isiningit pa sa unahan ng pila para siguradong makakuha.

  146. daseqw2e says:

    jelly ikaw ba yan?

  147. Mamamayan Pilipino says:

    @Jericho Lhuillier

    ok lang bro wlang problema…baka tga LG yung gumamit ng pangalan mo…kapal ng face ha!

    On the other hand Hope this comments will be address to someone who is concern for this especially to LG…baka mawalan kayo ng customer nyan..!!!..It might give your ” Life not Good ” after its the company’s lost not us customers..


  148. lgisgoingdown says:

    wala pa rin ako narereceive e. pero kakatawag lang nila ulit. meron na raw silang nasendan. so anybody na nakareceive na baka pwede pasagot?
    @daseq: i’ll message you pag me news na.

  149. Manix says:


    i see in you the principle, and will stand for what you believe in.

    anyone else?

  150. mice says:

    i recieved a call but not yet received email from them.

  151. mark says:

    @lgisgoingdown un ang masama dun kamag anak ang pinasingit e bawal un d ba?

  152. Manix says:


    you have a point there, and i understand where you are coming from. and i commend you on that.

    but i guess what my question is really asking for–how much are we willing to take?

    is being counter-offered enough to make us feel better? is that really worth the aggravation?

  153. lgisgoingdown says:

    exactly! sm is supplier ng security nila. c beth cruz-garbo manager sa sm. asawa nya ung pinasingit nya. i complained to lg personnel twice. sabi ko patutunayan ko na nasa likuran yan ng pila. hindi nila ko masagot pero wala rin silang ginawa. meaning with consent un pangyayaring un. habang nagbabayad yung asawa nya c ms cruz-garbo ay nakikipag tawanan sa mga guard na nagbabantay. tama ba un?

  154. OMG says:

    There are a lot of people who’s mind is washed away by the so-called “hatred” within. Kung pinairal niyo po sana ang kokote niyo, eh di sana hindi po kayo parang manok na puputak putak dito. 1 HOUR lang po yung sale. Kung tatantiyahin niyo yung 1 hour na yun which is equivalent to 60 minutes, at 50 pieces lang ang sinabing “PWEDE” ma-avail (take note na yung “PUWEDE” na yun ay hindi garantisado na makakakuha tayo nung item within that 1 hour sale. Malabo pa nga na yung nasa ika 40 pataas ay maka-avail eh. What more kung nasa 51 ka pataas na number? Common sense lang po. Ako rin ay bumitiw na sa pila nung nakikita ko na ang sitwasyon.

    Nakakainis lang magbasa ng ibang comments na bini-blame ang LG porke’t hindi naka-avail nung item na yun. Ang payo ko po sa inyo, humarap kayo sa salamin, at tanungin niyo sarili niyo, “May kasalanan din ba ako sa nangyari na yun?”

  155. daseqw2e says:

    edi wag ka magbasa kung naiinis ka hehe

  156. lgisgoingdown says:

    i can only say this for myself. nagagalit ako ndi dahil hindi ako nakakuha ng fone. nagagalit ako sa ginawa ng lg sa mga tao. if you weren’t there you wouldn’t know. you’d assume na kasalanan ng mga tao bat sila patuloy na pumila. believe me un mga taong nandun young professionals mostly. magugulat ka when you hear them talk. hindi yung usual crowd na dahil lang sale kaya sila nakapila. and they know perfectly the limitations of the sale. ung mga lg personnel ang nakipag usap sa kanila na wag silang aalis sa pila dahil kaya ng stocks nila yung ganun karaming tao. again inuulit ko, wala sa mechanics ng promo na dapat nakabili kn by 3pm. lg ang nagpapila sa kanila. lg ang nakiusap sa kanila n wag umalis sa pila dahil me consolation sila sa pagpila. it was fatima the marshall who said that kung hindi kayo naniniwala (she’s the girl in black). you can ask a lot of people na andun and they’ll tell you the same thing. they stayed in the line because they trusted the lg people. and the lg people violated that trust. kaya sila nagagalit ngayon. you know how it is pag trust ang viniolate. hindi sya katulad ng simpleng galit lang.

  157. curious lang says:


  158. President Obama says:

    I agree with you.
    I’m here to settle this hatred! LOL

    Yung mga nag line na nasa 50+ na banda, ineexpect niyo na makakakuha kayo ng unit?????!!!! OMFG! Nag isip ba kayo nun? Tatanga lang kayo eh nag babakasakali kayo makakuha ng unit eh alam niyo LIMITED UNITS lang ang mabebenta tapos ngayon biniblame niyo ang LG kasi hindi kayo naabutan? FOR JOE’s Sake! Di NAMAN KAYO PINILIT TUMAYO AT MAGHINTAY DOON. Kawawa naman kayo.. You’re blaming your mistake to LG Philippines. Snap out of you’re hatreds, nagmumuka lang kayong MAS KAWAWA.

  159. lgisgoingdown says:

    just received the offer. no apologies whatsoever and they’re offering the unit at 20% less. i ask you, is 20% enough for the cost of your pride and principles?

  160. rod says:

    anu ba yan time wasted……and LG didn’t know mass people would go there, if they were selling an andriod phone. tsk tsk tsk


  161. lgisgoingdown says:

    @curuious lang: exactly my point! kung simula pa lang naging tapat sila sa mga tao wala sanag gulo.

  162. sucks says:

    20% lang? hahaha. no way. better to spread the news about what they did. boycott!

    promo nila – trolling strategy.

    This is how LG organizers look like now.

    see pic above.

  163. SuperPinoy says:


    for your questions:

    “but i guess what my question is really asking for–how much are we willing to take?

    is being counter-offered enough to make us feel better? is that really worth the aggravation?”

    my answer for those:

    Emotions like Aggravation or Frustration, an emotional response, is intangible and can not be barely measured.

    Once again, they/LG just need to admit and apologize about their mistakes. The truth will set us FREE.

    If they will offer another discount or repeat such event in a not deceiving and good way this time then it means that they are really affirming and apologizing about their mistakes.

    That would be a good news if that will happen.

    They/LG just need to clean the mess they have done.

    They also need to promise that such happening will never happen again.

    Also, they must do something about this:

    So in short, we just need the truth. The truth is that their/LG’s such event were obviously deceiving.

    If you are going to ask me what made it deceiving, please read my or some people’s previous comments.

    (Please also read my previous comments above before asking question/s. Some previous comments I posted might answer your question/s so that I will not be repeating myself for clarifications.)


    I have recently seen myself in the mirror. And you know what i saw?

    I saw FREEDOM & TRUTH.

    The more it clears to me.

    And we, who fell in line and believed LG with their broken hopes, still have more where it came from.

    The more you ask, the more it will be cleared.

    Let me ask you this:

    Do you believe in God?

    If no, then I pity you. Please refer to the link below for more information:


    Else, if yes, then please understand our situation. I believe you have the heart to understand our emotions. What was have taken from us is the TRUST as customer/consumer.

    They should take good care of their customers/consumers.

    Once again, I have said this on my previous comments, What were they up to? Were they up to sales or to customers?

    (Please also read my previous comments above before asking question/s. Some previous comments I posted might answer your question/s so I will not be repeating myself for clarifications.)

  164. lgisgoingdown says:

    actually price lang ung binigay nila and it’s even less than 20% and you have to go to their office in pasig. if any of you is still getting one let me know kung papipirmahin nila kayo ng waiver na hindi na kayo magrereklamo. :p

  165. winwin says:

    @lgisgoingdown so kayo pala un nandun sa kabilang office. nagpakilala naman din siguro sa inyo si kuntil noh? si fatima alam mo bang hinimatay un around 6pm yata? dinala siya ng medical team ng STI sa clinic nila. kasi people were blaming her.

  166. awikaw says:

    LG FAKE!!!!!

  167. lgisgoingdown says:

    @winwin: yes. i dunno kung sino c kuntil but nareceive nila ung msg na hinimatay nga raw c fatima. sinabihan n raw nila kc na kumain na ndi p rin kumain kaya ayun hinimatay. pero ok naman na raw. c fatima kc ung nagsabi sa mga tao na wag umalis sa pila. kaya nga sabi ang tanong ko kung sa kanya lang ba un galing o utos lang din un sa kanya na un un sabihin. irregardless ndi p rin tama ung ginawa nila.

  168. winwin says:

    they’re offering LG cookie 4,000 and Optimus one 10,900 …why not give out optimus one with 50% slash on it’s price! ndi kaya yan tlga ang market price after a couple of months? ano tingin nyo guys?is this enough?nakalgay sa huli ng letter they’re going to have another 30% discount in december but limited offer ulit. kung 30% optimus bakit di pa nila ioffer satin yan?they’re trying to attract people na2man sa coming event na un! nkkatakot na pumunta..baka this time langawin na tlga sila.

  169. dongv says:

    actually those who want to get the optimus one are those who are there and those who observing the happening,
    hope other brands came out with a better choice of Android with Froyo so the LG brand can drop death, so di malaki ulo nila, para stock na sila hangan maluma.

    am sure before xmas, there will be many 2.2 Android phone in the market at good price. 3.0 is already baking & ready to serve soon.

  170. Samuel says:

    this is the reason nag sale sila:
    LG Optimus One sales exceed 1 million in just 40 days
    It’s no secret that the LG mobile division has had quite some trouble lately, but the worst seems to be already behind them and they are back on the right track. Their latest Android smartphone has sold over 1 million units only 40 short days after its official release, according to the press release their PR department just published.

    The Froyo-running LG Optimus One has certainly managed to become one of the most successful (if not the most successful) LG handsets of the year and success couldn’t come at a better time. With the holiday season fast approaching and Windows Phone 7 devices not exactly flying off the shelves LG certainly needed that sales boosting device.
    And with the Optimus One still not available everywhere there’s every reason to expect that its market success will continue as more and more markets get it in the coming weeks. So much so that LG are expecting the One to become their first handset to reach the 10 million units milestone.
    We’ll have to wait and see about that but we certainly wouldn’t rule it out as impossible.


  171. Ed says:

    What’s this boycott thing? I’m sorry magalit na kayo sa akin pero sinabi naman ng LG na 1 hour window lang. Kung pang 100th ka na sa pila naghanap ka na lang sana ng may maigsing pila like pila sa KFC. Ang hirap lang umaasa siguro tayo na baka last minute magbago ng isip ang LG at pagbilhan lahat nang nasa pila.

  172. lgisgoingdown says:

    baka tinatry nila imove ung overstock nila ng optimus one. naicp nila cguro mahirap n sya ibenta at regular price lalo na me stigma pa ng event na to. they will be emailing 2000 people with 2090 discount (just before the sale the fone is available at 1500 disc) you do the math. 590php to shut you up and without an apology. no way!

  173. Mark says:

    wew… many angry people… XD

    anyway… anyone got word from LG regarding the “special offer?”

  174. daseqw2e says:

    is the 20% offer official?

  175. SuperPinoy says:


    Please read the whole blog site and comments so your question/s will be answered. Your question has already been questioned and answered. Read and scroll all the way to the top! Good luck.

  176. Ed says:


    I have read all the comments and please rest assured that I know what’s all this ruckus was all about. The question was not really a question hence I don’t expect it to be answered. I just want some people to understand that an hour window sale cannot simply accommodate a hundred or more people no matter how organized the event was. I for one wanted to own one of those but did not go to the event because of that silly one hour window. It’s just a waste of my precious time I concluded.

  177. lgisgoingdown says:

    @daseq: see winwin’s message un ung asa email mismo.

  178. G-man says:

    papano ung di ngbigay ng contact details?

  179. SuperPinoy says:


    Yes this act of making a noisy disturbance is what we call FREEDOM! Once again, TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

    I am sorry but not everyone thinks same as you, Ed.

    Try to explain the your ideas to the grandpas, grandpas, and children who fell in line which they know they may have chance.

    Well, if you think they should not be there, then that is DISCRIMINATION!

    (I believe I am repeating myself again…)
    You may refer to my post which I (SuperPinoy) replied on Nov 16th, 2010 at 2:44 am (75).

  180. SuperPinoy says:


    Yes this act of making a noisy disturbance is what we call FREEDOM! Once again, TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

    I am sorry but not everyone thinks same as you, Ed.

    Try to explain your ideas to the grandpas, grandmas, and children who fell in line which they know they may have chance.

    Well, if you think they should not be there, then that is DISCRIMINATION!

    (I believe I am repeating myself again…)
    You may refer to my post which I (SuperPinoy) replied on Nov 16th, 2010 at 2:44 am (75).

  181. SuperPinoy says:

    wew I wrote some typos. ^_^

    I believe I need to sleep now. goodnight too all!


    LG, please explain your side! We need to hear from you!

  182. Paolo says:

    All those who lined up for the LG sale are either dont know simple math (just figure out ow many people they can accommodate in 1 hour) or overly optimistic. No need to lasg out on LG for making a sensible sale and laying out simple to understand rule (1 hour). Its not their fault if theres 50 people in front of you and you still want ti take your chances. But the comments thread is a really FUN read. Nakakatawa kasi ung mga galit sa LG hahahaha! Ang absurd ng pagiisip ng ilan.

  183. BoNDeDeSTiNy says:

    uu nga.. d nmn talga lahat mabibigyan mybe at 60+ lang.. kung maaus lang sana ang LG.. hmmmm

  184. okok says:

    do not buy any LG Products.

  185. F Nokia says:


  186. sana the same discount din ang i.offer ng LG, nag.iba na isip ko…

  187. Boycott LG! Let them feel the Power of the Consumer…We, Filipino Consumers, are not the kind of people to be toyed around for cheap Marketing Gimmicks! So I’m starting by not buying any LG Products, and discouraging friends and families from buying LG!

  188. Pepe says:

    What I really hate about LG is the fact that they processed things so slowly. Before the sale started I was expecting only the first 100 would be able to succeed. But 30-40? That’s really just too little =/ And the new offer they’re giving, is, well, something I feel will not be appreciated by many

  189. abelard says:

    to be blunt, the people at LG just did their job. period. nothing less, nothing more. to them, this is just good business. diba? BS when they said that they are disappointed. BS when they said that they will fix things. yes, i am butthurt. but i do try to be neutral about this. people, they just did their job. yun lang. no hard feelings, no feelings whatsoever. trabaho lang, walang personalan. corporate bloodsuckers that they are.

  190. bench says:

    in fairness mas maganda ang statement nila kumpara sa nokia…

  191. mrkk says:

    @bonddestiny, buti nga po kung 60 units e wala pa nga sa 25 units ang served

  192. anonymous says:

    FALSE advertising! why don’t just say that you’re going to sell this “number” of units at each of your branches so that people will know beforehand if they can have what they came there for instead of having them wait for hours just for nothing

  193. Lawrence says:

    I think the main reason why we’re mad is not because of the mechanics of the promo, but how the promo was handled. Yes, I know (and I hope most people know) that if you’re the 61st or 101st person you might not be able to get the phone anymore, but the thing is LG did not in any way stop people from lining up, or remind the 61st person onwards that they won’t be able to get the phone anymore. May nagsabi pa nga (I think it’s the Fatima everyone’s talking about) na baka maextend pa yung timeframe based on the number of people lined up. Hindi ba pagpapaasa yun?

    At masaklap pa niyan, when someone asked on how many number of employees will be available on the sale, they cannot give out a straight answer. Dun pa lang, pano mo na macocompute ung number of people that will be served within the timeframe?

    So don’t tell us that “hindi ba kayo nag-iisip na di na kayo aabutan nung sale?” as they also have faults on those one. Yes, asa na kung asa, but don’t be hypocrites specially kung di ninyo naranasan at narinig ang mga nangyari on the sale. I’m not saying that I heard everything about the sale, but I’ve heard and seen enough to stand my case regarding the lapses in LG’s promotion.

  194. mrkk says:

    @paolo and others – alam po ng mga tao dto magbilang kung aabot sila. Most of them are near the front kaya ganyan nalang ang frustrations nila. Kahit man ako hindi nakakuha but im in top 40, when they announcd na 1 kahera lang nagalanganin na ako but nagbakasakali ako kaya i fell in line pa din. What the people here are so angry of is how they handled the event, the crowd. When the clock striked 230pm, kami yung natulak sa salamin ng mga katabing shops. Sa dami ng crowd, we were not able to push them back. Buti at walang nabasag na glass. Kahit pa may guard sa outer part ng crowd, wala silang nagawa. Bigla na lng pumasok ang mga lg personnel sa store nila at ang 1 mmda, 2 bouncer at 1 pang guard ay frozen na sa pinto ng lg. Wla na po silang nagawa habang ang mga tao ay naiipit. Kahit lg employees natakot na sa uncontrollable crowd dahil wala ng lumabas sa kanila. At eto pa, habang kami ay ipit na sa glass ng katabing fujifilm store, may 3 taga fujifilm na nakabili ng optimus p500 (they were the 5th in line) na pumasok sa store (fujifilm) nila. Karamihan ng pumila ay alam kung ano ang kakayahan ng optimus p500 kaya wag nyo maliitin na di sila marunong ng math. Hindi din natin masisi ang employees ng sm tenants na hindi man lang tumakbo sa pila dahil attractive ang price.

  195. mrkk says:

    @happy lg buyer – saan mall ba kayo pumila? Sa megamall kasi even before the mall officially opened, may pila na. Sa sm north edsa malayo naman sa lg store ang mga entrance for the public

  196. Nokia fan boy......... former says:

    To the managers of LG and Nokia: you should resign out of delicadeza, you just proved yourself unworthy and incompetent, dapat magharakiri nalang kayo, buti nalang hindi kayo mga Hapon

  197. Baidu says:

    Hindi tangga yung mga taong pumuli dito maliwanag sa sikat ng araw na kasalanan ng LG ito, kung babasahin mong maaigi yung promo mechanics nila on how to avail eto yun oh..

    -Customer must go to the participating concept stores on November 13, 2010, between 2:00 to 3:00PM to avail the discount.

    ** napakaliwanag pumunta lang sa ganitong oras, yung iba nga mas maaga pa. so san yung mali ng mga tao na pumila.. walang naka indicate na limited lang yung stocks nila eh kung inilagay nila di sana walang probelema at wala ngayong nag rerelakmo, ibig sabihin false advertisement ang ginawa nila, kaya may karapatan mag reklamo ang nga tao at kailangan humingi ng apology ang mga taga LG..

    Eto yung site nandito yung promo mechanics nila magbasa yung mga tanggang sinisi ang mga taong pumili sa buwakang inang LG promo na yan..


  198. pity says:

    @Happy LG Buyer
    maybe you havent realized it yet. buying an lg phone does not make you an idiot. you were already an idiot when you where born.

    pinagsisihan na ng nanay mo baket ka pinanganak. iniwan ka na ng girlfriend no? sabi nag gf mo, mas masarap pa daw ako sayo. ulo mo daw parang gago.

  199. Jun says:

    naku tlagang nakaka stress na talaga.. halos 5 days na akong galit na galit.. hehehe.. anyway.. life must go on.. basta.. di na ako pupunta kahit sa anong lekat na sales ng LG.. kahit ibigay pa sa akin.. itatapon ko na lang yan.. nyahahhaa.. basta as for me and my family… at kahit sa kaapuhan ko eh.. talagang di ako bibili ng kahit anong LG products.. pag me time eh pupunta ako sa lahat ng review products nila at i discourage ko lahat ng mga pupunta sa review.. hehehe.. dun man lang eh makabawi ako.. LG = lekat at gago

  200. Baidu says:

    Si Happy LG Buyer kupal yan, nagpapanggap na nakabli ng Phone eh wala namang pera yan, yung pang internet nga nya inuutang pa…


    YUNG LG KM555e ko nagloloko na nag BSOD na, puta pag nakauwi ako ibabato ko yun sa store.. Puta regalo pa man din sa akin ng misis ko yun..

    Kupal ang cellphone nyo..

    BOYCOTT LG Phones!!!!
    BOYCOTT LG Phones!!!!
    BOYCOTT LG Phones!!!!
    BOYCOTT LG Phones!!!!

  201. che says:

    mag gawa tayo ng groupo the ampalaya group and Pait lol..

  202. Baidu says:

    Simple lang naman para matapos na ito eh, mag labas sila ng Apology statement at ilagay nila na ang kanilang preventive measure kung magkakaroon ulit ng ganitong promo, hindi yung susuhulan nila yung tao para tumahimik at wag ng magreklamo at kailangan tanggalin din nila yung taong may promotor nito.. eh di tapos na ang laban.. ang lagay kasi parang nang aasar pa sila sa statement nila at mga pakulo nila..

  203. lgisgoingdown says:

    guys i’m sending my complaint today sa dti. if any of you want in on the action, please email me at [email protected]. i don’t know if it will help pag maraming nakacc sa complaint just so they know na hindi isolated yung reklamo. hindi ko rin alam how far my complaint will go but i would just like to do something aside from just complaining. malay mo db? i plan to email the people of lg din just so they know that a complaint was filed para just in case ndi maaksyunan un mangarag man lang sila. haha..

  204. boy topax says:

    20% lan tapos punta ka pa Pasig.Ano ba yan

  205. FUKC_LG says:



  206. Jun says:

    hahaha.. wag nalang.. kahit 50% pa ulit yan.. di na lang.. i ban nyo na mga product nila… makita pa sa inyo ng mga kaibigan nyo o ka pamilya nyo eh yun pa bilhin .. mas maganda pa na i boycot.. spread the word sa mga kagaguhan na ginawa nila.. sa simpleng bagay na yun eh .. makakaganti tayo :)

  207. loselose says:


    Isa rin ako sa mga nakasama mo sa admin office ng SM. Really? 20% discount lang? Diba sabi ni Mr. PR posible daw na the same ang offer? Whatttt… Nakakaasar, im expecting pa naman na by this week meron nakong fone.

    So what’s our next action?

    Mukhang naisahan tayo dun sa admin office ah.

    Tuloy ba ang reklamo?

  208. PlaySafe says:

    Nang-imbita kasi ng sakit ng ulo, tapos magagalit. Ako nung nakita kong parang sawa ang pila, bumatsi na ko. Nanood na lang ako ng sine. Hehehe

  209. chino says:

    i think it’s tome to move on…

    again, i’m one of those in the line and i have to say that their service really was bad on that day

    but hey, let’s just all get over with it.

  210. Jun says:

    yes.. we have to move on. but still for me I am not over with them.. or we are not over with them.. lets boycott all the product of LG.. dont dont buy ALL LG’s Product..

  211. chino says:

    i agree… that’s what i am doing right now….

  212. Jun says:

    pag ala kayo ginagawa.. try nyo suyurin yung mga product review ng LG at mag lagay kayo ng negative review.. hehehe..

  213. lgisgoingdown says:

    @loselose: i will be proceeding with my complaint. malas lang nila nataon ng bakasyon ko ung ginawa nilang promo. hehe.. i am currently reading the consumer act para masuyod lahat ng violations nila and am currently composing my letter of complaint. i need names sana para mas maraming complainant. pero ok lang kung kahit kami2 na lang yung nakalagay dun. what’s impt is meron gumawa ng action against them db? i need to this before i move on. after nito siguro. wala naman personalan e. may ginawa silang mali dpat managot sila.

  214. laft says:

    it’s time to move on yeah, but i think this should be corrected so it wont happen again. i’m following up with DTI and LG coz we need justice for thousands of people who lined up.

  215. lol_me says:

    I find this thread funny. Nakakaaliwa magbasa ng mga comments dito. haha! I feel for you guys. I’m one of those who have high hopes of getting this phone at its cheapest price ever. I was at Mega at nasa number 86 na ako. Ang ginawa ko since parang ang labo naman na sa 1hour na yun ay umabot pa ako sa promo. Hence, I decided na manood na lang ng sine. O di hindi pa nasayang ang oras ko. LOL.

    At nang matapos na akong manood ng sine, nakita ko ang pila at parang hindi pa nababawasan. tsk tsk.

    I therefore decided na umuwi na lang ng bahay at matulog. O di mas ayos pa kasi nakapagpahinga pa ako. Hindi nasira araw ko. XD

  216. getro says:

    after this incident never buying another LG phone in my whole lifetime thanks LG you just lost another customer :(

  217. che says:

    @FUKC_LG alam mo im one of those na pumila na walang ngyari ok! sersoyoso ka masyado cellphone lang po yan Diyos ko!… kahit mag lupasay pa tayo wala rin tayong magawa…. kasi ng yari na yon….! ang mabuting gawin… pag may ganito promo matoto na tayo.. kalerke ka!

  218. AyokoNaLG says:

    Never mind, I will get Samsung or HTC product na lang.

  219. NoMoreLG says:

    Never mind, I will get Samsung or HTC phone na lang.

  220. lgisgoingdown says:

    @laft: nagsend kn ng complaint sa dti?

  221. Marco says:

    I left my contact number for the additional units to be sold on Nov 18 – 20, pero up to now, wala paring text message!

  222. inCebu says:

    Sa cebu, walang tinawagan/text.

    no details of the 200list discounted sale.

  223. leemar says:

    i received call yesterday from lg, they email me na and offering 10,900 or lg optimus one, sa mismong lg pasig office nila pede ko bilhin cash/credit nov 25-27 only. once na nagpa reserve daw sure na yun. they only give this to those who register nun time na nag sale sila.pero i will not be getting this na rin. ill be selling sana yun unit kaya ko bibili ng 50% off. kaya lang kung 10,900 pano ko pa mabebenta yun. i have android naman mas maganda pa kaysa sa optimus one, i have motorola milestone.

  224. nebula says:

    G Special Promo After One Day, One Hour, One Chance – LG Optimus One and Cookie Mini

    From November 25-27, 2010, please visit our LG offices to be able to purchase any of the following models at discounted prices:

    LG Optimus One with Google PHP 10,900
    Cookie Mini PHP 4,000

    November 25 and 26, 2010 – 9am to 6pm
    November 27, 2010 – 9am to 12nn

    1. LG Electronics Philippines HQ (Pasig Office)
    1fF Legaspi St. Maybunga Pasig City
    2. LG Cebu
    45 Capitol West Bldg, Don Gil Garcia St. cor Escario St, Cebu City
    3. LG Davao
    Door 1 and 8 Delgar Bldg, Km. 5, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City

    Mode of Payment:
    – Both cash and credit card straight payment will be accepted at Pasig Office.
    – Cash payment only for Cebu and Davao offices.


    Sincerely yours,

    Mr. Andrew Song
    Vice President of Mobile Marketing
    LG Electronics Philippines

    We will also be having another 30% discount on LG Optimus One in all LG concept stores this coming December. If you choose to participate in this promotion, please note that there will also be limitations in the number of stocks that will be released.

  225. 10,900?? How lame… Didn’t even close it down to flat 10k… My advice to the affected: Tell LG “Asa ka pa.” and go on with your complaint.

  226. leemar says:

    i will not buy lg for my own, ibebenta ko lang din sana. dont like their brand, i prefer sony ericsson or motorola for android

  227. PlaySafe says:

    LG,you screwed this puppy so bad there is no redemption. LOL

  228. BoNDeDeSTiNy says:

    wala panga akong na receive na call from LG.. D pa ata kumikilos ang LG cebu

  229. ekek says:

    they cant call all of you in one day.
    at most, they can only call 30 people per day.

  230. LagaoLugaw says:

    ok guys… time to move on.. ganyan talaga mga business establishments minsan. yaan nyo na. Kung totoong boycott LG just dont buy their items. Time to move on. Harsh reality.


    i cannot wait for LG’s DOWNFALL in this country and in our mobile industry.

    to make even with them, DO NOT BUY THEIR CELLPHONES EVER!!!

    sayo inyo na yang 20% nyo!!! papaasahin nyo pa kami kahihintay…ENOUGH!!!

    everyone, para lahat ng naghintay at para sa lahat ng mga pumila…DO NOT BUY LG CELLPHONES!!

    maraming salamat sa suporta.

  232. andrewsonggago says:

    LG still has to beg me to take up the 50% offer, LG just reminds me of too much cruelty to its potential customers.

    pardon my language… to Andrew Song, you can shove your 20% into you ass.

    so are you the one who drew up this genius promotion? where is your apology?

  233. Extreme says:

    Hindi man lang ginawang 30%… aanhin ko naman ang 16% off?

  234. Jay says:

    In my opinion, it was really a good marketing activity for LG insofar as it gave them the CHEAPEST possible way to promote their phone, instead giving away flyers and making other shitty money-eating events like dealer launchings. Promote a little through viral marketing and sell a few phones below cost in the process was their only tactic.

    But, the sad thing is, despite the fact that a lot of people actually got angry, the promo was still REALLY, REALLY effective. BAD PUBLICITY IS STILL PUBLICITY. After all this shit, everyone already knows the phone model right? So boo you, LG, for your very discretely effective marketing plan in which all of us already know that particular phone model.

    Still, I don’t have an LG phone, and i don’t ever plan on buying one. I do have an LG LCD though, and it’s one of my best buys this year :)

  235. lolipown says:

    ah boycotts, let’s see how this’ll turn out.

  236. JepX says:

    Goodbye LG, mag-HTC wildfire na lang ako..d kalayuan price sa 30% discount offer ng LG..

  237. bbuser says:

    read somewhere someone was able to claim her well deserved half-proced optimus one after making close to hundreds phone calls to LG, try demand to talk to their country officials, don’t waste your time talking to the front-liners, try & see if you also deserve and lucky as her,

  238. honeypie says:

    i traveled 2.5hrs (from Cavite)to get to Mega for the LG promo. I wasn’t setting my hopes high on getting the droid, simply by computing the odds of getting a phone (60 phones in 1 hour)i was sure mahirap makakuha. But still i went there for who knows baka makaswerte lang. I was there at 9:30am, when i saw the lines at 10am; I already decided no chance of getting the droid today.

    Mas magaan dalhin if you accept the fact as it is.. let’s not dwell on the “Blame Game”. Cellphone lang yan, the fact that you went there early means you were willing to gamble your time and comfort to get a chance of “winning” a discounted droid.

    We either win or we lose… di naman pwedeng win win na lang tayo lagi. We’re dissing each other over a phone, somebody outside megamall doesn’t even have P50.00 to buy a decent meal for her child.

    Christmas na.. Peace be with all us… Amen.

  239. daniel says:

    CHRISTMAS isnt good because LG ruined, bothered and wasted my 6 years of life… it could have been used for sleeping nalang sana… hahaha LG MAMATAY NA KAYO HINDI KAYO MALAKING KAWaLAN SA EKONOMIYA NG PILIPINAS!

  240. frmCebu says:

    got an email from LG here in cebu.
    tag 10900 daw ang optimus. until november 23 ang reservation lang.

  241. frmCebu says:

    got an email from LG dito sa cebu sunday nov.21.
    sabi tag 10900 daw ang optimus prime until nov. 23 ang reservation.

  242. Richie says:

    can someone give me a reference number to get the special promo?? plssss

  243. ^ you’re in the wrong place to ask that.

  244. andrewsonggago says:

    did you see the ad? they cancelled the nov28 30% promo.

  245. chacha says:

    Kalimutan nyo na yang LG….

    Abangan na lng sa December ang launch ng
    Bagong murang ANDROID Phone…

    HUAWEI IDEOS….price range 6k to 6.5k.

    Boycot LG and lets buy this great phone for a great price…


  246. KPL Happy LG Buyer says:

    @Happy LG Buyer

    “I got my phone so how does that make me an idiot?”

    It doesn’t. Because by the way you post even without buying that phone you are already an idiot in the first place. Heck you were born that way by the looks of it :D

  247. ernie says:

    ano ba yan…one hour sale??? pinapahirapan lang ang mga consumer…..papapilahin una mga tao nila tapos pagdating mo (customer) sa counter tapos na one hour sale nila..\
    manluluko ang mga taga LG,,,,,,e-boycott as SAMSUNG nalang tayo total mas ok naman ito kaysa sa manluluko na LG.

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