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Sony Bravia Trade-In Sale Offer

If you’re looking to upgrade your old TV set at home, Sony’s offering something interesting in exchange for a 32″ Sony Bravia LCD TV this November 19 – 21, 2010.

Here’s the catch — trade-in your old TV for a value of Php4,000 voucher you can use as a discount to get a new Sony Bravia TV.

Sony Bravia will be having a 3-day Trade-in Event from November 19 to 21, 2010. Customers are entitled to a trade-in value of Php4,000 when they swap their 21”-34” CRT TVs (of any brand) to purchase a brand new Bravia 32-inch LCD TV KLV-32BX300 with a free DVP-SR700 DVD Player.

For the Project Big Switch weekend, you can bring your 21 to 34-inch CRT TV to the Loop, ABS-CBN Compound, GF ELJ Communications Center, Eugenio Lopez St., Quezon City to get it inspected and verified as working by a Sony Service Center technician. You can then purchase a brand new 32-inch Bravia LCD TV with a free DVD player for as low as Php 20,999. This will proceed from 9 am and closing at 5 pm each day.

So how much will you be shelling out for a 32″ Sony TV and DVD Player — Php20,999 in cash (you can pay in 0% for 12 months too). Not a bad deal. Your old TVs will then be donated to the Knowledge Channel and HOM (Hands On Network).

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

41 Responses

  1. Avatar for paulo paulo says:

    Hi! kakabili ko lang din ng unit , Thanks kay Mr.yugatech for publishing this ad. haha last minute shopping kala ko di aabot. Pero pede patulong po bout channel setup? kasi ndi tama ung channel according to what channel it should be. (e.g. -> Ch.20->GMA7, according to cable Ch.12 dapat ang GMA7)

  2. Avatar for Juan Juan says:

    @ viernestrece
    yup! 21k cash – un na un mismo, bawas na ung value nung old crt and 3k discount.. basta working un tv, ako nga wala remote eh sa isa..lol! goodluck bukas!

  3. Avatar for viernestrece viernestrece says:

    Sir Juan,

    so how much po per unit? cash out 21k po ba? plus ung TV na trade-in? thnx!!! sana ganun pa rin ang ambiance tomorrow.

  4. Avatar for Juan Juan says:

    Nakabili kami kanina ng 2 lcd in exchange of one of our 14yrs. old crt tv! Fast transaction and friendly ang members ng Big Switch Team. 3pm kami pumunta sa ABS pero pang40th customer lng ako so it means wala maxado pumunta at di chaotic ang ambiance ng place.. as in wala maxado tao! pwede ka tumambling!hahaha.. till next deal Knowledge Channel and Sony..

  5. Avatar for deliriumtrigger deliriumtrigger says:

    You can get a full HD 32″ LCD TV at around 21,000 from a shop in Mandaluyong and you dont need to give your old TV.

  6. Avatar for madpoet madpoet says:

    This is very tempting but i learned my lesson last saturday! ayaw ko na maniwala sa mga ganitong sale. I want a 32 inch lcd tv sana for my PS3 for HD gaming experience. Kaso lang mas nakakatakot tong sale natoh kesa sa lg and nokia fiasco. Biruin mo may dala dala kang mabigat na crt tv habang nakapila ka? tapos 5 oras ka pipila at ng malapit kana sa unahan may biglang lalapit sayo from sony representative na ” sorry sir ubos na po yung stocks namin ” haha patay tayo jan!!! panasonic or lg na lang ako. Sa appliance center 22 thou na lang. Wala ka pang hirap at pagod.

  7. Avatar for mr8382004 mr8382004 says:

    I think the promo is not worth it, kasi its only US$400 srp overseas (appx.P43 to US$1 exchange rate now) Parang yun price ng Sony Philippines (P28 T)overprice compare sa ibang bansa tapos bibigay nila ng P21 T with DVD player. Sana yun next higher model ang promo nila ng P21 T para sulit at wala sila kita as in promo talaga.

  8. Avatar for @ Welsley @ Welsley says:

    Hi! Checked with Sony, was advised it isn’t limited to 50 units lang :-)

  9. Avatar for roy roy says:

    with all the japanese surplus tv’s around, i bet madaming pupunta dito. question is, will sony be able to supply enough “KLV-32BX300 with a free DVP-SR700 DVD Player” for every one that they will be giving discount vouchers to?

  10. Avatar for Skyflakes_18 Skyflakes_18 says:

    Here we go again. Haven’t we learnrd our lessons last Sunday?

  11. Avatar for Kenneth Kenneth says:


    I think kelangan daw working since ido-donate yung mga TV for use by others care of Knowledge Channel and HOM (Hands On Network). . :)


    If you really like the Sony Brand then I think this is an ok deal.

    If you don’t like Sony or prefer other brands I think some brands like Toshiba and Panasonic offer 32″ LCD models that can be purchased at around 19K-21K, no need to trade in your CRT or at least if you don’t have an old CRT you can still buy at a cheap price. No free DVD player though.

  12. Avatar for Jamby Jamby says:

    ok lang ba kahit sira??? working pero may vertical lines…

  13. Avatar for Marcus Marcus says:

    I see another LG / Nokia dejavu… goodluck!

  14. Avatar for khaygie khaygie says:

    this same lcd costs 22,500 from a multiply seller. wala nga lang free dvd player. but you don’t have to give up your crt fot that matter. …by the way, 27,999 ang price nya sa sony website mismo.and according to their terms and conditions, less 4,000 if you use the voucher and another 3,000 discount if paid in cash = 20,999. the 23,999 is for those who opt to pay thru credit card, 12 months sip.

  15. Avatar for rod rod says:

    nah i would go for a LED tv


  16. Avatar for boy topax boy topax says:

    punta pa kami america eh di lalo napamahal hehehe

  17. Avatar for Herce Herce says:

    This is a scam. This TV is not even 1080P only 720p (1366×768). For these super old TVs, they go for $99 bucks in the US. Pay FRS $200 for shipping and, even with the weak dollar, its still cheaper than this price and you don’t have to give Sony anything.

    Sony = Evil. Always.

  18. Avatar for daniel daniel says:

    FOR SURE HINDI TULAD SA HNAYUPAK NA LG ANG SCENARIO DITO kasi 20,490 is such a steep price hahahahha!

  19. Avatar for Manix Manix says:

    i believe this is a better promo/deal, a more credible one. not “too good to be true” kind of thing.

    by the way, the 24K is already a good price even if full price. but i guess these are the old thicker LCD units, not yet the LED types. but still a better choice than crt’s.

  20. Avatar for Les Les says:

    nasa market na kasi yung internet TV ng Samsung, sana ma review ito ni sir Yuga

    pero sulit na rin yung price slash ng BX300 if youre thinking of buying an LCD TV

  21. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    Another marketing strategy… hopefully maging successful not like LG promotion.

  22. Avatar for mr.bogus mr.bogus says:

    wow….. wahta offer!!!!!!!! sana naging blu-ray player na lang

    i hope yuga pakita mo rin yung sale ng JVC….

    grabe ang mga appliances and gadgets na ino offer nila this holiday season……. hard to decide kung ano uunahin!!!

  23. Avatar for IC DeaDPiPoL IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    crap 14″ lang tv ko T_T

  24. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    WTF I’m in :)

  25. Avatar for steve steve says:

    pwede ba not working crt tv for the trade in??

  26. Avatar for craigyboyz craigyboyz says:

    Good Deal. Kaya lang di kaya Parang LG promo to.Sana mag labas pa ng ibang information kung ano talaga mga requirements para maka-avail nito.

  27. Avatar for charles charles says:

    Abe, how about davao city? meron ba rin dito? we’re interested in this trade deal.

    keep us updated. thanks

  28. Avatar for weh dinga? weh dinga? says:

    ulul ka Jiro Yan! pagkatapos mo sabihan mga taong pumunta sa LG na mga cheap at sabik, sa P4,000 pala na discount NAPAPATALON KA NA SA TUWA.

    Akala mo kung sinong nagpapaka high-class. boo you!

  29. Avatar for kahitanoito kahitanoito says:

    I’ll just go to the JVC sale since it could be lot cheaper without giving up any of my appliances


  30. Avatar for sheramf sheramf says:

    so you mean the 32 inch sony bravia only cost 24k?

  31. Avatar for Ruben Umali Ruben Umali says:

    Hmmm san yun sale? sa mall be or may specific branch?

  32. Avatar for ^_^ ^_^ says:

    bakit hindi nalang ginawang 50%-60% discount? haha

  33. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    Wow, this is a good deal. I can finally trade in my granddad’s bulky Sony CRT TV for this beauty.

    Thanks, Abe!

  34. Avatar for JE JE says:

    huwaw! this is good! pero ang layo naman ng place.. sana meron sa mall kahit within the Metro pwede ko madala ung bravia ko. Yuga, BX model lang ang ittrade nila?? hindi ba kasama ang EX at NX? the BX model is like updated version lang eh. hehehe. thanks thanks

  35. Avatar for Rommel A. Rommel A. says:

    A good one. What if PS3 na lang instead of DVD player? That will be impossible lol..Hope this event will not be chaotic (like the fiasco last Saturday).

  36. Avatar for iPimp iPimp says:

    So, the cash out is P21K after discount? or P17K after discount?

  37. Avatar for joell lapitan joell lapitan says:

    nice! pwede.. un nlng kya muna mabili instead of htc desire.. hehe..

  38. Avatar for RaGe Einzeln RaGe Einzeln says:

    natuwa ako dun sa picture na parang chalk ang pinang-drawing ^_^

  39. Avatar for Wesley Wesley says:

    Totoo ba hanggang 50 units lang ito?

  40. Avatar for naaays naaays says:

    good question hehehe

  41. Avatar for netbooksearcher netbooksearcher says:

    Pwede ba 5 CRT TVs? Para P999 na lang babayaran ko. :P

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