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5 Types of Trolls you see Online

At times of crisis like this pandemic right now, it’s best that we stay informed stay sharp with whats happening in the world. But at the moment you tap the comment section, you see a lot of really interesting comments and, well, most of these comments are from trolls. Not all of them are the same though, so we tried to categorize them based on their styles.

Ad Hominems Trolls

Have you ever started an argument with a troll and whenever you get the upper hand, all of a sudden, they start calling you names? If you don’t know what Ad Hominem means, it’s when somebody refutes the character of the person he’s arguing about instead of the actual argument itself.  They can be very aggressive with giving harsh remarks that don’t correlate with the previous argument. They’re just really mean.

Sarcastic Trolls

Since the comment section is a public place, you can’t avoid people seeing trolls comment on other trolls. Some of these comments are actually pretty funny and instigate useless and foolish arguments. These trolls are pretty much just there to make fun of people who take the argument seriously.

Copy-Paste Trolls

Probably the most annoying of them all, they practically are just spamming fake and questionable wall of texts or digital posters.

Bible Misquoters

We all know we’re are a very conservative country and we take religion seriously which is good! There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are certain people that would take advantage of faith by taking Bible verses out of context.

Toxic Positives

In times like these, we all need to stay positive but not to the point that we don’t take things seriously. “Staying positive” in this dire situation isn’t really going to help that much, really. So, quit the whole “good vibes only “crap.

So that’s pretty much it, guys! If you encounter a troll online, it’s best to just avoid them, especially fake news spreaders. Spreading fake news is the least you would want to do in the midst of a pandemic. Be a responsible citizen and do your part to prevent it.

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