ASUS ExpertBook B9: A Tough Notebook For The Modern Professional

ASUS ExpertBook B9: A Tough Notebook For The Modern Professional

Last week we highlighted how the ASUS ExpertBook B9 combines lightness and power in a slim and tough package. This time, we’re going to look at the features that make this notebook physically and aesthetically stand out among other business laptops in the market. Read on to find out what makes the ASUS ExpertBook B9 the tough notebook for the modern professional.


Portability is one of the most important factors for those who want to be productive on-the-go. Not everyone wants to carry a bulky and heavy laptop, that’s why ASUS ExpertBook B9 is a good choice for those who want a thin and light notebook. Weighing at 870g it’s one of the lightest in its class, so you can easily carry it around without tiring your arms. It also measures 14.9mm thin, so it will easily slide inside a backpack or briefcase.

When it’s time to work, just take it out of the premium sleeve that comes in the package and start working. Thanks to the NanoEdge display, ASUS was able to fit a 14-inch screen into a 13-inch-class chassis. That means you’ll get maximum productivity without taking up much desk space. You can work comfortably on your lap or on a small table in a cafe.

Magnesium-lithium alloy chassis

The ASUS ExpertBook B9 boasts a magnesium-lithium alloy chassis which lighter than aluminum alloy. It can be found on the lid, keyboard frame, and rear panel. Not only it allows the B9 to be thin and light, but it is also the reason why it is tough and attractive. According to ASUS, the magnesium-lithium alloy takes 21 stages to create and uses the Micro-Arc Oxidation (MAO) technique, to generate a solid ceramic layer that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, before it is painted with the finish.


Military-grade toughness

As mentioned earlier, the ASUS ExpertBook B9 is tough as it has a spill-resistant keyboard and can withstand up to 30kg force on the lid. And it’s not just your standard “tough” but passes the demanding MIL-STD 810G US military standard. It undergoes stringent in-house testing including panel pressure, shock, and drop tests to ensure durability. In addition, the hinge and I/O ports are also put through thousands of usage cycles. Check out some of the tests the ASUS ExpertBook B9 went through:

• Hinge test – Subjects the laptop to up to 50,000 open-and-close cycles
• Port Durability test – 5,000 times tests to ensure the physical durability of I/O ports
• Panel Pressure test – Endure 30kg force on lid and bottom without LCD panel damage
• Keyboard Durability test – Designed for up to 10 million keystroke lifespan
• Shock test – Withstand 6 harsh shocks in each direction at the speed of 150G/2.5ms
• Drop test – 120cm drop while powered on to mimic desk accident
• Vibration test – Withstands 5-500Hz physical vibrations in all directions for 1 hour
• Humidity test – Survive under 85% humidity, 40°C condition for 24 hours whether turn on or off
• Altitude test – Operate as normal at 15,000 feet to simulates an aircraft cargo hold and in-flight operation
• Temperature test – Endure 50°C, 0°C with power on for 20 hours

Reinforced construction

The toughness of the ASUS ExpertBook B9 is not only external but internal as well. To protect the moving parts and internal components, the notebook features a reinforced construction consisting of thicker-than-average stainless-steel hinges with large screws. Based on ASUS’ hinge open-and-close test, it is capable of handling 150% more cycles than a normal laptop. And in the Pull force test, it can withstand 66% greater force than normal laptops.

Also, I/O ports are reinforced with stainless steel brackets. In the I/O insertion and extraction test can handle 150% more cycles than the normal laptop. The ASUS ExpertBook B9 also passed the Panel Pressure Test thanks to the rubber dampers and grid structural design to protect the mainboard from shocks and force.

If we sum up the features mentioned above, we can say that the ASUS ExpertBook B9 will last longer than your usual laptop. Not only it can handle heavy productivity but can withstand demanding physical stress as well. As a modern professional, you just have to focus on your tasks and the ASUS ExpertBook B9 will handle the rest.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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