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LG Innofest 2017: An Interview with LG Executives

We had a chance to talk to some of the LG Executives while we were covering the company’s Asia leg of the Innofest in Jeju, South Korea, this past week. Here are some anecdotes we can share with you:

On focusing on the premium appliance line: Some of LG’s Signature and high-end appliances released locally last year have sold beyond their expectations (they were not able to provide numbers), so they’re focusing more on promoting these top-tier home appliances in 2017.

In comparison with Samsung’s QLED Technology on LED TVs: In response to the news that Samsung’s QLED Technology is better than current OLED Technologies of today, LG believes that there should be no comparison with Samsung’s QLED as both technologies are different in nature and there is no comparison between the two of them. We’ll explain a comparison in a different post.

On their own inverter technology: LG believes that their inverter technologies applied on the different home appliances (Linear inverter for refrigerators, Direct Drive Motor Inverter for washing machines, Dual Inverter Compressor for air conditioners) are innovative and have a more significant amount of saved electricity on continued use as compared to other inverter technologies.

On their ‘Smart ThinQ’ Internet of Things appliances in the Philippines: LG is also looking into other considerable factors such as internet connectivity and consumer demand in releasing them. As such, we may not see them yet in the country until there have been sufficient or considerable demand and internet connectivity improvement for LG to distribute them locally. The Smart ThinQ IoT home appliances will first break into more developed markets such as their homeland and in the USA.

LG has shared with us that their Signature line of Home Appliances will start arriving on our local shores by the later part of the year. Pricing for them, though, has not been detailed, but the company is looking into pricing them reasonably for the local market.

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