Mpowerd Luci Pro Lux Inflatable Solar Light and Power Bank Hands-On

For people like me who prefer to be fully prepared on getaways or camping trips, versatility in our gear is important. And from the get-go, the Mpowerd Luci Pro Lux ticks a lot of boxes already.

It is an IP67 waterproof inflatable solar light that can also be used as a power bank. It packs a 5-inch wide circular 2000mAh lithium-ion battery with 10 warm LEDs to illuminate the matte tube-like inflatable material. If you prefer cool white LEDs, you can opt for its other variant with a clear inflatable coating.

The Mpowerd Luci Pro Lux is lightweight and compact. It is easy to slide in your bag when collapsed, and it is 4 ½ tall when inflated.

On top is the solar panel together with a USB port, the power button, and another button to show the battery status with the 4 LED lights near the Mpowerd logo.

The strap on top is adjustable, while we get a fixed strap at the bottom beside the air valve.

To inflate the light, start by pinching the valve and blow into it—and that’s it. For brightness intensity, click the power button once for low light, twice for medium, thrice for high, and four times for a 1-second flashing light. To turn it off, simply hold the power button for three seconds.

The low light level is sufficient enough to illuminate a small room or tent, while the medium and high levels work great for open spaces. I like that its warm light adds a nice ambiance overall.

As mentioned, the Luci Pro Lux can also be used to charge mobile devices with its single USB port, and it comes with a USB-A to USB-A cable, too, if you want to charge the lamp faster. It takes around 2-3 hours to charge via a power source and 14 hours under direct sunlight. This could last you up to 50 hours on a continuous low light level. Meanwhile, keeping it in a medium can last you up to 24 hours, a high level for 5 hours, and 9 hours for the flashing light.

Overall, the Luci Pro Lux is an on-the-go, highly functional lamp that you never thought you needed. You can literally use it anywhere (even on water), and it is not high maintenance.

Locally, the Mpowerd Luci Pro Lux is available for PHP 2,190 at atlascommune.com, and you can check out their other Mpowerd light products here.

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