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Portable Photo Printers You Can Buy Right Now

Photos hold memories. Aside from keeping pictures on our smartphones and other smart devices, there’s something special about having a physical copy of them. Some people indeed love and appreciate keeping photos that would remind them of any remarkable memory they make. It’s a great thing that there are portable photo printers available in the market that lets us print photos we like on our own. If you are one sentimental person, you’ll definitely want to get a device that would be your means to run off your treasured images! Here are the portable photo printers you can buy right now!

(Note: Prices are subject to change.)

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer

The Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer is a pocket-sized device sporting inkless printing. It lets users choose from various filters, collage templates, and grid split templates to edit photos using the Mi Home App. The printer uses zero ink printing using ZINK technology, eliminating the need for a cartridge changing. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth printing that allows multiple simultaneous connections even without WiFi. It also comes with an AR printing option, allowing scanning printed photos to play videos with sound. The device’s photo paper is self-adhesive, suitable for creating stickers, decorating journals, scrapbooks, and more.

PHP 2,999 | Shop here 47 .

HUAWEI Portable Photo Printer

The HUAWEI Portable Photo Printer is a mini-sized, light, and portable printer that fits in the pocket. It supports Zink inkless printing technology and a Bluetooth connection. It has approximately 10 seconds transmission speed and has 10 carton capacity to affix photo paper. Moreover, it supports Huawei Share 3.0 one-click printing, without the need to install any app. Plus, it also supports AR photos and DIY business card printing. Lastly, it is compatible with Android 8.0 or above, iOS 10.0.2 or above, Huawei EMUI 9.0.1 or above.

PHP 4,739 | Shop here.

Canon iNSPiC Mini Photo Printer

The iNSPiC Mini Photo Printer is Canon’s smallest and lightest photo printer. It is capable of printing upside down and does not use ink for printing. This printer allows users to print photos through the Zero Ink Technology from ZINK instantly. This is a revolutionary dry-printing technology that enables printing in color without the use of ink cartridges. It ensures easy connectivity via wireless printing. It delivers 2×3-inch glossy photo prints that are smudge-proof and scratch-resistant, with a peel-and-stick reverse side. The Canon Mini Photo Printer is available in Slate Grey, Rose Gold, and Mint Green.

PHP 4,980 | Shop here 15.

HP Sprocket 100 Portable Photo Printer

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a small, cute, and convenient photo printer designed for printing from a smartphone or tablet. To add some spice to the photos, users may customize them printing with the HP Sprocket App by adding some fun text, borders, emojis, and more. This device can fit into the pocket. It is best to use it with an Original HP ZINK sticky-backed photo Paper. To print, connect the Sprocket Photo Printer to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth.

PHP 4,995 | Shop here 11.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3

The Fujifilm SHARE SP-3 is a smartphone-compatible printer capable of printing digital images. It lets users select their best shots from the smartphone and get Instax prints by transferring the app’s photographs to the SP-3 via a Wi-Fi connection. It boasts a new laser exposure system that achieves a fast printing time. Plus, it also features a Collage template, which lets users take a maximum of nine different photographs to be incorporated into a single image, and “My template,” which gives users 11 designs to choose from. Users may also customize the color and size of the text on the photos before printing. The supported app also enables users to directly access and select pictures stored on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

PHP 6,499 | Shop here.

Fujifilm Instax mini Link

The Fujifilm Instax mini Link can produce prints of pictures saved in a smartphone using the dedicated Link app and Bluetooth. The device has several functions, such as Video Print, Match Test, and Party Print, which produces a single print from multiple pictures sent from smartphones by up to five people. The Link also has a built-in motion sensor and can be used to zoom in or out or as a remote-controller to take a photo with large groups of people. Users may also add frames and make collages via the app and print it with the Link.

PHP 6,523 | Shop here.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi to transform digital images into physical photos instantly. The device features ZINK zero ink printing technology eliminates the need for film, ink, toners, cartridges, and ribbons. Plus, to level up photography, users may download the Polaroid app to unlock customizable and adjustable editing features. The premium sticky peel-back paper prints are water-resistant, tear-resistant, smudge-proof, and dry to the touch.

PHP 7,884 | Shop here.

Canon SELPHY CP1300

The Canon Selphy CP1300 is a reliable printing machine that sports a compact design. It is a portable Wi-Fi printer that prints quality photos direct from the users’ camera or smartphone anywhere, anytime, on any occasion. Packed with features like a 3.2-inch tilt-up LCD screen and the Wi-Fi Shuffle Print mode. The device can combine images (from up to 8 to smart devices) to form a unique collage on a single photo. The new 2×6 inch layout feature also adds a versatility layer as users can create their own photo booth style printouts. Indeed, the special film coating protects the photos from dust, water, and color fading, making the memories last long.

PHP 8,250| Shop here 11.

Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay is the smallest camera in the Instax lineup that also works as a printer. Described as a hybrid instant camera, the LiPlay features an LCD monitor where users can check the photos captured and choose images they want to print. It has a “Sound” function that allows users to record up to 10 seconds of audio. The audio can be converted into a QR code printed along with the photo, allowing for playback once the QR code is scanned. Other functions of the LiPlay include “Direct Print,” which transfers photos taken with smartphones to the LiPlay for printing, and “Remote Shooting,” which utilizes the LiPlay app installed via smartphone to release the LiPlay’s shutter for hands-free photos. Furthermore, the dedicated smartphone app allows users to preview images before printing and add colorful frames and filters.

PHP 8,930 | Shop here.

There you have it! Those are the cute portable photo printers that you may grab right now. Those are some of the various mini photo printers available in the market, offering different capabilities and features. We hope that you’ll get to choose which among these would be your selected device to print more photos you share with your loved ones.

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