Vivo V15 Pro’s Kids Mode is not just for kids

Kids Mode is not a new feature and is found in a lot of smartphones including’s Vivo’s V15 Pro. While most would consider it as something that should be activated when you want your kids to your device, its features are also useful for adults. Here’s why.

Before we get started, Kids Mode is a smartphone feature found in some smartphones. It is designed to keep important files, apps, and other stuff from being accessed by children in case you have to let them borrow it. You can select the apps that you want your kids to access and it is protected by a passcode or your fingerprint so they can’t tamper with the settings.

In the case of the Vivo V15 Pro’s Kids Mode, you can also limit the time it can be used, restrict the amount of data they can consume, or disable running apps once a battery level has been reached. These settings make sure that your phone keeps its full functionality after your kid is done with it. But for a regular adult, the features mentioned are also handy.

It’s an anti-addiction tool.

Are you guilty of binge-watching on YouTube or Netflix to the point that you have wasted the whole day being unproductive? If you’re having problems controlling these activities, activate Kids Mode and limit your usage time. That way you’ll get reminded to go back to work and finish your tasks.

Protect your eyes and prevent poor posture.

The Vivo V15 Pro’s Kids Mode lowers the screen’s brightness to protect your eyes, especially if you’re using it in dark environments. In addition, it has a posture reminder that will send a notification when you or your kid is using the phone while lying down. When that happens, an owl will appear to remind you to sit up straight. In a way, it prevents body strain that occurs when you’re using the phone for too long.

It’s a battery saver.

Set your battery level limit and the Kids Mode will automatically disable the device. This makes sure that you still have enough battery for the important stuff. It’s similar to your phone’s battery saver function but if you want something more direct, you can use this.

It’s a data saver.

Android smartphones already have built-in data saver functions. But if you’re already using Kids Mode, you can also set data usage restrictions so you can be sure you’re not going over your data allowance and that no other apps are eating it up as well.

It can protect your privacy.

Let’s say a friend or a colleague wants to borrow your phone to make a phone call or something else, and you’re worried that he/she will access other apps in it. You can remedy that by activating kids mode, then selecting the apps that you want to be accessed.

To activate Kids Mode, just swipe in your Vivo V15 Pro’s home screen to see the Kids Mode app. Tap on it, enter your passcode, load it with apps, adjust your restrictions and you’re good to go.

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