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Denon Heos 7 HS2 Hi-res Speaker Review

Denon made headlines in 2014 for its range of HEOS speakers. These were known for their impeccable sound quality and stylish design. Although universally praised by critics, there was one missing feature that put off potential customers and ultimately hindered the line’s chances to be placed on the top shelf: Bluetooth support – a feature that most rivals had already integrated.

In comes the Denon HEOS 7 HS2, an updated version of the HEOS 7. Keeping its high-class design, style, and simplicity, it now also comes with Bluetooth features and plays Hi-res files! But what else does it have to offer? Let’s find out!

Design and Construction

The outside of the HEOS 7 HS2 has not changed from the previous version. It’s large in size and really well built; a lot of attention to detail was put into this flagship speaker. The quality of the materials feel premium and it’s pretty hefty in weight. It grabs a lot of attention in a room though, due to its size and modern design.

The weird shape of the HEOS 7 makes it hard to pick-up out of the box, but once its out it can be moved quite easily. The brushed aluminum finish at the top of the unit looks great and gives it a nice pop but it is very susceptible to fingerprints. Below that is the speaker housing which consists of 5 custom drivers, 5 class d amplifiers, and 2 passive radiator design. The HEOS logo in front stands out due to the speaker being primarily black. Below that is an LED indicator light.

To the right of the unit are the volume rockers and the mute button. Its pretty basic on this side of the speaker but the black plastic finish on the sides are fingerprint magnets. The speaker grill cloth cover is tightly wrapped around the edges and folds back inside the unit itself.

At the opposite side is the 3.5 mm headphone port exclusive to the HEOS 7 HS2.

Moving to the back of the speaker are the power input, Bluetooth connection button, 3.5mm input, an ethernet port for connecting to your router and finally a connect button for when setting it up. As already mentioned, the previous version of the HEOS7 did not come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and only came with a dongle that you can connect via USB. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity is a big plus when it comes to convenience and ease-of-use.

At the bottom side of the device, are the HEOS logo and different kinds of warnings. Around the warnings and labels is a ring of thick rubber which helps it grip onto most surfaces.

Along with the unit itself, there were a few extras in the box; a quickstart guide, power brick and cable, aux cable, and an ethernet cable.

Setup and Features

The HEOS 7 HS2 uses the same mobile application as the HEOS 1, 3, and 5. Which means it’s very much capable of doing what it’s predecessors can do, plus streaming options as well as the ability to connect one HEOS speaker to another. The smartphone app enables you to stream music from a plethora of sources like SoundCloud, Spotify, Tunein, Deezer, Napster or physical inputs like USB and AUX in. Connecting to the speaker itself is pretty straightforward: just turn on your Bluetooth and press the Bluetooth button on the device to connect. The tricky part is connecting the HEOS 7 HS2 to other HEOS speakers. You would have to connect the speaker via wifi either through an ethernet cable or an aux cable to your smartphone.

Similar to the other HEOS speakers, the HEOS 7 HS2 depends heavily on the app for its features. With the app, you can update the software and control all of the connected HEOS speakers individually. The app is simple and easy to use – It’s also very responsive and does not lag. Overall the mobile app is a joy to use with great response time and ease of operation. You can get the mobile app via the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.


Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality, the HEOS 7 HS2 is no slouch. With its 5 active drivers, 2 precision tweeters, and 2 mid-woofers, the mid-range gives you a full sound. Its very loud and can easily fill up a large room, but the bass is sometimes too strong. To alleviate this, you can adjust the bass levels with the HEOS app. The speaker has the ability to play hi-res audio files, which gives it a richer sound – a big plus for audiophiles out there. Overall the HEOS 7 HS2 is a very well balanced speaker – it has great channel separation and everything is well-controlled without being overpowering.


For those who want something similar to a dedicated surround sound system with the added convenience and (almost) portability, the HEOS 7 HS2 is definitely a speaker that you might want to look into. It’s sound quality and features are top-of-the-line and can contend with pretty much all its competitors at a fraction of the price.

In the end, it looks great, sounds great, and is one of the more affordable options, making it one of the best wireless speakers out in the market.

HEOS 7 HS2 price – Php38,500

Available at A.Refinery stores nationwide:
UP Town Center, Katipunan
Ayala Abreeza Mall, Davao
Ayala Centrio Mall, CDO

Denon HEOS 7 HS2 specs:
5 active drivers
2 precision tweeters
2 mid-woofers
1 subwoofer
2 passive radiators
Headphone output
High-Resolution Audio Support
Auxiliary Analog Line Input
Supports Music Subscription Services
802.11b/g/n networks on 2.4GHz
802.11a/n/ac on 5GHz bands
RJ-45 wired LAN port
203 x 479 x 164 mm
4.6 kg

What we liked:

* A lot of streaming services
* Powerful and rich sound
* Modern design

What we didn’t:
* Cumbersome setup
* Pricey


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