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June Gadget Reviews Roundup 2016


And just like that we’re halfway through the year, so before we get started with the second half of 2016 let’s check out all the gadgets we reviewed last month. This includes the Sony Xperia X, Xiaomi Mi Max, OnePlus 3, and a slew of Cherry Mobile devices. Here’s our Gadget Reviews Roundup for June 2016.

Cherry Mobile Flare XL Plus

With its large display, generic design and build, so-so performance, and average cameras, the Flare XL Plus doesn’t aspire to be your best option but it does keep the common factors to a good budget phone intact. For just Php 3,999, there’s not much to wish for the smartphone in this range but a change in design is a must to make a phone standout, especially when a brand like Cherry Mobile already has a vast selection of Androids.

Infinix Note 2

The Infinix Note 2 is that type of smartphone that won’t impress in all aspects but can provide specific advantages that will certainly benefit a wide range of users – large display, capable CPU and RAM, LTE connectivity, Android Marshmallow, 4,000mAh battery, and affordable price tag. For Php 5,999, users can enjoy those benefits without breaking the bank.

O+ M

The O+ M has definitely hit the right spots — it has the latest Android smartphone version available in the market today, and its features do not disappoint. Aside from exuding a more premium look and feel which is different from previous O+ smartphone releases, it emits a good display, and the camera is quite decent and can be a good handy snapper in case you need to take a quick photo on a whim.

Cherry Mobile Touch XL 2

The Cherry Mobile Touch XL 2 did surprise us with its free VR headset bundle which is a good pair to the large 6-inch display. While the resolution of the panel may not be top-notch, its decent VR capability is fun to have around. Also, for just Php 3,499, it’s a good deal for those who are into huge displays but it’s not for power users.

Cherry Mobile Flare XL 2.0

For just Php 5,999, you’re getting an affordable phablet that doesn’t sacrifice design but did skimp on battery capacity. Nevertheless, the Cherry Mobile Flare XL 2.0 was able to give a lasting impression during our review. If you’re looking for phablet on a budget, then this handset is worth a try. It also comes two colors, black and white.

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 Action Cam

Available for Php 5,999, it’s not really the cheapest out there but it sure is the only action camera that’s considered smart. Plus, the package includes all the necessary accessories and tools so you’re pretty much set to start shooting from different points of view.

Cherry Mobile Fit Activity Tracker

With a retail price of Php 3,499, the Cherry Mobile Fit is probably one of the most affordable activity trackers out in the market right now and is a good option if you’re on the lookout for a new wearable.


2016 Ford Explorer

If you are a young professional that is just starting out then I would urge you to look somewhere else, but if you are an accomplished corporate or business titan looking for an SUV that has European features and comforts at a more practical price then you have found it. Ford proves that luxury can be accessible but, sadly, it still isn’t cheap.

MyPhone my86 DTV

Myphone’s my86 DTV has a good build, takes decent photos on both of its cameras, and is a good phone for those on the lookout for an affordable device while not missing out on the latest soap operas on primetime. It’s a generally decent performer, and the build and its added DTV feature doesn’t make you think that the device isn’t something worth Php2,999.

Xiaomi Mi Max

While its not too handy to carry around, we always end up picking the Mi Max in our leisure time, preferring to use it to surf the web, watch videos on YouTube and the usual set of games. More so that we know it can last the entire day on heavy use. That being said, we liked the Mi Max — nice design, great performance and battery life. We think it’s one of the best and most affordable phablets out in the market.

Cherry Mobile Zoom

The Cherry Mobile Zoom’s main feature is its large battery capacity and support for quick charging up to 2A. While the ‘Zoom’ moniker is more suited for a camera-centric device, it’s nice to see a quick charging device w/ large battery for just Php4,999. The bezel is a turn down for those who wishes to balance productivity and looks, but it’s an acceptable trade off.

Disney Mobile Smartphone

With its decent specs, fancy Disney-themed content, and lively colorful UI, the Disney Mobile smartphone offered exclusively by Globe through their postpaid plan is mainly for Disney fans and those who wanted something different from the usual offerings. Its camera issues, and short battery life is not exactly something the masses would be excited about especially if it is offered with a 24-month contract.

OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 is the company’s newest high-end budget flagship smartphone. This is the third generation smartphone from OnePlus which is popular for putting top-of-the-line specs in a phone that was the cost of a mid-range device.

Torque Droidz Axis

In the end, the Torque Droidz Axis is your another cheap tablet with little touches to help it make an impression to the end user. While the rotating camera is a plus feature, the rest of the slate leave us wanting more. For Php 4,399, it’s a hard sell due to its dated internals and software, but hey, the rotating camera is nifty especially during video chat.

Sony Xperia X

If you look at the specs, the Xperia X is a top-notch mid-ranger with features found on flagships – premium build, nice design, capable CPU with plenty of RAM and storage, fast LTE, fingerprint scanner, great display quality, and capable camera. However, when you look at its asking price, that’s where things get a bit ugly. At Php29,990 it’s on the expensive side, considering that it doesn’t have water-proofing, 4K video recording, or larger battery.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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