March Gadget Reviews Roundup 2015

March Gadget Reviews Roundup 2015

It’s a new month once again so we’re here to give you a roundup of all the devices we’ve reviewed recently. This includes the HTC Desire Eye, Cherry Mobile One, Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual-SIM, Meizu M1 Note, ASUS Zenfone C, the expensive Bose Lifestyle 535 Series III Surround Speakers, and a number of affordable AWEI headphones. Check out our Gadget Reviews Roundup for the month of March.


Full Review:

HTC Desire Eye

The Desire Eye, like many other HTC smartphones before it, is a thing of beauty. It is a well rounded, well-equipped handset that puts everything else in place. It has a good front-facing camera, great performance, water-resistant body, and excellent battery life.


Cherry Mobile One

For Php3,999 people can now own a Google-tested device without breaking the bank and be one of the first to receive the latest Android flavors when it comes out. And for a budget-conscious market like ours that’s a very good thing.


CloudFone CloudPad One 7.0

For Php7K you have a 7-inch tablet that performs well on casual browsing and video-watching. It comes across hangs and lags every once in a while, but could still get better once a newer update of Lollipop rolls out. Battery life is also impressive — which makes it something that would prove useful to bring around when you’re on-the-go.


Sennheiser Urbanite Headphones

So what do you get for almost Php12K? For one, you get a stylish pair of headphones that demand some quick glances from people as you walk the streets with its design. Build quality is also top-notch as we were confident enough to put serious amount of stress on its headband during our time with it. Sound quality is balanced all around with lows, mids, and highs unified.


AWEI TS-150vi In-Ear Headphones

The TS-150vi is capable of producing sounds of acceptable to good quality. It’s good with RnB, Acoustic, Jazz and Rock music but falls a bit short when it comes to the bassy Hip Hop and Club. Design-wise, its sporty look should appeal to people with active lifestyles. Quality-wise, it feels cheap which is the same thing I can say for its price. The Awei TS-150vi only costs Php490 which is less expensive than most in-ear headphones out there.


Bose Lifestyle 535 Series III Surround Speakers

This flagship speaker from Bose deserves to be the headliner in its home theater series. The speakers are easy to squeeze and blends effortlessly into any living room, sound quality is life-like, you have a sub-woofer that pumps out chest-shaking lows, it easily fills a large living room, and finally don’t forget about its easy setup.


AWEI ES-Q5 Noise Isolation Earphones

Priced at a little over Php200, the AWEI ES-Q5 delivered above-average sound quality for the value it’s asking for. There’s no in-line microphone or navigation buttons but you get a nice in-ear that you can easily bring around with, and has a nice touch of nature too. Is it a good buy? Yes. We’re just not sure about the durability of these in the long run, but for 200 pesos it doesn’t hurt the pocket that much.


Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphones


Both the Urbanite and Urbanite XL have the same neat and easily-noticeable design, while having premium materials comprising it. They have commendable sound performance with slight differences, but overall provide an enjoyable musical experience. Comfort is also aced by both models so it’s just up to you if you prefer the feel of having bigger cups — although choosing the XL will set you back Php4K more.


AWEI ES100M In-Ear Headphones

Overall, its performance is better than most stock earphones that you see bundled with a phone. We’ve pointed this before on our previous AWEI review and it’s still the case here. What we’re seeing here is that the company is offering better alternatives for music-listeners that don’t want to break their banks.


AWEI ES900i In-Ear Headphones

The ES900i is like the opposite of the TS-150vi. It’s good when it comes to bass but doesn’t exercise a lot of control when it comes to trebles. It’s still a very good pair though considering its price. You won’t get in-line controls like the TS-150vi but you’ll get tangle-free flat cables and a much better build. And for just Php349, it certainly won’t break the bank.


Meizu M1 Note

There’s really no reason why shouldn’t go for the Meizu M1 Note if you have the money to buy it. The handset offers respectable performance, it’s got great design albeit undeniably patterned to the iPhone 5C and the battery life is outstanding, making it difficult to pass up the sweet Php7,990 deal that Novo7 Tech is billing for this exceptional mid-range smartphone.


Bowers & Wilkins T7 Bluetooth Speaker

The Bowers & Wilkins T7 is one of the nicest-looking Bluetooth speakers we’ve used so far. It supports aptX technology, has great quality and build, a simple yet attractive design, and long battery life. Sound-wise, the T7 can produce really good sounds that should satisfy listeners of all kinds of music. Overall, the T7 is a great Bluetooth speaker.



It’s a fun, nice-looking and easy to use action camera that deserves a second look (especially if you’re an HTC fan). One minor concern though is the lack of accessories, even a carrying case.


Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual-SIM

With an asking price with just a little over Php4K, the Lumia 435 Dual-SIM is a good phone to keep in mind if you find yourself having affinity for Windows phones and at the same time are tight on budget. We had some trouble with our Microsoft account but it carried everyday tasks smoothly. The need to convert high-res videos into lower resolution is cumbersome, but on the bright side the speakers are powerful which is not common for entry-level phones.


Asus Zenfone C

The Zenfone C is a decent entry-level smartphone with an adequate performance. Marking itself as one of the most affordable Intel-equipped smartphones in the market today, its lauded design and build also seen on its other siblings, the increased screen size and battery capacity, and the software skin that is of the ZenUI are some of its great points not to be missed out.


Quick Review:

JBL Clip

If we are to bring a compact speaker for a trek or hike, we will definitely include the JBL Clip to our choices. Its portable design and loud yet clear output is already a good selling point. Add to that the Bluetooth and hands-free feature. However, the lack of water-proofing is a let-down. With an SRP of Php2,995, it is a good option for those who need it.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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