Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charging Stand preview

Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charging Stand preview

Along with the Lumia 720, Nokia Philippines also let us loan the DT-910 or commonly known as the Wireless Charging Stand. Check out our short preview after the break.

nokia dt910

The Nokia DT-910 is an add-on accessory that you can purchase on top of your wireless-charging-compatible Lumia handset. In case you’re wondering which Lumia phones are compatible with the wireless charger, here’s the shortlist.

• Lumia 720 • Lumia 822
• Lumia 810 • Lumia 920
• Lumia 820 • Lumia 928

Design and Construction

Majority of the accessory is crafted out of plastic which is then coated with two different material; rubber matte and gloss. The former is the texture of the front and surrounding portion of the charger’s cradle while the back of the cradle as well as the other parts are glossy.

nokia wireless charger

Nokia went for a simple design approach with the DT-910. The circular bottom portion of the charger provides a sturdy base for the cradle while the cradle is slightly angled to support a phone when being charged.


There’s an LED notification light at bottom with an NFC logo above it. On the other hand, the charging port is located on the opposite side of the device.


Using the device is fairly simple; once the Wireless Charger is plugged in to a power source, all the user has to do is place the phone vertically to the cradle. Once the DT-910 detects the handset, the LED light will flash signaling that the device is being charged.

As an add-on feature, the DT-910 can also be set to display certain apps or content to the paired smartphone using NFC. By default, the phone will display the current time and weather, but this can altered inside “Settings” of the phone.

Just to show how this works, we’ve prepared a short video demo:


Wireless charging is, without a doubt, an interesting proposition both in the usage and technological standpoint. However, we don’t think that its current sticker price, which is pegged at US$99 a pop, isn’t too encouraging for the majority of Lumia users to buy this in a heartbeat.

Having said that, we feel that the question that needs to be asked is not whether you should or shouldn’t buy it, but whether or not you’re willing to shell out a little over four grand for a fancy charger with NFC. Your thoughts?

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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9 Responses

  1. meh says:

    does it work on the nexus 4? Can you try it and let us know?

  2. Mr. Curious says:

    The real question is, do we really need a device like that? I’m not sure or maybe I’m just overlooking at things but I think they’re creating a solution to a problem that does not exist.

    just a thought thou =D

    • Charliemanok says:

      Conventional chargers does the job better, and it comes along with the phone as you buy it. So yeah, its not practically necessary.

      But these kinds of technologies (wireless charges, Google glass, etc) are essential to future technologies. Thus, wireless charger is an important innovation.

  3. Nikka says:

    Hi! Would just like to clarify that while the Lumia 720 supports wireless charging, you need a Wireless Charging cover to make it work =) Apologies that your review unit did not come with the WC cover. =)

  4. JC dela Cruz says:

    I’m not surprised if it doesn’t work. You need a Wireless Charging cover on your Lumia 720 to make it work.

  5. phillip says:

    Would be slightly worth it if it’s a car accessory. Charging + automatically opening Nokia Here Drive.

  6. Gaz says:

    well actually the real question here how long does it take to fully charge the battery. If it take too long it will be just a pain. just like the S4 it take 2hours to charge it at an outlet but 4hours on wireless charging.
    (because of low frequency)

    well i much will prefer for now an outlet and a normal charger which will efficiently charge my device rather than spend 4grand for something that will slow me down

  7. chic says:

    available na ba to sa pinas? anyone?

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