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Google names next Android version: KitKat

Just when everybody thought that the next version of Android will be named Key Lime Pie, Google surprised the cyberworld by announcing that the upcoming Android 4.4 will go by the KitKat moniker.

Why KitKat you might ask? Well, it’s no rocket science actually. It’s just that Google has this age-old tradition of naming its mobile platform after delectable treats in alphabetical order. It all started with Android 1.5 which was named Cupcake, then followed by Donut(v1.6), Éclair (v2.0) and Froyo (v2.2).

android kitkat

During the latter part of 2010, Google released Froyo’s successor, Gingerbread (v2.3) which became the most widely-used version of the platform even after they’ve released the tablet-optimized Honeycomb (v3.0), Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0.x) and “buttery-smooth” Jelly bean (v4.1.x).

So far, Google remains mum on the things we can expect from KitKat besides their oath to “make an amazing Android experience available for everybody”. Is Google thinking of giving its mobile platform a complete overhaul like they did during the transition from GB to ICS? Or is it going to be just an incremental upgrade to further improve the great OS? Tell us what you think in the comments field below.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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41 Responses

  1. thebigc says:

    Have a break… have a KitKat!
    Akala ko Kalamay Ube na…

  2. Jay Quing says:

    Their versions were tasty, which resemble how good is the user-friendliness and performance of the operating system… Good job Android, that’s why many people are now switching to your side (especially from Nokia)…

  3. robby says:

    First time to use a brand name as a code name

  4. aliX says:

    pustahan pagdating ng letter O, OREO YAN

  5. kotetsu says:

    Hmmm…I like the smell of a delicious lawsuit in the morning! KitKat, huh?

    • kotetsu says:

      Oh wait! So this turned out as a real partnership between Nestle and Google. That’s sweet.

    • fgdfgdf says:

      BOBO! Basa basa muna kasi bago humirit!

    • kotetsu says:

      My previous comment is intended as a joke but unfortunately, it didn’t worked for you because you didn’t get the message of my joke. Oh well, common sense really isn’t all “common” these days.

    • Android Krispy Kreme says:


      Oh, what a feeble and hopeless homo sapiens…can’t even get the message behind @kotetsu’s message.

    • What a fcking jerk! says:

      Bulag ka bang BOBO ka? Kita mo na ngang nag-comment si @kotetsu na partnership talaga ‘to ng Google and Nestle tapos hindi mo pa na-gets yung joke comment nya na isang reference sa quote na “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” sa movie na “Apocalypse Now”. Tanga mo na, Bobo ka pa, kiddo!

      Aral-aral kasi muna kung paano magkaroon ng common sense bago mag-comment.

    • boy bulalo says:

      Ayan, supalpal tuloy yang atake mo. Nasabihan ka pa tuloy na walang kang common sense.

      You’re a big failure to the humanity and you deserveto be disposed off this intricate world.

    • @kotetsu: Mukang di naman joke ‘to. Mukang na-realize mo kaya you commented back to correct it.
      Palusot ka lang. :p

      @fgdfgdf: It doesn’t mean kampi ako sayo. What a harsh way to reply to kotetsu, perfect example of trolling. Ayaw ko lang yung sinabi niyang wala kang common sense kasi hindi rin joke tingin ko sa comment niya. :D

    • anon666 says:

      @fgdfgdf joke yun, you slowpoke!

    • kotetsu says:

      @Janet Lim Napoles
      It took me damn 4 minutes to make my next comment on my first comment because of my damn internet connection plus some downtime on this site. Is my comment a joke? My answer: yes and no.

      If you didn’t get the “Apocalypse Now” reference in my first comment, you should better start getting familiarized in popular culture. People get scolded nowadays because of their lack of understanding and comprehension, which is what @fgdfgdf did. Not to mention, he/she didn’t have the fvcking guts to put his/her real name while making that insulting comment. What a fine human being.

      And to be fair, I’m telling my name: Angelo Balaguer from Cainta, Rizal. Find me on facebook if you want.

      If @fgdfgdf doesn’t reveal his/her real name here, he/she is your typical troll.

    • Zzzz says:

      Angelo Balaguer = O.A.

    • WP8 addict says:

      Was that really intended as a joke? Kasi parang nag post ka nyan thinking hindi ito joint venture ng Nestle at Google. Could’ve posted the joke and the reply joke in one post para joke tlga xa. mas nagmukha kang walang alam eh. pft, i cannot even laugh. not a joke. not a joke.

  6. tarush says:

    Just trying to steal some thunder from Apple’s iOS 7’s right on schedule software update next week ü

  7. jdGONEMAD says:

    should have been android kababayan. you know, those local muffins.

  8. Jae says:

    Kitkat? Ei. Have a break and have an android device. :D

  9. mika says:

    Kitkat is a brand name right? unlike previous versions na common names ng desserts. I smell nestle licensing deal.

  10. eh says:

    parang gusto ko tuloy kumain ng kitkat ang mahal lang

  11. dan says:

    Walang dala pa rin google baka mamaya mahabla naman sila ng nestle nyan US has crazy IP laws

    • booboo says:

      Licensing is legit. Check Kitkat’s .com website. Homepage says Kitkat 4.4. Also, check Android’s .com/kitkat microsite. Ayos!

  12. Justin says:

    KitKat is Android 4.4, so it’s just an incremental upgrade. If it were an overhaul, it would be 5.0.

    • Krunch 4.4 says:

      probably true but let’s consider the gap between Jelly Bean and Kitkat as a consumption product. I can smell a better OS in Kitkat compared with JB. for sure, chocolate UI neto :D

  13. komputerman says:

    Hopefully it will phones that are stuck in older Android version 4.0 but cannot update to 4.1 due to hardware incompatibilities..

  14. curioso says:

    I wonder what will appear if you repeatedly tapped at the version number of Android 4.4…maybe a KitKat advertisement instead of an Android mascot?

  15. wew says:

    pustahan maglalabas ang kitkat ng kitkat na korteng android.hahahaha anyway tingin ko kaya nila ginamit ung kitkat para sa pera, kumbaga eh advertisement lang.walang kung anumang improvements =)

  16. Lau Beruin says:

    ‘Have a Break, Have an Android Kitkat.’

  17. huh says:

    hate ads..but certainly hate pop-ups!

  18. Mr. Curious says:

    well at least in my opinion kitkat is better name for the key lime pie. thou,….. krispy kreme would have been much better =)) <3

  19. Migz says:

    hopefully it’s affordable :) unlike high end smartphones.. we love nexus…it’s affordable yet the os just get better and better

  20. zaffron says:

    I wonder what the new UI would look like once Sony applies this update to Xperia Z. Hoping for more small apps and improved battery performance. So what would “L” be? Lollipop? Lala (fish cracker)? Hahaha

  21. silent b0bjay says:

    hmmmm kitkat then pass and puff :)

  22. benchmark says:

    hmmm pag naging Y na…Android Yema

    Hehehehe Ayus, bukang bibig na naman ang Kitkat. Advertising talaga lang yan siguro. :)

  23. Earl says:

    Most likely an incremental upgrade it seems that Google will give some facelifts as seen with their new logos. Perhaps they will add more novel features as they did in ICS with face unlock. They could also add some more software optimizations like they did in JB. Of course I could be wrong! Haha

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