Google Nexus 7 unboxed, in the flesh!

Google Nexus 7 unboxed, in the flesh!

The Google Nexus 7 that we pre-ordered in the US arrived this afternoon. We immediately unboxed it to share with you some first impressions and a few more photos.

We got the 8GB model and though the listed price is just $199, the landed cost is a bit higher than expected (that does not include the states taxes and the US shipping cost which will set you back around $30 more).

The box that came with the Nexus 7 is pretty simple but it reminded us of the boxes used by Asus on their Zenbook and the Transformer tablet.

There weren’t much accessories that came with the tablet — just a thin manual, the charger and micro-USB cable. No earphones included or even a simple case or sleeve. For a $199 tablet, one cannot really expect much.

At 7-inch, the Nexus 7 can still be held with one hand. The IPS display looks really good with the 720p resolution. Android 4.1 Jellybean feels smooth and snappy on the device but we can hardly find any significant cosmetic difference between it and ICS. Only when you really dig into some of the features like the Google Cards or Android Beam will you see that goodness of Jellybean on this device.

The tablet is a little thick at 10.5mm, the rubbery back panel feels soft and those small dimples are hardly noticeable.

Here are some of the few photos we took:


[fancygallery ID=”nexus7″]

Here’s the screenshot of the Home screen. Got a little confused with adding widgets since it’s no longer accessible on the top right corner or via the settings (or even when holding down the screen).

The Cards worked just fine and feels like S Voice on the Galaxy S3, Chrome Browser is pre-installed and the offline Maps isn’t really that “offline”. You can check the full overview of Jellybean features here.

We ran a couple of benchmarks and the results are pretty much expected (since we already tested a similar specs on other Tegra 3 devices). Quadrant score is 3,442 and Nenamark 2 is 55.7fps. Antutu Benchmark would not install and is incompatible at the moment.

We did not notice that display issues that we reported here earlier. However, we noticed that the unit we had has this a little defect — the glass display is a little separated from the tablet (and protruding by half a milimeter) on one side. The edge feels loose and needs to be glued back from the inside, I suppose.

In any case, we’ll take a closer look in the next couple of days and publish the full review. We were told by a source inside Asus PH that the Nexus 7 will be released in the Philippines by end of August.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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27 Responses

  1. bayanpages says:

    Based on earlier reviews on the internet, I thought that the Nexus 7 is solidly built and won’t have QA issues with the glass display as reported

  2. It looks like a smaller version of my TF101.

  3. Jason says:

    Sir, what site did you order the nexus 7 from? how much did you pay all in all including taxes and shipping costs? Thanks!

  4. Benchmark says:

    wow! really?! that cheap about 12k?!

    Well I hope on the next batch of Nexus 7, everything would be ok, no defects. waiting for this review. I think it might be my Christmas gift for myself! Nahh…. :)

  5. There’s supposed to be a separation issue with the first batches of Nexus 7s that initially got shipped out. Other users who got later batches haven’t fussed about that issue so I think ASUS got that one solved after the first problematic batches. Still, kind of disappointed at ASUS. That’s not the kind of issue you would expect from a manufacturer as recognized as ASUS is.

    Anyway, I read about a fix for the screen separation issue on the XDA forums. Just take the back off and tighten the screws that fasten the screen to the body of the tablet.

  6. Quinch says:

    How does it compare with the tf700? :)

  7. Marcelino says:

    Asus Google Nexus 7
    Microsoft Surface
    The new iPad

    Wow, too many to choose from!

    Pero price pa lang, alam na eh. ;)

    PS. And Galaxy Note 2 a.k.a. the “phoneblet” is also coming!! Ugh.

  8. aze says:

    any guide on how to order online from USA?

  9. Gerhard says:

    wake me up when august ends.

    but why? why not release the 8gb?

    the difference in sizes of 8 gb and 16 gb is completely irrelevant IMHO, in either case, one is bound to move/transfer files in and out of the tablet rather frequently.

  10. bjtc says:

    Iparaffle na yan sir yuga hehe :)

  11. abit sy says:

    can you transfer your mp3,mp4,pdf into nexus 7 since it has no sdcard. Is it true you can only install app by google play?

  12. kazu says:

    wow $230 dollars lang pala pati shipping and taxes pero kapag ibebenta sa mga online stores $300+ grabe makapatong mga sellers

  13. wreek888 says:

    Later this year dami gastos, nadiyan iphone 5, ipad mini at note2 na mas bigger and faster daw sa S3. I will be needing at least 100k.

  14. Marc says:

    I own the 16GB version of the Nexus 7. I ran the Nenamark 2 benchmark and only scored 55.3. I wonder why that is… maybe it’s because I got tons of apps running in the background?

    I hope when the N7 is released in the Philippines we can buy music and movies for it. (You can already buy music with itunes in the Philippines) I would be a loyal customer if that happened.

    In the meantime, the cool thing about the device is that it plugs into your PC like an MP3 player so you don’t need to “disconnect” it like a flash drive… and it recognizes any MP3s you dump on the thing (even if it warns you that it’s not compatible) Unfortunately it doesn’t work natively with video, you need to get an app to play MKVs, but they work.

    All in all an awesome device!

  15. Boy Butet says:

    Δ Too bad the free google credits cant be used here in the Philippines.

    Google Nexus 7 Tablet post:

  16. josh says:

    i’m wondering if Karbonn Mobile or their partners ingenic and MIPS will sell their tablets in the Philippines. They claim to be the world’s first with their $125 Jelly bean tablet… i just read the article:

  17. matt says:

    How to order online and what website?

  18. Grayer says:

    Hi sir. May offer din po ba kaung 16GB sa Yugadeals?

  19. Marcus says:

    Hey how come yugadeals sell 16k nexus 7? Yuga made a review of $249 for 16gb nexus 7.. Tsktsk very dsapointing not following ur reviews.. Tsk.tsk..

    • thestupidelement says:

      Do we use Dollars as our currency here huh? As I thought.

      $250 is equivalent to around 10,800php.

      Add to it duties and taxes.

      Add shipping

      Add profit (Do you expect them to sell it to you at breakeven costs?)

      Please, please use your brain.

  20. Grayer says:

    Just got my 16GB N7 yesterday. And til now, I just can’t get my eyes (and hands) off her. :)

  21. Jacqui Chua says:


    is it true that this does not support WPA/WPA2 Enterprise WiFi networks?

  22. Gwen says:

    September na po. anong nangyari sa source na sinasabi nyo. hindi nmn ini-release ng asus eh

  23. jai says:

    sir,…support po ba nyan ung 3g dongle na smart..;please sir

  24. I have used equally the apple ipad, asus nexus 7 and
    amazon kindle fire hd, do not demand to many questions!
    but i to a large extent like better the google nexus
    7, thanks for this article post it truly is very attention-grabbing.

  25. I just could not depart your internet site previous to hinting we basically loved the common information and facts an individual source for a attendees? Will be gonna be again often to see new posts

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