Cyanogenmod 10 brings Jellybean to Galaxy Note

Cyanogenmod 10 brings Jellybean to Galaxy Note

XDA Dev forums member and Cyanogenmod developer ‘XpLoDWilD’ has just announced that the CyanogenMod 10 preview for the GT-N7000 variant is now available for us to install (the latest CM 10 build is based on the Android 4.1.1 source code).

A lot of users have already flashed the unofficial Jellybean rom and some were pretty pleased: “Just flashed and really happy with it.”, “I have just installed this and things are pretty amazing!” another member has posted.

Sadly, there are those who were forced to go back to Cyanogenmod 9 (ICS) due to numerous issues such as GPS doesn’t work, wake up lags, freezes, etc. XpLoDWilD did mention that the “FM radio doesn’t work”, It’s not yet “buttery smooth” [but still nice] and that CM10 is “not yet completely ready”.


We’re already downloading the CM10 V2 rom to see how it works for us. We’ll update this post soon to tell you guys all about it.

You guys can download the rom here. For rooting instructions and stock rom installation, click here.

Update: We just flashed the rom last night and unfortunately we’ve encountered the so-called “bootloop of death” wherein the phone keeps on rebooting but never proceed through either the ‘GT-N700’ or ‘Samsung’ logo upon startup. We’re not sure if it is due to some error on our part but we’ve pretty much done the standard [safe] flashing procedure by wiping the cache/data first, then wiping the dalvik cache, flashing the Abyss 3.2 kernel, rebooting into recovery, repeating the wiping procedure again and then flashing the rom.

This is probably a device-specific issue but we can’t be sure, it does however, finish the eMMC writing procedure within CWM (Clockwork Mod) so it means the system files are complete/not corrupted. We tried flashing the CM10 V2 rom again to no avail, we suggest for you guys to wait a little while longer for this Jellybean rom to be completely ready for mass use.

As of now, we’re back to using Cyanogenmod 9 nightlies on our Note, we’re completely satisfied with how stable and fast it is. If you guys want the Vanilla Android experience on your Notes, CM9 is the way to go.

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8 Responses

  1. Ramon says:

    Nice :-D

    But I’d rather wait for a more stable build hehe

  2. dan_md says:

    Do you need to root your phone to run cyanogen? Do I need to unlock the bootloader?

    • Tabbyrawr says:

      Yup! Root access is required. Cyanogenmod is a firmware, or ROM, that’s flashed to replace your biult-in software. Go research for it to know more. ^0^

  3. alain says:

    will samsung give their galaxy wifi 5.0 an ICS upgrade?

  4. Joey T says:

    Hi sir, you are on CM9 Nightly, right?

    If you’re from that ROM, all you have to do is use the Custom recovery with your ROM, flash CM10, flash Gapps, then do Wipe Date/ Factory Reset AFTER FLASHING THOSE FILE; not before flashing.

    See how it goes. I’m on CM10 and it is awesome.

    • Kevin Go says:

      Oh yeah, just forgot to mention that one. I always flash the gapps zip file… even tried without it, so it’s probably an issue with our device or something.

  5. Kev says:

    Boot loop you say?

    Flash abyss then 3 wipes and go to advanced> format /system then flash the rom :)

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