How to order the Google Nexus One?

How to order the Google Nexus One?

So Google has finally opened the curtains to their new flagship Nexus One phone powered by the latest Android 2.1 OS. The unit sells for $529 with free shipping to anywhere in the US.

If you’re in the Philippines, then you’re out of luck since Google does not support our country. Our neighbors from Singapore and Hong Kong can get one straight into their doorsteps.

However, I did some simple work-around to order my own review unit.

nexus one

First, you need to get a US proxy IP address. I bought a 1-month pass for a private US IP for only $8 to make my transaction secure (I used Use that proxy on your browser (here’s a tutorial on how to configure proxy in your browser).


Now go to and order your Nexus One. It’s $529 for the unlock version ($179 for T-Mobile while Verizon and Vodafone will be available by spring). Google will allow you to have a laser engraving at the back for free but will take 72 hours longer before it’s shipped.

Next, you need a US, UK, Hong Kong or Singapore address to send the package. If you’re like me who wants it straight to your address here in the Philippines, you can try the service that I use which is MyUSMailBox (more details here).

nexus one

I reckon my additional charges for shipping and customs would be around Php3k based on previous shipments I’ve made thru this service. That should land me a total bill of Php28k for the whole thing.

The unit should in 2 weeks and I’ll be getting you a better look and full review asap.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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125 Responses

  1. Malato Dimayuga says:

    Hey yuga, what proxy server service are you using?

  2. yuga says:

    I used for this one. I then canceled my subscription after using and got a full refund.

  3. Nick says:

    Galing mo Abe, never even thought about that..

    My niece has already texted me to get her one.. and of course, being the favorite niece that she is, I have to oblige.. ahahah

  4. Waiting for your review of the Nexus one :D

  5. Xenio says:

    Did Google check only the address of ship?
    There is no check for the credit card?

  6. PowerTXT says:

    I’ll wait for the iPhone that’s coming out on Jan 26.

  7. Vance says:

    i’m wondering? will hotspot shield work as a proxy? its for free..

  8. Larry says:

    There is an activate phone link in the website. Just wondering what this for? If Philippines is not a supported country, will you be able to use the phone here in Manila even if you use your US proxy to activate the phone?

  9. Vance says:

    Hotspot shield.. works.. tried it hehe. Sadly, I don’t have $530 to spend hehe//

  10. Vance says:

    Sorry, if you choose Philippines on the credit card choice, does it work?

  11. Jaypee says:

    I would’ve gotten this if I wasn’t on AT&T and if my wife hadn’t gotten me an iPhone 3GS last Christmas. :P

  12. James says:

    How about activating the phone? Do you need to be a “supported country” for you to be able to activate it. I tried clicking on the link, obviously it says no Phone found, but at least it doesn’t give me a “Your country is not supported at the moment” message.

    I’m quite curious on what goes on when you activate you phone. Do you do it via usb cable then go to the website?

  13. Erin says:

    wow! ill wait for the review and if this phone can tether and doesnt get bad reviews then this (or an iteration) can be my next phone.

    let me see which body part i can sell to get me a new phone. j/k


  14. Larry says:

    I think the activate phone link is for those who purchase the phone with a T-Mobile subscription (discounted phone price).

    @Erin – the phone does not support tethering.

  15. Carl says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve read your MyUSMailbox way of buying stuff that aren’t shipped to the Philippines and its the first thing that came to my mind after learning that Google isn’t shipping to the Philippines (yet). But maybe I’ll wait some more and wait for your review (as well as reading other reviews) before deciding to buy or not.

  16. Larry says:

    I think the activate phone link is for those who purchased the phone with T-mobile subscription (@ a discounted price).

    @ Erin – unluckily, the phone does not support tethering.

  17. Calvin says:

    wala talagang magawa sa pera. :P

    an easier way is to ask somebody from the US to order it from you hehehe. :P

  18. Calvin says:

    errr…order it for you.. sorry.

  19. yuga says:

    @Xenio – they don’t have restrictions on the credit card, just the shipping address.

    @PowerTxt – I don’t think there’s a new iPhone on the 26th. Rumors point to an Apple Tablet PC.

    @Vance – any proxy will do, including the free ones. I just chose the private proxy so my CC details cannot be sniffed out during the transaction. My Philippine credit card worked.

    @Larry – for those subscribing with T-Mobile.

    @Jaypee – you mean T-Mobile?

    @Calvin – it will pay for itself when the pageviews come in. It’s not a hobby, it’s a blog investment. *heh*

  20. Ardz says:

    Nice investment! :D

  21. Erik says:

    Hi, thanks for the info.
    If you are working in a BPO industry for a US company, most likely than not, you are on a US server, and thus your IP address will be US too. :D

    Personally, i prefer Johnny Air to ship my items from US. They charge $7.5/2 lbs (it depends on dimension as well, whichever is higher) + $5 handling fee for electronic items, such as this. So that would roughly be $530+$20 (assuming 4 lbs converted weight) = $550 which is approx 24,500 PhP. Mas mababa ang USD ngayon, so mas ok, :D

  22. yuga says:

    @Erik – you forgot the 3k from customs.

  23. Erik says:

    @yuga: there is no customs charge.
    I have already shipped some items before, like bluetooth headsets, iPod Touch, etc. They charge customs fee for Laptops / netbook only.

  24. Erik says:

    @yuga: there is no customs charge.
    I have already shipped some items before, like bluetooth headsets, iPod Touch, etc. They (Johnny Air) charge customs fee for Laptops / netbook only.

  25. yuga says:

    @Erik – with MyUSMB, customs fee is free for items under $500. Anything beyond $500 is taxable.

  26. arnold says:

    Isa kang henyo Yuga! Will try this work around!
    Just like Erik said, will use Johnny Air.

  27. RJ says:

    waah!! Gustong-gusto ko to! :( sana maka-ipon ako at by the time na mabili ko to, mura na sya at shipped directly sa Pinas.

  28. I’ll try to contact Johnny Air regarding their policies on this one. Sayang naman Sir Yuga, lumampas pa ng $30 dollars sana no customs charge na.

  29. In any cae, I’ll be waiting your review first. I want to confirm if all features will be intact given that our country is not supported!

  30. arnold says:

    It’s a good thing MyUSBox is in LA. My Johnny Air contact’s address is in New York. I was charged 46.95 for NY tax!

    Hopefully everything goes well and I get to receive the Nexus One in a couple of days…:-)

  31. arnold says:

    @Reel Advice – Johnny Air charges $15 custom handling fee for the iPhone. I guess that’s the same rate as the Nexus One.

  32. Junnjun013 says:

    Wow, galing…Will try this work around…Thnaks

  33. arnold says:

    O ayan, folks who are planning to use Johnny Air, make sure you course it through their LA contact. Sayang din yung $46!

  34. wtf says:

    Dude, you made things even more complicated, finding an address in SG or HK for the phone to be sent in?

    I think what you should have told with your readers amidst with your heroic tall tale of proxying google which looks like a child’s play – is to simply tell them

    to have someone order it from them in USA and just have it delivered to them in PH via FedEx (to make sure it would have golden pass from customs)

    You make things even more complicated by having your newbie readers use myusmailbox which has a price at par with FedEx Shipping.

    Do you really first time online buyers to actually do this? And expect them to buy prox servers (obviously using a free won’t do the trick)

    I’ve checked your reviews done on some of gadget particularly the 5800. What happened to the very short layout of images being constrained with the design of your website?

    And I supposed that was the best work you did, right?

    Anyway man, good luck with your N1 review.

    Oh btw, try to add a video and do please talk on the camera for awhile. You’re too old to be insecure.

    Next time try to give other opinions aside from that only solution you mentioned above – which you obviously did to impress people.

    geez, grow up

  35. alma says:

    ay sayang. Just got a nokia e72.

    A nexus would have been cool!

  36. hubes says:

    I have used Johnny air and ship my orders to their NJ office. This was the advise of Johnny Air para no tax.

  37. wtf says:

    oh btw, if you’ll check ebay – Nexus One is now currently being sold @ 600-650 USD if you’ll convert it to the current exchange of $1-45 PHP, you’ll get 27-29k pesos.

    And lo! it’ll be delivered to your doorstep hassle-free unlike the ones you did here.

    I check more of your post and I kind of laugh with the unboxing vids you did on the sony slim notebook..

    Man, so all the while you though unboxing means literally ‘unboxing?” You didn’t even talk there.

    Shy boy?

    Hopefully, Sony wasn’t disappointed with that uber-lame presentation.

    GLHF baldyman

  38. peter says:

    hmm…mukhang ok din to. kakabili ko pa lng ng E72 tsk…

  39. Guy Radaza says:

    Hi Yuga,

    OK tong post mo. Although I have no plans of buying a Nexus but your sharing about the ProxZ and the MyUSMailbox is a great add-on to my petite coconut shell. By the way, ask ko lang po. Valid pa po ba yung promo code mo sa MyUSMailbox? Thanks.

  40. bluewire says:

    Do they accept philippine credit card for the payment?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  41. marvin says:

    how about the warranty of this phone? In case of failure or defect , you need to send it back to google ?

  42. Congrats Yuga! Ang husay naman! Please give us your demo and review of this phone. Thanks!

  43. ftw says:


    you = troll

  44. Aaron Chan says:

    You’re an idiot, if you ship it through FedEx, you will get taxed, likewise buying from ebay, you will get taxed. Taxed – Customs’ Tariff and Duties. Not only that, you also stand losing your product entirely, everybody knows that Philippine customs sometimes steals packages for themselves.

  45. @arnold
    hm…i always course through my shipments to johnny Air NJ as advised by them. NJ has no taxes while NY has.

    Okay thanks for the customs handling fee head’s up. I’ll email johnny air just to be sure and get back how much the estimated costing would be.

  46. wtf says:


    I don’t know how many times you have tried to ship using FedEx via Ebay, but it seems for a person who likes to blab his mouth around, you do know how to speak so many inaccurate things. Don’t you?

    First let’s go with your obnoxious opinion about fedex. You do know that fedex has types of courier package, that doesn’t need to pass the customs area don’t you. As i’ve said, 27-29k is the price to settle this one. 24-25kk for the phone + 3-4k customs payment. When you use fedex, you’ll still need to pay for customs but what I’m saying is instead of you to go around and use the technique of baldyman, there’s a far more hasslefree way of having N1 at your doorsteps.

    As for the ebay escapade, when you said you still need to pay ‘customs’ for that then sadly, you’re wrong again. The info I gave was for a ‘free shipping’ that’s why the price is already at 600-650 USD again, they’re the ones who will pay for your customs fee.

    The good thing about here is, there’s a very little chance even no chance that this phone will be swapped by the alligator customs of PH – you know the one that will block your gadget and make you want to get it at their office in Pasay. Then when you got there you need to pay an additional 5-10k fee? (as a bribe)

    Sidenote: Mister ‘effin’ chan, it seems you got your balls again at your mouth. Next time, try to have your opinions supported with real facts.

    Now go, and have your brains grow a little bit. You can check ebay right now, bidding is becoming rampant

  47. Aaron Chan says:

    @ WTF
    Mr. WTF, whatever your name is, it is free when you ship, it is as according to the site, but when it arrives here, I guarantee you you’re going to pay tax that is more than 3-4k. Mr. WTF, the duties and tariff rate is pegged at 32% not 3-4k, unless of course you’re talking about bribing the official. Interestingly, you talk about I not being have bought from ebay, because I have friends who have and were indeed taxed, thereby I wouldn’t buy from ebay.

  48. Aaron Chan says:

    @WTF, my mistake, it’s just 22% of the price + Shipping + commission + any other fees customs will stamp at you.

  49. Vance says:

    @abe thanks.. Again, no money to spend haha

  50. Aaron Chan says:

    I just called FEDEX, their reply was simple, yes you will be paying any duties and charges that customs will be applying to you.

  51. Erin says:

    @Larry: thanks. maybe somebody will create an app/hack to do that a-la original iphone.

  52. Ramphrey says:

    Can’t wait for your review.

  53. Jaypee says:

    @abe – No, I’m on AT&T kasi. If I was on T-Mobile or Verizon then maybe I would’ve gotten the Nexus One instead of the iPhone 3GS. :)

  54. xtian1986 says:

    how about support on this baby like warranty? don’t tell me we have to send it back to have it repaired in case.

  55. Erin says:

    @marvin, xtian:

    of course you have to send it back. it was bought and shipped overseas.

    unless you can find a local cellphone stall expert who is willing to do the repairs for you and whom you are willing to entrust the unit instead of paying the RMA fees.

    those are the breaks of having bleeding edge items bought before they are offered locally.


  56. Pindian says:

    Hey guys! I think you need to hold your horses unless you want to be Google’s Guinea pig. I still prefer buying the N1 from a cp store wherein I could enjoy a hassle free warranty. In a couple of months you will surely hear comments about the phone and in another couple of months they would probably release a new and better version. Expect a couple of firm ware updates. The worse that will happen (I hope “will not” happen) is a recall due to a hardware failure (Remember what happened to the first release of Nikon D5000).

    Patience is a virtue. Just a piece of advice. hehehehe. :D

  57. SAJAN says:

    I want to order nexus one but how to order from china?

  58. The Nexus one is keeping us very busy!

    Customers all around the world are shipping their Nexus through US Unlocked.

  59. Gripshift says:

    I got excited so I also ordered using Johnny Air. But my mistake was following the advice of their local office and placing a NY address. There goes my $46. Anyway, can’t wait for the phone :)

  60. Gripshift says:

    Yuga did you order push thru? I got an email from google a day after ordering saying my order has been canceled since they were unable to verify my information. I guess they found out I’m from the Philippines or this is the downside of using hotspot shield :(

  61. @Gripshift I’d be happy to help you out placing and shipping your order.

  62. Eric says:

    Ok na sana .. i was trying to get myusmailbox but sa application form they are requiring you put your CVC code (back of the credit card) sa application form to be printed and signed..nyaiks.. I know the company is legit but sana maayos yung process.

  63. Encio says:

    I accepted delivery of the N1 on the 6th. This is the best (hands down) Android handset I’ve ever tried, and I’ve been an Android user since the G1. That fruity handset has nothing on this bad boy. I will be in Manila starting the last week of January. Anyone interested in seeing the phone or maybe even buying it, let me know. I might be able to buy 4 more handsets and take them with me during my trip.

  64. JM says:

    @Gripshift Maybe you made a mistake and entered the same address for billing and shipping? AFAIK, billing must be your credit card address and shipping the forwarder address.

  65. Gripshift says:

    @JM, nope I’m looking at the order I made and the billing address (manila address) is different from the shipping address (NY address of Johnny Air Cargo).

    I hope those who ordered from Manila can also post their experiences.

  66. Marc Tan says:

    I will have my Nexus this coming Friday (coming from a Balikbayan). I just hope that the 3G works well with Globe as my ADP1 works very well on their 2G and 3G network.

  67. ToYugatech says:

    HI, it seems like a lot of readers are don’t know how the transaction works when buying or shipping an item from US. Can you make a post about the diff. methods the readers can do with their PROS and CONS?

  68. Ryla says:

    Hi Encio im interested kindly email me the details, how much are you selling the N1?


  69. arnold says:

    Had the same experience with Gripshift. I think it has something to do with the fact the Google is shipping it to New York coming from Cali.

    Yuga did not incur the $46 because MyUSMailbox is located in Cali as well.

    Anyway, hope to get my N1 today. Still waiting for notification from Johnny Air.

  70. Bob says:


    How muck are selling your Nexus one? Please provide me a feedback on this link:

  71. Bob says:

    How muck are you selling your Nexus one? Please provide me a feedback on this link:

  72. Erin says:

    how to tether a non-rooted android device –

    @yuga: when is your review for the unit coming out? :)


  73. Jed says:

    To Marc Tan: Post something about N1 when it arrives. I haven’t read anything yet about N1 working in the philippines. THANKS!

  74. xtian1986 says:

    grrr i don’t know what to get, this one or the motorola milestone D:

  75. Patrick Oliveros says:

    were you able to get your unit na? my friends are going to the US and if shipping is indeed overnight only (okay say + 72 hours if there’s engraving), i can order it the day they will arrive and have it delivered to their hotel. luckily, the proxy we have in the office is based in hongkong so we can proceed with the transaction as if we’re located in HK.

  76. Olan says:


    Please bring me one, i gonna buy one, contact me at 09282838749.


  77. Arnold says:

    Finally got my Google Nexus One after 10 days of waiting. Thanks for the work-around Yuga, and to Johnny Air for handling the shipment.

    My Globe postpaid sim is working fine, although I’m beginning to suspect that 3G is not working. But I’m not sure yet.

    Check out some unboxing photos and initial impressions ->

  78. Eric Noel says:

    They say this should do it

    Go into Settings
    Select “Wireless & Networks”
    Choose the “Mobile Networks” option near the bottom
    Go into the “Network Operators” section. The Nexus One will do a search for GSM networks around you.
    When the search is complete, tap the “Select Automatically” option. The phone should respond with “Registered on network.”

  79. Olan says:

    @ WTF

    I would like to cooment about Fedex that you said, they dont charge taxes.

    I left my 02 phone charger in Singapore to my relatives there and since it an original charger I wanted to have it back so I asked my relatives in Singapre to have it ship to me and they uaed FedEx. It came after 2 days at my doorstep and I was surprised they asked me 3 thousand pesos for taxes. WTF, sending a charger for 3 K? I said NO.I wont get it, enjoy it by yourselves. So FedEx do charge the recipient whatever value it is even if the sender already paid it.

  80. Aidster says:

    Did hear about HTC Bravo to be launched around mid March in US? i think has the same spec as NEXUS ONE, or even better?

  81. Yeah, but the other features of the bravo such as 720p video recording I think is too much for a smartphone (that is if you are buying the device for connectivity reasons – email, sms, etc).

    for now, i think it is too much and n1 is enough for the current needs. sadly, i just confirmed from a friend that’s working in htc philippines that they won’t service n1 here.

  82. Aidster says:

    HTC BRAVO could be a good competitor if the price will be the same as N1 or if not at least close to N1’s price and i just hope HTC comes up with a good battery this time, my N1’s battery drains so faster compared to my wife’s iphone.

  83. Isn’t it because of excessive usage of wifi/3g? Afaik, N1’s battery is better than that of iphone 3gs’.

  84. Aidster says:

    Sorry but i think it’s not about the wifi, because i tried both unit side by side connected via wifi the whole day. N1’s battery runs out faster. not sure but i think that’s drawback of the 1gig processor… maybe its more power hungry compared to the 600mhz of iphone. but performance wise, Iphone can’t beat N1.

  85. rjgolo says:

    How does this Johnny Air work? Is it a forwarder?

  86. spikes says:

    Finally got my n1 but just a little bit disappointed with Johnny Air. From NY to Philippines took around 12 days, i think there was a delay last week.

  87. ady says:

    hi yuga, did your nexus pass our customs and if it did, did you pay any taxes? thanks

  88. iceqube says:

    To anyone who ordered N1.
    How much tax you payed in customs for your N1? I really want to order too but im afraid of how much tax i will be paying for the customs here.

  89. braattzzz ! :)) says:

    even i’m here in Philippines. can i use the nexus one?

  90. braattzzz ! :)) says:

    can i use the nexus with the local sim here in philippines??

  91. Aidster says:

    Jesus Christ! More HTC smartphone units…

    first bravo, supersonic, legend and now

    HTC scorpion (1.5ghz processor)?

  92. oliver says:

    meron kami nyan sa callcenter namin… daming htc phones.

  93. hybridstar says:

    my question is the same as braattzzz’

  94. I ordered na my phone. I wonder why you don’t have CA tax?

  95. jehzlau says:

    Hmmm.. bat kaya may tax ako na $51.58 pag order ko.. MyUSMailbox din naman gamit ko at Los Angeles CA din address. waaah!

    any idea sir yuga bat po may tax? :(

  96. jehzlau says:

    @Patrick – oo nga.., ako may tax.. :( nasa $580+ yung total. hehe

  97. CHOBiE says:

    …Or you could just buy it at
    Although nasa P33,200.00

  98. Aidster says:

    I suggest you guys wait for the HTC Desire, it’s rumored to be cheaper than N1 but got better specs :D

    but still… nothing beats having google logo printed at the back of your phone :D

  99. oliver b says:

    I’m currently in the US on Military schooling and I bought the phone online just in time for my wife’s Bday

    here is what you usually see on the online transaction with google.

    Google Phone Webstore shipped your order. Have questions? Contact Google Phone Webstore. Feb 27 Google Phone

    Webstore shipped your order.
    Track FedEx package Noxx316537579x
    Feb 27 Google Phone Webstore has added new tracking data to your order.
    Track FedEx package Noxx316537579x
    Feb 27 Google Phone Webstore charged your VISA xxx-xx05 for $571.32. “GOOGLE Nexus One” will appear on your

    billing statement.
    Feb 26 Google Phone Webstore received your order.
    Feb 26 You successfully updated your payment for this order to VISAxxx-xx05.
    Feb 26 An attempt to charge $571.32 to VISA xxx-xx05 failed. You must update your payment information within 7 days

    or your order will be cancelled.
    Feb 26 You placed an order with Google Phone Webstore on Feb 26. Google Checkout sent a copy of this receipt to (removed)
    as a piece of advice choose to buy it on a state that charges no tax. because i did not know that north carolina

    charges 42 dollar for state tax.

    however the total cost is around 26K . it was ok

    my wife has now the superphone N1. she’s very eager to get her phone

    ps sorry for the xxxxx just for security

  100. John Michael says:

    @ oliver b

    I guess I’m luckier by a dollar man. Had mine also shipped to NC, was taxed USD41 making the total amount to USD570. Cheaper still if we bought it here in the Philippines at PHP33k.

  101. John Michael says:

    I mean it is still cheaper than buying it here in the Philippines for PHP33k.

  102. John Michael says:

    I got my N1 early this week. Im enjoying it but still does not connect to the internet via GPRS. I still need to input the APN values for SMART. May I ask the help of those who knows the APN values for SMART to kindly share me the details. Thanks

  103. Chris says:

    I find the nexus one to be a little overpriced. There are websites that say I can get a free nexus one (like ). Does anybody know if these are legit?

  104. Marsan says:

    wait if i buy one here in the US right now.. does globe smart or sun work for nexus one.. does it work there in the philippines?

  105. aidster says:

    get the HTC desire instead. :D

  106. e30ernest says:

    I’m planning to get 2 units through a friend who’s working in Hong Kong. Is it safe to have it shipped via LBC?

    Basically my plan is to reship it using the box they will ship with from Google with via LBC. Wrap nalang with LBC tape yung box. Mahaharang kaya sa customs ito?

  107. aidster says:

    HTC desire is now available here in Singapore! im too tempted to get it! argh!

  108. Julius says:

    Nah I just wait when Cherry Mobile or My Phone release their own Android based phones, that I will run to the stores to get and buy one! :-)

  109. Trish says:

    Hmm. Wait for more of the HTC Phones. Rumors I’ve heard are HTC Sabor, HD3,Paradise and Fiesta.But these Phones are still in the Rumor Mill. No confirmation from carriers yet. I’m waiting for an Asian equivalent of the EVO if that even happens or wait for that first HTC phone they’re releasing that’s capable of HSPA+ (14.4 Mbps). There’s also the Samsung Galaxy S but I’d still go for HTC again.

  110. The subsequent time I learn a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my option to learn, but I truly thought youd have one thing attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you possibly can repair in the event you werent too busy searching for attention.

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