Knol launched; Day One Spammin & Jammin

Knol launched; Day One Spammin & Jammin

Today, Google officially launched Knol to the public. We’ve almost forgotten about Google’s attempt to supplant Wikipedia in the content aggregation business but today it’s showing much promise, or so I hope.

Some of the articles are just a replica of the original Wikipedia articles. But what’s really surprising is seeing high-caliber thoracic surgeons, dentists, diabetologist, gynecologists, and plastic surgeons taking their time out from their busy schedule just to write these “units of knowledge“.


google knol

I’m pretty sure that these articles should be ranking on the top of the search results anytime soon. What better way to host them than by putting them on a high authoritative domain like

I just have this gut feeling that one day, we’ll see a Google Knol article at #1 and the original Wikipedia article at #2 in the search results. That’s about an additional 42 million unique visitors to Google a year.

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3 Responses

  1. SELaplana says:

    then one day, you’ll see my article published at knol, and rank 1st…. LOL

  2. yuga says:

    sel, you can actually start an article now!

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