ASUS ZenPower Slim, Hands-on

ASUS ZenPower Slim, Hands-on

We are all aware that most powerbanks today are bulky and heavy. So our question is: is there a powerbank that’s both light and small enough for it not to bulge in our pocket? Well, the answer is yes. Say hello to the thinnest and lightest powerbank, the ASUS ZenPower Slim.

The ASUS Zenpower Slim only weighs 81 grams. It’s light but it does not sacrifice good build quality. The chassis has a brushed/hairline surface treatment so it feels good on the hand. The powerbank has a 3000mAh capacity, although meager, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can still get 1-2 charges from it and it’ll last you the whole day without your phone dying on you. It also has a short micro-USB cord.


On its front panel, you’ll spot the ASUS logo on lower right corner along with the battery status indicator. Below are the USB ports, the micro-USB port (for charging), the power button, and the LED light. To turn on the LED light, you simply just have to double tap the power button.

Overall, the ASUS ZenPower Slim is a budget-friendly powerbank as it is also very portable with its pocket-perfect form factor. Despite its average battery capacity, it still does a pretty good job. If you’re on the lookout for a light and thin powerbank, then this one is for you.

The ASUS ZenPower Slim is now available at Lazada for Php529. See listing here.


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