6 Best Skincare Apps You Need To Check Out (Android & iOS)

If you’re a skincare enthusiast just like me, you know that skincare is life. You probably also know the struggle of sticking to a routine as there are days when you’re just not in the mood to do an entire 5-step or 10-step skincare routine.

6 Best Skincare Apps (Android & iOS)

best skincare apps

There are also circumstances when you tend to choose the wrong product for your skin type, or you’re confused about what to use. Or perhaps, you’re someone who’s starting to have a budding interest in skincare. Whatever it may be, here are some apps that can help you with skincare.

Think Dirty

Think Dirty

When it comes to skincare, ingredients are essential. Think Dirty is an app that helps you learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. It’s an independent source that allows you to compare products as you shop. Just scan the product barcode, and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, track dirty ingredients, and shop for cleaner options.

Download: Android | iOS


Think Dirty

If you’re working on your skincare routine on a budget, Brandefy got you. It’s an app that compares affordable products to your favorite prestige brand makeup & skincare buys so you can decide whether you want to switch to save or stick with the cult favorite. You’d be able to see swatches in the app done by makeup & skincare geeks.

Brandefy is a community of dermatologists, estheticians, and makeup/skincare experts compare products side-by-side and share real results on things like color, wear time, and more. They also report on ingredients and share labeled swatch photos so you can see the products in action.

Download: iOS


Think Dirty

TroveSkin is a skin analysis app that guides you to improve your skin by providing personalized and convenient access to trustworthy skincare. The app objectively assesses your skin changes in response to your lifestyle and the skincare products you use. It also detects and analyzes your skin issues (spots, pores, texture, fine lines, etc.) with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology.

Based on your skin report, TroveSkin gives you a list of recommended skincare products that match your skin type. The app also helps you track the progress of your skin regularly. You can even add the skincare products you are using to see if they are working or not.

Download: Android | iOS

Water Reminder – Daily Tracker

Think Dirty

Hydration is vital if you want to have plump skin. That’s why there’s the Water Reminder – Daily Tracker app. The app reminds you to drink your water and keep track of your drink intake (be it tea, coffee, soda, and the like). Using it is simple. You have to add a drink, then set drink volume, and schedule notifications according to the time you wake up and sleep.

Download: Android | iOS

Skincare Routine Diary: MyFace

Think Dirty

MyFace is an easy to use app that helps you build a daily skincare routine, find ingredients that work for you, and improve your overall skin condition. It guides you to better products and healthy habits, lets you track your improvements, and see the results of your new, personalized skincare.

The app analyzes your skin based on data you input in the diary, elaborated by professional cosmetologists. It also includes varied info on your age, daily skin and body states, skin health indicators, diet, and regular skincare applied.

Download: iOS

FeelinMySkin – Skincare Routine Assistant

FeelinMySkin - Skincare Routine Assistant

Feelin My Skin app is created to cater to all your skincare needs. It lets you discover skincare tips and ingredients and helps you plan your routine to stay consistent. It also allows you to learn the purpose of an ingredient in a formulation and mark the ones you’re allergic to and your favorite ones.

Download: Android | iOS

And there you have it. What else did we miss on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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