Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Best Tech Toys You Can Buy For Php15K


We’ve already given you the list of tech toys you could buy for under Php5K and Php10K. For this article, we’re giving you Christmas gift ideas that won’t go over the Php15K mark. Let’s get started!

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series


First on the list is GoPro‘s Hero4 Silver. Although we already have the new Hero5 Black, the predecessor is still a decent action camera thanks to its 4K recording and built-in display for setting up your shots or viewing them after. It fits right perfectly in this list since Lazada sells them for Php14,999 (click through the link to see listing).

The Ricoh WG-M1, on the other hand, specializes in going underwater with its shooting capabilities as it could go as deep as 10 meters without a housing. It is priced at Php12,636 and could be an affordable alternative to the Hero5 as far as waterproofing is concerned.

As for other cameras, the Fujifilm XF1 is also worth checking out with its stylish physique and 10x zoom. Although if you’re looking for something better there’s always the Fujifilm X-A1 which is already a mirrorless shooter by just adding a few extra hundreds at Php15,205.




If, during your travels and outdoor adventures, you (or someone you know) love shooting and taking photos of different sceneries, you may want to consider the Samsung WB350F point and shoot camera. It may not be the latest in the camera world but its 21x optical zoom is no joke as it can really get you close to far away objects. The portable camera also sports a 16.7-megapixel CMOS sensor as well as an optical image stabilization (OIS) to ensure that shakes are kept down to a minimum. You can snag one online for Php14,995 or add it to your wish list to have someone buy it for you!



Let’s now shift to audio products and we have a few suggestions for that audiophile friend of yours. The Pioneer HDJ-C70 professional DJ headphone is one good consideration as it has fully-enclosed dynamic stereo speakers that should produce quality audio. It’s got an on-ear design that makes things flexible and at the same time lightweight so DJs can still move around while spinning and fixing their set. These pair of cans also boast sound isolation to minimize background noise through the use of a special sound-isolating air chamber that’s integrated into the housing of the drivers. For Php14,990, this headphone has interchangeable components so you can just swap out parts if they become faulty.


If going wire-free is a preference, the Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II is something that should be on your radar. Since it has a circumaural setup (earcup surrounds the entire ear), it provides an immersive sound performance with audio quality that the company is known for. Since it no longer requires a cable, it powers its own through a rechargeable pack and you’d be glad to know that Bose claims a 15-hour play time before its battery runs out. The device also has the capability to quickly switch between two connected sources (like a smartphone and a tablet) so users wouldn’t need to wait while accessing the Bluetooth of the second device while listening to music. It’s listed online for Php14,500 or you can visit authorized Bose stores.


Moving on to speakers, we reviewed Harman Kardon‘s Onyx Studio 2 speaker and have first-handedly experienced what it can offer. For one, the Onxy Studio 2 has a powerful bass which is not that surprising considering its size. It also delivers impressively-clear mids great for playing vocal-driven music. It’s complete with functions for voice calls and even has a built-in battery that lasts for almost three hours so you could carry it from one room to the other without having to worry where to plug it. It is available at JBL stores for Php14,995. You can also read our full review on it.

In any case that you don’t find it attractive enough, there’s the more subtle-looking Harman Kardon Go+ Play for Php13,999.

If you have an affinity for sound bars, JBL‘s SB350 is convenient to set up and position in the living room thanks to its wireless capabilities. It has its own sub-woofer, too, for that added kick and is available for Php13,999.


Sony has something under Php15K that would offer much more portability in the form of the SRS X33 Bluetooth speaker. Users may establish wireless connection through NFC and listen to music through its full-range, stereo speakers. This brick of a speaker also has passive radiators to effectively deliver bass with a much-needed oomph. Specs-wise, it’s got 20 watts of digital amplification and a battery life that the company claims could last for up to 12 hours of playback. It’s priced at Php13,120 which you could check out by clicking through the link.


Let’s now move on to things in your living room that usually cost a lot more. We have here LG‘s Smart LED TV. This is not your ordinary television since as its name suggests, it already has smart features for Php14,497. Although, do take note that its resolution maxes out at HD or 720p, but if your loved one isn’t particular with the display resolution and just wants a new TV with added features, this 32-inch offering from LG should do the job.

Other options for affordable smart TVs are Haier‘s LE32K5000 and MyView‘s 32EX250F which are priced at Php13,470 and Php13,500, respectively.


Having a good television set isn’t everything for those who want a complete setup. Check out this Samsung HT-E350 Home Theater System which is up for grabs for Php14,999 — it already has an included subwoofer for added bass with its 5.1-channel satellite speaker setup. This means its user will experience surround sound with balanced volume for all channels thanks to its proprietary Smart Volume technology. The bundle also includes a DVD player with ports for USB or HDDs so you can watch movies from different sources.


If watching movies anywhere is something that someone you know would enjoy, The Lenovo Pocket Projector P0510 is a handy gizmo to have. It can throw up to 50 lumens of brightness and has a 480p maximum resolution. Although those aren’t much, They’re good enough for those times when you and your friends are just out on a camping trip and you have a movie playing in the background while having beer. Moreover, it sports a 90-degree rotatable display that can throw up to 110 inches of image onto a wall — all from its light and portable form factor.  It will cost you Php13,299 to get your hands on this projector.

Whether it’s for your techy friend or your own personal use, those are some of the tech toys you can buy if you have a Php15K budget. Do you have some suggestions for other readers? Share them below in the comments section!

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    You forgot to mention whats the model for that LG smart LED TV.

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    You mentioned “Fitbit Charge” but you used the Fitbit Charge 2 picture. The price of P14,985 for a Fitbit Charge is also horrendous! You can get it for around 7K and the Charge 2 for around 8.5K. Please get your facts straight!

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