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Converge, PLDT, Globe, SKY: Unlimited Fiber Internet Plans Compared (2023)

So it’s 2023 and you’re interested in either getting fiber internet in your home or office, or you’re curious about switching from one internet service provider (ISP) to another.

You start to look up all the plans that each ISP offers and it gets overwhelming. This plan has this many Mbps for this amount of money, this one has this speed for this lower price, but this one has much more bang for your buck deal — all of it can be a bit too much and we get it.

To get a better look at your options, we’ve put together a quick comparison of the fiber internet plans offered by the major ISPs in the Philippines, namely Globe, PLDT, Converge, and SKY.

Let’s check them out!






Php 999
30 Mbps
Php 1299
75 Mbps
Php 1349
Php 1500
200 Mbps
Php 1599
Php 1699
Time of Day 400/200 Mbps
200 Mbps
200 Mbps
150 Mbps
Php 1749
Php 2000
400 Mbps
Php 2099
400 Mbps
300 Mbps
Php 2199
Php 2299
200 Mbps
Php 2399
400 Mbps Fiber Plus
(with 3 WiFi Mesh Units)
Php 2499
500 Mbps
Php 2500
600 Mbps

400 Mbps
(GameChanger Pro Entry)
Php 2699
600 Mbps
Php 2799
Php 2999
600 Mbps Fiber Plus
( with 3 WiFi Mesh Units)
Php 3000
800/600 Mbps
(FiberX Time of Day)

600 Mbps
(GameChanger Pro Mid)
Php 3499
800 Mbps
Php 3500
Up to 800 Mbps XCLSV or 800/600 Mbps (Game Changer Pro High XCLSV)
Php 5000
800 Mbps (Game Changer Elite XCLSV)
Php 7499
1 Gbps
1 Gbps
1 Gbps
(Price upon request)

Among the four ISPs, SKY Fiber still offers the most affordable plan with 30Mbps for Php 999/mo. Upgrading to their Php 1299 plan will then net you 75 Mbps.

However, Converge offers 200 Mbps for Php 1500/mo — which is a really good price for the amount of speed you get.

For the Php 1699/mo price point, SKY is lagging behind. Both Globe and PLDT are offering 200 Mbps plans for 1699, while SKY is only offering 150 Mbps. Converge, on the other hand, offers a Time of Day plan for Php 1699/mo with speeds of 400/200 Mbps.

Meanwhile, for Php 2000/mo, you can get 400 Mbps internet speeds with Converge’s FiberX plan. We can imagine this as a popular option for many consumers, especially since this is the only 400 Mbps option that doesn’t breach the Php 2000 mark.

This makes PLDT’s 400 Mbps plan at Php 2099/mo a bit of a head-scratcher in terms of value since it’s Php 100 more for the same speed offered by Converge.

If you’re really looking for a bit more speed ranging around 500 Mbps, Globe is offering an internet plan for that speed at Php 2499/mo. Meanwhile, Converge is offering 600 Mbps for Php 2500/mo.

Other options for 600 Mbps are either PLDTs Php 2699/mo plan or their Php 2999/mo Fiber PLUS plan which includes 3 WiFi Mesh Units.

Those interested in Converge’s Time of Day plan at 800/600 Mbps will have to fork out Php 3000/mo. This is up from their former Php 1699/mo Time of Day plan in 2022 that offered 400/200Mbps.

Only Globe and Converge offer an 800 Mbps plan at Php 3499/mo and Php 5000/mo respectively. The difference here is that Converge’s Php 5000/mo 800 Mbps is their Game Changer Elite plan which includes a specialized gaming router with the plan.

Lastly, for those who want 1-Gbps speed, both Converge and Globe offer it with their Php 7499 per month plan. Meanwhile, PLDT also has a 1-Gbps fiber plan but the pricing will be upon request.

While these rated speeds from ISPs don’t necessarily reflect the whole internet experience each product provides, it does at least gives us a good baseline on what plan gives what for every budget out there.

With that, which internet plan do you think is best? Do you have any recommendations on what you think is the best fiber internet plan out right now?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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Luis Millares is a Political Science graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University and a former journalist for its official student publication, The GUIDON. He also worked as a writer for the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) before pursuing his passion for tech with the YugaTech team.

14 Responses

  1. Avatar for Jc Jc says:

    Sky’s plans’ standings here should have a caveat: their speeds are temporary speedboosts, which will end on January 1,2024. Once they end, rheir plans become MUCH LESS competitive. For example, their 1699 plan goes back from 150mbps to 50mbps. Compared to Globe’s 1699’s 200mbps, that’s pathetic.

  2. Avatar for Pam Pam says:

    Where i can report abusive fiber company like converge
    Its 2 weeks now still no internet connection, everyday call their customers srvc, same thing to say reboot and trouble shoot the modem for 2 weeks and yet we don’t have service, this is my problem i WFH. Every day still saying they don’t have any feedback from their network team and i.t team. They don’t want to cancel because of lacking period and my plan is 1500 and supposed to have 200mbps but we are only getting 25mbps i also reported this since last year still no resolution for this CONVERGE COMPANY not even allowing your consumer to rebate for those days and weeks you have any service
    Converge your wasting the time ,money of your consumer
    Now i know why compared with the other internet company your social media pages have lot’s of hatred

  3. Avatar for WB tech WB tech says:

    Converge is offering prepaid fiber service, called Surf2Sawa. It’s 700 pesos only for 25Mbps.

  4. Avatar for Aqi B. Aqi B. says:

    Converge has a prepaid fiber plan called surf2sawa. The cheapest is 700pesos for 25mbps for 30 days. It’s unlimited as well. https://surf2sawa.com/

  5. Avatar for no choice no choice says:

    Factor in the quality, reliability, honesty, faithfulness of the services offered by these telcos. Majority of them are substandard.

  6. Avatar for Game Controller Game Controller says:

    1 Gbps plan that’s accurately you get that all speed?

  7. Avatar for Mark Guinto Mark Guinto says:

    There is an existing Sky Fiber/Cable plan P1499 @ 40mbps which was left out. that’s why we switched ISP. Complained about it several times because a lower plan P1299 with a speed of 75mbps exist. they didnt do something about it, all they say was you are not included in the upgrade. Unfair, isn’t it.

  8. Avatar for Mark Mark says:

    Sky cable, left us out at their plan P1499 @ 40mbps. Wherein their new plan at P1299 was 75mbps. We have complained about this several times but to no avail. thats why we terminate our subscription and switch to other ISP.

  9. Avatar for jjas jjas says:

    meron din po globe 1299 at 50mbps unli na din.

    Thank you for the prompt update po

    Sana isali din natin yung prepaid fiber ni converge sa surf2sawa and bida fiber may mga website po sila

  10. Avatar for jjas jjas says:

    Bakit wala yung Php 1,500 ng Converge na 200mbps?
    Paki lagay at paki ayos please.
    Kung may makakakita neto iisipin mas mahal ang converge.

  11. Avatar for Luh Luh says:

    looks like you sabotaged Converge here. lots of Converge plans are missing or have outdated info. for example FiberX 1500 at 200Mbps and Time of Day 1699 at 400/200 Mbps. FiberX 2500 is 600Mbps not 500

    • Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

      All information were taken from the Converge website, which, apparently was also outdated. We’ve updated this using our our story archives.

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