DiskarTech: What you need to know

DiskarTech is the Philippines’ first all-in-one “Taglish” inclusion app powered by Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). As per RCBC, the app will assist as a reliable and convenient platform with multiple features, including sachet banking products, digital banking services, and quick healthcare solutions. Perhaps, this isn’t the first time you heard about DiskarTech. Nonetheless, what else do you need to know about this app? Let’s dig more of it.

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What is DiskarTech?

RCBC dubbed DiskarTech as the first Tagalog-English financial inclusion “super app” in the country. Launched in July 2020, the app targets to make banking services more accessible to unbanked Filipinos, particularly those who live in grassroots communities. Diskartech lets users open a savings account, deposit or withdraw money, buy mobile load, insurances, and the like. It is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

What’s more, DiskarTech now sets out to become the first to offer a Visayan interface. In its pursuance to bring genuine financial inclusion to the Filipino mass market, DiskarTech shall offer its platform in the second most spoken Philippine language. It aspires to introduce financial literacy and to provide support in banking transactions to a wider reach.

DiskarTech has recently partnered with Viber Philippines. A Viber community on digital financial literacy has been made for its millions of Filipino users. Those who will join the community will receive tips and helpful information on effectively managing their finances in a madiskarte way.

DiskarTech has also revealed its savings campaign, the “Ipon Galing Galing” promo. This shall provide a weekly “Doble Ipon” prize, equivalent to each raffle winner’s average daily balance. At the end of the six-week promo, a grand prize winner will also win a “Triple Ipon” prize that is two times the winner’s average daily balance. Raffle entries are earned by making qualified in-app transactions. Bills payment, prepaid top-up, and purchase of insurance and telemedicine products also grant users an “Ipon Reward” equivalent to 2% of qualified transaction amounts. Cash credits are deposited straight to their interest-bearing savings accounts. As per DiskarTech, this is to further the app’s digital savings advocacy among its users.

Application process

Opening a DiskarTech account is easy. Filipinos who are above 18 years old are eligible to use the app. Follow the steps below.

1. Download the DiskarTech app from App Store or Google Play.
2. Provide a username for your account.
3. Provide the referral code if a friend referred you. If you don’t have one, skip this step.
4. Enter your phone number and wait for your One-Time Password (OTP).
5. Enter a strong password to protect your account. Though, users may now also set a 4-digit passcode for easier login.
6. Choose to activate the fingerprint login or skip it.
7. You can also set a goal or save it for another time.

Verification process

Those with verified accounts are eligible to save money with a 3.25% interest rate. Just prepare any of the following accepted valid IDs: Passport, Driver’s License, UMID, Postal ID, SSS ID, PRC ID, or Voter’s ID. Here’s a guide on how to verify your DiskarTech account: 

1. Once you’re done creating an account, verify your account by tapping “I-verify ang DiskarTech account.”
2. There will be a notification that asks, “RCBC-assigned SAP beneficiary ka ba?”
2. Provide your personal information, address, and additional details.
3. Tap “Susunod” to the terms and conditions to continue.
4. Choose the valid ID you’ll present and tap “Go, Ituloy na!”
5. Follow the instructions when taking a photo of your valid ID and taking a selfie.
6. Wait for a few minutes for your account to be verified.

On my first attempt, my verification got denied as my Passport can’t be read. I have to try again by going back to the top of the verification process. However, it’s a good thing that all the information I have provided earlier was saved; hence, I don’t need to fill it out again. Finally, after retrying, my verification process succeeded, and it just took a few minutes. Moreover, users who have successfully verified their accounts will be receiving an SMS indicating the successful verification.

DiskarTech features

DiskarTech allows you to do more than just opening a bank account. It offers an interest rate of 3.25% per annum, allowing users to save their money by keeping it in their DiskarTech account. Plus, no minimum deposit or maintaining balance is required. Check out other things you can do with the DiskarTech app below.

Set “Ipon” goals

What’s cool about this is that it lets users set their own goals by indicating their purpose, target amount, and target date. It can also make “Ipon” goals more fun by adding a photo of the purpose.

Buy load

DiskarTech lets users buy load from the app. All they have to do is go to “Buy Load or E-pins,” enter the mobile number, then choose the load denomination or promo you want to purchase. Currently, DiskarTech doesn’t offer rebates or discounts on any prepaid load purchase.

Apart from regular load and promos, users can also buy e-pins for games and apps like Garena, Google Play, iTunes, Marvel Super War, Mobile Legends, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, PUBG Mobile, Roblox, Steam Wallet, and more.

Pay bills

DiskarTech users can also use the app to pay for their bills. To pay bills, tap on “Pay Bills,” select biller, and then enter your payment details.

As of the writing, there are 46 billers available. The billers available in the app are as follows:

• AEON Credit ServiceAir Asia
• Asialink
• Asianlife Financial
• AutoSweep RFID
• Bankard Inc.
• Bayantel
• Benguet Electric Cooperative
• Cablelink
• Caritas Financial Plans
• Caritas Health Shield
• Cignal – Mediascape
• Coco Life
• Davao Light & Power Corporation
• Dragonpay
• Equicom Savings Bank
• Eternal Plans, Inc.
• Finaswide
• Good Hands Water Specialist Inc.
• Homemark Inc.
• ICCT Colleges
• Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative
• Iloilo 2 Electric Cooperative, Inc.
• Innove Globe
• Loyola Plans Consolidated Inc.
• Magnificat Ventures Corp.
• Malate Construction and Development Corporation
• Manila Memorial Park
• Manila Water Company
• Manulife
• Manulife-Chinabank Life Assurance Corp.
• Maxicare
• Maynilad Water Services Inc (BC)
• Meralco-CMS
• Metrobank Card Corporation
• Norzagaray Water District
• Pampanga II Electric Cooperative
• Primewater
• Prulife Insurance
• Royal Cablevision
• Smart – Cellular
• Subic Water
• Sun Life Financial Plans, Inc. Pre-Need
• Visayan Electric Company

Do note that a service fee may apply. Further, based on the app, it will soon support Government Bills Payment.

Insurance plan offers

DiskarTech has partnered with Malayan Insurance to offer affordable insurance plans to its users. For as low as PHP 20, users may avail themselves of health and accident insurance that will provide financial assistance in case of death or accidents.

You may choose from any of the following insurance products:

realme philippines

• Commuters Personal Accident Insurance (PHP 45 – 12 months coverage)
• Dengue Cash Insurance (PHP 99 – 12 months coverage)
• Ridesafe 20K Insurance (PHP 20 – 6 months coverage)
• Ridesafe 50K Insurance (PHP 50 – 6 months coverage)
• Super Personal Accident Insurance (PHP 100 – 12 months coverage)

To get insurance, select “Insurance” on the DiskarTech app and choose the insurance plan you wish to buy. Click “Avail na!” and enter your occupation, name of the beneficiary, and your relationship to the beneficiary. After purchasing insurance, you will receive your Certificate of Coverage via email in 3-5 business days.

Telemedicine service

DiskarTech’s Telemedicine is a service that grants users access to health professionals. This connects users with healthcare providers and enables them to access online healthcare services. It currently offers iDoc Basic Plan, the iDoc Telemedicine Package that gives unlimited non-emergency consultation with a licensed doctor through phone, email, chat, SMS, and the iDoc application. Users will also have access to their online health records through the iDoc app and get medical prescriptions and laboratory referrals. The said package costs PHP 799.20 for a yearly + 3 months subscription.

Earn money via referral

Aside from saving money with 3.25% p.a. interest, users may also get to earn money from every successful referral. DiskarTech’s NegosyanTech Referral Program lets users earn PHP 30 instantly as a referral incentive.

Here’s how you can start referring:

1. Tap on the “Account” icon located at the bottom of the app
3. Tap on “Mag-invite ng friends sa DiskarTech”
4. Copy your referral code and share it with others.

Make sure to remind them to type in your referral code when they are signing up to ensure that you get the PHP 30 referral fee and they get the PHP 10 incentive on their account. Users may invite and earn up to PHP 30,000 per month through the said referral program.

How to deposit funds to the DiskarTech account?

After verification, users can now deposit funds to their new DiskarTech savings account. Deposit is available through the following partner establishments:

• 7-Eleven via CLiQQ kiosks
• Bayad Center outlets
• CVM Pawnshop
• ECPay merchants
• Gaisano Capital
• H Lhuillier Pawnshop
• RD Pawnshop
• Tambunting Pawnshop
• eBiz

Further, users can deposit a minimum of PHP 200 and a maximum of PHP 25,000. Users can only deposit twice a day, and there must be a 15-minute interval between transactions. Do note that Biller Convenience Fee (BCP) may apply. Cut-off time for deposits starts at 9 PM and ends at 5 AM the next day.

On the flip side, users may also deposit money through bank accounts or mobile wallets. Here’s how:

1. From your banking app, head to the transfer feature.
2. Choose “RCBC” or “RCBC/DiskarTech” from the list of banks.
3. Enter the DiskarTech account number and other account details.

According to the DiskarTech FAQs page, users can make a deposit of up to PHP 48,000, and the interest will be credit until their balance reaches PHP 50,000.

How to withdraw money from DiskarTech?

Users may visit any Bayad Center branch to withdraw from their DiskarTech accounts or through over 1,500 RCBC ATMs with cardless withdrawal.

Check out the steps on how to withdraw via RCBC ATMs:

1. Go to the DiskarTech dashboard, tap “Withdraw.”
2. Tap “Free Cardless ATM Withdrawal.”
3. Choose the amount you want to withdraw and tap “Confirm.”
4. An OTP and reference number will be generated and sent to your number. Take note that the OTP will expire in 15 minutes.
5. Go to the nearest RCBC ATM and enter the reference number and OTP.

Whereas those who will make withdrawals via Bayad Centers must present a valid ID.

Coming soon to DiskarTech

Microloans will soon be available to its users through the app’s “loans marketplace.” According to DiskarTech, it is called such as users will have the power to choose the loan product from various lenders. The DiskarTech app will also house different fintech companies and financial institutions with various offerings.

DiskarTech users shall then choose among the available products under various loan types based on their desired loan amount, terms, and borrower profile. Application and submission of documents shall also be made in-app Among the products that will be initially offered are the following:

• Doctor’s Loan
• Car Loan
• Truck Loan
• Motorcycle Loan
• PUV/Taxi Loan
• Multicab Loan
• Tricycle Loan
• Housing Loan
• OFW loan
• Seafare’s loan

The DiskarTech app is free for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Got more questions? Head over to the official DiskarTech website.

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