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Fitness Game Apps on Android and iOS

Bored of a usual workout routine? Why not upgrade your fitness habit with games? Aside from having a regular fitness app companion on your smartphone, you may also boost your workout routine with a twist. Make your workout sessions fun and more enjoyable with these fitness game apps for Android and iOS!

Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure

Walkr is a fitness adventure game that encourages you to walk more while exploring the space! This is a galaxy adventure game paired with a pedometer that automatically records your daily steps. This allows users to explore a new galaxy while reaching for their fitness goals!

Download: Android | iOS

Fitness Girl – Dance & Play

This game can be your fitness inspiration! You may get to open up your own fitness studio and become the coolest coach! With this game, you’ll get to have workout and dance classes, learn and share fitness tips, as well as customize your own character with your ideal sporty clothes and post-workout selfies.

Download: Android | iOS

Zombies, Run!

What would you do if zombies are running towards you? RUN! Zombies, Run! is a running game and an audio zombie adventure. Engage yourself in various missions with immersive audio drama putting you on your own zombie adventure story. Moreover, you may also view detailed graphs and stats of your entire running and game progress. To make it even more exciting, every run, you’ll be able to collect vital supplies for you to build and defend your own apocalypse community. It can also be synced with an Apple Watch via paid subscription. This game is available for free download for Android and iOS devices.

Download: Android | iOS

Burn Your Fat With Me

Are you part of the Otaku community? If you love anime, then you might love this too! Burn Your Fat With Me is a fitness app that provides players with the motivation to exercise through moé, a Japanese term to describe the feeling you get when you see an adorable female anime character. It is also dubbed as a dating sim with a story about the player’s relationship with a chosen training partner. It has 20 fully-voiced episodes, including fitness training in real life by doing sit-ups, push-ups, and squats. The anime character counts the exercises and cheers the player on. As the story goes, the player also gets closer to the character, and the fitness goals become more demanding.

Download: Android | iOS



Wokamon is an adventure and clicker simulation game that makes walking and fitness activities fun and interesting. The game also functions as a pedometer, wherein you can check your daily and weekly progress and compete with your friends within the game. Moreover, it can also be connected with Fitbit and Google Fit.

Download: Android | iOS

Fitness RPG

The Fitness RPG is a game that is a combination of RPG and pedometer. It allows you to train your team of heroes as you exercise. The more activities you engage in, the stronger your heroes become! Through this game, you may convert your steps into free energy that you may use to level up heroes and compete against other players in the area. You may also sync this game with Fitbit and Google Fit.

Download: Android | iOS


The Zwift combines the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training for your fitness goals. It is equipped with training plans ideal for athletes, cyclists, and runners. It also allows you to experience a virtual tour across central London, New York City, as well as transform your home into a training playground where you can virtually travel through the desert, across Mayan Ruins, beneath an underwater tunnel, and the like. Not just that, but the game also has over 1,000 structured workouts and over 200 live events a day. This game is available for a 7-day free trial, which is also compatible with Mac and Windows devices.

Download: Android | iOS

Fitness Pet – The less serious fitness tracker

Do you still have no motivation to start working out? Try to start with this less serious fitness tracker! The Fitness Pet is a combination of a free pedometer and health game activity app that lets you grow your virtual pet. The more steps you do, the more your pet levels up. You may also go on epic quests and see your progress on the map. This also includes fun mini-games that you may unlock when you progress.

Download: Android

And there you have it! We hope you’ll get inspired to start your fitness game with these game apps! With these games, together with discipline, and a proper diet, you may feel better and healthier. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what your shape or size is as long as you love your body, and you are healthy and happy!

Did we miss anything? Please share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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