Gadgets You Need for a Memorable Netflix and Chill Session

Gadgets You Need for a Memorable Netflix and Chill Session

So we got Netflix here in the Philippines and that means we can finally Netflix and chill for real. Now, however you may interpret that phrase, here are the gadgets you may need for a fun evening of video-streaming and relaxing.


Of course, the first thing you need in order to enjoy a good Netflix and chill session is to have a sizeable television in which you could stream your favorite shows and movies on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a smart TV that readily connects to the Internet since you can also use other gizmos like Google’s Chromecast to do that. Partnering those with a good pair of speakers will also make your movie-watching more immersive. There are good options like JBL’s SB400 soundbar and Bose’s Cinemate 15 that impressed us with their performance.


That is the ideal setup for watching movies, but not all have those pricey equipment. So for those that are a bit more modest with their gadgets, watching on a laptop is enjoyable as well, although you won’t get as much enjoyable audio as home theaters. This is when a decent Bluetooth speaker comes into play as it is not as expensive as those tall speakers, but will also get the job done. If a laptop is still unavailable, tablets would also work.


If you want to go mobile, Lenovo just released its Yoga Tab 3 Pro that concentrates on media consumption and this would work just fine for watching movies. It even has its own built-in projector that you could choose to use. Just throw the movie on a blank wall, turn off the lights, and let the experience begin.


Of course, you’d have to have a stable Internet connection in order to stream content without lagging. Right now, PLDT offers high-speed fiber-optic connection in selected areas that offers some of the fastest speeds in the Philippines. But if you belong to the majority of Filipinos without access to that service, having your LTE pocket Wi-Fi would suffice (we’ve listed down some of the best you can get in stores today).



So you got your Netflix part all set up and now it’s time to go to the Chill aspect to help you and your date/partner/friend enjoy watching movies. If you can’t afford a La-Z-Boy, you may want to take a look at this Video Rocking Chair that we featured on 10 Cool Gadgets from CD-R King. You can connect it straight to a TV and it has its own built-in speakers with audio controls.


To set the mood in the room for whatever purpose you have in mind, JBL’s Pulse 2 speaker lights up and is fun to look at with its numerous lighting behaviors. You can choose to place it on a corner table and let it display its somewhat-mesmerizing light show — kind of like a modern-day lava lamp.


There’s also the Philips Hue LED light which acts as an ordinary room light, but has the capability to change colors depending on your mood. The best thing about it is that you can control it straight from your smartphone. From its natural white light, you can instantly switch it to warm red if you’re feeling “romantic”, for example.

So there you have it — an immersive display, good speakers, reliable Internet connection, and additional gadgets that could effectively set the mood for a Netflix and Chill session that’s one for the books.

Have any more gadgets in mind that you think you could use? Share them with everyone below.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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