Instagram Followers for Sale: Is It Worth It?

Instagram Followers for Sale: Is It Worth It?

Follower count sometimes helps people to give you a good judge of character and business. If you have thousands of followers as a facade on your social media account, most people will trust you, may it be real followers of a fake one. Some celebrities, businesses, and even government officials/organizations are buying Instagram followers to gain the trust of the public.

The Price

There are many things you can buy on the internet, and one of them is social media followers. Do note that they are not cheap. Pricing starts at USD 2.89 (~PHP 144) for 100 followers, up to USD 279.99 (~PHP 13,999) for 25K followers, and people are buying these numbers even with that cost.

Is it Effective?

As mentioned earlier, there are companies, organizations, and personalities that avail of this kind of service. Because of the saturated market in blogging, fashion, and the like, these organizations/businesses tend to buy followers for publicity and marketing purposes. Although buying followers doesn’t guarantee engagement because these are mostly bots, surprisingly, this marketing strategy works for some brands.


Is it Safe?

For safety, it’s a mixed bag. As always, some of those accounts are real, but most fake accounts. If you happen to be interested in buying one, most sites will ask for your username, but beware that some would require you to log in to your social media account. These sites may use your account to follow other people, so be careful with that.

My Experience

I tried availing this service, and surprisingly, it worked pretty well. I bought 500 followers for my old account, which cost me USD 6.99 (~PHP 350) after I typed in my username. A couple of minutes later, I received the 500 followers I bought. After two days, I noticed that some of these accounts unfollowed my dummy Instagram account. I also tried posting a photo and didn’t get any likes from the 500 accounts, which is expected since these accounts are not active.

So, should you avail of this service? If you have the money to spare, sure. But remember that this won’t guarantee engagements to your account, nor even help you show your profile on the discovery page because what you are buying here is just number. It is still better to build your profile from the ground up. It is okay to have fewer followers with a balanced engagement rather than having thousands of followers with no involvement in your account.

What do you guys think? Have you tried availing this kind of service? Let us know in the comments section below!

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