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Online Tech Finds – March 2021


By refusing to go outside more often, most of us spend our time online shopping or simply “window scrolling” through various shopping apps. And as we keep checking products for hours, we’ve come across some cool and useful gadgets and tech accessories that you might be interested in too.

Keep on reading to find out the unique or bang-for-your-buck tech items that we found online.

Table of Contents

Ken Wooden Monitor Stand and Riser

Ken Wooden Monitor Stand And Riser • Online Tech Finds - March 2021

A nordic-styled monitor riser can greatly improve your home office and work experience. It can free up space on your desk and help keep your monitor at eye level for more comfortable viewing.

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Price: PHP 1,550 – PHP 2,000

Eyoyo 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock

Eyoyo 3 In 1 Wireless Charging Dock • Online Tech Finds - March 2021

Perfect for your bedside table or home workspace, this 4-in-1 charging dock comes with 3 kinds of USB chargers, specifically micro-USB, lightning, and USB Type-C, all in a Qi fast wireless charging stand.

Price: PHP 633

Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker

Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker • Online Tech Finds - March 2021

Hype up your coffee game with an automatic single-serve pour-over coffee maker. You only need to add your favorite ground coffee powder, turn on the coffee brewing machine, and then pour hot water. The temperature of the filtered coffee is set at 65-70 degrees, which is the best temperature for drinking hot coffee.

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Price: PHP 1,495

Baseus Hub Gel Pad

Baseus Universal Magic Phone Holder • Online Tech Finds - March 2021

Realme Philippines

Also known as a universal magic phone holder, the Baseus Hub Gel Pad is a very good alternative to a smartphone holder for your car or generally, anywhere you can think of. It can also be used as a cable or wired earphone organizer.

Price: PHP 154

Mosiso Aluminum Alloy Vertical Stand

Mosiso Aluminum Alloy Vertical Stand • Online Tech Finds - March 2021

This straightforward vertical stand is made out of superior aluminum alloy that’s similar to the material used for a MacBook. It can hold your laptop or tablet vertically to save space and it’s simply aesthetically pleasing.

Price: PHP 488

Wireless Mini Handheld Vacuum

Wireless Mini Handheld Vacuum • Online Tech Finds - March 2021

Clean off even the nitty-gritty with this cute and affordable wireless mini handheld vacuum. It’s suitable for cleaning sofas, desks, keyboards, car seats, and more. It comes in pastel colors as well, namely Light Blue and Pink.

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Price: PHP 253

Baseus Charging Desk Lamp Pro

Baseus Charging Desk Lamp Pro • Online Tech Finds - March 2021

The Baseus Charging Desk Lamp Pro has a magnetic mount that can stick to any surface with its light stick that can be rotated up to 80 degrees. It can be used wirelessly and has three brightness levels for your convenience. Packing a 1800mAh battery it can last up to 24 hours at low brightness and can be recharged via USB Type-C.

Price: PHP 799

And there you go. We hope you find something useful on this list. If you have anything else to share, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below!

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