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Tech Survival Tips for Quarantine Tributes

The enhanced community quarantine mandated by the government has limited the public from going outdoors. Strict measures were issued, including the implementation of quarantine passes, which allows one person per household to run errands and do the grocery shopping. And just like that, every Filipino household turned into districts from a dystopian, YA novel which needs to have a representative for survival. Dubbed as quarantine tributes, their main task is to replenish the food supply and other household essentials without getting infected by COVID-19.

I, myself, have become a tribute to my own home. Mostly composed of millennials and members from generation Z, the majority of the tributes have little to zero knowledge of visiting the wet market and shopping groceries. This makes the task harder for others who need to buy perishable items. Thanks to technology, it has made the world more connected than ever.

As the quarantine period extends two more weeks, we’re here to help you survive challenges as the designated quarantine tribute, and make your parents proud, of course.

1. Strategize a gameplan

Every mission needs a gameplan. And for this matter of life and survival, you will need to tap the help of your family members. Designate a corresponding runner and driver for gathering supplies. In this way, it will maximize your time in searching for the items that you need to buy. You may tag along any PWDs in your household who are physically well so you can cut through the long queue of lines going into the establishment and in the cashier. Otherwise, go to your destination an hour earlier from its daily schedule to save yourself from the long waiting game. Ask another family member to fall in line with the cashier while you roam around and get the things on your shopping list to save time and energy. Also, schedule your grocery shopping bi-weekly so you won’t need to go out now and then. Safety should still be first in your priority list.

2. Know where to go

The first thing that you have to check is the location and operating hours of wet markets and supermarkets nearby. Shortlisting the places that you have to visit will help you plot your destination and estimate travel time. You’ll also see the possible locations you can run to in case some supplies are out of stock on your first stop. For those who have a poor sense of direction or designated drivers, installing navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze are highly recommended. Apart from giving the most efficient routes in a shortened time, these navigation apps provide real-time and accurate traffic updates.

Download Google Maps: iOS, Android

Download Waze: iOS, Android

3. Always make a list

As humans, we are prone to forget things and commit mistakes. However, there is no room for mistakes in this period of a health crisis. Ditch pens and papers by downloading note-taking mobile apps to prevent mental block. It is more convenient since it is stored on your phone instead of bringing an actual list, which can get lost if you’re not vigilant. Keeping a shopping list also aids in tracking your destinations, items on your cart, and other to- buy items and errands you missed.

Download Evernote: iOS, Android


Download Google Keep: iOS, Android

4. Create a plan B

If fate does not come to your terms, some groceries may run out of supplies. Your first destination may also not provide several items that you need from your notes. This is when the second step applies. Remember your shortlisted destinations from earlier? You would need to open and see your options again. Worst-case scenarios can lead you to another alternative, which is online grocery shopping. For a complete list of online grocery websites and apps, you may click the link. You may also use a web-based map like Store Finder or Dashboard Philippines to know which stores are open, including banks, pharmacies, and remittance centers.

You may learn how to use Store Finder on this link.

5. Ready your weapons

A soldier can’t go to war without a weapon. Quarantine tributes, your guns are smartphones while the bullets are the power banks. Make sure to recharge your phones, power banks, and reload prepaid credits and mobile data a day before your scheduled trip outdoors to keep communication with your parents or relatives you left behind. It will be essential in verifying their go-to-market vendors, brands, and items that they usually buy for grocery supplies, and quick tips and tricks in buying fresh perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy products. Don’t forget to put your smartphones in a waterproof case to protect from possible contamination. Bringing a medium-to-large suitcase is highly recommended for easier lugging of bulky items. Also, prepare eco bags for perishable goods. Make sure to wear a face mask and gloves when going to stores. Alcohol should also be placed inside your car or your bag for disinfecting purposes.

6. Signal the back-end team for any issues

Your parents and other housemates are technically the back-end team. Remind them to keep their lines open for direct and speedy communication. Make a call if the signal in the area is choppy for video calls. Should you need to verify something, take a photo and send it through messaging apps. For getting more elaborate information such as purchasing perishable items, you may use the video conferencing features of  Viber, Messenger, and even Instagram. If your parents are baby boomers, please teach them how to use the messaging apps we mentioned earlier.

Download Viber: iOS, Android

Download Messenger: iOS, Android

Download Instagram: iOS, Android

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. We hope that you would accomplish your mission as the chosen tributes of your parents. Who knows, you might be a fully-pledged responsible adult after the enhanced community quarantine. Did we miss anything on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Jewel is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. She's a caffeinator by day and a cinephile by night.

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