Akamai: Philippine internet now at 4.5Mbps for Q4 2016

Akamai: Philippine internet now at 4.5Mbps for Q4 2016

Akamai’s latest internet speed results show that the Philippines now averages 4.5Mbps for the 4th quarter of 2016.


This is higher from the 4.2Mbps the previous quarter (see report). This is a 44% increase from 2015.

However, the Philippines dropped in rankings to No. 108 from No. 103. The Philippines was ahead of India (4.1Mbps) but is now at 5.6Mbps, leaving us at last place.

The Philippines is also now the slowest in the South East Asia region.

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3 Responses

  1. Dhan says:

    And this is news because?… there’s nothing new to that

  2. K9 group says:

    All those telco playing blame games stating they cannot get approval for building cell tower and yet they collected those ‘promised speed’ fee from consumers.

  3. notnew says:

    kahit pa pataas ng pataas yang results na yan, we will always be among the slowest.

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