Akamai Q1 2017 Report: Philippines dead last in Internet speeds

Akamai Q1 2017 Report: Philippines dead last in Internet speeds

In the most recent”State of the Internet” report by Akamai, the Philippines continues to lag behind all other Asia Pacific countries in terms of average internet speeds.

Akamai reported the average internet in the Philippines for the Q1 of 2017 at 5.5Mbps.

The 5.5Mbps average speed has improved from 4.6Mbps from one quarter ago (Q4 2016 Akamai Report). This is a 20% improvement that’s the highest in the group, along with Thailand.

Still, despite observed improvement in average internet in the Philippines, the country ranked last in the Asia Pacific region.

Akamai also has a break-down of broadband penetration with 6.2% of users having 15Mbps or higher connection.


Only 1 out of 10 (11%) of broadband users in the Philippines has 10Mbps or higher internet speeds.

Only 2 out of every 5 internet users (39%) in the Philippines have a connection fo 4Mbps and higher.

In terms of broadband penetration, the Philippines has the lowest among Asia Pacific countries.

You can also check out a similar report for quarter 4 of 2016 here.

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12 Responses

  1. K L says:

    dapat wala na 3mpbs plans, dapat base plan 10mbps at no capping ang tagal naman ng DICT.

  2. Sukli says:

    change has come

  3. trapik says:

    Wake up PLDT-Smart and Globe. This is tantamount ANTI-economic progress (in simpler term)

    Take a look at Vietnam’s.

    Ano feeling nyo PLDT-Smart and Globe?

    Don’t tell me payag kayo na ganyan na lang…..

  4. nothing new says:

    as expected..alam ko na nga for the next quarters til next year last parin tayo.

  5. Gusto ko nang mag migrate. says:

    Dead last and 20 years behind (infrastructure and mentality). Thats us ordinary people.

  6. HBIC says:

    Whatever happened to Bam Aquino’s proposal for the mandatory minimum of 20mbps for less than 600 pesos per month?

    PLDT seems to neglect many parts of Metro Manila. Some of my friends don’t even have fiber optic wires yet. What’s worse is their copper wires can’t handle speed upgrades of more than 5mbps while the villages next to them have had fiber for years. Like literally a stone throw’s away. A request or an inquiry at their stores all yield the same generic answers full of stupid excuses.

    • HBIC says:

      A stone’s throw*

      Now it seems my brain even slowed down a bit there. Hahaha

    • Kalurky says:

      That’s because PLDT thinks na pang-rich people lang ang fiber, so wala silang pakialam sa masa, kahit mabulok na yung copper lines nila.

  7. bern says:

    When it comes to broadband connection, we are still lagging behind in asia/pacific, only 6.2% have 15Mbps and higher, 39% with 4MBps and higher, majority of us are on the bottom, still using 3G speed :)

  8. shutter says:

    Bayaran yang AKAMAI na yan, DILAWAN yan, ADDICT yan!! PUSHER YAN!!

    Sinisira ang Pilipinas..

    …….. DDS

  9. BRYAN says:

    I wont go to Philippines because they don’t offer anything thats fun.

    Zoo full of dying animals.

    Sea world thats boring and expensive.

    Crappy airport by world standards

    Congested highways or no highways and congestion so bad in low season

    What does Filipinos offer the world?

    3G or Fraudband ?

    All that you offer is high crime rates, criminanality, theft, deception, lies …

    So much potential but no will or anybody that’s willing to spend any money on infrastructure.

    Sorry, Id rather ho to Thailand they have 4.5G and everthing is so much better than in Philippines.

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