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Giveaway: Try Office 2013, win this HTC WP7 phone

Microsoft Philippines contacted me a couple of weeks back and asked if I could try out the new Office 2013. They also gave me an HTC Windows Phone 7 and said I can give it away to readers.

Last week Office 2013 reached RTM Milestone. That means copies of Office 2013 is now being readied for distribution. Microsoft has also announced that customers who bought Office 2010 starting today will be getting Office 2013 for free.

I tried the preview copy of Office 2013 and even shared copies to people so they can try it out. One of the more frequent feedback I get from other folks is that the new Office is much faster than 2010 (and I would certainly agree).

While we still don’t have any touch-capable laptop to use with Office 2013, I’m pretty interested to see how it works from that perspective (I’ve actually pre-reserved two units of touch-screen laptops from Asus that my contributors can use).

[fancygallery ID=”office2013″]

The new applications that came with Office 2013 are OneNote and Lync. OneNote’s UI even relies heavily on a touch-screen menu.

I’ve also been a heavy user of Mozilla Thunderbird for many years but after trying out Outlook 2013, I’m not going back to Thunderbird again.

Anyway, I think you have to download and try out Office 2013 to really appreciate it. Go download a copy of MS Office 2013 here.

Now for the giveaway, we’re raffling of an HTC Radar Windows Phone 7.5 to readers here who tried out Office 2013.

Just leave a comment which of the features of the new Office 2013 you liked the best. Just include a screenshot or a photo of your PC running Office 2013.

We’ll randomly pick the winner on October 24 (I’ll be in SG to cover the launch of Windows 8 but I’ll try to squeeze in the announcement).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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126 Responses

  1. Jake Shelley says:

    My favourite feature is definitely the Live actions. It was a long time coming.

  2. Peter says:

    Yes, I can now edit/trim embedded videos directly in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010. No need to use separate video editor.


  3. Sean Cua says:

    These are the best. Cloud Storage, Mobility and Developers, Developers.

  4. One of the features of Office 2013 I like the most is the integration with SkyDrive. I’m using Office 2013 in my Windows 8 and since I’m using my MSFT Account, this also automatically signed me in Office 2013 and from there all the files were saved directly on my SkyDrive account. In this case I can open my Office documents in any PC. All I have to do is go to SkyDrive.com and that’s it! :) http://i.cubeupload.com/PYV7EZ.png

  5. Ariel says:

    OneNote and Lync are interesting although I can’t try it but look awesome..

  6. berkanoshow says:

    OneNote MX on Windows 8 will revolutionize digital note taking. That radial menu is an epic, touch-friendly, killer feature too :)


  7. Rain Gatdula says:

    Integration of Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud service, which saves Office files online and syncs them across multiple digital devices..


  8. Jean Paulo says:

    coolest thing about it is how fluid typing is!!!!
    the bomb!!!!

  9. Redgie Louie Campani says:

    of course, the tiles and its colors.

  10. raul says:

    i like the enhanced presenter view of powerpoint 2013. i can view my speaker notes as i deliver my slide show.


  11. Eric Victoriano says:

    Cloud syncing is the best feature Office 2013 brings. It automatically syncs your documents to your Skydrive which in turn give you the ability to access it anywhere and share it with anybody.

  12. What I like about the new Office Suite is that it is SkyDrive integrated, not only you can edit your files on your computer but on other’s too, and not only you can edit your files on your desktop but online too, just sign in with your Outlook/Hotmail/Live account and everything is centralized, worry no more. With the Office 2013 the experience is smooth, the design (metro style/modern ui) is simple yet elegant, they also added some effects for a cool experience. One of the best thing (for me) that Microsoft did for their office is the OneNote MX, it helps you organize everything that you need to organize.
    Awesome Office 2013 is Awesome!


  13. alainL says:

    A new more intuitive UI would be a very big help specially for those who are not that used to using MS Office. I find the previous version to be somewhat not intuitive because it hides menu from the user. It expects me to know it’s there without showing obvious indication of its presence.

    Web integration is another big one for me. We have a lot of PCs/laptops/devices at home and being able to transfer from one device to another seamlessly (ala GDocs) would be a great. GDocs often times have that problem of not formatting the documents properly and I usually end up with a messy document. This is obviously not a good thing especially when I have to present these to someone else.

  14. john says:

    how it links all your files to your sky drive makes office 2013 better than 2010.

  15. ceegii63 says:

    As a Windows Phone user i appreciate that the entire suit is connected throughout multiple platforms from my Desktop at home to my Phone, i can create and edit on the go and continue working at home and bring my documents wherever i go and access them whenever i want via Skydrive.

    Social media integration is also a new great addition to the environment and that sexy Metro UI interface just made everything easier, much more enjoyable and actually feel less as work but more of an enjoyable experience.

    I’ve never used Outlook before because it was presented too formal and gave a “PC/Computer feeling” to it but the new Outlook simplicity just made me feel like this is now how i want to read and send email.


  16. Tia says:

    tighter integration with Sky Drive!

  17. TiBs says:

    hands down, the integration with skydrive.

  18. kanto10 says:

    This is very cool. I super like the skydrive integration.


  19. JP says:


    Definitely the Skydrive Integration. I also liked the alternative “themes” for Powerpoint. The artistic effects for the background also helped in emphasizing several texts. I must say this is by far the best release for Microsoft Office.

  20. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    the Skydrive integration is the best for me. I always forget to copy the latest excel file of my assets list for graphic design and can’t do work at home. with skydrive, i can work anywhere.

  21. John Gabriel Urbano says:

    What I like the most about the new Office 2013 is the easy access to the templates and online templates in fact, when you open the new Office 2013 it is the first thing that will show up.

    This update benefit me and my brother because as a IT student it makes things convenient.

    Also, the Skydrive integration with the new Office 2013 is also a thumbs up for me because you can now link all your files to your skydrive using the application with just a few clicks! :)


  22. Rom says:

    – Touch feature the best
    – SkyDrive syncs settings and documents more efficient
    – and the best of all for me – Easier social sharing and collaboration tools!

  23. Winnie says:


    Both excel & powerpoint is my favorite since it helps me in my office works & prsentation

  24. edriangelo paule says:

    I love it’s new layout it can show your personality and the sky drive that can make your files on the go.. http://t.co/Efhn477


  25. rbb says:

    For me, the integration of cloud service such as Skydrive is one the best features included in Office 2013. I have been using Skydrive since it was released and having it available in Microsoft Office 2013 which part of my daily life it’s like magic! Files on-the-go and sky’s the limit!


  26. Tania says:

    My favorite feature in the new Microsoft Office 2013 is the SkyDrive where I can access my files in any PC. And it is easier for me to chare my documents to my friends and family. :)


  27. I tried Microsoft Office 2013 weeks ago. I actually like most of its features including these:

    -First, the log-in icon. This indicates me if I logged on to my Microsoft account. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=CDC555B9440C98D9!288

    -Second, its Metro-style interface.

    -Third, the online picture support for faster picture search.

    -Lastly, the new cloud support. This let me access my files everywhere. Just like on my tablet.

  28. william i. says:

    Definitely it’s the seamless connection to the Skydrive! I also like the new style that matches the new windows look.

    Great tool for productivity.

  29. Kenneth Olayao says:

    My favorite new feature is the new log-in screen which let me access different online features like online photo search (Flickr, Bing.com, Office.com clip art) and its built-in SKYDRIVE feature (let me access my files everywhere!


  30. Office 2013 can save my documents to SkyDrive to easily access and edit them from virtually anywhere :) really cool isn’t it?


  31. Klenvin Lo says:

    Sky Drive feature the best!

  32. Klenvin Lo says:

    SkyDive feature the best!

  33. Van Fanel says:

    Yuga, baka pwede magpapicture sayo sa windows 8 event sa SG :p..

  34. Jayson Trinchera says:

    The feature I liked best is Office on Demand.


  35. Chard says:


    I like the new UI of the MS Office 2013. Its simple yet elegant.

  36. Crystal Kate Raymund says:

    the feature that I loved the best is the MS OneNote. Ive loved it since Office 2003 but when I tried the 2013 version it was so awesome. the convenience to access it anywhere is a major plus plus factor for me. I really love it!


  37. Roy says:


    The Skydrive cloud storage is probably the best feature I’ve seen so far, looking forward to trying the other features.

  38. Reilly says:

    Man, sure wish I could join you guys… :)
    Love the new look.. Though not the ribbon tabs which are in uppercase as indicated by Roy…

  39. Lee Erik says:

    Maraming bago sa office 2013. what i like most is yung word, outlook at powerpoint. gusto ko yung password protection for the documents. Yung “metro look” is awesome. the best din ang skydrive integration. here are my pics..

  40. Robby says:

    My favorite feature is OneNote 2013’s notebook syncing functionality with SkyDrive. Now, my important notes are in sync with my personal machines, workstation, and phones.


  41. HK-47 says:

    I agree with many of the other posters here — SkyDrive integration is the best new feature of Office 2013


  42. Adrian says:

    Ang mga nagustuhan ko sa office 2013

    1. Ang new metro look (malinis ang interface at di masakit sa mata pag nagtatype)
    2. Cloud service (skydrive integration – pwede ka nang magsave o i-edit ng mga dokumento kahit saan gamit ang iyong account sa skydrive )
    3. multi-touch controls para naman sa mga tablets at smartphones
    4. makakapagedit ng pdf files sa microsoft word


  43. My favorite feature would be the SkyDrive Integration and the new look of Office. Though I would rather not have the tabs in capital letters. The smooth typing was also cool. :)

    It really matches Windows 8 too!


  44. ABV says:

    I like the new look/interface of the new office. There’s bit of learning curve in the new interface but I guess it is manageable after some practice. Plus points in the skydrive integration, the only set-back of it is reliable Internet connection, which is a problem in the office.


  45. Al Ciocon says:


    My favorite feature in Office 2013 is the new start screen and the touch enhancements added to it.

  46. Jhaylogs says:

    Skydrive Integration is my best and favorite feature of Microsoft Office 2013.

  47. Jhaylogs says:

    Skydrive Integration is my best and favorite feature of Microsoft Office 2013.


  48. Francis says:

    I just love the new focus of Office 2013: functionality and simplicity. It runs faster on my laptop and the clean interface makes me work and do things faster.

    Check out my new Outlook:


  49. Russel Sulit says:

    there are lots of new improvements that i like about this new version of office. I like the integration of skydrive as i now use the cloud primarily for storage of my files. There are also lots of new templates and themes to choose from..plus, the ability to be used in touch screen mode.


  50. Cirde says:

    For me the best feature is SkyDrive integration. Sharing files becomes much easier. It is also very touch friendly. So far the best Microsoft Office.


  51. oreo says:

    I love the One Note, its Like a Diary, a more high tech diary I should say, Love how you can personalize it.


    One thing I also like with the new Office 2013 is the skydrive because it made file transferring USB free.

  52. TiBs says:

    Skydrive FTW!
    your files, anywhere, any device!

  53. John Michael says:

    The new MS Office 2013 are more simpler than the older versions. It has a clean interface and each icons has it own colors. There are lots of new great features like editing a PDF file with MS Word, opening program is more faster now, and improved save as and open, and scrolling down to view document was smooth.
    But for me, the best features of MS 2013 was the SkyDrive, enabling you to save and download the files over sky, which is too helpful, its like having an invisible flash drive :D


  54. John Michael says:

    The new MS Office 2013 are more simpler than the older versions. It has a clean interface and each icons has it own colors. There are lots of new great features like editing a PDF file with MS Word, opening program is more faster now, and improved save as and open, and scrolling down to view document was smooth.
    But for me, the best features of MS 2013 was the SkyDrive, enabling you to save and download the files over sky, which is too helpful, its like having an invisible flash drive :D


  55. Luoie says:

    Loving the new slide designs, animations and transitions in PowerPoint 2013, for my future presentations. Yay! :)


  56. Jelo Manongsong says:

    I notice that I can edit PDF files to MS word! amazing! :)

  57. paotranq says:

    I like the updated UI

  58. JM says:

    I’ve been using Microsoft Office 2013 for almost a month now, and for my Experience, I enjoy almost every new feature of the application. Specially the ability to edit photos and videos of PowerPoint 2013. I even like the integration of Skydrive on Office 2013, it saves me twice from a wrong syncing\. Good thing Skydrive has “previous version” function so I did recover my old version of my documents. I commend Microsoft for this. it’s nicely done. And oh..almost forgot, I also like how they integrate PDF file into Office 2013, now I don’t need 3rd party apps to edit my PDF file, since Word 2013 now supports it.


  59. mark12 says:

    nagustuhan kopo ay ung sa powerpoint at word. lalo na studyante pako ako ngayon lalong makakatulong sa mga reports,projects :) salamat!!


  60. James says:

    Download not available in Philippines?

  61. Matt says:

    I like it that you can now add online pictures and videos. There’s also a simple markup view for MS Word 2013. I’m so excited to use this as its more flexible and easier to use! :)


  62. i love how it is so much faster and even more costumize-able than MSOffice2010
    and ofcourse!the Microsoft Skydrive that comes with it is wow.just WOW.

  63. grace says:

    + loads faster than Office 2007/2010
    + MS PowerPoint has new slide designs
    + MS Excel has recommended charts
    + SkyDrive integration
    + Icons are easy on the eye


  64. In the new Excel, you can access the Save & Send menu options in a much organized, user-friendly manner with the Share, Save As and Export tabs.

    The new Office has a cleaner interface and much faster.


  65. alfranz3 says:

    Features I like the most:

    – Skydrive integration
    – Better PDF capabilities
    – sleeker and more elegant UI (minimalist plain)
    – New ribbon interface
    – New Powerpoint designs and animations
    – Seems faster compared to 2010


  66. Blaire Duarte says:

    i love the new outlook for fast and simple design and onenote for its auto sync on my hotmail account.

  67. harris says:

    I love there core applications,including Word and PowerPoint, provide new and very useful alignment guides


  68. harris says:

    *their i mean

  69. leovie says:

    i like the new PowerPoint now,features more native graphics features and functionality, letting users do layouts, charts and formatting that previously had to be done in external graphic design and illustration applications


  70. Erik says:

    Office 2013 has a brand new look..it’s awesome. Skydrive integration was cool. I always work with excel, powerpoint so after a few minutes browsing, i already fell in love with. The publisher, for creating cards was more improved than 2010.


  71. Rex says:

    I like the responsiveness of the new office. I also like the clean interface. Here is my ss:



  72. Romar says:

    Smooth as butter. Never thought that this version of Microsoft Office would be this smooth and fluid. really amazed. All of its features are at their best. :)


  73. phiLLip says:

    I think Skydrive is the best feature of Office 2013.


  74. APC_CPA says:

    I got really fascinated by the new Microsoft Office 2013 because it is simpler, faster and smarter. The SkyDrive integration makes it even more thrilling! :)


  75. Bridget Rangel says:

    the Skydrive is the best feature of MS word 2013 for me [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/25tyexy.png[/IMG]

  76. Bridget Rangel says:

    the Skydrive is the best feature of MS word 2013 for me because using this app you can donwload your files anywhere http://i45.tinypic.com/25tyexy.jpg

  77. Bridget Rangel says:

    Also using ms word has a add-ins using that app you can send your file directly to other gadgets that bluetooth devices.. http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss298/chekwabridget/Untitled.png

  78. sherwoodhere says:

    Simply the Skydrive is what drives me the most to love the new Microsoft Office 2013. Imagine you can access your files wherever you are.


  79. char mane says:

    I love the new Metro UI of the ne Microsoft Office plus the Skydrive integration.


  80. Minah says:

    Skydrive is the best feature of MS word 2013 for me

  81. thomasmmm says:

    Skydrive, sir! And looking forward to OneNote! thanks for the link Abe!

  82. King Cruz says:

    I like how Microsoft is anticipating the future of touchscreen computers especially ultrabooks and tablets by launching touchscreen friendly Windows8 next week and Office2013 next year! I’ve been trying both the instant I saw the consumer previews. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-tM_N3_1n28VHFSenVnX3poQ2M

  83. Imee Cruz says:

    I love its simplicity. The best so far.


  84. Mark says:

    The simplicity, speed and skydrive integration :P

  85. Edgar says:

    onenote and skydrive

  86. David Mercado says:

    The integration of Skydrive onto MS office is the best, and the buttery smooth performance of the programs is definitely a plus!



  87. Aries says:

    Accessing your doc anywhere, on the go is pretty amazing, nothing to worry if you forgot your file or usb back home.. here’s my ss: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=2092D17FA1376DE4!111&authkey=!AGVDqV32OXOyDpE

  88. alfranz3 says:

    Aside from the sleek minimalist UI, speed improvement and new design templates; the best feature I like is the cloud integration with Skydrive! Office 15 rocks!


  89. I love its simple but elegant look.
    It’s easier to use. It will be a very useful instrument for us, college students, in doing our paper works and other things. :))


  90. JoseLuis Manalansan4 says:

    Really found the Skydrive integration with Office 2013 a lot more smoother and cleaner.

    Saved me a lot of times in hunting down resources while troubleshooting. Suddenly wishes we had Microsoft Office 2013 and Skydrive years ago when I was attending High School and College, since it would have been a lot easier keeping notes and doing research.


  91. Cary says:

    I like the clean, smooth and uncluttered look of the new UI.

  92. Sonny David Huab says:

    totally awesome. love all about it. haha! especially that it can connect me directly to my PLM account plus the SkyDrive with 7GB of free storage. =) great for school stuffs, especially for graduating students like me.



  93. 123 Ed says:

    Aside from the super and eye-catching minimalist design of the Office, which can be seen in the suite, i would like to focus more on ONE NOTE, it’s now clean and easy to manage, very fast with ‘clippings’, although i can’t adjust the over-all brightness, because of the whiteness of the window, but over-all i love the new one note.


  94. Zy says:

    Best feature of office 365 would probably be sky drive integration. I also like that you can sync outlook with your outlook.com account without any hassle.


  95. http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/267652_10151182021898260_1488671567_n.jpg

    I like ppt’s new templates and lots of other templates available online! Cool.. Handy for my research defense which is 2 days from now..

  96. Chen Mei Xi says:

    I really like the new look — minimalist and very sleek. It now comes with a SkyDrive cloud integration which is very essential in my field of work. I also welcome the additional track changes features which are great for me and my fellow editors, as well as the very handy PDF conversion to word so we can now edit and copy pdf texts easily!


  97. Chen Mei Xi says:


    I really like the new look — minimalist and very sleek. It now comes with a SkyDrive cloud integration which is very essential in my field of work. I also welcome the additional track changes features which are great for me and my fellow editors, as well as the very handy PDF conversion to word so we can now edit and copy pdf texts easily!

  98. MrsNoodleBoy says:

    Bigger social thumbnails on Outlook and there’s more social integration. Now trying to get Twitter updates to work on the new Outlook 2013. The new fly-over menus, Peeks. This lets me check out calendar appointments, to-do items and information about my contacts easier/faster.


  99. 456 Ed says:

    another useful feature for me is how Office 2013 is easily connected to Microsoft online, I can sign in via the software, send feedback through smileys! I can even check my Skdrive tru Powerpoint.


  100. Jigs says:

    Office 2013 skydrive integration is the best feature. You can view your files anywhere using any internet capable device plus easy file sharing to anyone.


  101. Kevin Cheng says:


    commenting and revisions are now easier on the eyes; not for everyone, but great for those who use it

  102. Stephen Marin says:

    I noticed the cool templates brought by Office 2013. It is also easier to search templates online. ^_^


  103. Rae Mart Pabustan says:

    bit the same but i like the way it can bring your files online so that it can be accessed anytime

  104. Aaron Cruz says:

    I like the templates of the Office 2013. Surely, it will be useful for my class presentations this sem.


  105. Alou Cordova says:

    The new MS Office is undoubtly faster. More sleek and clean looking design. I like MS 2010 for that but this is even better.
    I like the SkyDrive Integration most. Quicker sharing. The greatest addition. Hope that this MS Office 2013 is just a preview, and the real full thing have more surprises.

  106. Herza says:

    What I love the most is the SkyDrive integration. :)


  107. sphoeninx says:

    it will be a headache again for IT trainers – hahaha – changing the entire syllabus – plus all the screenshots – awts

  108. johnpoe says:


    I’m lovin the new templates. They’re sleek like pages templates :)

  109. Nikhil Dsouza says:

    The best feature without doubt is the skydrive integration in Office 2013. Apart from that I kind of like the new “flat” buttons …. although I am not a fan of the “flat” view in Excel …makes it even more boring than it is. The Excel design of 2010 is way better. That being said …. office 2013 is more easier and intuitive than 2010 was. I like it.

  110. Zyra Anne Perez says:

    I liked how they Re design the Word. So professional looking and very best for my office works.


  111. Zyra Anne Perez says:

    I liked how they Re design the Word. So professional looking and very best for my office works. :)


  112. Julie Gonzales says:


    Skydrives gives bmobility and freedom to have the files anywhere. thats d best

  113. Dancel Udquim says:

    It has a better and faster MS Office than of 2012. Cooler ppt templates. The SkyDrive Integration is the fastest and quickest ever.

  114. Danlee says:

    Hi nice i like, . .

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  116. It’s better than the previous version because its faster and simplier…..

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