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Windows 7 Public Launch on November 7

Microsoft is set to launch their new operating system, Windows 7, to the public this November 7, 2009 at the CyberZone of the SM North EDSA. However, local retailers have already started offering the OS to consumers.

Here are the current price list of the various versions of Windows 7 (based from a the price list of PC Gilmore on October 24):

Windows 7 Home Premium – Php6,050
Windows 7 Professional – Php8,100
Windows 7 Ultimate – Php11,500

No price for the Home Basic yet but it should be just under Php5,000.

{Thanks to reader Jan Lorenz for the tip.}

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51 Responses

  1. Avatar for bruno bruno says:

    cheapest prices i got so far..

    windows 7 FULL VERSIONS..

    basic – 4.6k
    PREMIUM – 6K
    prof – 8.8k
    ultimate – 9.3k


  2. Avatar for louie gil louie gil says:

    well,i am an winXP user before.. now i am using, win7 ultimate.. so fantastic.. go for a genuine copy now.. .

  3. Avatar for Bob Reyes Bob Reyes says:

    @Patrick: Thanks! Most of the PC shops I had inquired with do accept deferred payment schemes, but the problem is that they do not have stocks of Windows 7 Ultimate, yet.

    Anyone who has compiled the prices of different Windows 7 FPP versions being sold here in the Philippines?

  4. Avatar for Patrick Oliveros Patrick Oliveros says:

    @ric: those are full package product prices

  5. Avatar for Velocitrapdoor Velocitrapdoor says:


    The example you gave will be one of the few minor exceptions. If for example, we have a device that the vendors didn’t provide Linux drivers for, or if there is not open source driver for that device (I personally wouldn’t recommend buying such a device), we could hook it up to a single Windows machine. We don’t really need to install Windows on *all* our machines just because a device doesn’t work.

    Government and businesses could slowly adopt Linux and only use Windows on machines that really need it i.e. legacy applications and some devices with no Linux drivers. They should also start buying hardware from companies that super open formats and free (as in speech) software/drivers to speed up this transition.

    Check out this Wikipedia article about Linux adoption of governments and businesses all over the world: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_adoption

    Looks like the “driver problem” isn’t a problem for them at all.

  6. Avatar for Ric Ric says:

    Full Product Box Prices (Windows 7 Launch)
    Home Premium – 7K
    Professional – 14.5K
    Ultimate – 15.5K

    I guess the prices indicated by Yuga are OEM rates. Does that mean I have to purchase a brand new unit to avail of those rates (OEM)? This is my first at upgrading an existing OS as I always purchase my PCs with Windows installed already.


  7. Avatar for Patrick Oliveros Patrick Oliveros says:

    @Bob: There’s deferred payment options, as far as I know. Though what I saw are OEM versions.

    Seems like a lot of people are trying to make money out of MSDN/Technet subscriptions when these are actually not allowed in the license agreement with Microsoft. Thing is, those subscriptions might be even purchased by their companies and making money out of nothing. Oh well.

    32/64 bit discs comes with Home Premium versions up. HP would suffice on a netbook (though my former boss uses an Ultimate (on a then RC version) on his Wind.

  8. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    @Led TV fanatic
    It’s not about adjustment. Not all propriety stuff that’s used by companies have open source equivalents. Can you imagine yourself writing a driver for a biometrics scanner because the supplier doesn’t have proper drivers for linux?

  9. Avatar for gio gio says:

    sir yuga, is the price given an upgrade version or full license?

  10. Avatar for Patrick Oliveros Patrick Oliveros says:

    I believe those prices are for OEM versions.

  11. Avatar for Led TV fanatic Led TV fanatic says:

    Filipinos can adjust. We are flexible by nature. I’m worried about those politicians.

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