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Alternative Group Video Chat Apps for iOS and Android

With everyone isolated from the outside world, connecting with your loved ones are getting more and more challenging. Thanks to technology, it has built a solid bridge that breaks the barriers of social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

From baby boomers up to Gen Z netizens, Facebook’s Messenger has been the go-to app for quick video calls. However, it has certain limitations that hinder other users from connecting with their friends. That’s why we’re here to give you more options for your next online house party. 


Yes, you read it right. The photo and video-sharing platform has a special feature under Direct Messaging, which allows live-video calls. Just tap the arrow icon first, then the video icon both located on the upper right corner of your feed. You may now select the people you would want to call. There will be a notification informing the members of the group that you’re calling them. Members can also apply saved Instagram filters on their screens, share posts, and multitask. Do note that the feature only allows up to six people, and users are required to update their Instagram app to the latest version.

Download on: iOS, Android

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Preferably used in business meetings, Zoom Cloud Meetings has gained its popularity recently for broadcasting live stream videos. Ideal for large groups, it offers Zoom rooms and optimizes Wi-Fi connection for crystal clear audio and video quality. Users can even customize their background to hide messy backdrops and other unwanted objects during a video call, schedule a meeting, and share files or documents right from your mobile device.

Download on: iOS, Android

Hangouts Meet

Developed by Google, Hangouts Meet is the video-conferencing version of the messaging app Hangouts. It utilizes other Google tools such as Speech-to-Text for putting captions on recorded video calls and Calendar for seamless scheduling of meetings and navigation of calendar attachments from Google Meet video call. It also provides easy access to video conference rooms by sharing a link to other members, conducts audio and video meetings in high-definition, allows up to 250 participants in the G Suite enterprise edition, and receives calls from international numbers.

Download on: iOS, Android



As one of the pioneers in video-conferencing, Skype’s mobile version offers high-definition video conferences with up to 24 members. It features chat messages, mobile and landline calls, and media file sharing. Giving life to chat messages, it also features funny GIFs and emojis. Calls between Skype users are free. Should they opt to contact non-Skype users, they will need to use the in-app credit. Prices for subscription plans, which are required for reaching international landline numbers, vary according to the caller’s location.

Download on: iOS, Android


Published and developed by Life On Air Inc., the app is dubbed to be a “face-to-face” social network. Unlike other video chat apps, Houseparty engages members by adding fun and exciting games to play while on video chat.

Download on: iOS, Android

Marco Polo

The Joya Communications-developed video chat app combines the best features of social media, texting, and video conferencing. Enabling group and one-on-one video calls, Marco Polo is an ad-free app that uses the cloud to store videos. Developers also ensure the safety of their user’s data, allowing them to search and call people using only their mobile number. It has filters, digital zoom, closed captions, and emojis that users can add throughout the duration of the call.

Download on: iOS, Android

Google Duo

If you’re looking for a more intimate and secured group video call, Google Duo is here to the rescue! This minimalist video chat app optimizes 3G and LTE mobile data, as well as Wi-Fi connection for smoother, live video chats. Google also uses data encryption to ensure the users for data privacy. Among its unique features include group video calls with 8 (for iOS) to 12 (for Android) members, personalized short video messaging, crystal-clear voice calls, and low light mode for improving appearance even in poor lighting conditions.

Download on: iOS, Android

And there you have it, ladies and gents! Don’t forget to sanitize your devices and wash your hands first before calling your friends. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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