Apple considering dual-SIM iPhone variants this year

Apple considering dual-SIM iPhone variants this year

Apple may be going to a path unexpected this year as rumors strongly talk about forthcoming dual-SIM iPhones.

The Cupertino company is considering to use dual-SIM connections with a few of its iPhones launching later this year, according to sources talking to China’s 21st Century Business Herald. The only difference is that these would have a combination of an Apple SIM (e-SIM) that’s been recognized across over 180 countries, plus another SIM slot for a telco of your choice.


The problem Apple faces is with China, as the country was not receptive of this measure. As such, Apple may be planning to release iPhones with two SIM slots and will be released mainly for the Chinese market.

Apple SIMs aren’t really new as the company had released one for the iPad Air 2 back in 2016. It allows for user’s prerogative to change wireless networks depending on cost and data allocation. Dual-SIMs, even, aren’t new to the market as a lot of Android Makers, including top companies such as Samsung and Sony, had opted to release flagship models with this kind of connectivity setup.

Will we see a change this year with Apple’s devices? Only time could tell. Take this with a grain of salt until we’re close to seeing the company launch the new iPhones in a few months.

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