Apple reportedly testing USB-C on the iPhone

Apple is reportedly testing new iPhone models that will carry USB-C ports in place of the current Lightning port.

According to an article by Bloomberg, Apple is not just working on future models that will support USB-C but also adapters that would work with accessories designed for iPhones with Lightning ports.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted that the iPhone will support USB-C by 2023 in their iPhone 15 lineup.

The move is certainly in line with the European Union’s push for USB-C supported devices among phone makers. This would also most certainly streamline Apple’s lineup as most of their MacBook and iPad models currently support USB-C already.

This in turn would also mean that Apple would lose its licensing fees for third-party brands creating accessories that wish to support Lightning.

But as consumers, this will be a treat as most iPhone users know the struggle of not being able to carry around one cable for the rest of the Apple devices they bring.

As well with Ming-Chi Kuo stating that the switch to USB-C would further improve the iPhone’s data transfer and charging speed in its hardware designs.



Although the upcoming iPhone 14 would still be supporting the Lightning port and users will have to wait a little more to see an iPhone with USB-C. The switch would leave some devices and accessories of Apple in the dust unless they in turn support USB-C soon as well. With the likes of AirPods, Apple TV remote, MagSafe battery pack, and entry-level iPad all still use Lightning ports to charge.

Just don’t get your hopes up as these are all rumors for now. But what do you think of seeing an iPhone with USB-C in the near future? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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