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ASUS Zenfone 5 vs Xiaomi Mi 3: Specs comparison

ASUS Philippines last night announced the new Zenfone lineup which consists of the Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, and Zenfone 6. These smartphnones, like the talk-of-the-town Xiaomi Mi 3, carry decent specs for an affordable asking price. That’s why we pit the Mi 3 with its fellow 5-inch counterpart, the Zenfone 5 to know who among the two have the best bang for the buck.



The Zenfone 5 has similarities with the Mi 3 like the Corning Gorilla Glass 3-reinforced display and 2GB RAM. But in other aspects the Mi 3 proves to have better specs: There’s the faster processor, higher megapixel count, bigger internal storage, and better display. Specs alone dictates the Mi 3 to be the winner but then comes pricing. The Mi 3, though already competitively-priced at Php10,599 is way more expensive than the Zenfone which is only at Php6,495 — that’s more than Php4k of price difference right there (39% difference).

If you’re going for the most budget-friendly device with reliable specs for everyday usage then the Zenfone 5 is the obvious winner, but we’re looking for the device with the most bang for the buck and we believe it’s the Xiaomi Mi 3. This is simply because of its specs that can perform on the same level as other smartphones two or even three times its price. In conclusion, if you’re on a really tight budget the Zenfone 5 is the way to go; but if want to get the most out of your hard-earned cash, then opt for the Xiaomi Mi 3.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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31 Responses

  1. archie says:

    Cannot be compared to mi 3 dahil sa price difference and internal specs. Mas ok siguro kung sa CM at Myphone ihambing.

    • boybato says:

      of course you can always compare things! now, if you have some issues with the article here, why don’t you come up with your own comparison and give us the link so that we may see it….just saying. peace! :-)

    • boybaho says:

      @boybato: The two are both 5 inch phones, but they are not even in the same league in terms of both specs and price. You can compare the two, sure. But it would be more informative to the reader if the Mi 3 were to be pitted against similarly priced phones, don’t you think? Obvious naman na pag naka budget pera mo dun ka sa mas mura (like zenfone 5), so why make the comparison? Also, bawal ba mag criticize ng article? Bakit kailangan niya gumawa pa ng sarili niyang blog/article para lang maiparating opinion niya tungkol sa article na to? Kaya nga may comments section e.

    • kuro says:

      5 inches din ang rio, baka next comparison nila yun at mi3.

    • archie says:

      Galit ka boybato? Opinyon ko lang yun at suggestion lang ang sinabi ko. Masyado kang emotional. Katol pa dude.

    • Typical says:

      baka yan na si abuzalzal/ingisero ngayon, comment attacker naman ang trip hahaha. troll

    • Typical says:

      ano nga pangalan nung inglisero na yun nakalimutan ko na

    • Gon says:

      Typical yata name nun

    • kamoteNamanOh says:

      pipoy name nun.. ung epal. ksp

  2. Jp says:

    Php10,599 is way more expensive than the
    “Zenfone 7”


  3. naning says:

    Zonefone5 na lang chief. Yung sukli zonefone4 naman para sa anak.

  4. Ross says:

    Naku parehas mahirap piliin pero kung ako tatanungin ok nko sa asus

  5. R2D2 says:

    How about one is single sim, the other dual sim.
    No backlight for navigation buttons, the other ah, dono, does mi3 have it?

    Zenfone 5 is a lot cheaper but no stock. That’s smart of Asus.

    • Erik Alegre says:

      Zenfone 5 will be available in Lazada and authorized ASUS re-sellers in the coming weeks

  6. jake says:

    Specs wise syempre Mi3, but value for money Zenfone 5, bakit ka pa mag Mi3 kung hindi mo naman magagamit ng buo yung specs (particularly the processor)

    • Erik Alegre says:

      I agree. Practicality wise zenfone 5 and besides it’s specs and performance are on par with mi3 with a big price difference

  7. Typical says:

    anong kalokohang comparison ito? napakasimple lang sagot kung alin ang mas better sa dalawa, yun ay depende sa budget ng bibili. pareho yan malupet, punching above their price point. offering more for less. kahit alin dyan piliin mo tiyak panalo consumer. pero syempre mas tiwala ako sa Asus kasi branded yan. dami ko na asus halos lahat matibay! xiaomi di pa yan subok kaya sugal pa, mas malaki risk. kung di ako nabigyan ng xperia z2 sigurado isa na ako sa nakapila sa zenfone 5 or 6…

  8. lex says:

    I thought MI3 is not gorilla glass?

  9. Martin Geronimo says:

    Specs wise mi 3 really is the winner. But for daily use you can still have the usual usage of both. Parehas Lang magiging gamit nila. So why go for the more expensive? Also, ambilis ng phasing ng cellphones ngaun. Ilang months Lang may bago which may have you think of getting. So why spend more? Just my 2 cents…

  10. clockwerk says:

    nakita ko sa youtube>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWE3cw-0LWI

    sana may full review din si yugatech

  11. ice says:

    Ok sana specs ng Mi3 the problem is mabilis mabasag yun screen na laglag lang ng less than 1 meter, and sa kahoy pa tumama yun mi3 ko ngayon basag kagad screen, then touchscreen stop working.. nakakita ako ng iphone and samsung with broken screen pero nagagamit pa.. still contacting mi3 noreply yet…

  12. Prince07 says:

    Xiaomi puede mo itapat sa galaxy s4 and it will have better specs in some areas ang zenfone sa cherry mobile mo lang puede itapat at baka sakali manalo sya in some areas. Kung ang habol mo lang ay mas mababang presyo go for zenfone or better yet a cheaper cherry mobile. Pero specs wise kung gusto mo ng smartphone na kayang makipag sabayan sa galaxy s4 without costing you 24k-30k go for xiaomi.

  13. Zobel says:

    Hintayin ko na lang maglabas ang Asus ng FHD. And I’m sure di patatalo ang CM. They are lurking around the corner. Malay mo sa kanila na naman mapupunta pera ko. lolz

  14. Noypi says:

    Kay RedMi Note sya bagay icompare, price wise. Almost d same, mga 6.9k plus si redmi note so magkalapit lang. Pero karne si asus dun.

  15. kwanabooo says:

    still waiting for it on kimstore & lazada ala prin zenfone 5 till now d accurate ang news nk post n s website pero ala prin units

  16. kwanaboo says:

    dpat s zenfone 6 cya compare un mgkalapit ang price pero kung e2 tlg un scenario s zenfone 5 q 30 years n electronics company ang asus. 4 mobo & 3 gpu’s bile q since 2008 onwards lahat buhay pdin

    watch this guys in-dept presentation ng asus

  17. anti stupid says:

    This comparison is very stupid. Why not compare it to same priced phone?

    • Poyson2343 says:

      mga engot mali ung asus zenfone 5 na nilagy dyan supposedly may zenfone 5 tooj(a501cg) 16gb internal mga bobo so over all panalo asus zenfone 5

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