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BlackBerry Bold 9700 launched and priced

Yesterday evening, Globe Telecom did a launch of the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 with a couple of offers to prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Being first to market with the Bold 9700, Globe is offering a pre-paid price of Php28,995.

If you are on Globe Post-paid, you can get the Blackberry Bold 9700 for free starting at Plan 3500. If you want unlimited data surfing with it, there’s a BlackBerry Plan 3799. Post-paid subscribers also get a free Enjoy Philippines kit we featured here before.

If you want the pre-paid option, just get it for Php28,995 and then subscribe to unlimited internet with an additional Php1,200 per month on Super Surf.

You can read the review of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. arnold says:

    I hope Globe will have more units by now. I’ve been on the reserve list for a week now…Can’t wait to get my hands on this phone…

  2. whaâ„¢ says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… almost price of a laptop & netbook..

  3. meyaka says:

    Wow..lower the price please..i bit only 10K by December…

  4. Bob Reyes says:

    Been using the BlackBerry Bold 9700 since 29 Jan 2010. It’s the best mobile phone (a smart one) that I had ever used!

  5. Ad says:

    Why is it so expensive?whats so special with black berry?Porma factor? my SE p990(P4500 second hand)is touch screen,wifi,BT,lots of applctions available,web surfing.happy with this affordable smart phone.

  6. Adrian says:

    iphone na lang po. mas ok pa, daming apps

  7. arbee says:

    this phone is cool. well, it’s a Blackberry. I don’t know much of Blackberry phones but hearing it from people I know– and don’t know– it is a cool phone.

    It may be cooler than the iPhone 3Gs but I guess I have my biased on my iPhone. :-)

    But this deal from Globe is indeed cool.

  8. Bob Reyes says:

    For those who are NOT familiar with how BlackBerry units work, let’s put it this way:

    With a BlackBerry subscription and a BlackBerry unit, you can send/receive email messages like SMS — real time.

  9. simplynice93 says:

    The price tag is similar to a laptop/netbook. Too expensive INDEED!

  10. JM says:

    been wanting/daydreaming of this phone since the start of the year. with my budget, I can only buy 8520 + case.haha! but for me, 8520 looks like a plastic toy phone. oh well, have to save up if i want to have way cooler phone!

  11. Jhay says:

    I soooo want one! But I could already by a new laptop with that price tag.

  12. clyde says:

    been a user of the original bold, the 9000 since last year and i have to say that i am a bit disappointed with the 9700. its smaller which means cramped keyboard compared to the gargantuan one found in the 9000. the screen real estate also shrinked. i mean, blackberry’s top phone have been enormous and people loved them. just look at the 8800 before. it was the topberry in its hayday. the curve 8300 is smaller, less powerful so is the pearl series. so that left me thinking why bb decided to take the shrinkage path and shrunk their top of the line offering. also, this one feels cheaper compared to the original bold. it has less metalic accents and the trackpad and its glowing gloriousness was ommitted for a trackpad that is very bland. suffice to say, taste is a subjective matter, and for me, this isnt just my cup of tea. better luck next tym RIM.

  13. clyde says:

    i meant to say trackball on the 9000.

  14. still offering enjoy the best which is only good for a few months months
    is smart offering any unlimited data plans or its just globe??

  15. QWERTY says:


  16. Miguel says:

    The trackball is prone to physical damage and dirt, so a trackpad is an improvement.

  17. MB... says:

    Mr Yuga! Is there any chance that our major gsm networks will start selling and offering to us the SIMFi? It’s the new sim card with wifi capability that is made available to non-wifi phones. I can’t wait to have it for my second phone…

  18. clyde says:

    @miguel: i am speaking of the phone’s physical looks and feel not usability as BB’s of the late have indeed become a fashion/status icon. what with all those celebrities and politicians here and abroad lugging around with their bb’s. hahaha business minded phones are the trend nowadays.

  19. meyaka says:

    Wooooooo..ano yan lbsan na ba 2 ng sma ng loob..easy lng mga po..comparing 1 thing 2 another thing is not nice..twran nlng tyo pwede..pwede ba Mr. Yuga e lower price nyo nman ang blackberry phone?8 will be nice to be a 10K….hehehe

  20. kinny says:

    I love the look and feel of the BB BOLD 9000. The battery life and camera needed improvement tho. The features of the Bold 9700 are cool but I will wait for a model that resembles the Bold 9000 with the features of the 9700. Really don’t like the way 9700 looks and feels.

  21. mattscradle says:

    Do you want blackberry 9000 in white check this readings
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    This would change your thinking.
    Blackberry Mobile Phone- The Ultimate Business Tool
    I hope you ready it.

  22. Salome says:

    If you are looking for the white edition of the bb 9700 call the guys of blackberryzuela.com

  23. adam says:

    Check this latest smartphone from nokia.
    Nokia N900: one of the best smartphone

  24. mel balanhi says:

    i like it! installment pay if it is ok for the globe or smart telecom gud for how many months.nad how much per month

  25. Does anybody knows when the BB OS.6 will be released for the 9700?

  26. The author has written an excellent article. You made your point and not much to discuss. It’s like this universal truth that you can not argue with the truth is not universal, everything has its exception. Thanks for this information.

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