Blackberry Curve 8520 Review

Blackberry Curve 8520 Review

Research In Motion (RIM) has been targeting the entry-level market for some time now but it wasn’t very evident until they released another qwerty smartphone, the Blackberry Curve 8520.

Like most other Blackberry phones, the Curve 8520 gets a stylish glossy finish and a sleeker look. It’s a bit smaller than the previous full qwerty Blackberry handsets but is still comfortable to use.

RIM ditched the usual trackball and replaced it with a touch sensitive optical track pad instead. The trackpad is really nice and comfortable to use but sometimes I find it cumbersome especially when scrolling over really long web pages or list of messages.

The individual keys on the qwerty keypad are a bit small but since they’re raised higher, typing becomes easier over time.

The phone sports a 2.64 inch display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The screen has a nice bright and crisp display despite the relatively small size. There is a 2-megapixel camera (1600×1200 pixel resolution) that’s optimized for taking videos.


As for connectivity, the Curve 8520 has WiFi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP. It only has EDGE instead of 3G so it’s a little slower connecting to wireless data networks. However, RIM’s proprietary data compression technology enables faster data transfer over GPRS or EDGE. Despite that compression technology they always brag about (and I’ve noticed it really works), there are lots of instances you’d wish you had 3G (audio/video streaming, tethering to a laptop, etc.) with it.

Internal storage is only 256MB but that can be extended up to 32GB using an external microSD card (card sold separately). The handset runs on Blackberry OS powered by 512MHz processor and that’s already a capable device for its category. The Li-Ion battery is rate at 1150mAh and battery life is pretty decent at over 2 days of regular use.

RIM is also shaping the Curve 8520 as an entry-level multimedia phone by adding dedicated music keys and a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use just about any headphones with it. Playback is great with nice sound quality when playing music or videos.

The Blackberry Curve 8520 only comes in glossy black while pricing is dependent on partner telcos offering Blackberry plans. We have yet to see which BB plans they’ll offer it with.

Side note: if you’re interested on getting a Blackberry for a phone, having a postpaid Blackberry Plan to go with it maximizes its potential esp. with push messaging. Otherwise, the difference between other similar qwerty phones (like the Samsung Blackjack, Nokia E63) isn’t that much.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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287 Responses

  1. Dan The Beast says:

    Master Yuga,

    What do you prefer most? the trackball or the track pad? My Bold’s trackad is killing me! It doesn’t work sometimes.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I prefer having the trackpad. I find it much easier to navigate than using the trackball. Thanks for the info.

  3. ctoy says:

    hi abe/yuga,

    how was browsing over the net via wifi on this unit?
    i hope you can also make a review about it.

    how much does Globe charge for the push email service?

    Thanks! =)

  4. solaris says:

    Trackballs and trackpads both suck. I’ll take a dpad and/or touchscreen any day.

  5. i still prefer the mouse(or senseware pad) of the Samsung i780. it’s more responsive.

  6. myk says:

    i’d like to get this phone. someone please post the postpaid plans here (or links) once they become available. thanks!

  7. Jhay says:

    I could live without the 3G for now, as I’m very much interested in getting this phone. :D

  8. Haruka says:

    Hi all, I checked the Philippine Star on Saturday, it says PhP14,000-abouts yung postpaid plan for Globe. That’s not bad. ^_^ What do you think?

  9. kaiskidoodle says:

    Globe offers a PREPAID kit @ 14,995. and you get this for FREE at the 2,500 Postpaid plans :)

  10. wartycauldron says:

    I asked Globe Trinoma but they don’t have the offer yet for Blackberry Curve 8520.

  11. JA says:

    how much is this? which stores offer this kind of smartphone??

  12. stArvin says:

    @ kaiskidoodle – does BIS work on prepaid now???

  13. Aya says:

    i was able to watch/read other reviews about 8520 and they say that it’s fixed focus … though when i tried looking at BB’s site, it says it has 5x digital zoom … so which is it?

    @wartycauldron: i tried to inquire yesterday at globe trinoma … they already have a price list for the 8520 … prepaid kit is at 14,995 … while their lowest plan (plan 500) offers the 8520 at 12,000.

  14. jc lee says:

    Hi I got my BB Curve 8520 two days ago and its really an amazing phone! The trackpad is very responsive and the multimedia functions are excellent except for the camera which is only 2mp. The battery life is also good. Yun nga lang I cant use all the functions since I got mine na prepaid at 14,995.

  15. ave says:

    if you are always in a WiFi zone is it ok not to subscribe to Globe’s Blackberry Plan?

  16. aveleen says:

    If Im always in a Wifi zone would I still need to subscribe to Globe’s blackberry plan?

  17. charles says:

    guys, if you’re on prepaid line, you cant use the features of postpaid line?

  18. jeffrey Arcebal says:

    mga sir kakabili ko lang din ng BB 8520 curve ko ang mahala nmn pla jan sa pinas d2 sa saudi lumalabas lang n 12000 pesos brand new na hehehe astig tong phone n to!!!!!

  19. Maye says:

    i recently got myself this phone from globe market2. limited stocks available daw. tama ba? its the cheapest being offered locally? sa ebay kasi nasa 17k++ pa. sa globe 15k lang.

    and about the prepaid/postpaid concern, paano po yun? im using prepaid on my bb.

    i’ve been trying to access the net using our wifi at home. paano ba mag connect automatically? may bnibigay pang pin yung bb sa akin eh.

    sorry im a bb newbie here.

  20. aveleen says:

    hi maye,
    I have the same problem. were you able to solve yours? help! :D

  21. Maye says:

    @ Aveleen: Yes I was able to connect through our wifi. How? I have no idea. I was suddenly online in my twitter app.

    Speaking of apps, I’m kinda pissed that I can’t download apps online using IE. Laging error.

    Or is it because i’m using a prepaid sim? o_0 hayy sana they didn’t offered this phone if pang post paid lang siya.

  22. Maye says:

    Looks like minimum wage earners don’t have the right to use a BB on globe sim. :|

  23. for the pin, u dont have to use that. If your router has a passkey, use that instead.

    For BB Globe prepaid users, we aren’t given permission to use Blackberry applications from the BB Application World because RIM will require you to have a data plan. Here in the Philippines, BB data plans are charged at (i think) P700.00, aside from the subscription plan that you will be paying to Globe. That’s the catch kaya cheaper sya sa Globe.

    BUUUT! don’t worry because there are applications created by various sites which allow people to use Blackberry applications which do not require a BB data plan. In using Twitter, for example, instead of using twitterberry or ubertwitter, you can try downloading twixtreme. :) There are a lot more applications made available to us non-plan users. For push email, i think you can download mini opera for that. i dont know how it exactly works, but i read somewhere that you can use this application for push emails and etc.

  24. Lyn says:

    anyone knows about the free themes for bb8520…
    coz if i find one always file not supported? and i install also yahoomessenger but its not working? is anyone can help me.. plz ..!thankz..=)

  25. Fun & Fact says:

    Good stuff here will definitley useful for me:)thanks for sharing ..

  26. Aya says:

    gusy … anyone here heard of BB cruve 8500/8530? … it’s almost similar din daw kasi with the 8520 except that it’s a 3G phone with GPS

  27. Hi, i just got my BB curve 8520. I love it and its so FAB. Can you please help me where to find a good leather case or stores in Manila that sells casing for my BB 8520. PLease!!! ;-)

  28. G Borja says:

    I found a shop in Trinoma which sells this phone around 30,000+ Php. Is this the right price when not tied up to any telco? thanks :)

  29. myk says:

    @ G Borja

    I saw the Blackberry Curve 8520 in Megamall Cyberzone. A shop was selling it for P35,000.

  30. kaiskidoodle says:

    hey guys. Yup some stores really sell it at a more expensive price.

    For YM, you can download BeeJiveIM although i haven’t found a cracked application yet. You have to purchase it. You can get a free one month trial anyway. so for the mean time… you can enjoy YM and other im programs except skype.

    You could also try to download IMPlus or IM+.. you can also access multiple IM sites like YM, google talk, msn including SKYPE. :)

    There are also a lot of free blackberry applications available on the net. just google them and you’ll find a few free applications which don’t need a data plan. :)

  31. Lyn says:

    i really lov3 my bb curve 8520 even w/out 3g!!!!
    but guys… where can i get free downloads for themes!!!!!

  32. Maye says:

    I ordered some cases from Amazon pa. I rarely see stuff for curve, puro pang storm.

  33. G Borja says:

    How come its a bit pricy in some stores while Globe pegged it at 14,000? Is there a caveat in their promo? What’s the differrence?

    I’m planning to buy it but i’m not as informed as you are. Hope you can help me guys and gals. thanks :)

  34. kaiskidoodle says:

    the difference between globe and stores is that those sold in stores are unlocked, meaning you can use any sim card.

    RIM (the makers of Blackberry) authorized GLOBE to distribute the phones.

    Both the globe BB prepaid package and those models sold at local stores could not take advantage of the blackberry applications because you need a Blackberry data plan to use them. So if you’re a globe user, then you might as well buy the one from Globe. Its more or less 5k pesos cheaper.

  35. G Borja says:

    thanks kaiskidoodle… sayang, i don’t want to change my number kasi, hope smart will offer BBs na rin :)

  36. kaiskidoodle says:

    sure no problem.:) by the way, if any of you come across sites which offers free downloads of BB Applications, please post em here :) thanks.

  37. Patricia says:

    This phone ROCKS !

    i like this one ., :)
    i am so interested . !

    lol . i must have this one :D

    i am 13 and . i think . i am going to have this on my grad :))
    lol. that would be awesome > :)

    i hope i can save more money for this =D

    and if that thing really happen . i will . close my eyes . and pray :D

    love yah god :D

  38. G Borja says:

    What if I bought a BB 8520 outside pHils. i.e, Saudi Arabia, can i use it right away dito sa pinas. that is, i don’t need to go to a shop i.e., greenhills to “configure” its settings? someone told me that BB bought outside our country should be configured like vodaphone of Japan so that it will work here sa pinas.

  39. Lyn says:

    i just have this phone only 1 month, but i wonder why the battery works only for 1 day… anyone can please tell me their same story encountering same problem as mine…..

    i really love my bb curve 8520, but the battery seems could me the only problem, who can agree to me???!!

  40. kaiskidoodle says:


    Maybe you’re keeping the wifi on all the time? Doing that will rapidly consume battery power. If you don’t frequently leave wifi mode on, battery can last for 2-3 days (calls, texting and occasional wifi apps) :)

  41. Charles says:

    im planning to buy it on prepaid but according to your comments prepaid can’t use all the features of this phone. tell me if i can surf the net even if my BIS isn’t activated thanks :)

  42. Charles says:

    cont* and even if im not on a hotspot :)

  43. Lyn says:


    thank you so much.. yah youre right my wifi always on..! now i will try to off that.. hopes my battery will last atleast 2 days.. am just worried… my phone its new.. but battery give me problem.. Thanks anyways….!!!=)

  44. Glen says:

    Hi, got this phone from globe post paid last sunday!
    Its my first blackberry phone, and I really like it.
    Im now regretting cause I didnt know about the blackberry plans and now globe wont allow me to change plans… so now I cant utilize push email..Anyone here got a contact with globe? :)

  45. anne says:

    hi… i am here in saudi arabia and i am also buying my BB soon but not in any telco here… kc i want to put my globe roaming sim sa BB… can i do that?? will it work ba?? kc baka when i get back there in the phil di ko xa magamit… thankz! hope u could help me! :)

  46. Charles says:

    smart offers prepaid BIS na!!! check the promos :)

  47. vertito says:

    I dont have problems using MSN and YM with my blackberry, there’s way to install both but Google chat works instantly along with facebook and cnn applications which i visit from time to time.

  48. @vertito:
    Do you have a BB data plan? if not, where did you download your YM? :)

  49. vertito says:


    I have BIS plan.

  50. Rye says:


    Hi! Mas ok ba BIS plan ng globe or smart? thank you!

  51. alvin says:

    good day sir yuga! just got a bb curve8520 from smart gold retention program. but i did not subscribe to the bb data plan, since i thought i won’t be needing it because i check email thru my laptop everyday. was that a good decision? also, can you give tips on how i can maximize the use of my phone? this is my first time to use a “smartphone”. thanks and god bless yugatech!!!

  52. yuriz says:

    d best prin ang globe..but i lke blackberry curve 8520..its amazing..

  53. Cholo says:

    BB user s manila….lets share our bb pins pra mas sulit ang bb natn.:)

  54. ekoj says:

    hindi ko talaga alam kung paano ipa-work itong bb messenger ko… wala rin akong BIS plan…
    can BB messenger still work even without having an internet service plan??? answer nyo naman po tanong ko… salamat po!!!

  55. vertito says:

    @ekoj Yes, it should work since it makes use of data at local network only.

    @polo, post urs

  56. ekoj says:

    @vertito: so, you mean i can still use my bbm without having a BIS??? if it can… HOW???

  57. vertito says:


    Yes you can normally as if you’re connected to net already. BBMS needs not to pass data to web,its just local networking around they city. Works like a charm

    comment is being done via blackberi mobile :D. Aa

  58. ekoj says:

    @vertito: can you tell me how???

  59. vertito says:

    If you do not have BIS plan, your signal icon should be showing the small “edge” word, but once you have BIS, “EDGE” or “GPRS” should be appearing from the rightmost top side of the screen.

    With or without the small or big caps, go to Options > Advance Options > Host Routing | Left click | Register now then close. Go to BBM and send your friend a BBMS, works like a charm.

    Make sure you dont have SOS signal around and you have the BBIM module under your Service Book.

    PS: Remember to save a backup file! HTH

  60. myk says:

    @ yuga

    in your opinion, which is a better buy:

    blackberry gemini 8520 or a samsung omnia pro s7320?

  61. myk says:

    EDIT: samsung omnia b7320

  62. ekoj says:

    @vertito: what do you mean with “saving a backup file”??? and i also don’t understand what you mean with having the BBIM module under my Service Book… i’m so sorry if i keep on asking questions. I’m new at BB. thanks a lot

  63. kristine says:

    how much the blackberry curve 8520? and the bold 9000? thanks.

  64. amwuachi says:

    hi, my mom and I swapped phones. I gave my iPhone in exchange of her BB 8250 just yesterday. Your absolutely right, BB’s got stylish sleek that makes it perfect for any occasion. It’s the appearance that mesmerized me. Now, when it was already in my hand, there was one thing that made frustrated. It was its memory capacity. My mom’s got the typical 2GB and it hurts and aches me comparing it with my then 16GB iPhone. For hours, I have been wondering if I would buy a higher GB would it be compatible? Desperate enough to search the net for some infos. And then I saw this. After reading this OMG! you gave me hope! I’m gonna buy the 16GB or even 32GB so that my music would all be accommodated just like an iPod…or even BETTER! Arigato! :) THank YOU much!

  65. Aileen says:

    Kindly help me how to download YM to my BB8520, or give me some website where i can find it.. thank you and happy new year guyz!!

  66. mia says:

    I just bought a bb bold 9700 and still exploring. Does anybody know how to view how many kbs i have already used so i wont go beyond my plan? btw, i got a plan from globe – they have new bb plans.

    I really love it but i haven’t activated it yet and globe said they’re going to have someone from globe call me regarding the imei etc.

    i really love it. this is better than the iphone! i had iphone before and this is way better! i love the clarity of the screen. parang tv na! hehe :)

    btw, does anyone know where to get apps and how would i be sure that im using my wifi and not globe’s service? thanks!

  67. yna says:

    I’m a BB newbie also,got this last xmas,an 8520. My dad bought
    and sent it here from Saudi. 1st day,I spent it browsing BB forums
    formerly I was all eager to have this sooo stunning phone
    until the lingo of the BB world freaked me out..the BIS,pin,BES,etc.
    I even called Globe how to register and config the settings and how
    does their data plan work..first two days was soooo kaloka..then I bumped
    into this forum..thanks! It’s indeed a great relief.

    I’m using prepaid,and yes VERTITO,I’m still trying d charm u posted..
    But it’s not yet working..

  68. vertito says:

    Internet would work as long as EDGE or GPRS (all caps) is showing on right most side of your screen. If you see the small cap version, you can only send BBMS to any BB unit owners.


  69. yna says:

    The icons I normally see on the right topmost of my screen while I’m online thru my BB
    are the blinking arrow, wifi logo, unlock icon, and that 2 small squares connected with some dotted lines..
    What does it mean? I never see the words EDGE and GPRS..
    I appreciate ur patience.
    Thank you so much.

  70. Mark says:

    I just saw a poster from a Globe Business Center. This phone is Php 15,800. No contracts. The prepaid bundle comes with a free one month free surfing hours (can’t remember how many hours), and some other cool stuff.

    Great offer from Globe I must say.

    Hope this helps! :)

  71. KOKOY says:

    im planning to buy a phone and I AM WONDERING IF THIS IS A GOOD CHOICE RATHER THAN NOKIA E71?

  72. rea says:

    there’s a white blackberry already :) and i have one :)

  73. rea says:

    i know where you can buy cheap blackberry phones :) about 160 pounds.

  74. kurt says:

    i have a bb 8520 curve slighty used and im selling it txt me 09282122766

  75. mia says:

    i have a problem with my bb. i dont know what the arrow/blinking arrow on the upper right side of my screen means, its near the signal part. whenever i send an sms, it starts blinking. i thought that only happens when im using the internet. help?

    and also, i wiped my phone because i wanted to delete facebook but i couldnt. anywayyy, now my alert for emails arent working anymore. any ideas? please. thanks.

  76. vertito says:

    Remove the battery and return it back for a hard reboot. This would give way for bb to sync with bb internet and authentication server.

    Then go back to Options and Email settings and proceed with the wizard screens for email setup.

  77. BlackBB says:

    BlackBerry Curve 8520

    Is just a basic celphone, not a 3G one. you will be left behind for the low connection it has. The price should range between 5 to 6 thousand pesos.

  78. ces says:


    where did you get the white one?

  79. acce says:

    hi, im planning to buy e72 then i suddenly saw bb curve 8520. their prices are 17,800 and 18,300 respectively.. what should i buy? i already have an iphone. what do you recommend? thanks.

  80. Fatima says:

    i have this phone and i love it! I will share my pin to you! just email me, [email protected]

    and just a suggestion, the BB plan for unlimited internet surfing, you can actually use it for any website, except youtube. trust me. I’ve been using it to download songs from!

  81. urica says:

    hi, i have a bb pearl 8100, locked to at&t. i unlocked it by buying an unlock code online ( for US$1.99. yes cheap indeed. i am using smart prepaid now. but the problem is whenever i send out msg ,ordinary sms msgs to a smart roaming number that usually cost 1 peso, i got deducted by ten pesos each msg. is it because it is using edge/gprs signal? how can i switch it back to gsm signal since i am not using mms/gprs features? thanks

    help badly needed… prepaid credits are wasted…

  82. darenmay says:

    i lost my original usb, and so to upload files on my micro sd, i use a usb and a card-reader and connect it to my computer.
    but please somebody help me on this. i copied songs in mp3 format to the micro sd. but when i put it back on my berry, the files cannot be detected and there’s not any files to play. i checked on the memory settings, and it shows exactly how much space has been used as i have transferred my files on it.
    i googled it and knew that mp3 couldn’t be played on bb curve so i converted the files into AAC and M4A format and saved them again on the micro sd. but they still couldn’t be played on my BB.
    i even downloaded the BB Media Sync but then it needed the original BB usb. so it’s no use.
    can somebody please help me. what should i do?
    thank you very much.

  83. bbq says:

    hello! im planning to avail of the blackberry (8520) plan of smart via my mom’s postpaid plan. however, i am a loyal globe user and im assuming that the the bb will be locked with smart. can you suggest some stores that unlock blackberries? thank you very much! :)

  84. bbq says:

    oh no! im having second thoughts about availing the bb 8520. watch this guys..

  85. G-frey says:

    I’m gonna buy Blackberry 8520 it will be shipped here from states but its lock. How much is the charge for unlock?

  86. Niko says:

    I was told that Curve 8520 can download and use skype. But when I entered my mobile number, it was unable to use it.
    Does anyone know if I can download skype on Curve8520?
    If not, I must change the phone to Bold9700….]

  87. manny says:

    paano po mag surf sa net sa bb 8520 using the wifi not the postpaid subs?

  88. Abs says:

    how can install YM or MNS in my BB curve 8520 i’m kinda pissed to browsing internet i always try to see any option to download the YM software. any one can help us…

  89. Abi says:

    Hello! I just bought this phone 2 saturdays ago. It’s free na sa plan 1800 ;) But I still purchased it sa Blackberry Plan which is 1599. :)

  90. pol says:

    Is it true with bb to bb you can enjoy free text worldwide?

  91. angelo says:

    Hi. Does anyone know a store that sells silicone cases for BB Curve 8520? The battery cover is so prone to finger prints and scratches. It’s so hard to find BB accessories. Thank you.

  92. bbq says:

    changed my mind. didnt get the bb 8520 but nokia e72 instead. it’s really a great phone!-the nokia e72, i mean =) sadly, cant use it for texting or calling yet since it’s still locked to smart. grrrrrrr!

  93. doc rrt says:

    ho guys can anybdy here help me out…currently subscribed to globe’s bb prepaid BBM seems to be not working..nakapending pa din lahat ng contacts ko..need help!

  94. yogz says:

    can bb 8520 be unlocked? like im gonna buy it from smart postpaid plan, but use it for globe prepaid… tnx in advance guys

  95. leslie says:

    i so love BB8520 :-) kinda cheap compared to other BB phones. will surely recommend this phone to my friends :-)

  96. bb says:

    @yogz: bb prepaid is available both in smart and globe. you may also check out for bb openline phones. hope this helps. thanks :)

  97. Jet says:


    Please advise me on how to configure my bb 8520 wifi network. Cant use it at my home.

  98. inah says:


    ifever ill purchase a BB and go out of the country can I still use it?

  99. jiggy says:

    meron na din ba blackberry curve 8530 dto sa pinas? working ba mms/web browsing nito at other features kpag prepaid lang? please help. thank you.

  100. stArvin says:

    wala pa atang 8530 dito.

  101. Chris says:

    Hi guys, I just have a question. Do you need to have a plan in order to access facebook, twitter, and ym? Or can you have these applications for free and use them via wi-fi?

    Thanks :D

  102. awz says:

    I bought a blackberry curve last 2 weeks, first I use it with mt pre-paid sim then register ko sa nag work naman cya after…
    Pero this week I avail a post paid, but when I tried to use it on my BB curve. Hindi na ako maka connect ulet sa wi-fi. Can someone help me what to do? may seting po ba dapat baguhin sa unit?

  103. Ken says:

    Hey guys,
    I just got my bb curve last week from smart retention plan,i have to cash out for 6,500 for the plan 1200 and you have to avail the bb data plan for 350 on top of your regular plan… it is really a great phone…to have this kind of unit, will really cost you “MUCHO DINERO” hahaha

    first i didn’t avail the data plan… and try surfing the net using WI-FI from the Hotspot area…well, it’s fast depending on the area you are in…
    USING WAP – well it’s not a 3G phone…but it is ok, depends also on the signal or area…

    but if you want to download the free apps for the unit, IT WON’T WORK!!! u have to avail the data plan in order for you to use the apps from the bb! and some of the apps cannot be used here in the phil…

    that’s all i have to share for now guys….
    oh…i have a question, about PIN message, is it d same a SMS?hehehe

  104. em vale says:

    san po nakakabili ng faceplate ng bb dito sa PI?? im having ha hard time makahanap eh.

  105. lou says:

    @Chris yes you need a data plan to use ym, facebook and other applications, but you can alternatively go directly to yahoo or facebook through your browser, you just need to reload the page to see the updates and new messages

  106. sammer says:

    I just called Globe customer center a while ago and I was asking about their Prepaid Plan for BB Curve 8520, the girl said that we have to pay 14,995 to avail this. And then if you want other services, like ubertwitter, facebook, etc… we have to pay 50 for a day, something like that. Sorry, I wasn’t able to ask the other options eh like for 2 days, etc.
    It will be deducted in your regular load, by the way. I’d really think this offer is worth it naman, because if you will buy it in a mobile shops around the metro it will cost you 20 to 30k. But the 50pesos/day, etc. lang talaga ang mahal.

  107. wreek888 says:

    i got three of those that i bought in the us blue and yellow u can contact me 09272621887

  108. PB says:

    Just a question, can u not use BB features such as facebook if you’re not subscribe to any data plans?

  109. PB says:

    One more, how can i install and use skype through wifi?

  110. bb oldies says:

    BB in ph is getting interesting.. GLOBE BIS is good. I mean in the metro at least. I switched from 8320 to 8520. And trackpad is better I guess than trackball. Why? With my old one, I think I changed it three times. Facebook, YM, googleTAlk, etc works fine with GLOBE BIS. I tried the prepaid before. 50- one day, 220- 5 days and 1200- 30 days. It works too. Its just that GLOBE does not provide support if you bought your BB somewhere else. Meaning you will not get a refund or support at all once you’re prepaid credit got deducted and you did not get the service(experienced that- even though it only cost me 50Php :( sayang… ). So I decided to get their data plan. Honestly, it is really expensive I mean, on top of your regular plan, etc.

    CAREFUL- INFOMAX MOA sell these at 29k. Don’t buy there. You can go somewhere else at 15k.

    Hopin that BB services in PH will be improved. This is a cool stuff. Can’t leave the house without it..

  111. wreek888 says:

    For sale silicon case for 8520 with blackberry engrave at the back light blue P300. i only do meetup at sm sucat 09272621887.

  112. jen says:

    hi.. i have bb curve 8520 bought from singapore.. Question: y cant i browse the net? there is always a pop up message saying, “unable to find requested server” even i made my wifi successfully!

  113. jjen says:

    hey i was wondering if Philippines has a data plan?

  114. anna says:

    hey i was wondering the same thing does philippines hav a data plan for black berrys? cuz my friend will be living there and she dosnt wanna pay for the roaming charges cuz we live in canada..

  115. hazel says:

    hello po.. i need help about the bb..
    my brother in law is giving me his old blackberry galing sa US. how can i use it here in philippines? and how much kaya pang change sa program nian.

    possible po ba na magamit yan dito sa Phil?

  116. Hi Guys!

    Newbie here! ill be getting my BB Curve 8520 for a postpaid plan later, should i avail the push email services? or should i think about it first? is BBM useful? maybe we can share pins for BBM.


  117. Giovanni L. Leones says:

    Hi there!just wanna ask if you can install 3rd party apps like ebooks with this phone?thank you very much

  118. Giovanni L. Leones says:

    In addition to my posted query I would like to ask if this BB8520 views microsoft document and/or edits?Thank you.

  119. archer says:

    is there a storage limit for text messages? if yes, how many? also, does it have a send text to a group of contacts feature?

  120. em vale says:

    i got my bb already naka postpaid siya sa globe and i super laaab it:) tip lang kung sino gusto bumili faceplate ng bb order kau amazon then direct sa multiply:) i got mine mga 330 bucks:) super sulit! :) BBM naman tau:)

  121. @ em vale

    Sige BBM tayo! you will need the pin dba in using the BBM feature?

  122. em vale says:

    yep i need:) BBM LAHAT TAYO! :)

  123. @ em vale

    panu ko bbgay pin ko? dito ko ba post?

  124. Magkanu postpaid plan mo sa globe em vale? naka blackberry plan ka ba? owning a BB is kind of expensive no? pero sulit naman diba? :)

  125. em vale says:

    its 1599 nga onga sulit naman kaso lugi sa free texts super kasi 350 lang then konte lang free data. mag super surf ka na lang.

  126. @ em vale

    ah ok, sakin kasi 1550 sa smart blackberry plan, kasi pag di blackberry plan di mo ma-aacess yung ibang features ng Blackberry. thats what they told me ah

  127. em vale says:

    ok meron ang smart ng blackberry plan?? skin din kaso sa globe naman bb plan1599

  128. @ em vale

    Yup meron! ok naman siyang gamitin, very useful pag facebook, messenger, multiply at email accts pati email from the office nagagamit din.

  129. em vale says:

    ah ok:)) hindi ko nga ginagamit ung data plan eh puro wi-fi lang kaya mejo useless. hehe

  130. cess says:

    Anyone knows where I can get silicon case for my Bold 9700? And how much?

  131. @ em vale

    Ah ok sayang naman, try using it from time to time para magamit mo ng tama features ng BB 8520 mo…..

  132. lyn says:

    Puwede bang gamitin ang BB messenger kahit hindi naka BB plan?

    Please i need your response .. Thank you..=)

  133. em vale says:

    @ john carlos i still dont get it that much eh auko naman mag overlimit kasi may iba pa kong line. hehe pde paexplain na lang ung plan 1599? u know the perks ba??

  134. em vale says:

    @ cess try mo magsearch sa amazon then sa multiply ka umorder meron kasi nakuha ng order from amazon. try season red ramp dear:))

  135. @ em vale

    Yung sa smart kasi na BlackBerry Plan is kind of the connection, before kasi im in smart gold postpaid plan and then i decided to migrate to BB Plan in order to use other features kasi, pag di kasi naka-BB plan yung ibang site di mo ma-view especially facebook meron kasing facebook na pang Blackberry lang. di ko lang sure kung anu yung sa globe na BB plan siguro its the same din with smart, postpaid plan ko kasi consumable kaya medyo malakas talaga akong gumamit kasi 3 email accts naka-open kaya medyo mahal bill ko pero atleast updated ako with my emails yun nga purpose of having a BB phone diba? anu nga pla yung faceplate? ok ba yun sa BB phone?

  136. em vale says:

    @john carlos unlimited ba ang bb plan mo?? kasi ung akin 30 mb lang kaya i still rely sa wifi. hehe faceplate?? silicon case din un kaso ung binebenta dito mejo cheap. hehe try mo amazon maraming array dun ng faceplate for bb:)

  137. lyn says:

    HELLO, everyone I need your response coz i havent try my BB messenger, do u think its possible to use even am not holding a BB plan?
    Please i want to try it.. Thanks =)

  138. @ em vale

    Nope my BB plan is not unlimited, yung plan ko lang is consumable kaya medyo magastos kasi aside pag sumobra ako sa 250 free messages at free calls magdadagdag na yun sa bill ko, pero ok lang naman di naman ako masyadong nag-ooverboard when it comes to my usage of the postpaid plan. anung site ba maganda bumili ng faceplate? pina-gmask ko na kasi yung BB ko, pero gusto ko pa rin sanang bumili ng faceplate. nagamit mo na ba BB messenger mo? try naman natin, havent tried it yet pa kasi.

  139. em vale says:

    really d ka nagooverlimit? lucky you! hehe kasi ako kahit ng advance monthly service fee ako ng 1599 i still have to pay 800+ kahit dko mashadong nagamit and that sucks. ang bbm ba sa macoconsume sa data plaN?

  140. em vale says:

    may faceplate ka na! :) try

  141. @ em vale

    so far di pa naman ako na-eexceed sa limit ko, pero magastos dahil nga naka-open facebook at email accts ko, pero useful naman kasi updated ako with my emails…..wala pa kong faceplate e, maganda ba? worth buying ba? anu bng brand maganda for faceplate? oi BBM tayo…….send mo saken pin mo.

  142. em vale says:

    tlga kakaimpressed ako laging nageexceed. badtrip kamo! try mo tong link eto kasi ung akin eh. ang bbm ba kasama sa data plan? kelangan bang naka on ung data services or is it free?

  143. allan says:

    couple of questions lang po.
    1. if i get a pre-paid BB, then after say 1 year na damaged or nawala ung sim, can i get a replacement sim with the same number?
    2. what are the features or applications that i can’t have kung naka pre-paid lang ako against sa naka data BB plan?
    i hope you can answer my inquiries.

  144. @ em vale

    thanks sa link ha, ganda pla ng faceplate. sana meron in red. kelan tayo mag-bbm?

    @ allan

    Im not sure kung pwede replace ang sim with the same number pag nawala, you better ask your telcos of choice.

    As for the Prepaid Plan and Dataplan, ako kasi personally im using the dataplan kasi naka-connect ako parati sa email accts ko pero ang alam ko pwede ka rin mag-connect sa emais mo yun nga lang load ka ng load…..its up to you pa rin naman kung anu gus2 mo.

    Sana nakatulong ako

  145. Gino Borlado says:

    guys, as much as possible, don’t get a blackberry without a data plan – you won’t be able to enjoy some of the features like the BBMessenger, etc, GLOBE has a blackberry plan for php 1599. What’s the use of buying a BB if you can’t enjoy its full feature.

  146. @ Gino

    I agree. Medyo magastos pero worth it naman. talaga palang di magagamit ang BBM pag na ka prepaid ka lang? dapat pala naka postpaid plan ka to avail the services and features of your BB Unit.

  147. cess says:

    Hi guys!! Ofcourse u can use ur blackberry if ur on prepaid. To register just text: bb on 50 (50 for 1day / 220 for 5days / 1200 for 1month) these are all unlimited. Regardless of how many data u download

    U can also use bbm thru wifi. I’ve done it before.

    I’m using my bb to answer to ur queries now. And I’m on prepaid.

  148. @ Cess

    Thanks for the info. ill consider using prepaid sometime soon to compare.


  149. allan says:

    hey guys, thanks for all your info.
    @ ces
    your right on that daily, 5 days & monthly unlimited thing.
    confirmed that with globe.

    and also on the pre-paid sim replacement, they can replace it with the same number. confirmed that also with globe.

    that’s great for me that wants to control my load usage.
    thanks guys.

  150. Jeric Baines says:

    John Carlos, what’s your PIN? BBM tayo.

  151. ana says:

    hi i just got a bb8520 and because i already have an existing smart gold sub, i decided to use pre paid on my bb so it’s easy to send load from my post-paid to pre-paid via pasaload. smart plan is 50/day 300/week and 1200/month unlimited (visit smart website for more info).

    able to use bb app world, bbm and seamless fb/twitter/YM/Gtalk and has integrated four emails all on pre-paid bb plans. it’s great. hope this info helped.

  152. aubrey says:

    kaya pala hindi ko magamit lahat ng apps na daownload ko.. I just came back from dubai and bought my blackberry there.. prepaid lang ako.. haaaaay! paano ba mag register sa prepaid? :(

  153. ana says:


    from smart prepaid sim, you need to have load that’s within the plan range (50, 300 and 1200) and a minimum 1 peso load to run the plan.

    text BB and send to 2207
    e.g. BB DAY or BB WEEK or BB MONTH

    you can visit this link for smart’s unlimited bb plans info and how to’s.

    i think globe has bb plans too although im not sure if they offer any for prepaid users. i am also a new bb user so i really wouldn’t know if any app will not run using these plans… for me everything works, at least for now.

  154. ana says:

    hope i helped, although i just updated what @cess informed the trail (costs changed na din kasi). funny lang kasi i dnt have a lot of contacts on bbm (i have two to be exact haha) but i’ve tried it already on pre paid.

  155. kim kim says:

    bakit nde ko madownload anang facebook sa bb 8520? unsopported device daw?

  156. LalaineTechie says:

    I’m gonna buy one!!! :)

  157. @ Jeric Baines – ikaw ano bang Pin No.: mo para ma-add kita.

  158. allan says:

    another question guys.
    do any of you know where to buy a 32gb or atleast a 16gb microSD?
    sa MOA kaya meron?
    and also, when you download applications on your BB, will you be the one to decide where to save it?
    wether sa phone memory or memory card?
    thanks guys.

  159. Harry Potter says:

    …anu pin nyo guys? add nyo naman ako.. BBM tyo!!!

  160. Luz says:

    im selling bbs online u can visit my fb account Luz Leonor- Cagampan.thanks! :)

  161. harold says:

    for sale bb curve 8520 for 13T 09178984296

  162. Luz says:

    brandnew curve2 8900 for 15,600. txt me at 0918 5669479.ty :)

  163. althea grace bernasol says:

    hello, just want to ask about my blackberry curve8520, when i change my sms ringtone it says “name cannot be empty” i bought my bb in panama but when i try using wifi it can’t connect here…

    thanks badly need ur advise…

  164. dreamy says:

    i have my bb for 2 months now and its working great.
    Its under Smart – my plan is at 3200 it already includes BIS, unlidata which is 999 and 1200 consumable(text and calls)

  165. Owen says:

    hi, for all you guys who want to buy original but cheap BBs, i recommend this seller from whom i bought my purple BB.

    she sells gadgets in a low price, check her testimonials :D

  166. rgamueda says:

    anyone knows pano mgdownload ng facebook for blacberry????nguguluhan aq s mga nakapost sa net…thanks..

  167. owen says:

    at first tlg complicated cia. if ur a globe subscriber u have to call 730-1000 to have ur BB apps enabled and para ma-instruct ka din nila. it wont work kc if wi-fi lng. sa ibang network, try calling their hotline for the same assistance. if you want that bb icon beside your wall post, do this haha. pero if you dont want to be charged, you can just type in sa browser mu ok cia kahit wi-fi lang.

  168. yna says:

    i got mine for just 2000 pesos. brand new :) here in US lol

  169. when i got my bb, i could use facebook,ym and emails using wifi connections. but now di ko na maopen man lang ang facebook ko pag nkawifi, but i can still google and visit other websites. i’m using globe prepaid. i don’t know if there’s something wrong with my bb or if globe changed something ;-(

  170. beautyproducts says:

    im selling blackberry 8520.. very cheap

  171. beautyproducts says:

    made in GUAM

  172. Jamine says:

    I’m planning to get one but my mom won’t allow me to get another postpaid plan from Globe. I used to have postpaid but I always exceed sa bill. Can I avail the data plan of Globe pero the handset is not from them? And how much? :) Thanks!

  173. Owen says:

    i don’t think there are any cellphone companies that offer plans without the handset. but globe has an ongoing promo you can avail of for as low as 299 a month consumable with freebies depending on the plan u availed. i know it’s a drag coz of the 2-yr lock-in period but for as low as 299, i don’t think ur mom will fret much. check out this site:

    hope this helped.

  174. dwin95 says:

    i think hindi nyo nman na kailangan yun me postpaid plan sa b.b kung di naman kyo naka depende sa mga email at net, yun prepaid na 50 pesos unlimited for one day ok na magagamit na yun bbm, twitter, f.b at kung ano ano pa, need nyo lng iregister yun b.b nyo sa site nila then download the bbm messenger, twitter and f.b for blackberry yun lng ok na yun.

  175. Jamine says:

    Great! :) Thanks for helping :D

  176. Grace says:

    I like blackberry curve.

  177. bianca says:

    anong mas maganda white or black?

  178. Owen says:

    although i have the purple one, i’d choose black. madali makita dumi sa white. :D

  179. richard says:

    is there a service center for blackberry here?im having problems with my fone and i wanna have it checked. pls help.. tnx

  180. mica says:

    I’m having a hard time downloading applications in my blackberry 8520. they said blackberry app world is already available here in the Philippines, but still it shows that its not.. is there any possibility i can still download some applications? please help..

  181. Owen says:

    mica you have to register ur bb first depending on the network u use. with globe we register by typing BB ON 50 (50/1day, 220/5days, 1200/1mo). if u received the confirmation and all, u have to go to and u have to register an email add. afterwhich you will receive on ur bb (including the blackberry app world) all the apps you like (FB, twitter, etc).

    better yet, call your network company for further inquiries.


  182. jackie says:

    im planning to buy a blackberry curve 8520 , is there anyone who selling ?

  183. owen says:

    jackie, you can visit [email protected]

  184. robbie says:

    hello ask ko lng if magamit ko facebook,ym,youtube,anything na wifi lng gamit without any plans?thanks

  185. dwin95 says:

    lahat magagamit mo download mo lng cla kahit pre paid lng yun 50 pesos unlimited for one day pede.

  186. robbie says:

    magkano napo b yan ngaun,,gusto ko po tlga nyan eh,,im planning to buy

  187. Owen says:

    you can buy the unit as low as 13K

  188. Camille says:

    visit these:

    they sell cheaper BBs.

  189. Aisa says:

    Hi Guys,would you know how to download facebook and activate bbm in my blackberry curve? totally no idea talaga hehe

  190. goldfish says:

    when i download a theme or a game through my pc and then copy it in my BB, i couldn’t make it work.worst, i couldn’t even find the file in my BB but wen i connect my BB again with my pc, the file is there…help pls.thanks!

  191. Jamine says:

    My mom said bb has been banned in Saudi. For what reason kaya? May problem raw. Hmm.

  192. Arwen says:

    I will buy this soon! :)

  193. Vin says:

    need help, im a prepaid user, but i cant see mms messages when sent to my phone… help pls.. it just shows slide1/1 tapos blank nmn

  194. edgar says:

    Question lng po, I’ve used my BB8520 for YM before through WIFI but now its giving me an Error 65 Problem Recieving Data from Server. Ive deleted YM and reinstalled it again but still giving thesame error…HELP!!! thanks

  195. kitty says:

    you need to be subscribed to BIS (blackberry internet service) to take advantage of these features.

    i’m lovin’ my bb 8520 :)! my only prob is connecting to wifi. pag yung wifi sa bahay, it could connect smoothly but pag nasa labas ako like starbucks, may bb could detect the wifi but i can’t connect. instead of a green checkmark beside the wifi name, white dash lumalabas. any experts here?


  196. christian natzmaku says:

    im selling fresh 2 days bb 8520 with 1 year warranty
    txt me 09997576325 im seeling this for only 13500 tahnks

  197. Fran says:

    Where can i buy silicon cases for bb curve 8520?

  198. sammie says:

    Hi! I bought my BB curve 8520 last August 18,2010 tapos wala pang 1month nagkakaproblem na yung battery. Dinala ko sya kung saan ako bumili and they said napasukan raw ng water yung fone kaya naapektuhan pati yung battery. Pero they changed the battery naman, tapos hanggang ngayon ganon parin mabilis maglowbat and ang tagal magfull charge. And isa pa, Hindi ko ma-shut off yung phone ko kahit na pinindot ko na yung shut off button.
    Thanks sa mga sasagot. I badly need help.

  199. angelo says:

    @sammie that also happened to me but when I updated/upgraded the device software (the operating system your phone is currently running) the problem was instantly fixed. You can simply do this by using the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Just plug your device to your computer using the USB cable. Run the desktop software, when the software has detected the device, click on the application uploader then you can update your software from there. It will take 20 to 30 minutes, I think. It also updates other applications in your phone. Actually, when you plug in your device the desktop manager automatically detects the software that needs to be updated. Hope this helps.

  200. Toby says:

    Hi guys… Who’s from cebu here? Add me sa bbm =) 2267C553

  201. charls says:

    It’s nice mobile…
    I’m using the same model….

  202. rafiq says:

    good day master yuga and blackberry addicts… may inquire lang po sana ako. i have a blackberry 8900, i bought in UAE, when i got here few days ago, im trying to use my WIFI… i can get signals, but the problem is, nothings happening when i clicked on the browser. when i was in UAE nagagamit ko browser ko, pero dito hindi. i need help. thanks in advance sa sasagot.

  203. Stph says:

    Anyone from Cebu – 217AF657

  204. Mark says:

    Battery life being over two days? I would have to disagree. Regular use of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 would entail instant messaging, tweeting, checking Facebook, checking email, among other things. That cuts the battery life down to a day.

  205. zyra says:

    Getting a BB Curve 8520 on October 15th. Where can I get the original one (like from the mall) for 14k? Please indicate specific malls and stores. thank you. :)

  206. zyra says:

    oh and one more thing.. how much does the BB Curve 8530 cost? and where to buy? thanks!

  207. Harley says:

    got mine from globe and i am so enjoying it! thanks blackberry!

  208. Harley says:

    on how to use your bb, kindly read all the materials in the box when you got your bb. alot of information in there that will help you in maximizing your bb.

    for the data plan for the bb for the globe users, if you are a prepaid user, you can only avail the bb data plan for 50PhP/day, 220PhP/5 days, 1200PhP/30 days but unlimited only to the BB ATN (BB apps only) and not to its webrowser (that includes youtube, downloading of images from sites). This holds true to postpaid users who have do not have a bb add on plans. there is more offers from globe to all postpaid users only. you can avail the unlimited usage for both BB ATN and that of the webrowser by using the following:
    BB MAX 300 and send it to 8888 that is for 5 days
    BB MAX ON and sent it to 8888 that is for 30 days

    regarding to battery use, yes it only last for a day if you are always tinkering with it, not closing an application (you have to close it, not just jumping from one application to another) and not turning off your wifi and bluetooth.

    just for info: when you are using BB, you are always in KB and not in TIME even you register to TIME. thus, if you are trying to cut down add on charges for your plans, you can switch off the data sending by clicking, home screen>manage connections>mobile network options>data service then click off. in this way, you can still receive and send sms and calls. then you can turn it on again if you want to browse the net thru BB ATN and its browser if you have registered to BB add ons, may it be daily or monthly.

    i hope i am of help.


  209. luz says:

    hi.. im selling blackberry 8520 black for 11,900. brandnew and original from spain. for sure buyers pls contact me 0918 5669479. thanks! :)

  210. zyra gil says:

    um, do you guys have any problem on connecting to the internet using the wifi service of the bb 8520? alot of my friends say na you have to pay extra para lang makapag wifi :( and that you have to be line using sun cellular and im planning to buy a bb 8520 in two weeks :( i need your help

  211. Owen says:

    @zyra gil, wifi had always been free. make sure u are in a wifi zone and that their browser config and the default browser is set to hotspot browser. otherwise, kung may load cla, dun magchcharge ang browsing tlga.

    u can check ung post ni harley above if wifi is not available. in the absence of wifi, you can avail those globe bb plans for prepaid.

    for further assistance, u may have to call ur network provider.


  212. mdesigns says:

    I have a new BlackBerry Curve 8520 RED. It is only 5 days old and as early as now I am experiencing battery problems with this supposed to be brand new phone.

    Day 1 – I was able to use the phone, all of its features; it was okay.
    Day 2 – Battery wears out so fast, only runs up to 6 hours, I have only used wifi for an hour.
    Day 3 – Battery is only for 4 hours while all other applications closed.
    Day 4 – Battery is fully charged, left it open without using even touching it, after 3 hours, phone is drained.

    Im stuck with the terms and conditions of my CC and with Globe cos I got this under a promo.

    Could this be a battery problem or the phone, should I get a replacement? Bad thing, if they take it in for checking and repair, it will take for up to 70days???? What’s the use of getting a brand new phone and it’s not working at all.

    Any help/advise please……

  213. tdude says:

    like zyragil, can’t connect using wifi.. help!

    i’m connected to the wifi but can’t surf.. “unable to connect to the internet.” wifi is turned on but it’s a “white line” not a “green check.” :)

    what should i do? thanks!

  214. angelo says:

    @tdude when connecting to the wifi make sure that you’re actually using the wifi when your using the browser (the signal indicator reads “wifi” not the signal bars). if you’re connected to the wifi but is not indicated in the signal bar you can change this by clicking menu>options>browser configuration>browser and change “myGlobe” to “hotspot browser”. then you can use the wifi service then.

    And make sure that you are in a very good wifi zone, like full bars because if the you’re in a weak signal, the browser will work slowly or will not work at all.

  215. josh says:

    ust got my blackberry 8520, im using Sun Cellular prepaid sim. How can I activate my GPRS? because im not receiving any settings even after I texted the 2300.

    also, the Host Routing Table has “no entries”. I clicked the “Register Now” but nothing happened..

    Nid pa ba ng regular load *** gumana HRT?
    coz im just only using unlimited text without regular loads.


  216. ira says:

    am planning to buy BB 8520 nxtwk, but when i read everything in here am kinda disappointed.. with all the wifi probs etc… is it really sulit ba to get blackberry 8520? kinda confused. need a l’tl encouragement here… tnx

  217. chel says:

    Im kinda confused on what to get. BB 8520 or Nokia C3? please help. sabi nga di lahat ng apps pwede sa BB pag prepaid.

  218. aubrey says:

    me again! So my blackberry curve 8520 is 5 months old.. unfortunately, the front lens cover is loosened up, not the LCD ha? yung front lens cover lang! surfed for infos online, youtube gives demo and stuff, but I dont know where to buy new lens cover.. gusto ko nlng din sana palitan yung full housing talaga. where do we find the original one? there are tons on ebay kaso wala akong paypal eh! Pls help! :( meron bang bb parts sa graphics? Is there a technician there who’ll do the replacement. Help! desperate here!

  219. sab says:

    hi chel.
    not all the blackberry apps work with wifi. most would need the bb data service for the apps to work.

    but you can still enter facebook, twitter, email through your browser. i have no problem connecting to the internet using wifi.

    hope that helped.

  220. sab says:

    mdesigns — sorry i wouldnt know what the prob is but i was just thinking, if you knew someone with a bb curve maybe you could switch batteries just to check if it drains quickly too. It just might be a battery problem.

    My batt lasts about 2 to 3 days.

  221. chel says:

    thank u sab. but i were to ask you, which would be better? BB 8520 curve or the nokia c3?

  222. kulasa says:

    got my BB8520 globe locked last month and i was able to unlock it by myself thru now i able to connect with my facebook, twitter, and push email accounts using Smart Blackberry prepaid plan.and also i was able to download my favorite theme from Blackberry Application World. Mababait ang customer rep ng Smart they will assist you up to the extent of their capacity. Here are the keys para lumaki ang “GPRS” sa signal indicator ng phone nyo:
    1. Set nyo ung GPRS settings nyo. Dito i tried to call Smart and they send me the gprs setting for my phone.
    2. OPTIONS menu>Advance Options>TCP/IP>(check)APN Settings Enabled>then type “”
    3. Data Services of your Mobile Network should be “ON”
    4. Register to te be able to receive push emails

    Ayaw ko kasi mag subscribe sa mga plan na yan kaya sa BB DAY, BB WEEK or BB MONTH then send to 2207 kung smart users kayo.

  223. kulasa says:

    If you happened to register your BB phone using IMEI and PIN code at any network simply call or email sa customer support nila and ask them to delete your account para makapag register kayo sa preferred network nyo.
    Anyway, ito ang helpdesk ng blackberry sa pinas in case you may ask:

    email: [email protected]
    Tel: 02-893-15-10 or 02-893-36-31

    Bigay lang din yan ng Smart sa akin during my inquiry since need ko i-delete yung previous acct ko sa globe.
    Hope that helps!

  224. Samantha says:

    am just wondering why i can’t connect to wifi right away? palagng error… & my friends are getting a quick access sa wifi.. they’re using nokia at ako BB curve 8520… :( ganto ba talaga to? eh mas mahal pa ang BB curve sa nokia na ginagamit ng friends ko eh. nakaka disappoint… minsan nga di ko na lang ginagamit ang phone ko sa net surfing.. am borrowing my friend’s phone instead dahil madali cla nakaka access… GRRR!

  225. Anonymous says:

    i got my BB Curve 8520 for 11k only at

    check it out. they have lotsa great deals for gadgets! :)

  226. Toby says:

    @aubrey: I had the same problem. You don’t have to worry blackberry parts are so easy to be replaced which is a plus to all blackberry users compared to apple products.

    You have two options u can either purchase the full housing or just the lense that protects the lcd, I suggest purchasing the full housing though. U can find a lot of power sellers in ebay, and they have a lot of methods for payments ex. Gcash, banks, etc.
    In replacing the parts u can find steps on how to do it on youtube, u just have to be extra careful.

  227. Toby says:

    Hi guys!!! Gusto ko lang mag share… :’) are u bored on the same old black, red, or white color on you blackberry phones? Why not try something new?!?

    How about u dress ur phones just like you?!? Intersting dba?!? Just log on to and from there ull see what I mean :’) hehe enjoy skining up ur phone…

  228. aubrey says:

    Really? nakakatakot kasi mag replace eh! baka masira! Ikaw lang nag replace ng sayo? puro paypal lang mode of payment nakita ko sa ebay.. can you pls paste the link yung mga nag aalow ng bank deposit or gcash. pls!!! will wait! thanks!

  229. Toby says:

    @aubrey: yea ako lang… I can’t find some technician kasi to do it for me… But advice ko lang if ur just having prob. With the lense then lense lang ang e replace man mas dali kasi ke sa e replace mu yung full housing niya… Just got to and search mu yung full housing ng blackberry 8520.

  230. Karen says:

    Can someone help me on this?

    Globe’s offering BB 8520 for free in Plan 999. Does this mean na I have to pay 999 for 24 months lang? I am thinking of purchasing Globe postpaid.

    I also tried looking in some stores of SM Cyberzone Annex. The cheapest price for BB 8520 is P 13,000 for prepaid.

    Which is better? Postpaid (Globe) or Prepaid? Thanks!

  231. Fran says:

    @Karen: Go postpaid to maximize the features of your BB, don’t expect your monthly bill to be 999 only though. I went way beyond 999 on my first month.

  232. Karen says:

    I just got my BB today. I’m kind of disappointed ‘cos I can’t access internet using Wi-fi only. I just read somewhere that I should try using Opera browser to access some sites without registering in data plan. Is it really possible? Can someone help me on this? Thank you! :)

  233. Karen says:

    Having problems on my battery. Initially charged my phone for 4 hours. Then when I woke up with my empty battery. Ito ba talaga ang problema sa BB? Super disappointed ako.

  234. harleymahson says:

    @aubrey. Gurl when you search for an accessory for the BB curve, search within the Philippines. There is one that offer very nice quality, I think it is simpleshop or something like that.

    I got my sister a BB curve like mine since she loves mine a few days ago! Everything is in its best and was able to maximize its capacities because I placed my postpaid line from globe in it. Currently I am making this comment using it! It is so fun to use!

    Peace everyone!

  235. Luma says:

    3 weeks ago,i was about to buy bb8520, i saw a store in sm cyberzone selling it for 12,500, prepaid of course.. but when i learned that it’s better to use the phone when using postpaid plans.. i backed out and bought samsung wave s8500 instead.. i wont buy a phone that makes me pay for 1,200k a month just for apps and social networking.. if you are not a busy person( people)bb phone is not for you..

    the phone is cheap but it makes you spend more than the price in little time.

  236. aubrey says:

    yeah, simplishop is selling housing worth 999 made in china pa.. and the package doesnt have tools with it.. :( i dont know what im gonna do. :(

  237. chel says:

    does anyone know how to download icons para fb, twitter, YM sa blackberry 8520? also anong site pwede mag download ng BB applications using my phone? HELP! thanks!

  238. Chel says:

    By d way, prepaid user lang ako.i still keep looking for websites kung saan pwede ako mag download ng bb applications pati free theme downloads, fb,twitter and please thanks!

  239. Lee says:

    I’ve been using my bb 8520 posting sa fb status.pero napansin ko “via mobile web” ang’t yung iba “via blackberry”? Meron pa bang settings kailangan pra maging “via blackberry”? Help. Thanks:)

  240. Harley says:

    @lee did you use the browser to access facebook? if that’s the case, then your post would surely be noted with posted via mobile web. you should use the application for facebook downloadable thru the application world in your curve. it would surely show that you have posted via blackberry! happy posting!

    @chel use the application world in your BB to download the applications. alot are for free which included the themes!

    have a blessed all saints and souls days!


  241. Lee says:

    Thanks harley! But will it work if i dont have a bb data plan? Can u also giv me d exact website of the bb application world? Iom really haviong a hard time wd my curve coz im a prepaid user.Ill follow u on twitter ;)

  242. curvie says:

    how can i use the bb curve 8520 as a tethered modem on my laptop? im a globe subscriber. thanks! :)

  243. em says:

    got my 3rd bb eh kasi naman magnanakaw sucks dba? wala nakong kadala-dala. hahaha nageenjoy kasi ako sa bb eh:) btw, dapat umorder kau ng faceplate sa amazon and it will do wonders sa bb nyo:)

  244. Harley says:

    @lee all telcos offer Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) here in the philippines. you can register accordingly. all i know is for globe subscribers. from then on you can start to access the apps world! kindly call your operator’s hotline!

    @curvie curvie, yes you can use the BB as a modem. i tried mine. you have to have the Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM) to do it. It will guide you along the way. but i would not suggest doing it often coz it heats the BB pretty fast and it may cause your battery to break down fast. i highly recommend using a regular tattoo dongle. but if you insist on doing so, make sure that you are registered to BB MAX either to 300/5 days or 1500/month since the default changing for BB is in KB, eventhough you change to TIME browsing, still you will be charge in KB. In BB MAX kasi, you are unlimited both to BB and internet APN so no need to worry on sky high bills!

    hope this help!

    please do follow me in my twitter! harleymahson


  245. chelle says:

    i therefor conclude, BB curve 8520 is best if post paid w/ BIS plan.kasi nga kung prepaid kalerkee! =( hay naku bakit pa kasi kailangan ng BIS Plan pa di nalang nila gawing libre =(

  246. chelle says:

    @ harley : thank you i was able to download the free themes and games sa BB application world. I also donwloaded the Facebook and twitter application but it won’t work on a prepaid huhuhuhu. im so frustrated.So i deleted it. Harley, may i ask kung may idea ka nito i downloaded from yung Facebook connect. everytime i log-in, always xa nag popromt sa log in menu ng FB. Pabalikbalik siya sa Log-in Menu di ako makapasokpasok bakit kaya? HELP! thank u soo much in advance ^_^

    • Perry Blake says:

      I think ngayon OK na with Globe. Meron ng unli Blackberry Network (BBN) for a day for P50 pesos and it’s satisfactory! No need to be a postpaid subscriber =)

  247. Anna says:

    Hi. I just got my BB curve 8520 via Globe postpaid plan 999. when I inserted a globe tattoo sim on it, I can browse on the internet naman using myGLOBE WAP but when I inserted the postpaid sim, i cant access the internet na. May error message na nagpa-pop out saying “Unable to connenct to the WAP Gateway at the following address”. I dunno what this means. :( I activated naman my Blackberry Internet Service and I have a freebie from Globe which is a 3-hour free browse or 150kb for blackberry. When I go to Options > Advanced Options > Browser > default browser configuration, wala yung MyGlobe sa dropdown list, only Hotspot browser pero when im using globe tattoo sim, meron naman yung myGlobe browser dun sa dropdown list.

    help me with my problem please! :(

    and oh, I just discovered na facebook app for blackberry isnt working on my blackberry because im in postpaid plan daw. i dunno also what that means. pati nga pala twitter app for blackberry.

  248. chelle says:

    @ anna: yes we do have the same prob. i got my bb from globe too postpaid. but i ddnt avail the BIS Plan they’re refering to. i was frustrted kasi i was able nga to download the Fb and twitter from Blackberry application world kaso di ko nga magamit2x hay…. so i deleted it and downloaded FB and twitter from kaso di rin ako makapasok2x kasi laging nag popromt young FB Log-in menu nya pabalik2x. =(

  249. allan says:

    @harley: do i only need to register ONCE on BIS then i can use BB APN?
    coz most of the time i’m on wi-fi hotspot.

  250. Harley says:

    @chelle and anna
    you can use all the apps as long as you have registered to the BIS. you said that you have downloaded the apps for fb and twitter in the blackberry apps world. it should work as long as you are registered to the BIS may you be prepaid or postpaid. you can check the vendor, if it is from RIM, then you can only access them once you are in BIS. if the apps is not from RIM, you can access it anytime may you have registered for BIS or not, but you have to check your APN settings. you can find this by OPTIONS>ADVANCED OPTIONS>TCP/IP. Tick the APN settings to enable it. The APN settings vary if you are postpaid ( and prepaid ( Be reminded that even if you change to TIME browsing, you will always be in KB charging since that is the default to all BBs.

    if your unit is from globe, everything is configured already, mine is. eventhough i downgraded my OS and upgraded again–since i deleted a add-on apps which was important–i can still use everything but have to register again the apps.

    maybe you haven’t log in to to register your BB. you need your IMEI and PIN for that before you can tinker anything with the apps even you have registered to BIS. this is a one time process so do it first.

    @allan yes you have to just once. register also in the portal of globe for the blackberry for your phone.

    do follow me at twitter @harleymahson

  251. Anna says:

    Can I use my prepaid sim and register it to BIS using my Blackberry Curve free from Globe Postpaid?

  252. Harley says:

    @anna sure you can!

  253. ian says:

    hey guys, sana matulungan nyo ako, pano ba iset up ang wifi ng blackberry 8520, it’s giving me a hard time na talga, from iphone kasi nagswitch ako sa bb coz of BBM, now ginawa ko na lahat, yung wifi icon, greyed out sya, and pag nagbbrowse nko, invalid lagi sinsabi. kelangan ba tlga ng data plan for this unit, so parang useless na ang wifi nito, some of my friends kasi nakakapagsurf using their wifi eh, some lang. prepaid kasi gamit ko sa bb ko.


  254. Harley says:


    kindly follow these steps:
    1. check if the DATA SERVICE is turned ON. home>manage connection>mobile network options>data service then choose ON
    2. wifi is tick, with a check that is
    home>manage connection>mobile network options
    the wifi logo should be seen and is grey now
    3. scan, search and add your home wifi
    home>manage connection>wifi options>menu, click NEW and SCAN FOR NETWORKS or MANUALLY ADD NETWORK
    the wifi logo should be turn white and clear. your are now connected to the wifi.
    4. the default browser configuration should be HOTSPOT BROWSER
    home>options>advanced options>browser then choose HOTSPOT BROWSER, SAVE
    5. apps permission should be wifi enabled for it to utilize the wifi connection at home. apps whose vendor is RIM such as BBM, FB and TWITTER does not work over wifi and needs a BIS.

    hope this helps! enjoy!


  255. Owen says:

    can anybody suggest me where to buy original battery of BB curve? habing probs with the battery life, i was thinking of replacing it. thanks!

  256. rev says:

    meron ba kayong masasabi from buying or selling blackberry from ?

    scam ba sila or any reviews of their products?

  257. Owen says:

    @rev, i think it is a scam. i don’t see any bb websites with countris attached to it, if u know what i mean

  258. rev says:

    @thanks owen!

  259. allan says:

    another question guys.
    does BIS works abroad?
    let say i’ll go abroad for a week.
    i heard you must turn your unli off, coz it only works locally.
    will BB FB, TWITTER, etc. still work?

  260. Harley says:

    @ALLAN, you have to check with your network provider to avoid ballooning of your bills, that is if you’re a postpaid which recently happened to me!

    in lieu of my post regarding the APN of BBs, this is just a reminder to all globe subscribers may it be prepaid or postpaid. APN SHOULD ALWAYS BE

    kasi if you use the regular APNs for postpaid and prepaid, you will be charged when you access to all the apps when you with or without BIS. my twitter works without BIS on the regular APN but was charged per KB for postpaid, and 5 pesos per update if you are a prepaid. tried already this and I did a report to globe. still it works and I think it would also works to all!

    enjoy! peace!

  261. yen says:

    I’ve never tried using my BB with wifi.

    How does it work? What settings should I have? And will ubertwitter or twitter for bb work with wifi?

    Also, who among you guys have used supersurf with globe? What’s the difference with registering for BB svcs?


  262. celia says:

    hnd magamit ang wifi bb ko paano ba ito maiaayos

  263. harris says:

    Blackberry is really cool but it is much cooler when blackberry is associated with IPAD… try this one buddies Balckberry Curve and IPAD before you run out of time.. =))

  264. Saddhim says:

    I don’t know if it’s just my unit but I’ve been having problems with my blackberry unit.
    1. Instant Messaging is not working… I was told I need to register at but even that site could not detect my unit.
    2. I could not download applications directly from my unit. It says something like… “its not supported by your something” I forgot what it says.
    3. It keeps logging me out from Facebook. I need to log in like every 2 mins.
    4. and there’s that annoying timer that keeps on appearing whenever I browse the internet and it doesn’t disappear until you remove your battery.

    Can someone help me pls? Thank you.

  265. Chel says:

    I have a problem with the battery life of my BB. I always charge it (yes, everyday for 2-3hours) but I only got to use it for 6-8 hours only. I already changed the battery from the store where I bought my BB. At first, it was okay but after months that’s what already happened. Can someone help me?

  266. chinodavis19 says:

    i dunno what is my BB pin and how to use it… help me please?

  267. toff says:

    hi good day., im planning to buy a black berry curve later this june., i have some questions

    pde ba 2 s smart na prepaid?
    can i easily connect to wifi?
    how’s the camera? is it good or bad?
    (coz my gilrfriend likes to take pictures.,)
    can i download apps from pc and transfer it to my unit?

    thanks for answers.,

  268. Dale says:

    anybody know how many months will you pay 999 with blackberry curve 8520 in globe?

  269. jerkz says:

    the BB is good esp. if you’re on the data plan mode for any of the telecos we have here…

  270. amheemoi says:

    hi, i need help… can’t access to the internet using my blackberry curve though its a wi-fi area here in the house. i know the password in the router but every time i tried to connect using my phone, it says.. i need to enter the code from my blackberry phone… BUT I DON’T KNOW WHERE AM I GOING TO CLICK IN THE ROUTER AND ENTER THE CODE…

    please help…

  271. born2ruleyourworld says:

    for “amheemoi” you have to turn off the password of you router and for “Dale” you have to pay atleast 2 years for your plan……

  272. I have a weird desire now to generate a false blog. Exactly what is a good web log to get this done and tell your friends that its not really my thoughts but of my characters thoughts?.

  273. tristan says:

    hi i just wanna inquire about the blackberry 8520 i red some reviews it’s a nice phone so yeah i just wanna ask how much is it on dec 26? because i am planing to get one

  274. Deux says:

    I just want to ask if whic do you prefer? a blackberry 8520? or a samsung galaxy Y? thanks

  275. Deux says:

    I just want to ask if which do you prefer? a blackberry 8520? or a samsung galaxy Y? thanks

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