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Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe in the flesh

During the #WOWCherryMobile event, we were able to take the Alpha Luxe out for a spin. Head past the break to check out our first impression of this new competitively-priced Windows Phone handset.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe

It’s funny that a day before CM officially announced the Alpha lineup, we’ve shared with you the NGM Harley-Davidson Windows Phone, a 5-inch WP smartphone that shares a striking similarity with the Omega Icon.

Coincidentally, the new Alpha Luxe also looks and feels like the Omega Icon in the hands. However, instead of a back panel wrapped in faux-leather complete with fake stitches on the border, the Alpha Luxe has a smooth posterior with a glossy finish.

CM Alpha Luxe

Apart from the unassuming yet well-built design, the Alpha Luxe also inherited the same placement of the external components of the Omega Icon. Up top we got the Micro-USB port beside the audio jack, volume adjuster on the left flank and power button on the right.

The front panel is mainly occupied by the handset’s 5-inch IPS display panel which has a 1280 x 720 resolution. Above it are the earpiece and front-mounted camera with 2 million pixels, and right below are three capacitive buttons for Back, Home and Search.

Cherry Mobile Luxe

Hidden underneath the phone’s back cover are two SIM card slots and Micro-SD card slot which sits just below the handset’s 8-megapixel rear camera. Rounding up the list is the battery compartment which houses the phone’s 2000mAh battery.

Initial Verdict

During our short time with the new CM Alpha Luxe, we were pretty pleased by the design and the overall feel of the handset. The handset was not too thin or too thick and feels very good in the hands. The absence of the faux-leather cover on the back did take away some of the premium feel from the handset, but we don’t think that it’s going to be a big deal for most users.

The buttons, both the physical and capacitive ones, are fairly responsive and are ergonomically situated around the handset. Speaking of responsiveness, the Luxe’s display was also quick to recognize touch inputs and was able to quickly respond to most of it, resulting to a smooth touchscreen action.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe specs:
5-inch HD IPS display, 1280 x 720 @294ppi
Dragontrail Glass
1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8212 Snapdragon 200 quad-core CPU
Adreno 302 GPU
8GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
8 megapixel rear camera
2 megapixel front camera
Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
Windows Phone 8.1 OS
2,000mAh battery
145 x 72 x 9 mm
160 g

To conclude our first impression, the Alpha Luxe should be a good alternative to the Alpha Style, should you have an extra two grand to burn. It’s got a significantly better screen, twice the amount of RAM and internal storage, not to mention a more respectable build compared to the bulky Alpha Style.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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23 Responses

  1. price says:

    bulaong wala pa itong price?

  2. Xpd says:

    Cherry na, windows pa. Its like having both worlds. Disposable and useless

    • Rockafella says:

      Hmm you’re maybe right about the disposable but Windows being useless? nah gtfo sir.

    • Milhouse says:

      You obviously haven’t tried WP.

    • mck says:

      SRSLY? useless? windows phone? hello sir why don’t you try to use a windows phone. how naive

    • Mir says:

      surely you haven’t used a WP yet..

    • Edward says:

      You should try windows phone OS, and compare it to android. Try doing it with phones that have the same specs one with android and other with windows and tell me how much your android lags.

    • I’m not a WP user but I don’t discount using one in the future. Honestly, I’ve seen and tried one and WPs really impressed me. Subukan mo muna gumamit bago ka mag post ng ganyan. kairita lang kasi mabasa comment mo, grabe…

    • toxichunter says:

      this guy doesnt know what he’s talking, or definitely havent used one with windows os, Ive been using smartphone running windows since windows CE, windows mobile 6.5 and it became windows phone, I havent experienced so much lags even with units having smaller ram.

    • rockz says:

      I maybe an Android fanatic, but I never, ever discounted on how Windows Phone OS works and functions on a low end spec’d phone. Its smoother and doesn’t even lag compared to their Android counterparts.

  3. keemchee says:

    Oh no! no! no! CM, bakit pa ang WP? Bat di nalang Android ang pagdisketahan nyo!

  4. Milhouse says:

    Nice specs but the fact that it is from Cherry Mobile is a dealbreaker.

    • Rockafella says:

      That’s just being rude but I agree XD

      I used to work for them in Sales back in 2011, over the past 3 yrs I only see a slight improvements in their products. But I’ll tell you what, the General Manager is a 40 yr old MILF. Trust me.

    • paolo says:

      ‘… but the fact that it is from Cherry Mobile is a dealbreaker.’

      But this here’s a Windows Phone phone. CheMo’s bad reputation was earned because of it’s underperforming-relative-to-price Android offerings.

      At least they got their head out of their rears when they priced their Alpha phones (I wish I could say the same to their Android offerings) – at least, better than what Nokia does (Lumia 530 with NO AUTOFOCUS for 4990PHP? WTF?!)

  5. lumia520 says:

    loving my lumia 520, will upgrade to alpha luxe next year, para 2,999 nalang!

  6. Jaycee says:

    WP are for corporate people. not for gamers. I like the leap that cherry mobile made. This might be a strategy to avoid competition in other brands out there that they are struggling to get ahead of. i.g. Xiaomi and Asus

    • Rockafella says:

      I think Windows is for everyone, it caters to every market except for hardcore gamers. It’s true that the app ecosystem is not big as Android and iOS pero they’re getting there. Just watch out sir.

  7. Jetot says:

    Hell NO! Windows? No no way! Android, it is!

  8. lawrence says:

    I’ve been an Android user for 5 years now. tried many devices from local ones like CM and SM and premium brands like Samsung and Sony (Xperia Z). Yes I like the “openness” of the OS especially when it comes to customization and rooting. But recently I’ve realized the potential danger in its “openness”. like this one http://www.yugatech.com/gooooogle/close-to-5-million-gmail-usernames-passwords-exposed/

    So, I might try Windows Phone. and Cherry mobile coming out with cheap WP devices is an opportunity to do so without breaking the bank. I don’t think it’s “useless”. maybe it’s not as popular as Android but it covers the basics: calls, texting, social apps, some games, media apps, etc. not as varied as Android but I don’t install 100,000+ apps and games on my phone. And, another thing is, I played with a WP phone (low-end Lumia, dual-core 512MB Ram) of a friend and it’s more fluid than my Xperia Z (Quad-core, 2GB Ram). So, IMO it’s unfair to call the OS “useless” without actually using one. Kudos to CM for cheap WP! at least users have an option. :-)

  9. camotekidrock says:

    Been using android samsung s2 then note 3.. 3 years, bought lumia1320 last feb. No looking back. Some learning curve but its worth it. Not a wp fanatic, just the usefulness, productivity..???? on the fly

  10. Helveltica says:

    This nice! I personally doubt about Cherry Mobiles build quality, based from my experience as CM user, but I may give a break for their new Windows devices. The OS runs great on low-end hardware, even with only 512MB of RAM (Yes, some games usually high-end ones still don’t support 512MB RAM), but we can’t expect much on cheap devices anyways.

    I do hope WP will finally gain significant marketshare soon, and for me these low-cost devices will help push that, just like Android where now almost everybody knows and wants it. It already got essential apps need, while some may still missing, 3rd-party options are plentiful and as good if not better than official. I think this is just a start, more OEMs come soon (and there already, just waiting to be shipped here).

  11. Nikko Ramos says:

    Go Windows Phone Go!
    Hindi ko na naisipang bumalik pa sa kahit anong Android device after kong makabili ng isang Lumia 520.

    Pakiusap po, huwag po tayong magsasalita ng mgamasasamang bagay bagay kung hindi naman po natin nasusubukan.

    Ipakita mo na tao ka, yung marunong mag-isip bago magsalita. :)


  12. Vlad023 says:

    Sir, regarding the headset jack, is it CTIA compliant?

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