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Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S vs. Lumia 900

So you’ve seen the new Samsung Galaxy S3 – the flagship that elegantly stole the Android spotlight from the HTC One X. Do you love it? I know I do! But how does it stack up against the current superstars such as the iPhone 4S and the Lumia 900 in terms of specs? We’re about to find out thanks to the folks at Redmondpie.com who have prepared a table of comparison for these three flagships. Take a look below.

Judging from the table, the Galaxy S3 blows away the competition in terms of hardware. You can imagine it boasting “My gun’s bigger than yours,” starting from the quad-core processor, display size, RAM and the BATTERY. It’s a little surprising that Samsung didn’t go over 8 megapixel with the camera, probably focusing on picture quality instead of size. I’m curious how it’ll go head-to-head with the iPhone 4S. With regards to OTA, Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is expected to arrive this year. I can’t wait to find out what it’ll do to this badass [email protected]!&$^*! Anyway, I’ll leave the rest to you guys. Share your thoughts below.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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89 Responses

  1. Glenn Ong says:

    Awesome comparison! Samsung Galaxy SIII is a clear winner here. And if it will really debut at ~29K for the 16GB, it’s still more affordable than an iPhone.

    Now my dilemma has widen to iPhone vs. Note vs. SIII

    • devilmark says:

      i doubt its only 29k?.. lol. it said to be 250$ for 16gig which is 199$ only for iphone4s 16gig.. so its around 37-40k for a phone..hahaha..but still specs much newer and better.. but definitely not affordable.

    • blogtroller says:

      “it said to be 250$ for 16gig which is 199$ only for iphone4s 16gig.. so its around 37-40k for a phone”

      pumasa ka ba ng arithmetic? ang conversion mo sa $250 or $199 ay 37-40k?

    • florencia says:

      yeah I don’t think it’ll just be 29k for 16gb.. probably 33k – 35k at least

  2. Jimmy says:

    Two things,

    1. when you’re holding your phone. you’re also holding a design statement. In Galaxy S III’s case, you’re holding Ugly.

    2. Specwise? yeah sure Galaxy S III Trumps the Other 2. The Question is Do they even need it? Apps on those platform don’t need a Quad Core!

    • frenchy says:

      very soon you will need it. developers will be building more apps that will no longer be compatible with single core phones. parang computer lang yan eh… madaming apps na ngayon na di na kaya ng P4 PCs.

      and i don’t think Galaxy S2 or S3 look ugly. kanya-kanyang taste yan dude. you may be admiring the physical design of an iPhone 4/4S, pero ako di ko type kasi andaming clones. mas napapa-wow pa ako sa mga may hawak ng HTC or Galaxy S series. to each his own.

    • johan says:

      for me, the iphone is the ugly one. but then again, kanya-kanyang taste yan just as frenchy mentions.

    • Pepito says:

      palibhasa basag lang kasi fruit phone niya kaya ganyan sinasabi.

      mga bitter di matanggap talaga kaya imbes na usapang specs dinadaan nalang sa beauty. OMG! Parang beauty contest na super ganda pero pag QnA na …kahit google translate gamitin wala parin siya sense

      kahit na pangit kung basag naman ibang phones…SOLD!

    • John says:

      +1 Jimmy.

      At Frenchy with developers providing apps for Windows Phone, it doesn’t mean that the minimum chassis will be necked at dual core CPUs. You’re kidding, right ? At least, it’s better having a single core phone with much fluid apps and UIs than having a quad core phone experiencing shitty experiences and lags. Android is never a disgrace but the OEMS are, they put beyond fucked up skins.

    • Note says:

      and since when is the design of the iphone considered beautiful?! huh?!

  3. abet says:

    Overall, Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great phone!
    Stunning Samsung Galaxy S3 Photos

  4. unggoy says:

    “…Multicore won’t help you in a world where the apps aren’t threaded. — Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft…”

  5. Kabayan says:

    Impressive hardware… the problem now is do Samsung/Google Play have the app that will exploit the power of the specs… if not then it’s just like buying a BD player but you don’t have any BD movies to watch.

  6. showbiz says:

    SIII is clearly the winner here.

  7. Mindanaoan says:

    If you have to factor in the Mediocre pentile display the hardware really is just a Xoxo. Plus people were expecting a 12 Mega Pixel camera no 8 Mpx. Needless to mention the Non-Ceramic or non-Aluminum body. Overall it’s an OK Device. It just doesn’t have the Wow factors.

  8. John says:

    Meh. As much as I hate Android, I’d rather still have the HTC One X. Sexy hardware & software. Also, Sense UI > Touchwiz. Waiting for Windows 8 (Apollo) though.

  9. Match Sumaya says:

    That was pretty impressive specifications that clearly trumps the other two. Most of you has a good point but all I can say is that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” ;)

    HTC One X should be the 3rd here, Lumia wouldn’t stand a chance. :)

  10. pageman says:

    Eh? SG III is a clear winner? LMAO!! sa PentTile display pa lang lugi ka na. plasticky pa yung dating. wala sigurong taste ang nagagandahan sa Device na ‘to.

    • EJ Osorio says:

      PenTile Matrix nga pero Super AMOLED HD naman. At 306 ppi halos hindi mo mapapansin na PenTile display siya.

    • John says:

      What a blatant lie. This is 2012, and you’re actually saying that AMOLED is an advantage ? Going with that, you’re being ridiculous by saying that AMOLED is a plus while Pentile is also one ? AMOLED is one of the shittiest displays ever created with false colours, worse viewing angles, and over saturations.

  11. chinitoguy says:

    Specs per specs per specs the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a winner. But I like Nokia Lumina 900 the most. When Nokia partnered with Microsoft I have been drooling of owning a Windows Phone. It has simple and elegant user interface. I’m not bother with its limited apps because I don’t need trash on my phone. On iOS and Android there are so many apps that are not really needed and it will just waste my time on it. I love the Nokia Lumina 900! FTW!

    • Carl Bytes says:

      Ako din pre, currently enjoying Windows Phone 7.5 Mango on HTC Radar. I should say the UI is unique and awesome. Previous owner of Android 1.5/2.3 and iOS 1/4 kayo nagsawa na ako sa UI na static icons.

  12. 34rrt says:

    white lumia 900 should be there instead of cyan!

  13. PartyCrasher says:

    Good heavens, buy HTC One X Instead.

    I’ll even settle for a Lumia or just stick to My Iphone 4S!

  14. John says:

    Yuga, the Lumia 900 has an 800×480 display and that makes it have a ppi at 217. It also has a 1 MP front facing camera, not VGA.

  15. John says:

    Yuga, the Lumia 900 has an 800×480 display and that makes it have a ppi at 217. It also has a 1.3 MP front facing camera, not VGA. It also has a weight of 159 grams.

  16. pabs says:

    I still want the Nokia Lumia 900, for me its the most beautiful smartphone.

  17. Jamiroquai says:

    By the books, S3 is the clear winner! But the 4s has proven it by performance! Lets see if quad-core bails Android out of the typical lags,freezes, automatic reboots, overheating, slow charging & fast draining. Only by then would we know!

  18. seton says:

    Brilliant comparison! Kasama ng S3 ang Lumia 900 na limited by the specs na set ng Microsoft and last year’s 4S.

    Why not compare it with the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X? I guess that makes too much sense para sa writers nitong website.

    • pamela says:

      Boring naman pag ikinukumpara mo lang ay ang mga droids.

      saka Ba’t mo ikukumpara ang isang Bagong pangit sa dalawang Sexy? LOLS! unfair yon! ;)

    • Louie says:

      So the comparison won’t just boil down to hardware since the One X and the Optimus 4X also run Android ICS. Although I would like to see those three Android titans on a Mexican standoff and find out who will take the Android throne.

  19. eson says:

    Hmm question though. Why do you compare it to lumia and iphone4s? Why not compare it to a phone that is on par with the galaxy s3 like lets say the HTC ONE X? sounds reasonable right? I ber a lot of people would like to have this phone compared toe to toe to see what quad core phone comes out on top.

  20. Jojo says:

    Samsung has overtaken Nokia in mobile handset sales. And it has it’s eyes on dominating the smartphone market. Unfortunately hardware is always one half of the equation, there is always its OS, and I believe this is Sammy’s achiles heel. Until the time that BadaOS becomes at par with IOS or it purchases/develops a beautiful but neglected Mobile OS from HP. It will always be dependent on google and google’s direction for android. Just think what would happen if google looses its case with Oracle?

  21. wengweng2003 says:

    please do a galaxy s3 vs htc one x article :-) i think they are more of the same level than s3 vs iphone4s vs lumia900

  22. wingatu says:

    Kaya pala quad core itong S3 kasi kailangan sa voice command processing para di na kailangan ng data plan. Masyadong mabilis maglabas ng bago itong Samsung. Kakalabas lang ng Note ah. Di pa ba kontento ang Samsung sa kita nila sa Samsung parts ng iPhone? Gusto pa nilang talunin ang iPhone. Katakot din ang Android OS. Dami ng devices ng Android powered gaya ng TV, Bluray player, smartphones, atbp. Baka dumating ang araw lahat na ng consumer electronics ay Android OS na. Sana bumawi naman ang Apple. Asan na ang innovation.

  23. James says:

    IOS will always be smoother than android OS. IMagine that it has to take a quad core phone just to achieve an almost similar UI smoothness from IOS. It is because of the way the OS was designed. Please see this : http://techland.time.com/2011/12/07/is-android-doomed-to-lag-more-than-ios/

    • jermitano says:

      please post facts and not opinions…and read on the comment thread so as you may be enlightened

    • jermitana says:

      ^everything about here are opinions including yours! Ive been enlightened…no more Android for me. About time you realize that Android plays only second fiddle to the original!

    • John says:

      Well, of course ! Along with Windows Phone, the UI is built for true performance unlike Android. Look at how the Android fan is far blinded by the crappy operating system he is in. iOS is smoother than Android in terms of technical performances and OBVIOUSNESS.

  24. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 is a Window Mobile Phone, why Im seeing “No” in Flash Support?

  25. WM says:

    i’d still choose Nokia Lumia 900 over those two phones by a mile. Windows Mobile Mango UI beats the banal and boring UI of iphones and the incredibly laggy UI of android. so what if Windows Mobile OS has only has 80K apps in its market?! it’s not as if all those 400k apps of android OS and the 600K apps of iOS are good! Kapag lumabas na ang WINDOWS 8, sapul na ang kalaban!

    • deuts says:

      Windows Mobile is extinct. Windows Phone na ngaun.

    • YOY says:

      i still prefer lumia phone…windows phone is not good looking in terms of UI design but it is superior in fluidity…Windows phone is late in market, but when windows 8 is release sure it will gain a lot of market share because OEM’s like samsung is waiting for this OS…windows phone is surely be benefited to this strategy..

  26. donskie says:

    Sa tanong kung bakit sinama ang iphone 4s na i compare sa s3 despite the fact that it runs dual core because whether we accept it or not iphone still ranks no 1 when it come mobile devices. Masakit mang aminin pero that is the truth..I have an android tab (galaxy 7.7), an android phone (s2)and iphone 4s and don’t see anything wrong with these phones.. its more on popularity.. mind game lang to mga tol.. kung san ka masaya don ka pinili mo..

  27. Anand says:

    Yet another model from Samsung…. Samsung has become the number one smartphone manufacturer cos they have fones ranging from 5k and up…. while Apple believes in limited model in market and capitalizing on lean and mass production leading to higher profits, Samsung believes in variety of models and wider customer base (in terms of financial)..

  28. apol says:

    Before making any comments, try using an iPhone so you can compare. If you’ve never used an iPhone then you will think samsung has better phones since they come out with different models too often. Can you also compare a Samsung concept store with an authorized apple dealer. Apple has its market Samsung is for everybody like what Nokia was years ago. I’ve been using an iPhone from the 1st gen till Siri nothing can compare to using an iPhone and of course the iTunes App Store. Plus does Samsung really have to copy apple both hardware and software all the time. Come up with your own

    • maico says:

      A woefully pathetic comment. You yourself said that try using an iphone before we compare it to Samsung and you’re telling that nothing can compare to it. Have you tried using a Samsung Galaxy S3? Bago ka magsalita ng negative opinions make sure na nagamit mo na yung phone. Apple dealer stores may be a bit bigger than a Samsung Concept Store but there sure is a Samsung Customer Service Center waiting for you after you bought a product pero sa Apple wala, so pagdating sa after-sales wala sila binatbat. IMO :)

    • blaze says:

      i guess you do not know who is making the iphones processor.

    • Apol says:

      Relax maico take a chill pill dude. Obviously you’ve never used an iPhone. I have an extra 3G that I can lend you. I’ve used Samsung who makes the processors yet cannot compare to iPhone not even close dude, sorry to say. FYI apple has a policy of changing and not repairing a unit if something happens so no need for customer service. Honestly you think Samsung concept stores look nice? Sorry dude, has to be one of the ugliest stores in any mall and the staff has to be trained they have no idea what they are talking about. Try asking them anything. Relax lang!

    • Apol says:

      Dude, how many galaxy’s will Samsung have to come out with anyways? iPhone 1 model only and from what we see demand is absolutely high. When Samsung comes out with any product, who gives a care right since consumer knows they will come out with a new galaxy in 2,3,4 months. They make great processors though. Sobra Lang gaya gaya Kay apple. You don’t think pathetic na how they try to copy everything apple? Even the pathetic galaxy tabs. Try using the iPad I think you can try sa apple stores for free.

    • sam-pol says:

      Gayagaya ba? Know your phone’s history well before whining okay?


      Oh and yes, never liked both apple and samsung. :)

    • Jacob says:

      I laugh at your narrow-minded fanboyism. I owned an iphone 3g and an iphone 4, and I still have my 1st gen ipad. To be totally objective, as phones, choosing one over the other is a matter of preference. Do you like bigger screens or a more pocket-able phone? Do you like flexibility or closed systems that works well out of the box (at least, most of the time)? Are you after the camera quality or the expandable memory? All personal preference. However, based on my experience with iOS and android, the reason I prefer android over ios is the lack of itunes. I want to copy music to my phone? Drag and drop. Pictures? Movies? Drag and drop. From ANY computer. I don’t have to stick to that one computer that has itunes synced to my idevice. I download some stuff at work and want to copy it on my phone? drag and drop. With the iphone, I have to copy to a USB stick, go home, add to itunes, sync with idevice before I can get that file on my phone. Android cuts out the middle-man (itunes).

      For the record, my first android was the first galaxy S, bought a few weeks after getting the iphone 4. Sure the iphone had a smoother UI transitions vs the SGS on 2.1 eclair. But in terms of flexibility, the SGS trumped the iphone 4. I’m using a galaxy nexus now and a galaxy tab 10.1 for reading books/comics. My ipad is now only being used by my 4-year old for watching pocoyo on youtube.

  29. mel says:

    i wonder how much will it be pag available na siya sa local market

  30. magkakapareho lang ng devices yan.
    dun ka na sa praktikal,
    cheaper price, tapos panalo sa specs.
    san ka pa??!!!!!

  31. Jeric says:

    it is not about what platforms or user interface it is… it is about what device suites your lifestyle.. every people has their own point of view…

  32. Apol says:

    Sam-pol – Isa ka pa relax dude mag chill pill ka na rin. Career na yung history mo Ng cellphone. Share ka pa ng mga alam I’m sure marami sa
    amin not as talented and knowledgeable as you pag dating sa cellphones. Relax lang. Hassle kase sa apple not for everybody yet lahat ng walang apple compare parati as if they’ve tried using an iPhone or iPad or kahit iPod lang.

  33. son says:

    In overall specifications. I would say SONY XPERIA S pa rin ,kasi i had saw many videos na talo nya ang HTC one X sa browser speed renedering, I dont know why,because one x is quad then the XS is dual core. Tingnan ninyo sa youtube HTC one X vs Xperia s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzFbVvscrEo

    • steelicon says:

      You must try the Sony Mobile LT28i when it gets released here.

    • John says:

      You’re kidding me, right ? You’re basically judging for what you call the ‘OVERALL’ specs and performance of the phone because of the videos ? The videos you found on the internet ? Oh I see, that must have pure credibility. I believe, i believe !!

  34. bokoi says:

    sa mga isheeps dyan, Sabihin nyo nga, pwede nabang magbluetooth file transfer yung iphone mo sa kahit na anong bluetooth capable phone? Pwede mo bang palitan ui ng iphone mo? Pwede mo bang palitan ng custom os/rom yung iphone mo sakung anong gusto mo? Pwede mo bang palitan ng ibang messaging, contact,dialer, keyboard app yung iphone mo kung hindi mo nagugustohan yung built in? Pwede mo bang gamitin yung iphone mo nahindi dependent sa computer? Pwede mo bang palitan battery ng iphone mo pag nalowbat or nasira na batt nito? Pwede mo bang connect ang usb flash drive mo sa iphone mo para mabasa mo files nito? Pwede mo bang dagdagan ng additional storage kung puno na existing storage ng iphone mo? Dapat pwede lahat. Mahal kaya nyan. Mura lg phone ko, plastic,pero kaya lahat gawin ang gusto ko. Pwede kopa ngang patayin wifi connection ng lahat ng iphone users naka connect sa wifi network kung saan rin ako nakaconnect.

    • bokoi-koi says:

      bigyan kaya kita ng iphone 4s kapalit ng lg mo payag ka? aminin..

    • unggoy says:

      ako papayag ako. tapos bebenta ko ung 4s. overpriced naman sya. then bili ako uli lg, may cash pa ako. :D

    • Ong Back says:

      Nakagamit ka na ba talaga ng iPhone? parang hindi kasi eh. Lahat ng sinabi mo pwedeng gawin sa iPhone yan. Transfer sa bluetooth? Tsk tsk. Maybe yung space pwede mo tirahin pero with the space of 16gb, 32gb, at 64gb need mo pa ba ng malaki? Kung gusto mo ng malaki bili ka ng HD enclosure.

      It’s already a big space for you to fill bakit ilalagay mo ba lahat ng movies mo sa phone mo? Baka puro scandal lang ilagay mo jan at hindi pa mapupuno yang spacee mo na yan.

    • devilmark says:

      lol.. lahat ng sinabi mo pwd sa iPhone.. hnd k lng marunong or wala k lng alm sa capabilities ng phone mo.. or sabi nga nila bka wala kang iPhone.. kht 3gs lng..hahaha. (JailBreak) lng katapat nyan!

    • Shoti says:

      kuya wala ka talagang alam sa iphone. jailbreak lng katapat niyan! bili ka ng iphone I’m sure nga nga ka.

  35. Wendell says:

    Lumia is still the best….who needs those extra cores?those are the ones who really don’t have the experience in making smartphones…

    • John says:

      Yes yes yes !! Fuck the noobs. It’s all about the experiences. +1 for the post. I adore you.

  36. hatch21 says:

    whats wih the OS war! As for me i will never replace my nokia 3310 with acetate and blue backlight! Nuff said

  37. steelicon says:

    Everyone. Calm down. It’s just a phone.

    BTW checkout Nokia 701 running Nokia Belle FP1. Sample it in your nearest Nokia Store. Workd best with Opera Mobile 436/500 score in html5test.


  38. paolo says:

    Personally, Lumia 900.

    The iPhone screen is too small for me.

    And I don’t like the design of the Galaxy S III (Feeling mumurahin dahil sa build quality, gayung ito ang bagong “Torchbearer” kumbaga ng Android platform ngayon!)

    Pero may mga nahahanap sina mama para sa Samsung Galaxy S2, so baka yun na yung makuha namin para sa akin. (Android 4.0 na yun! At mas maganda ang design at feel sa kamay kesa sa Galaxy S III! Never mind the HD screen. OK na kahit WVGA resolution *lang*. Maganda naman color reproduction, eh.) :D

    Honestly, Windows Phone all the way for me. (Where art thou, apps for Instagram and a free one for Tumblr?! Babalik nalang ako sa HTC HD7 na nasa mama ko ngayon pag meron na kami Instagram, Tumblr, Temple Run, at mga magagandang games na LIBRE(!) ) :D

  39. jego207 says:

    S3 specs are impressive and I like the look too. But so far, my friends who are Samsung Android users are happy with their device, visavis, my friends who are iPhone users are also happy with their device. Both are great products.

    P.S. I didn’t bother looking at the Nokia column. :(

  40. tinikling says:

    hahaha.. ayaw kasi ni art ang mga nokia phone kaya vga nilagay nya para sa front camera nito..

  41. ty says:

    mas maganda siguro kung sa halip na yung nokia, yung HTC one na lang, i do hope as well that you guys would do an unbiased review compariso of s3 and one X

  42. Wen says:

    Batterywise,Lumia will outlast the Sg3 and 4s…..Lumia has a single core with 1830mah….Sg3 has 4 cores with 2100mah, 4s has dual core with worse 1432mah……Lumia is the best =)……

    ….just a thought…if smartphones are cars, and the processor/s will be the engines, I wonder how a Samsung car would look like with 4 engines…

    …Nokia really knows how to build great smartphones…

    • Jacob says:

      Your numbers are meaningless as they don’t take into account the manufacturing technology. The snapdragon is old tech and fab process is 45nm. Runs hot and draws more power. Same goes for the A5 chip on the 4S. 45nm fab process. The quad-core on the S3 is manufactured with 32nm fabrication process. Less power consumption and less heat. Running background processes, light apps, S3 can potentially run more efficiently. Fast battery drain will only happen if you have all 4 cores + GPU running at 100%. This only happens with games.

      I will, however, concede that the S3 will most likely have the shortest battery life among the 3 in most real-world uses. Why? Because of that huge-ass screen. From experience, nothing goes through battery faster than a big, high-res amoled screen. I estimate screen on time for the S3 will be around 4hours. But if we’re talking about standby time, or listening to music, or any task that doesn’t require having the screen on, there won’t be much separating the three.

  43. wew says:

    wla da best parin iphone 4s!!! intayin nyo bka sa susunod 10s! na!

  44. Jai says:

    Galaxy S3 for me! :) Con lang na PenTile matrix at hindi RGB display ang ginamit. Pero S3 FTW! Might get an iPad3 na lang kesa 4s.

  45. steelicon says:

    Lumia series are made in China by Foxconn and Compal with supervision from Nokia. So while it is a Nokia branded phone, it is just like Apple iPhone and other Android devices (which I will not mention anymore, you know the brands).

    True Nokia Symbian (Nokia 500, 603, 701, 808) are manufactured in Nokia factories in Finland, China, Brazil.

  46. Charm says:

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  47. reeya says:

    how about the price?

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