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Galaxy S5 tested in water and sand, no WFT present

During the local launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, they demonstrated its water- and dust-proof capabilities. See how this new flagship smartphone can be your companion on your next beach trip.

Galaxy S5 dustproof

Watch the video below to see it in action!

As seen on the video, people have been trying to operate the phone while submerged in water but aren’t successful since the Galaxy S5 doesn’t support wet finger tracking. Still, the phone could handle being buried in sand and washed off with water alternately — making it fit to go with you on your adventures this summer.

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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14 Responses

  1. Wilbert says:


  2. nego says:

    Men is this submersible to saltwater? Never tried my Z1 yet even in fresh water. Haha

  3. jepoysr says:

    so lahat ng flagship gagaya na sa z1 na waterproof? lolz

    @nego: i already tried my z1 sa pool and beach to take underwater pics and videos. okay pa naman sya :) pero after mag swim sa saltwater sinabon ko talaga sya kasi nag aasin asin yung paligid nya, hehe. so far sooo gooood sony

    • nego says:

      Aw. I heard the ports have sensors to detect if the flap is open when it is submerged in water. Next time I will try taking some underwater photos in freshwater muna, nakakatakot i-try sa saltwater baka mag corrode ang metallic parts ng phone.

    • jnue says:

      Pwede naman sa dagat just be sure to always bring fresh water khit nkalagay s mineral water o khit mineral water mismo pra lng pangbanlaw pra mawala ang asin.

  4. benchmark says:

    natawa naman ako dun sa video, kasi they are really trying to operate the phone while underwater, ayaw gumana…hehehehe

    I agree, all the phones will be waterproof na after Z1 introduce it. What’s next?

    I may not have a sumbersible phone, pero ingats kayo sa saltwater, kasi corrosive din ang saltwater. Perhaps banlawan nyo lang yung phone nyo sa freshwater after sa saltwater.

  5. marc says:

    Okay na siguro yung waterproof na lang na pwede mabasa. Pero yung underwater pa tapos hindi naman nag-rerespond yung touchscreen, wala rin kwenta.

  6. tekkenshu says:

    Hay nako, @SamsungMobile, I love your products (currently owning a Note 3) but I wish you will actually add something new and not just try to release a “new” model every year (like Apple) or just incorporate features done by other companies’ designs. But then again, okay na rin siguro; just don’t mess Android that much and remove gimmicks such as bloatwares :S

  7. joelan says:

    I have a S4 and used Lifeproof case so i can take it to my beach adventure this summer true enough the case provided protection from the water of the sea, my unit just like on the video you cant control the screen when its wet so you just need to let it dry first or wipe it. hopefully Samsung can create a screen on their next Flagphone units that would work under water since they are creating waterproof one.

  8. azhure says:

    even if your pphone device is water proof, its not water proof enough ,being a water proof is just a plus but not an assurance,its only for a mitigation for worst case scenario and dont be a fool to try sinking your phone in a salty water if you dont want it to go rusty inside. i had a expensive watch, waterproof even to 100m below water pressure. salty particles still able to get inside the watch even if im just swimming now even in 3 meter deep so standards in watch water proofing is way better compared to phones so if you make a conclusion, water proof in phones is just a plus or a worst case scenario. not recommend that you really submerge it in any liquid specially if it contains salt :)

  9. mary says:

    I tried mine sa pool. But after a while of getting wet, audio for video disappears. It prompts na audio is recorded via earphone. Does anyone here have the same issue?

    • rj says:

      Opo parehas tau ng experience ganub din nangyari sa phone ko. Pero after few hours siguro nung tuyu n loob ng audio jack gumana n uli. Ntakot nga ako kl ko nsira. Ky ayaw ko n uliting basain ang s5 ko. Baka kc matuluyan n.

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